Kitty (Dark Future)
Kitty Beatrix Hanner
Portrayed By Leighton Meester
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 5, 1987
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases Kit, Kitten (Marcus), Cat (Jane), Mama Kit (Kittens)
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Head of Orphange
Known Relatives Malori Hanner (mother, whereabouts unknown), Bob Hanner (father), Luke Sanchez (step-father, deceased), Marcus Brooks (cousin), Tamara Brooks (cousin, presumed dead), River Brooks (cousin, whereabouts unknown)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Psychometry
First Appearance

Gunslinger, seer, and mother to orphans. Sexy right?


Kitty has gone dark in this Dark Future, after seeing her stepfather Luke hit by a train. She went numb from emotion and even stopped reading. She began to fight to protect the Evolved from humans that would gang up on them and then try to kill them. She did this to have an outlet for her pain and anger from Luke’s death. Now she is trying to return back to normal but she now has vivid dreams of the people she killed. Kitty has her moments when she is normal cheery self and then another side of her peeks out and that side is the one that shoots first, and doesn’t ask questions at all. She runs an orphanage for all the children, Evolved and human alike. She protects these kids fiercely and will never let anything happen to them. The kids, her family, and a select few people are shown the softer side of Kitty, she keeps her thick wall up in this new world because she can’t afford to mess up while watching her kids. People call them Kitty’s Litter. She takes care of the orphanage with her own fortune from her mother and it is underground so that the human kids will not be taken away. The government just thinks that she runs an orphanage for Evolved children only and they have never came to investigate to make sure that all Kitty’s kids are Evolved. Kitty just wants to raise her ‘Litter’ and move on with life. Is that too hard to ask? Of course it is in this world now, she also helps as a safe house for the Underground Railroad.

The Litter

These are the kinds that have been mentioned so far.
*Langston (The oldest, 18 and human)
*Toni (Human)
*Kerry (Flying Boy)
*Rafe (Illusionist)
*Gavin (Superfast boy)
*Louis (Telepath)
*Lizzy (Horror movie loving little girl)
*Maddie (Felix's ward)
*Sara (Girl brought to orphange by Tamara)
*Pixie (Shapeshifter)



  • "Doesn't matter how young you are anymore to think about these things. Life is different now. Rules are changed"


  • Don't mess with the Kittens. Period.
  • Kit has a impressive arsenal hidden in the Orphanage. For the Litter's protection.
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