"Jessica" (Dark Future)
Jessica/Niki Sanders
Portrayed By Ali Larter
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 24th, 1976
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Niki
Place of Birth Beverly Hills, CA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Head of the Syndicate
Known Relatives Niki/Jessica Sanders (sister; it's complicated), Hal Sanders (father; gotohellandburn), Micah Sanders (son; deceased)
Significant Other D.L. Hawkins (husband by proxy; deceased !@#$^%)
Known Abilities Superhuman Strength
First Appearance The Cats Who Came Back

Niki's alter ego — here in the future, the lines get blurred. Niki seems to cease to exist. Violent. Manipulative. Intense. Can we say violent again? Jessica will do whatever it takes to survive now that there's nothing left to protect… except for her empire. The Syndicate.

But nothing is ever exactly how it seems.

The Future Is Now

No one knows exactly how she came to sit at the head of this Linderman-esque world of crime, because no one knows who the boss is, even the loftiest Syndicate members. Those in-the-know include Molly Walker, the President of the United States, and the once-believed-dead D.L. Hawkins.

The general public's knowledge of her, after Niki fell off the face of the earth in the wake of tragedy, is through one place only: S*Y*N. History, even in the future (yeah, yeah, screw the oxymoron) repeats itself — or does it? Jessica is a featured dancer (read: stripper) at the club under the stage name "Niki".



The Cats Who Came Back —> In the alley behind S*Y*N, "Niki" ignores Benjamin's attempts to talk to her and disappears inside. Felix recognizes her briefly two years after they met in an alley.
Bad Wolf —> Jessica calls out the President of the United States for who he really is — that is, not exactly Nathan Petrelli. Takes one to know one indeed. Hello, Logan. They agree on certain documents.
Playing Mommy —> The Syndicate uses a very warped Molly Walker for profit; Jessica and Molly have an unnerving relationship.
A Bit Died Up —> The Syndicate doesn't have an Employee Improvement program. Jessica deals with some failures in the basement… and seems a little more insane than usual when she thinks she's hearing things.
Revelations —> You know that feeling you get when you think someone's watching over your shoulder? When you think you catch sight of a shape out of the corner of your eye? Sometimes, it's a ghost from the past. And this time, it's all too real. It's D.L. Hawkins. Psyche.
Dead and Gone —> Kate gets the pleasure of spending a few minutes with Jessica, asks a lot of questions, and gets threatened.
A Matter of Ego —> Jessica shows up at the President's New York quarters, the bearer of bad news and business.
Forgive Me —> When Logan calls a meeting with Jessica in an unusual location, she's met by Nathan instead, who thinks it's a good idea to shoot her in the stomach and leave her for dead.
Here to Help —> Luckily — for her — fate, or something laughing at it, brings Peter Petrelli from the past to the ruins of his family's home, where Jessica lays dying. Thinking she's Niki, he heals her. Unsure that he can really change the future — her present — and uncertain as to whether or not she wants him to, she gives him a message for Niki.
Be A Good Girl —> Jessica decides it's time to make good on her deal with the President and seeks out his whereabouts from Molly, but of course, it's not that simple.
Closer —> Peter finds his way to S*Y*N to escape, but still can't seem to stop talking about saving everyone, including Niki.
Poltergeists —> After Peter follows Jessica upstairs to headquarters, D.L. appears, shattering the notion that he's dead. Again. Lines between the right side and the wrong side are blurred and everyone gets hurt — especially Jessica.
Goodbye, Nicole —> … is nothing what it seems? D.L. says goodbye.


"You can trick the rest of the world, but I know the signs. What do you see, when you look in the mirror?" - Bad Wolf

"Survival, baby." - Bad Wolf

"There's a waiting list. Topping it off is some poor bitch looking for his lost wife. Boohoo. His sixteen grand was really touching." - Playing Mommy

"I will hunt you down, little girl." - Playing Mommy

Jessica: "You're not real."
D.L.: "Look who's talkin'. I'm more real than you'll ever be, Jessica. That's what you can't stand." - Revelations

"You come back from the dead to bitch, or are you here to kill me, D.L.?" - Revelations

"We've been a lot of people since then." - Revelations

"You didn't die at all. You just left." - Revelations

"I could visit you every night, all night, and your staff would only think you're a whore." - Forgive Me

Jessica (?): "Tell it to someone who cares."
Peter: "Niki would've cared."
Jessica (?): "Right, 'cause she was some hero."
Peter: "She could've been." - Closer

"If you're so hellbent on… saving everyone, what're you doing here drinkin' Scotch in the future?" to Peter, Closer



Has a tattoo of the Symbol on her right shoulderblade. It also appears in a Rorschach painting in her "office".

The Syndicate Public Relations man, Costa, is also one of the few persons who is also in-the-know about the Syndicate boss.

Uses Molly's ability to those who pay upfront for it through the Syndicate. It costs anywhere from $10,000 -$20,000 to find anyone in the world.

Known Body Count

Murders in the Dark Future:

Meryl: 1
Syndicate Failures: 3
Confused Businessman: 1

Total: Uncountable

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