Namir "The Arab" Dayan (Dark Future)
Namir "The Arab" Dayan
Portrayed By Oded Fehr
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 16, 1970
Age 38
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases "The Arab"; Optimus Prime (or just "Optimus"); Namir ala Al-Din; Namir bin-Safwan; Namir al-Hakim; Faris ala-Al Din; Faris al-Hakim; Fahd al-Hakim; Fahd ala Al-Din; Junayd bin-Safwan; Junayd al-Farik
Place of Birth Ramat HaSharon, Israel
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Former NYPD ESU Operative; current terrorist and wanted man
Known Relatives Arif Dayan (father, deceased); Cairo Dayan (mother, deceased); Fahd Dayan (brother); Zaina Dayan (sister-in-law); Essam Dayan (nephew); Faris Dayan (nephew)
Significant Other Samantha Dayan (wife, estranged)
Known Abilities Audiokinesis
First Appearance Know the Code

Known largely within the underground and outside of it as "The Arab" (so called for the headscarf he usually wears to keep his face covered), Namir was once a commended member of the NYPD, specifically the Emergency Services Unit. However, after Nathan Petrelli put out a call for all humans to go into detainment camps, he left the NYPD and joined up with Nima's rebel gang, where it is now said that he is answerable only to the higher-ups (in some circles, it is rumored that he is one of the commanders). There he puts his skills to use as a militant resistance against the oppressive forces that be. He is a wanted man by Homeland Security, but has been successfully eluding them for a while. He is a Muslim and is more active in the faith than he was two years ago.


Namir Dayan was born the youngest of two children in Ramat HaSharon, Israel on November 16th 1970. His father was an architect and a Muslim, making the family a minority in their native land. Namir grew up immersed in his faith, ingrained with humility and devotion to Allah and a sense of the true values of Islam. However, life in Israel was hardly easy for the small family. When Namir turned twelve years old, his father was offered and accepted a job with an engineering firm in New York, and the Dayans pulled up stakes and moved across the ocean.

In New York, life was hectic as the family tried to settle in. The chaos was made all the worse when Arif Dayan was knifed to death eight months after the Dayans had arrived in the United States. The blow was harsh for the wife and two sons he left behind. Fahd Dayan — 17 years old at the time — immediately dropped out of school and sought employment to help support his family, while Namir was encouraged to continue his studies. This encouragement paid off when he graduated from high school at the age of 18. He wasn't out of school for long before he began attending Herkimer County Community College, majoring in a degree in criminal justice. It was during his college years that he began to withdraw from the Muslim faith, and by the time he acquired his degree two years later, he was largely inactive in the religion. When he graduated from Herkimer, however, he had accomplished more than just an advanced education.

Namir's roommate was a notorious hound during the last year of Namir's college career. When he brought home his conquests, he was never discreet, and they were never quiet. As such, Namir spent many a night in the uncomfortable darkness listening to the sounds of his roommate and his enthusiastic guests enjoying themselves not too far away. Naturally, he hated this arrangement, but as his roommate was the only person he could find to share the rent with, it was an evil he had to endure. On such nights, however, he began to notice that the more he wished for the noises to stop, the quieter and quieter they seemed to get. After several months of this, Namir found that if he wished for it enough, the noises would stop completely. Thinking that it was just a figment of his imagination, he didn't consider it anything highly unusual.

After graduating from Herkimer, Namir changed directions and joined the Army as an MP. He endured six years in the service, and during that time he discovered that his ability to totally shut out his roommate's night-noises had become applicable to any and all sounds. He secretly and discreetly experimented during his time in the military, and by the time he left the service at the age of 26, he was quite adept at his inherent abilities.

A few months after leaving the Army, Namir moved back to New York and applied to join the NYPD. He was accepted and enthusiastically threw himself into his work, catching the eye of his superiors. He worked in a few precincts as a beat cop and even worked as a mounted officer for some time, but he didn't find his niche until three years after the events of September 11th, when he applied to the Emergency Services Unit. There, he specialized in hostage situations and similar tactical emergencies, and he was very good at what he did. It soon became apparent that Namir was extremely stealthy.

During one incident in which a father holed himself up in his apartment with his two daughters and a gun, Namir and a few others in his unit were sent in to diffuse the situation. Namir opted to go in alone through the air vents, despite fears that the noises would tip off the erratic hostage-holder inside. Of course, the noises were no problem to Namir, who soon took the man by surprise and disarmed him. This incident earned him the nickname "the Ninja of the NYPD".

Namir met Samantha Applebaum during the course of his work with the NYPD, and in 2007 they became something a little more than friends. They were married despite the fact that they came from differing religious backgrounds, however as war broke out and segregation began, he and Samantha grew distant, finally ending in a separation that continues to this day. Namir used his connections to help smuggle his brother and family into Israel — he also aided in smuggling Samantha's mother to the same place. Distance and a wedge driven between himself and his brother since his marriage to Samantha has kept Namir and Fahd from contacting each other since.

During the war, Namir fought alongside the best of them and, when Nathan came into power and started persecuting humans, Namir left the ESU and joined Nima's Rebel Alliance. His work there has put him on Homeland Security's "wanted" list and he remains in hiding, eluding them while continuing to fight the good fight. What was once the Ninja of the NYPD has now become a ghost in the underground. To many within the Alliance and outside of it, he is known simply as "The Arab". Which is silly, of course, because he is Israeli, but people tend to assume that the headscarf he usually wears to hide his face these days makes him an Arab.



  • July 29th, 2009 - Namir helps Cass with Peter before accompanying refugees to Kitty's orphanage and offering brief assistance when a Company agent appears. Later, he surprises two government goons in an alley and winds up with a hole in his arm, for which he goes to Samantha to get fixed. He winds up staying the night, then leaving early in the morning before the household wakes.
  • July 30th, 2009 - Namir captures Aileen for the Alliance, popping his stitches from the night before. He then interrogates her a few hours later.
  • July 31st, 2009 - Namir returns to Samantha's to get his stitches redone and gets a lecture on properly caring for a wound. He agrees to stay at the apartment for a few days to "take it easy" and rest, despite the fact that Samantha's roommate can heal him easily. Samantha also discovers his little drinking habit.
  • August 2nd, 2009 - When Elijah drops in to make a delivery, Namir shoots at him, angering Bekah. Later when Samantha comes home, the paranoid Namir pulls a gun on her. She disintegrates the gun, then orders Namir to leave, which he does.
  • August 3rd, 2009 - Felix visits Namir in his "apartment" and tips him off to a government convoy. Namir later helps Lee interrogate Aileen once again before she's released.
  • August 4th, 2009 - Feeling remorseful for his previous actions, Namir drops by Samantha and Bekah's apartment to get his arm fixed and apologize.


Namir has the ability to control the intensity of sound vibrations, effectively allowing him to adjust the overall volume of noise around him. His maximum reach is 250 yards in all directions, however his degree of control weakens the further away the sound is. At his maximum range of 250 yards, he's able to raise or lower the volume only about ten decibels (about the same volume as rustling leaves or calm breathing). The closer the sound is to Namir's body, the more control he has over it. Within a range of about 30 yards, he can increase or decrease the volume of sound as much as 120 decibels (loud enough to cause hearing damage after a short exposure, or soft enough to dampen anything louder than a jet engine). It is easier for Namir to deaden sounds than it is for him to amplify them.

The amount of time he can contain or maintain the sound's volume depends entirely on how far away it is and how loud or soft he makes it. In the most extreme cases, (250 yards at ten decibels; 30 yards at 120 decibels), his ability to maintain control diminishes after fifteen minutes, while his maximum time (minimum manipulation) is roughly three hours. If Namir pushes himself to the limit, he develops severe headaches and a temporary loss of balance, making him extremely vulnerable. Alcohol and drugs weaken his ability to exert control.

Namir also possesses the ability manipulate specific sounds. He can do this with sounds that are within 30 yards, and the easier it is to pick them out, the easier it is for them to be manipulated. This allows him to mute individual voices in a crowd or amplify the click of a camera nearby.

His most recent trick has been "throwing" sound. Namir can (within a range of about ten yards) actually take sounds made in one location and relocate them to another by means of muting the sound up until it reaches a certain point. This requires an incredible degree of control and concentration and can, if botched, cause him to suffer the side-effects of using too much of his powers.


  • "I have a better idea: Go back and put a bullet in Nathan Petrelli's brain. Tell him it's from Namir Dayan." —to Peter when Peter made mention of going back to fix the future.
  • "Someone had a gun. They pulled the trigger when it was pointed in my general direction." —to Elijah when asked how he got shot.
  • "There is a project that you are doing. I want to know what it is, and I hope you have the foresight to tell me before you find out what it feels like to have a broken finger. I can assure you, it is excruciating." —to Aileen during an interrogation.


Namir's codenames within the Alliance's code are predominantly Transformers-related with an occasional exception here and there.

  • Optimus Prime: Namir himself (generally shortened to 'Optimus')
  • Perceptor: Cass
  • Rachet: Bekah
  • Shriek: Samantha (Note: This is not a Transformers nickname; Shriek was a supervillainess in the Marvel universe. Namir gifted Samantha with this codename out of spite.)
  • Ironhide: Peter
  • Sunstreaker: Jack
  • Sideswipe: Lachlan
  • Wheeljack: Gene


  • Multi-Lingual: Namir reads, writes, and speaks fluent Arabic and Hebrew. When he takes notes in the pad he constantly carries around, they are written in Arabic. Due to his association with his wife, Namir has also picked up a smattering of French and Spanish, though he is far from fluent in either.
  • Dyslexic: To all outward appearances, Namir can read just fine. It's when he's asked to or forced to read something aloud that his latent dyslexia truly manifests itself. As such, only his closest family members know about his problem, and he likes keeping it that way.
  • Favorite Color: Is silver, which is not something often known.
  • Does Not Like Dogs: Especially small ones. He once had a horrible encounter with a terrier owned by his mother when he was thirteen and still bears the scars — mental and physical.
  • Cream Soda: Namir has an inexplicable love for cream soda and, though he doesn't have as much access to it as he once did, he has been known to steal IBC from stores when he can.
  • Rats: Namir loves rats and has befriended a few that are living in his shoddy "apartment" with him.
  • Egg Creams: Egg creams are still one of Namir's favorite drinks. Unfortunately, due to his separation from Samantha, he doesn't get them anymore. He has been known to dream about them occasionally.
  • Talkin' 'Bout My Religion: Namir is Muslim and is more devout than he was two years ago, however he has a problem with alcohol these days. It's something he keeps hidden from everyone (especially his wife) and denies ardently if ever it comes up. In fact, he likes to maintain the appearance of being a very good Muslim, making him into a big fat hypocrite.
  • Kickin' Ass, Israeli Style: Namir is well-schooled in the martial art known as Krav Maga, which he learned during his training in the Army as well as with the NYPD. Even today, he practices it as part of a workout regime to keep himself both fit and sharp. He's also trained his wife in Krav Maga.



  • Fahd Dayan: Fahd and Namir have a slightly strained relationship due to the fact that Namir was encouraged to continue his education while Fahd had to drop out of school to support the family after the death of Arif. Fahd later went on to get his GED and attended night courses in order to earn a degree. Fahd and Namir are no longer on speaking terms after the death of Cairo and Namir's marriage to Samantha. Fahd now resides in Israel with Zaina and his two sons.
  • Zaina Dayan: Namir used to get along splendidly with his sister-in-law, but after his marriage to Samantha, he and Zaina stopped being on good terms. She now lives in Israel with her family and has not spoken to Namir in at least a year.
  • Essam Dayan: Essam is Namir's nephew, whom he used to spoil rotten. Now they no longer speak, as the boy lives in Israel with his parents and brother.
  • Faris Dayan: Faris was born in October of 2007 and, after the initial few visits, Namir was no longer allowed to see his new nephew. The last time he glimpsed Faris was in 2008, before he made arrangements to have the baby and the rest of his family smuggled into Israel.
  • Samantha Dayan: Samantha and Namir met years ago due to the overlap in their occupations. They started out as friends, then gradually became lovers before being married. The marriage put a strain on Namir's relationship with his immediate family, but it persevered for a time. As things started to heat up around them, Namir began to teach Samantha various forms of self-defense, including Krav Maga and the use of guns (they even picked out a handgun for her together). Unfortunately, as the war continued and Namir found himself to be a wanted man, he and Samantha grew distant and finally separated. They still see each other on occasion, when Namir drops in from the sky for medical treatment. Because he still cares for Sam and trusts her, she is the one he seeks out first and foremost when in need of care, however that doesn't prevent him from being antagonistic (but it might explain the bouts of angry sex they still engage in).


  • Cass Aldric: Namir was a very distant acquaintance of Cass' before everything exploded. After he joined up with the Alliance, he got to know her more. While he views her decidedly more peaceful ideas and former connection with Nathan Petrelli as trite, he respects her a great deal and would never speak ill of her. He is also secretly envious of her child and the happiness that Abby apparently brings to the woman's life.
  • Erica Snow: (NEEDS UPDATED.) During an attempt to fly covertly, Namir happened to catch Erica in an alley and, thinking she was up to no good, nearly arrested her. He found out her true motives for floating about in the dark wearing a ski mask and shared his own powers with her. The two maintain a loose friendship, as Erica volunteered to help Namir search for the man responsible for the mass suicide at Yankee Stadium. Though such attempts have remained unsuccessful, the two still keep in touch, including a rather embarrassingly failed attempt to set Erica up with William.
  • Nima Jones: Namir and Nima played Halo 3 online together, often working on the same team (Karmageddon). He'd met her face-to-face once, when she informed him that he looks like "that guy from The Mummy". They eventually began to meet more and more. It was with Nima that he joined forces after everything collapsed, and he still remains absolutely loyal to her and her cause.
  • William Connors: (NEEDS UPDATED.) While Namir argued with Fahd over his relationship with the Jewish Samantha, William happened to overhear the Arabic words and spoke to Namir in his native tongue. The two quickly discovered that they had a few things in common, such as a love of adrenaline and combat situations. They set up a laser-tag day in which Samantha managed to shoot Namir once, thus securing bragging rights for the rest of her life. Namir won the match and William insisted on another, which has yet to happen. Later, Namir attempted to set William up with Erica, only to discover that William is gay. It's made Namir a little uncomfortable with the other man, but it's nothing a good talk can't fix.


  • Bekah Morgan: Though he was once good friends with Bekah, like his relationship with Samantha, Namir's friendship with Doctor Morgan has cooled off some. She lives with his wife in the apartment that he once shared with Sam himself, and he's fully convinced that she is on Samantha's "side" of things. He remains civil with Bekah and bears no true ill will towards her, however there is some bitterness there.


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