Kate Petrelli
Kaydence Lee N. Petrelli
Portrayed By Eve Myles
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 5, 1978
Age 29, and holding
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Kate, Kay, Kaydee, Kaydeedid, Bitch, Captain Hook
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Public Socialite, Secret Freedom Fighter
Known Relatives Hank Damaris (father), Brittany Cole (mother), Angela Petrelli (mother-in-law), Nathan Petrelli (brother-in-law), Heidi Petrelli (sister-in-law; whereabouts unknown), Simon Petrelli (nephew), Monty Petrelli (nephew; deceased), Claire Bennet (niece)
Significant Other Peter Petrelli (husband)
Known Abilities Clairsentience
First Appearance She and Him

Publicly, Kate Petrelli is a staunch supporter of her brother-in-law the President of "These Great United States."

Truthfully, she assists her husband Peter in organising his underground anti-government group. This generally means securing safe havens for refugees and networking with other groups for resources. It may come as a surprise to some, but she is the more diplomatic partner in this marriage.




  • July 28, 2009 - She and Him: Peter returns from his latest mission without the team he left with. She shares her latest vision with him and confesses that she isn't sure her grasp of reality is too strong these days. The Inbetween: After the mass, uh, insecticide that occurred just after the latest address from the president, Kate calls her brother-in-law to ensure that he is, in fact, all right.
  • July 29, 2009 - Witness: Kate receives a package. It's the gun used to end the life of her former partner, Mohinder Suresh. While out to dispose of the weapon in the Hudson, she's confronted by the murderer himself. The two argue, as they always do. A glimmer of hope works to mend the piece of her that's died.
  • July 30, 2009 - Vena Amoris: Back at home, Kate works feverishly to draw the layout of the basement seen in her vision. Peter comes home and the two discuss what she's seen, his latest target, and their relationship as a whole. Despite the turmoil, Kate finds herself immensely soothed by Peter's presence in her life - even when he's furious with her.


  • August 1, 2009 - Find Religion: Kate decides she needs to have a meeting with the leader of the Saints. She requests Infinite arrange for her to meet with The Shepherd. She also asks him if he can hear something…
  • August 2, 2009 - Alfredo or Marinara?: Date night just never works out according to plan. Even make-up and a slinky black dress can't hide the toll stress has taken. Peter suddenly has more to worry about.
  • August 4, 2009 - The Sound of Drums: In one of her less lucid moments, Kate pays Logan a visit. She has no idea why. He discovers the extent of her madness. Surely he must be secretly reveling in it. Dead and Gone: It's been a long time since Kate attempted to drink away her troubles. Running into Jessica Sanders has reminded her why she doesn't do this anymore. I Believe in Harvey Wallbanger: Late in the evening, while her husband is recovering from the fiasco of his attack on the Amtrak line, Kate is meeting with the Shepherd. Presenting him with the gift of two large shopping bags full of ammunition, she discovers that Jack Derex's hatred for Peter runs so deep that he refuses to allow his people to work with her. Even under the stipulation that Peter has no involvement in her operations what-so-ever.
  • August 5, 2009 - Army At His Heels: Kate intends to surprise Peter in the morning with breakfast, but she finds it difficult to cook without any milk. Unfortunately, she's ambushed by a gang while cutting through a ruined neighbourhood in Chelsea. A good chunk of her hair is sliced off on the left side of her face before Katrina Mah comes to her rescue. The two don't like each other. At all. Paved With Good Intentions: Returning home with her prize gallon of milk, Kate discovers Peter in agony over the tragedy of the previous night. He's not entirely sober, and definitely brooding. His obsession with documenting what happened in the wake of the Amtrak disaster strikes a chord and reminds her of her own obsession with Gabriel Gray. After Peter takes some of his aggression out on her, she tells him the truth about the mirrors, and about his brother.
  • August 6, 2009 - Hand-Me-Down Futures: When it comes to the future, there are three types of people: those who make it happen, those who let it happen, and those who wonder what happened. After meeting her husband's past self, Kate finds herself a combination of all three.
  • August 7, 2009 - An Equalizer: Kate accompanies Peter to a meeting with Lee and Rochelle of the Alliance to discuss the future of their affiliation. She discovers that while she does not like what her ability does to her, she dislikes having it switched off even more. She is also accused of being a traitor, though Peter quickly refutes this with his infallible logic… She can't be the traitor. She's his wife. Your Words Are Poison: Kate had never spoken to Cyprus Donovan at any sort of length outside of "here's your microphone - it's hot, so don't engage in any banter before the cameras start rolling." His meeting comes as a surprise, and she isn't sure whether she truly trusts his motives. But then, Logan backs her into a corner.
  • August 8, 2009 - The Willful Slaughter of Hope: Clock's ticking.
  • August 11, 2009 - Weight of the World: Kate holds a press conference to inform the world that Gabriel Gray isn't dead, giving Homeland Security a better target to focus on than Peter. She makes her first slip-up, which she will surely pay dearly for later.
  • August 13, 2009 - Sentimental And Also Presumptuous: Logan confronts Kate about what Nathan did while he was in control.


  • "It's terribly hard to feel lonesome when you're being accosted by reporters." — to Logan, Being for the Benefit of Mister Petrelli
  • "We are standing on the edge of something great! The world knows we exist. We don't have to hide who we are anymore! And there are so many of us. We aren't just a handful of kids in the sandbox. We're all over the world. We need to show that there's nothing to be afraid of. Don't you see?" — to Logan, A Headache with a Name
  • "There's good in him, Kensei. It's… It's just buried deep. Hidden by a man who should not even exist." — to Adam, Finding Kensei
  • "Make sure you save some of the gutting for me. It's very cathartic. Do call me if you find yourself in need of an extra gun." — to Adam, Finding Kensei
  • "What am I here for? Everyone has something they have to do, but I sit here." — to Peter, She and Him
  • "Pull the trigger until you've run out of empty chambers." — to Nathan Logan, The Inbetween
  • "I am nothing if not useful." — to Logan, Witness
  • "He made me watch!" — of Mohinder's death, Vena Amoris
  • "You just make sure the Shepherd knows that the Bitch wants to speak to him." — to Infinite, Find Religion
  • "It's hard work being two faced." — to Peter, Alfredo or Marinara?
  • Logan: "Your husband aware he married a crazy bitch?" Kate: "…Yeh. I told him the other day." — The Sound of Drums
  • "We both like to be subtle. I think it's a… female thing." — to Jessica, Dead and Gone
  • Jack: "Are you sure this isn't less about what needs to get done and more about you bein' the one to do it? I know Pete's been keepin' you on a pretty short leash." Kate: "If I can't get what I want out of life, I may as well get my hands as dirty as possible. Keeping my hands clean has been largely unfulfilling." — I Believe in Harvey Wallbanger
  • "I know you. Petulant little spitfire? You must be Trina Mah." — Army At His Heels
  • "Sometimes, I hope I'll see a me who isn't me in the mirror. Because at least I know it's someone else inside of me who's crazy. But the mirrors don't lie. It's only me in here." — to Peter, Paved With Good Intentions


  • Kate desperately wants to have children with her husband, though she's constantly reminded that wartime is not ideal for procreation.
  • To cope with her visions, Kate gives them life through paint and canvas.
  • Kate has a radiation burn on her left arm in the shape of a perfect hand print that she would not allow her husband to heal.
  • Though Kate's public stance is that she supports the President and all his decisions, she and said leader both know different.

The Bucket List

Tell Jude.
Ring Mum and Pop every night just to say I Love You. (Ongoing.) Can't draw attention to them.
Find love again. Never love again. Find love again.
See Paris.
See Mexico.
Kiss Mohinder.
Be completely honest with someone.
Try life as a ginger.
Find out if blondes really have more fun. They don't. They do.
Tell Nathan I'm sorry.
Make Peter proud.
Save the world.
Kill Gabriel Gray.
Get married.
Start a family.
Break the mirror.
Stop the Bad Wolf.

Kate's Diary


Kate's Visions Trunk

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