Molly Walker (Dark Future)
Molly Walker
Portrayed By Adair Tischler
Gender Female
Date of Birth Month Day, Year
Age 14
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Walker Tracking System
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Member of the Syndicate
Known Relatives All dead
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Clairvoyance
First Appearance To Catch a Thief

No longer the sweet and innocent little girl of the past.


Whatever happened to Molly it was traumatic enough to completely change her from he innocent, sweet and good child everyone knew into someone unhinged, uncaring and a little insane. Under the care of Jessica and the Syndicate, she finds people for a significant fee.


  • July 31st: Molly arranges a meeting with the head of the Saints during a heist. (To Catch a Thief)
  • August 1st: Jessica and Molly discuss business and personal matters. Dysfunction at it's best. (Playing Mommy)
  • August 3rd: Using a bomb threat to get some one on one time with Logan, the two make a deal. Three wishes for her services. Later, she meets an old partner who has needs he wants met. (Three Wishes, An Unlikely Partner)
  • August 18th: Deciding to play all sides, Molly tracks down Jack and makes him an offer he wishes he could refuse. (Baby You Can Drive My Car)
  • August 19th: Cashing in on her Walker System, Jessica uses Molly to find out where Nathan Petrelli is. Later, Molly makes a bet with Desmond for Julia. (Be a Good Girl, Wanna Bet?)
  • August 29th: On the Deveaux Rooftop, Molly meets a figure from her past. She doesn't like it. (Spinning Compass)
  • August 30th: Sylar returns after killing Nathan and Mara only to learn that someone he thought he'd killed two years ago is back. That's been going around. (Worth the Wait)
  • September 2nd: With Sylar when he confronts Peter. Shot in the shoulder and runs away. (The Bitter End)


  • "Yes yes, I'm a little monster. He twisted me, he made me this way. Always easy to point out the obvious. What about /you/? Who've you got to blame for the way you turned out? Using a little girl to make money, letting them run around and steal things. You're no better than him. He used me to better himself, you use me for money. Aren't I just the good little toy? Would you like to dress me up next? He loved it when I cried at first, when I pleaded with him. Is that what you want from me? Would that make you feel better? Make you think I'm the little Molly Walker you thought you knew so well?"
  • "No one ever thinks to check the stuffed animal for explosives, now, do they?"
  • "Ooh, such anger. Such promises. I'm sure that whatever it is you can think of to do to me is nothing compared to what has already been done. I've been through so much. So many people think they can hurt me. Or save me. But we know better, you and I. Some people just can't be saved. Some people, they like the way they are. You see, I've come to make you an offer. You can refuse it if you want, but that would be pretty stupid, if you ask me." - to Jack
  • "Say please." - to Sylar


  • Molly used to be sane! Honest!
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