Dark Future Jaden
Jaden Walters
Portrayed By Justin Long
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 11, 1985
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Prime, Infinite, Hudson Hawk, Jadinne, Gayden, Agent Cain, J. Stoppable, Pan, Zero, Ditto Howser
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Jaden of all Trades
Known Relatives Candy Cain (mother), Charlie Walters (uncle; deceased)
Significant Other The Saints
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance Sally

Jaden Cain no longer exists. As far as anyone knows, he changed his name back to Jaden Walters and turned his back on every friend he had in the world. A real jerk. But there are those that know that's not exactly the case… and they are the Boondock Saints.


War. It changes everyone.

Jaden Cain was caught in the crossfire of a particularly brutal battle and almost died because of it. Nursed back to health by his loyal friend, Elena, he found that his life would never be the same. He created a Ditto to take on the public persona of Jaden Walters, while the original Jaden became Prime. It was under this guise that he helped to form the Boondock Saints. A combination of Jack's Irish heritage and Jaden's in-depth movie knowledge helped to form the name of this rag tag group of badasses.

Since the creation of the Saints, Jaden Walters has become the public image of who was once a great businessman and philanthropist, while Prime has become nothing more than a rumored and underground rebellious freedom fighter. He even looks the part. What it all boils down to is that Jaden Cain is no longer the man he once was and there can only be darkness in his future.

Get it?


Jaden has virtually mastered his power of replication in the Dark Future. It was shortly before his mishap that he had began to stretch his ability into different directions. The number of Dittos that Jaden can create now is Yes. His Dittos have also Evolved on their own. They've all gained a generally strong sense of Self-Awareness and the ability to replicate themselves. This allows the possibility of Endless Dittos. Jaden had recently found the ability to Duplicate sounds and voices. He can literally use his vocal chords to recreate any sound or voice that he hears. He's the perfect impressionist and sound effect guru.

Game Note: Jaden's +Sheet does not reflect these changes. So +Rolling will likely not happen too often. Unless I get enough XP to hook myself up. HINT. HINT.

Multiple Man

  • Prime: The Original. Identity mostly known to Saints and anybody else that can figure it out. The closest anyone's going to get to 'Jaden Cain' in personality, but there are significant differences. Like the fact that Prime will kick your ass.
  • Infinite: Belonging to Peter Petrelli's I Hate My Brother Faction, Infinite is a true soldier. Dark humor and an attitude problem that plays no part in anything but him being 'tudey, Infinite is a loyal soldier that follows Peter's orders without even a moment of hesitation.
  • The Agency: More commonly known as Agent Cain, these guys are the President's personal security force. They work in the same style and in conjunction with the Secret Service to protect and serve the great President of the United States. What's funny about them, though, is that they never seem to kill anybody that is rumored to be associated with The Saints. Go fig. Rumors have circulated that they are (sexually? romantically?) involved with the President's bodyguard, Laurel. But… rumors.
  • Jadinne: The metro interior decorator has managed to keep his place, By Design Boutique, from becoming a ruination of its former self. Unlike the rest of the world, Jadinne continues to have that positive outlook on life. He's a man that believes in the future and makeovers. Definitely makeovers. He runs the By Design Boutique Safehouse for the Saints.
  • Gayden: The homosexual ditto. He keeps his ear to the street and works his way through the men of NYC to get information for the Saints. It's a dirty job and somebody has to love to do it. As a little known fact, Gayden is actually dating ex-movie star: Neil Patrick Harris.
  • Hudson Hawk: As a member of the Syndicate, Hudson Hawk is a Ditto that's become a most unorthodox and hilariously mishappy cat burglar. He does whatever he's paid to and then some, though things always tend to end up bigger than they originally started out. Luckily, he possesses a talent of getting himself out of trouble.
  • J. Stoppable: J-Stop he's often called, this is the chef of the Dittos. He can make pretty much anything by doing the complete opposite of what the contestant's do on Hell's Kitchen. He's a master of the Naco and runs the Bueno Nacho Safehouse for the Saints.
  • Pan: A young-at-heart Ditto that wishes he could fly. Unfortunately, he can't. But he does spend his existence in the Zoo and protecting the animals there. He's not exactly the best fighter, but he can do some things with his sword if has to.
  • Zero: The dumb one. He's both an idiot and stupid, but his heart's in the right place. Unfortunately, the poor Ditto doesn't know when to hold his tongue or anything like that. He's also the most huggable of them all.
  • Ditto Howser: Medical expert.. based on what he's learned from watching too many movies and television shows. Not a very good doctor unless there's something at stake. Has a history of fainting.
  • Jaden Bond: About as Suave as a Ditto can be, this is the Ditto that is an expert on James Bond. So much so that he believes that's who he is. He comes with an English accent and tuxedo and everything. He's actually a formidable fighter, but tends to lean more towards seducing women and using the Nipple Network (a collection of women he's slept with) to assist the Saints in their endeavors.
  • Jaden Woo: Television and movies have their place and Jaden Woo has become the end all and be all of Jaden trying to be an action hero. Master of Gun Fu and likewise badassery, Jaden Woo comes across as the token action hero stereotype that lives and dies (repeatedly) by the gun. Both of them.


Friends List

  • Candy: Mom. The only thing that Prime has left in this world that provides him with any bit of sanity. She is everything to him and he will not hesitate to open a can of whoop-ass on anyone that even comes remotely close to hurting her, physically or emotionally. His Mom survived two years of craziness and he's not about to lose her now.
          • Nicknames: Mom, Busty McMamason, "OH IT'S THE JUGGSERNAUT BITCH!"
  • Elena: Prime's BFF (not that his Mom isn't anymore, but this is Elena's official title), Elena has become more than just a friend. She is the other half of Prime. She is his sanity, his calm, his everything… without there being even the slightest bit of romanticism involved. They are the ultimate Dynamic Duo when it comes to friendship and Prime is the most overprotective of her, even beyond what he thinks the other Saints are. Could be wrong, though. However, once a Jaden, always a Jaden: He still thinks she's got a nice ass.
          • Nicknames: Angel, BFF, "WHAT DID YOU DO?!"
  • Eric: Prime's ultimate rival of ultimate destiny, Eric seems to have once again earned a place in Prime's Friends List. After being disappeared for too long, he made his return and assisted in the extraction of Prime's Angel. Which kind of made Prime forget about the fact that he was hating him. The two are Badass Brothers in all that is Action Movie. They are the Saints version of Bad Boys and there is probably nothing that could stop them. They are of like mind and somehow manage to always know what the other one's thinking on the battlefield. Their clockwork's Badass, not orange.
          • Nicknames: Ryu, E, Mike Lowery, Bill S. Preston Esq.
  • Jack: Prime looks to Jack as more of a Boss than anything else. While he respects, trusts and anything else he needs to in order to keep the Saints afloat, there is a lot of anger he senses within the man. Which, well, could turn out to be a bad thing in the long run if the Star Wars movies are any indication. Prime exists to try and help Jack balance his anger with exploding things and taking the wheel of the Saints so Jack gets some TrinaTime.
          • Nicknames: Bossman, Sparrow, Cap'n STFU
  • Trina: Prime figures she doesn't like him, but he doesn't care too much. They argue more than they do anything compatible… unless there are bigger things present that need to be taken care of. Then they go back to arguing afterwards. Prime puts up with her because she's the Boss's Thang and she's pretty hot. Oh and because KITT told him to be nice.
          • Nicknames: T-Boz, Sleeping With The Bossome, Mrs. Fix It
  • McAlister: Prime doesn't know Ali too well. He does know that she's the voice of the Saints (and pretty much everyone else that needs one) and he appreciates her craziness. It almost matches his own at times. Of course, though, the big E has called dibs and so Prime has taken to just making sure Ali doesn't die. Or pass along crazy viruses to the rest of the Saints.
          • Nicknames: Mouth, Radio, Mixmaster Ali G
  • Petrelli: Prime doesn't know what to think of Old School Peter. He has the potential to be a great warrior, but doesn't seem to want it. After but one training session, Prime is thinking that Peter has Too Nice Syndrome and is going to try and work it out of him before the world ends.
          • Nicknames: Anakin, Spidey

Enemies of the State

  • President Punktrelli: Bastard among Evolved, the President of the United Hates has pissed off Prime to no end. While he's not as Gung Ho about busting his head in like Jack, Prime isn't really down with the king, so to speak. Something must be done about this man.
          • Threat Level: Darth Luthor (Darth Vader, Lex Luthor Mix)
  • Erin: Prime has been told that a woman by the name of Erin has given Ali the evil SARS. This, to him, is a crime that shouldn't be forgiven. He has plans to find this woman and show her what the meaning of Police Brutality is all about. Death is not an option, but kicking her ass is definitely in the cards.
          • Threat Level: Mystique
  • Desmond: He's dating Candy. He must be neutralized. With extreme prejudice.
          • Threat Level: Voldemort

Wonderful Toys

Keen Gear

  • DW: Affectionately referred to as DW, this weapon is literally a hand cannon. Designed in the image of Darkwing Duck's Gas Gun (all the way down to the purple color scheme), this gun launches explosive shells that have a grenade like effect upon impact. It can hold up to 5 shots at a time before needing a reload.
  • Power Gloves: A pair of fingerless gloves that don't seem to be anything more than… a pair of fingerless gloves. However, sewn into the leather are impact speakers that give off a random audio track. The audio tracks loaded into the gloves are of a sound effect nature and can range anywhere from POW! to BANG! to CLONK! or BIFF!
  • Super Scope: Built in the image of the classic SNES peripheral, this is more or less Prime's personal rocket launcher. It rests on his shoulder and even has the Nintendo logo etched onto the side. This is not a commonly used weapon, though Prime will bring it out if he ever needs to lay down the law.
  • Combat Bow: Prime's primary weapon of choice is his combat bow. He's always been jealous of the fame of Robin Hood and has taken it upon himself to become that for the Saints. His combat bow folds down twice, for easy storage on the side of his quiver. He pretty much never leaves home without it.
          • Trick Arrows: A combination of Gene's super forging skills and Candy's special effects crew has provided Prime with a variety of Trick Arrows to use and abuse whenever he's in battle. The fun part is guessing what he's going to pull out of that quiver of his, so there's not an actual list of what kind of arrows he's working with. Just know that they're jawsome.
  • Shoe Phone: A modified version of the classic Get Smart shoe, Prime has a jPhone built into the sole of his Air Jadens (Right Foot). It has all the capabilities of the jPhone and works awesomely. No bad service because EvoSoft continues to raise the bar.
  • Commnitrix: Unable to just stick with the classic earpiece (though he uses that too), Prime had the Saints Main Communication software built into a green and black watch-style device known to some cartoon network visionaries as the Omnitrix. It allows him to communicate with the Saints on their secure frequency.
  • Batarangs: Designed in the image of the weapons of one of his favorite superheroes, Prime has a collection of Batarangs that he can use in battle and, well, just to look cool. They are of two different types: Impact and Blade. So you're either getting knocked in the head or sliced up but good. Here's some advice: Duck.
  • Staff: Stolen from the likes of Gambit comics, Prime is the owner of a telescoping bo staff built from a lightweight titanium steel alloy. Mon ami.

Vehicular Manslaughter

  • KITT: Built from the ground up, this is an exact -working- replica of the original KITT from the Knight Rider series. There are a number of gadgets and upgrades that have been made to this Trans Am. Whether or not the car has an actual working AI is not known, but the speakers do emit the voice of William Daniels on a regular basis.
  • McFly: Based on the initial Hoverboard design from Back to the Future II, Prime is the proud owner of a ground skimming board that gets no higher than three feet off the ground. It works through a series of scientific explanations that have to do with Gene bouncing magnetic force through plates on the bottom of the board off the ground. It only works over surfaces like concrete or wood. Anything not solid disrupts the magnetic flow and the board ceases to rise.
  • Van Wylder: This tricked out rebuild of the classic A-Team van has Prime feeling more and more like a member of the Saints. It's got an armored hull, weapons and mostly serves to be a mobile armory for the team. It stores quite a bit of ammunition, guns and other tools that may be needed for the Saints trade.
  • Bad Boys Mobile: Half Prime's and Half Eric's, this Ferrari style once belonged to the original Bad Boys, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Now, though, the Badass Boys of the Boondock Saints use this ride to make everything look good, regardless of the danger of the mission.


jPod Shuffle

  • Bother - Corey Taylor
  • Saved By The Bell Theme
  • Headstrong - Trapt
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Theme (Extended Version)
  • Lips Of An Angel - Hinder
  • Back That Azz Up - Juvenile
  • If I Ever Fall In Love Again - Shai
  • Who I Am Hates Who I've Been - Relient K
  • Remember The Name - Fort Minor
  • Over And Over Again - Nelly (featuring Tim McGraw)
  • This Is Why I Rock - MIMS (feature Purple Popcorn)
  • Mortal Kombat Theme
  • Behind Those Eyes - 3 Doors Down
  • Next Contestant - Nickelback


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