Nathan Petrelli (Dark Future)
Nathan Petrelli
Portrayed By Adrian Pasdar
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 23rd, 1967
Date of Death August 28th, 2009
Age 42
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Mr. President, Nathan, Logan
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location Washington D.C., USA
Occupation President of the United States
Known Relatives Arthur Petrelli (father; deceased), Angela Petrelli (mother; still alive), Peter Petrelli (younger brother; immortalish), Simon Petrelli (son), Monty Petrelli (son; deceased), Claire Bennet (daughter; also immortalish), Kate Petrelli (sister-in-law)
Significant Other Heidi Petrelli (wife; whereabouts unknown)
Known Abilities Flight
First Appearance Freedom of Speech

Hated by many and loved by— well. Very few. Nathan Petrelli has taken a dark turn. </touch>


His campaign held promise. Humans and Evolved alike would vote in hopes of electing a leader who understood what America needed to do to reconcile with this issue of superhuman abilities and the war in New York City.

Once in office, that's when it all seemed to start going wrong.

Genetic supremacy drew lines between those that were Evolved and those that were not. Humans were urged en masse towards concentration camps and detainment, and it was spoken by higher authorities that it was for their own protection. The world was fast in realising that they were little more than prisoners.

Those who knew Nathan once before might hardly recognise the man he's become. Estranged from all previous friends from two years ago, even estranged from his family (his wife, a detainee; his brother, a wanted terrorist; his youngest son, dead in the war), it's near impossible to see past his policies and politician smile to a semblance of the man behind it all.

Battle of Egos



There were three people in existence who knew this man's name, and one of those three is Nathan himself. Logan is the alterego that was manifested into existence all those years ago during Nathan's recovery from the explosion in the sky. He lay dormant for a long time, only occurring as a presence in nightmares, a fleeting, radiation-burned glimpse in the mirror, and he went by no name, as hallucinations are rarely given identities.

Then the war broke loose, and Monty was killed. Someone had to take charge before Nathan abandoned all he had worked for in favour of drinking himself into a stupor, and Logan took the helm. His name is meaningless, mutually decided subconsciously between himself and Nathan, and was only ever used between them, when he didn't keep Nathan locked in unconsciousness somewhere in the corner of his mind.

Sociopathic, ruthless, ambitious, Logan is no longer the ghost of a burn victim. He's in control, and he's not about to let go.



These days, he's reduced to nothing more than the passing image in the mirrors Logan tries to avoid. When given the chance, he manifests in the mirror as he once looked before Logan took over - disheveled, unshaven, and weak.

At least, weak in Logan's opinion.

The past year or more has gone by like a dream for Nathan, gaining knowledge of the outside world through Logan as well as moments of lucidity where he is able to watch what happens from a paralysed position in his own mind.

More and more, Nathan's winning back tiny moments of control, but he knows that what has happened to America is pretty much irreversible. He doubts he'll be the hero to make everything right again, but perhaps, somehow…

…he can make it easier for those that can.


July, 2009

  • 28th - Freedom of Speech. A speech is broadcast all across America from the Oval Office. An attack… of kinds… is made on the White House not a moment after.
  • 28th - The Inbetween. Kate calls. Everything weakens if it's attacked from the inside out.
  • 29th - The Definition of Insanity. Mohinder teaches Nathan Logan about history. Nathan Logan teaches a completely different lesson. No one learns anything.
  • 29th - Bugged. Later, the White House staff are busy policing the matter of the Evolved who leashed bugs on the Capitol, notably George and Cyprus. Aileen accompanies George, and Nathan Logan shows up late after culling some staff.
  • 29th - Witness. Kate is given her former partner's last dying moments. Logan stops by to watch the fireworks.
  • 31st - All Monsters Here. But who's the scariest? Peter wins that game. For now.
  • 31st - Breaking Points. Cyprus finds Nathan Logan directly after the prior events, and is informed that they're going to New York City.

August, 2009

  • 1st - Bad Wolf. Mr. President's secret is uncovered by the boss of the Syndicate, because it takes one to know one.
  • 3rd - Three Wishes. Logan finds himself at the mercy of a dangerous little girl. They strike a bargain.
  • 3rd - I Would Like An Explanation. Cyprus's job gets more and more interesting. He talks to Logan after he's been shot in the shoulder, and then paperwork happens.
  • 4th - Want, Get. Aileen is summoned to do some doctoring. She and Logan have a conversation about the whys behind her terrorist capture.
  • 4th - The Sound Of Drums. Logan gets visited while he's laid-up. Someone's cracked.
  • 4th - A Matter of Ego. Crazy women don't seem ready to leave him alone just yet. Jessica stops by as the bringer of bad news. Someone is back from the dead.
  • 5th - Crazy Random Happenstance. Logan encounters the last person he ever expected to encounter. No, really. Peter from 2007, trying to save the world. Yet again.
  • 5th - Forgive Me. A small window of opportunity, and Nathan takes it. He sets a trap for Jessica on the grounds of his ruined family home and tries to make a difference in the world while he can. (It then gets shot to hell, thank you Peter.)
  • 5th - Scenario A. Unable to recollect the events just prior, Logan finds himself back at the Marriot, thrust into a whole new situation when Cyprus updates him on the recent, devastating terrorist attacks. Logan is temporarily distracted by the opportunity to win back some favour.
  • 6th - For America. Cass is awarded a personal visit. Just her, Logan, the Agency and a few other friendly faces.
  • 7th - Operation: Cookie Jar. A prized possession is stolen from Logan. Nathan is amused.
  • 7th - President Petrelli makes a speech on the subject of the Amtrak attacks. He condemns Peter as the culprit, comparing him to Sylar.
  • 8th - The Very Convenient Truth. It's Cyprus's turn to surprise Logan, when he brings the news that he's dragged Kate into a scheme in order to corner Peter. The President has mixed feelings about the situation, to put it mildly (and literally).
  • 10th - Prepare to Fall. A second meeting with Dr. Aileen Kincade. Logan gives her the resources necessary to carry out her research, as well as a warning.
  • 11th - Selection. Cass is visited. The nature of her duty is explained to her, as well as the consequences of the man in her previous position. Also, she's harder to push around than Kincade.
  • 11th - Innocent Blood. Cyprus delivers on some good news. No matter the cost.
  • 12th - Evolutionary Mistakes. When two opposite forces clash, names are called, wine is spilled, and boundaries are broken.
  • 13th - Sentimental And Also Presumptuous. Logan has questions for Kate. They meet at a once familiar place.
  • 14th - Operation: Bathroom Break. Everything goes to hell, dork askew.
  • 14th - Pound of Flesh. Logan has a lot of making up to do when he and an old friend have a reunion. Bits at a time, he begins to pay what he owes.
  • 15th - Humpty Dumpty. More old faces drift up from the past, and none of them are happy to see him. Elena raises some good questions as to the whereabouts of his wife, and Logan keeps what cards he has close to his chest. But they have ways of making you talk.
  • 15th - A Moment to Savor. Logan has one shot at freedom, and Jack learns a lesson in vigilance.
  • 16th - Hammer Vs. Anvil. Jack and Logan/Nathan clash. Both of them break a fraction, and not for the better.
  • 17th - The Dead Man's Zone. A conversation with Trina. She doesn't approach the glass, and Logan meets it full on.
  • 17th - Lifeline. Cass and Logan are reunited and she has something to say… but not to him. Logan left more scars than Nathan can account for.
  • 17th - Being Nathan Petrelli. Ramon discovers that there is a wolf in Nathan's clothing. Jack deals. Plans are tentatively brushed upon. Nathan starts to feel more human.
  • 18th - The Rarer Action. Elena comes by with two messages, one for Logan, one for Nathan. She also helps widen the bridge between the two egos when she and Nathan work together to extract some information from the Bad Wolf.
  • 18th - Bird In The Cage. This is like one hellish morning after. Jack and Nathan try to come to terms with their friendship.
  • 18th - Between Brothers is an entire dimension, but Nathan and Peter still manage to bond. Also, Peter makes sure that Logan can never make a past mistake ever again. Karma is a bitch.
  • 19th - A Lack of Good Excuses. Lachlan visits Nathan for answers, and he gets them. Nothing else goes heard and Nathan is, yet again, made to pay for Logan's sins.
  • 19th - Psychopathalytical. Pull up a couch and tell us about your childhood. Ramon comes good on his promise to use his ability to help Nathan. Questions are answered and Nathan is given hints on how to overcome his alterego.
  • 19th - And All The King's Men. Cyprus and Jack show loyalty to one man. Too bad that one man is two men and in a tug of war, it's not Nathan that's torn apart.
  • 20th - Trust You. Nathan waits for Jack to wake up. Logan does too. This is not the most ideal of situations for anyone.
  • 20th - Never Believed In. A reunion between Nathan and Kate. An appropriate gift is given, though the conversation takes sharp turns.
  • 21st - The Blood of Tyrants and Patriots. Nathan tests the waters when it comes to his alterego's right hand man, Cyprus. The wheels of fate begin to turn when loyalty to name and country holds fast, and plans are touched upon.
  • 23rd - Reprieve. Logan has nothing to lose, and Nathan doesn't have much more to gain either. Both have a conversation to a laid up Jack Derex in a certain secretive facility. Nathan learns of Cyprus's conversation with Jack, and starts learning exactly what has to happen for the world to be saved. Also, not gay at all.
  • 23rd - Hell And High Water. Ever called a woman to tell her that she's not a widow? Harder than you think.
  • 23rd - Game. Set. Match. At least someone has a plan. Unfortunately, it's these two.
  • 24th - The Blue Screen Glow. Peter of the present days finally meets Nathan without the mask of Logan. To say it goes well would be an exaggeration, but no one dies.
  • 24th - Down This Path. Cyprus and Nathan discuss being prepared to walk it. It seems as though fate has already made its decision without them.
  • At Some Point - A Conscience Pause. Nathan hears a different voice. It's a welcome break.
  • 28th - These Acts Of Evil. Peter visits again during a critical moment and Nathan meets a fate that had been sealed for a long time. But in the last few moments, he was handed the truth, and that was enough to break his heart.



  • Almost All Of Them: Shot to hell. Thanks Logan.
  • Kate Petrelli: The only person who knew of his existence aside from the Bad Wolf for the longest time. His lifeline.
  • Jack Derex: A man he's now talked to, but isn't known to just yet. Could well save his life, or end it - both are pretty good options. Pending.
  • Ramon Gomez: Old friend, unexpected ally, this man has the potential to remove Logan altogether, even if it takes time.
  • Cass Aldric: A reminder of what Logan's deeds mean to Nathan if he gives up. Former friend… and still former.
  • Cup: Cup was created out of boredom, his full name is Cup-Face, but his nickname is a little saner. Anyone can talk about a Cup, after all. He and Nathan have a love/hate relationship, as he has to deal with the brunt of Nathan's anger as well as boring stories and occasional bouts of emo, and in return, Nathan is frustrated by Cup's apparent lack of compassion and perpetual smile, but appreciates the fact that he can listen without feeling the need to interrupt. A good friend, at the end of the day.



  • Cyprus Donovan: One of the few who Get It. They still keep their secrets but a mutual understanding of what needs to be done to further the cause creates a strong alliance.
  • George Dawson: A question mark, a man who used to be under Nathan's employment and now works for Homeland Security. Seems to do his job effectively.
  • Aileen Kincade: Human doctor, George's partner. Smart mind and smart ideas - too smart, so Logan is keeping her close in case she needs to wind up dead or locked away. Is giving her a chance at loyalty, however.


  • Kate Petrelli: Sister-in-law. Knows his secret, but someone has to - especially someone so closely tied to the most powerful man in the world. A weakness, but too useful to cut ties with. Dance partner.
  • Mohinder Suresh: Infuriating scientist who wore out his use after two years of captivity. Often argumentative. Dead now.
  • Cass Aldric: Previously his broken toy. Recently rescued from this fate. Not a threat exactly, but can't go unaccounted for.


  • Peter Petrelli: Nathan's brother… so, brother. Ish. A threat, a bastard, a fear. We don't talk about him.
  • Molly Walker: Conniving bitch of a teenager. Incredibly useful. Need to exert control soon because so far, she's calling the quite literal shots.
  • Jack Derex: Old friend of Nathan's, current worst enemy. Is detrimental to his existence and needs to be executed very soon.
  • Ramon Gomez: Threat - plain and simple.



  • "Ever heard of the concept that there's no beauty in this world without brutality? The Taj Mahal was built out of the blood, money and slavery of the people, and it's hailed as a wonder of the world. I want what you want, but this is how it's gotta be."
  • "I ask that all of us, Evolved and Human, remember the values of America and America's people in the wake of disaster. We are a country of progress, of forward movement. We are a country that recognises it's own strength. We are a country of evolution." (Freedom of Speech)
  • "Sometimes it takes a fanatic." (The Definition of Insanity)
  • Kate: "He wasn't afraid. All of that, and you didn't even scare him. How does that feel, Logan?" Logan: "So what does that say for the fearless? They wind up alone and dead, in the end. Maybe you didn't feel his fear, but did you feel my rush?" Kate: "Yes. Yes, I felt it." (Witness)
  • "You have all that power, Peter. Handed to you on a fucking platter. You don't even have a clue as to what the hell to do with it. At least some of us… had plans." (All Monsters Here)
  • Cyprus: "I would like an explanation." Logan: "Oh no. I'm in trouble." (I Would Like An Explanation)
  • "Toys that don't do what they should? Nothing wrong in breaking those." (Evolutionary Mistakes)
  • "If I'm the heart of all this, kill me, and maybe everything else with shrivel up and die and I can take it all the fuck down with me." (Hammer Vs. Anvil)


  • "Call it an attack of conscience. But some people aren't cut out to have the power you're demanding of me. Some people shouldn't have it at all." (Forgive Me)
  • "Let me get this straight. You— you had Oreos under heavy-duty lock and key? Really? … What the hell kind of evil bastard are you?" (Operation: Cookie Jar)
  • "I've done terrible things." (Hammer Vs. Anvil)


  • Logan may be evil, but there is one thing the world can thank him for - he has a far better taste in ties than Nathan does.
  • He still doesn't fly a heck of a lot, despite powers becoming common knowledge and held in high regard. This may have to do with old habits dying hard, or fear of being shot out of the sky.
  • Nathan drinks. Logan doesn't.
  • Much like Niki, during her stint in psychiatric in season one, sedation and drugging can be used to pull Logan under and give Nathan back control for a limited time. This has been exploited once, during which time Nathan took over for the short space of a couple of hours.
  • One of the first signs that something was Horribly Wrong was when during August 2008, President Petrelli issued a federal order to discontinue the production of Oreos, which is some kind of delicious biscuit. He used to hold the last three packages before the Saints decided that sharing was caring.
  • Remember back in the day when he wasn't an evil dictator?

Kill Count

  • Mohinder Suresh: Shot six times in the chest, in the cell of an underground holding facility.
  • Peter Petrelli (Present Day): Shot three times in the chest, on the roof of the Deveaux Building's rooftop.
  • Jessica Sanders: … almost. :( Shot once in the stomach, amongst the ruins of the Petrelli mansion. She was, however, healed back from near-death.
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