Peter Petrelli (Dark Future)
Peter Petrelli
Portrayed By Milo Ventimiglia
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 23, 1979
Age 29 31
Zodiac Signs Capricorn (Western), Earth Sheep (Chinese)
Aliases Pete, Pedro, Albatross
Place of Birth New York City Queens, NY, USA
Current Location Varies
Occupation Freedom Fighter/Terrorist, Petrelli Resistance
Known Relatives Arthur Petrelli (father; deceased), Angela Petrelli (mother, whereabouts unknown), Nathan Petrelli (brother), Heidi Petrelli (sister-in-law, whereabouts unknown), Claire Bennett (niece, whereabouts unknown), Simon Petrelli (nephew), Monty Petrelli (nephew, deceased)
Significant Other Kate Petrelli (Wife)
Known Abilities Empathic Mimicry
First Appearance Genesis



  • 28 July 2009 - Peter comes back from a botched mission, in which he lost two of his already small resistance, and takes his wife back to New York. But at least he managed to rescue seven unevolved children from a detainment facility. She and Him
  • 30 July 2009 - Peter comes home from some recon work and discovers his wife is upset. There's bad things going on. And then there's a fight. And they make up. And they will probably fight again later. Then he goes to finish recon with the Underground. He needs to make sure that the Railroad Job doesn't mess with the other Railroad. Vena Amoris, Underground Recon
  • 31 July 2009 - Pissing off Peter Petrelli is a bad idea. He goes to teach Nathan a lesson in why. All Monsters Here
  • 02 August 2009 - Peter discovers just how messed up his wife really is. Alfredo or Marinara?
  • 04 August 2009 - Peter leads his terrorist organization on what was meant to be a strict act of property destruction. It turned into much, much more than that. Train Job: Derailed, Train Job: Earthbending
  • 05 August 2009 - After the misshap at the Train Job, Peter finds out something he hadn't known about his brother, the President. Paved With Good Intentions
  • 06 August 2009 - The Train Job has some unhappy consequences since it went so terribly wrong. Peter approaches McAlister of the Saints at the radio. Striking Blows Against Potato Famine
  • 07 August 2009 - Peter meets with a representative of the Alliance and they talk about the possibility of a set-up on the Train Job. He's going to check a few leads. And God help whoever the leak might be. An Equilizer
  • 08 August 2009 - While checking on former comrades, Peter and Kate make a discovery, one that might very well break them. The Willful Slaughter of Hope
  • 11 August 2009 - Peter wants to share the information of Sylar's return with some of the resistance groups before it goes public, only he waits just a little too long, apparently. Still, he does make the confession and show photographs he took after giving the camera to Kate before the press conference. Not by much, though. Confessions Of Weakness
  • 19 August 2009 - After spending many days searching the streets and avoiding his home and also the notice from Homeland, Peter spots a broadcast being done by his wife. He teleports to the location of the broadcast and proceeds to rage about what she's doing. "Do You Love Me?" "Do I //What?//
  • 22 August 2009 - The married couple have missed each other for the past few days, communicating only through notes, until Peter makes a point to cook for her. They talk. There's still some fighting and tension. But then he takes her to Paris. Or at least an illusionary one. Paris For Two
  • 24 August 2009 - At his wife's request, Peter goes to talk to his brother. There's a change on the horizon. The Blue Screen Glow
  • 27 August 2009 - The wife had been blown up by a bomb, and Peter retrieved her, healed her mostly, and sat at her bedside. But things are nearly complete. Milk and Hazel
  • 28 August 2009 - He had a plan. Always did. These Acts of Evil


  • Numerous (811!)
    • Demonstrated So Far: Telepathy, Teleportation, Regeneration, Healing, Telekinesis, Illusion, Electricity.


  • "She's mine. The only reason I'm not here to kill you, is because she told me not to. But if anything happens to her— or if you keep sending her messages— or threatening her in any way— I might have a temporary lapse of hearing." All Monsters Here
  • "This world is made of monsters, Nathan. And I want to remind you… that you're not the scariest monster in this room." All Monsters Here
  • "Right now my plan is simple. You hurt my wife again— I don't care if she's right in front of you— or calling you— if you hurt her again, and everything you've built… will disappear." All Monsters Here
  • "How do you like this world you've made?" All Monsters Here


  • Many of the people Peter considered close, he's no longer close to. Nathan is President, and he's using all of his powers to fight against him, many of his closest friends are estranged in a way (Elena, Jack, Cass) and held at a distance. And some of them outright dislike who he's become. And who can really blame him.
  • It is publicly known by many people that Peter Petrelli killed Sylar (Gabriel Gray) and ended the war between Evolved and Humans. Maybe he didn't end it soon enough, because not long after his brother came to power and made his declarations about Evolved superiority.
  • Peter Petrelli does not want children. Much to his wife's displeasure. Probably a good thing, though.
  • Peter Petrelli apparently did not kill Sylar. (So Many Things)
  • Not only that, Peter Petrelli is Sylar. (Tick-Tock)
  • Peter Petrelli is actually dead.
  • There is a real Peter.
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