2009-11-14: Dial R For Revenge



Date: November 14, 2009


Emily reconnects with Prometheus following the events of Odd Encounters with Coffee

"Dial R For Revenge"

A New York Hotel Room

Four hours. That's how long it'd been since the strange little RC car rolled up to the door of the Starbucks with details on how to contact Prometheus. Four hours since that surprised nerd had rapidly excused himself from talking with Emily before that car had shown up. Four hours to mull over the possible identity of Prometheus…who in all likelihood could be an associate of that man, or the man himself. How else would a car know where to find her?

Following the arrival of the message at the coffee shop, Emily had retreated to her hotel room, using a zig-zagging, cross-block path to try her best and ensure nobody had followed her. Before calling Prometheus, she's used the time to prepare herself, mentally. And by that, she's slipped herself back into the body of the New England B&B owner who she used to get down here. A quick shower, and making sure her own comatose blonde body is comfortably lying down, she picks up her cell…well, Margie's cell, and dies the number, listening to it ring.

In his friend's apartment, Gene leans against the wall with a sigh. He knew he would have to confront this woman again, but he can't go back now. As he told so many before, he has to try or else this woman might have no one to guide her path.

After a couple of rings, the 'familar' digitally altered voice of Prometheus picks up.

"Greetings, Emily. I see the efforts on the train went off without a hitch. I was curious to see what became of you."

"So far, so good. Except that my attempt to get away from there wasn't really met with too much enthusiasm." She is, of course, talking about her hijacking of Charlotte. "But no harm, no foul. I haven't you know…murdered anyone since the last time we talked. I haven't had much time, you understand." Her voice is clearly different on her end of the phone, being that she's in another body at the moment…her own method of voice alteration! "But, there's something I'm curious about…" she trails off into the handset.

If there is displeasure in the tone, the digital alteration makes it hard to tell. Better to lose some emotion than to accidently give himself away. "Oh, what question would that be?"

"There was a strange, nerdy sort that seemed very shocked to see me at a Starbucks tonight…who retreated soon after getting his coffee, and just a few minutes before one of those RC cars found its way there. That's you…right? Or someone who reports to you, at the very least."

Prometheus considers the matter. He needs to protect his alter ego as best he can. Thankfully, lying is easier over the phone than it is in person. "Interesting. This person… What did he look like? Spare no detail."

"Well, he was maybe 5'8"…brown hair…had some biggish ears…kind of a smirky grin a most of the time…not bad looking, but still, definitely had that geek vibe. And he was indeed shocked to see me. Not like, shocked at seeing a pretty blonde, since there were a few of them in there, but me in particular. It was just a little suspicious you see. And if you expect me to fly straight, shouldn't you do the same?"

Avoiding the topic of the young man to focus entirely on the important question, Prometheus makes his point known. "You profess to be a woman known to lie, cheat, steal, and kill. I am giving you a second chance. Trust will be given when it is clear that it is not misplaced. I hope that time will be soon, but I will not rush the safety of myself or others until we have come to a clear understand." There is a pause before Prometheus goes on. "Besides, did you not say that you had trouble with the people that were supposed to have rescued you?"

"Oh…it wasn't anyone that rescued me. What happened was after, at the hideout. We had a deal, and she decided to break the deal, and leave me in the middle of frickin' nowhere in Maine. Took me a while to find a nice ride back down to the city." Emily is really good at giving out half-truths, and twisting the actual events with a positive spin…in another life, she might've made a great anchor on Fox News or something! So what she tells Prometheus isn't untrue…it's just true from one particular point of view.

Considering that Gene was not personally involved with the breakout or the runaway criminals, Prometheus is confused. "A deal, you say? This woman, what was she like?"

"Medium height…shorter than me at least. Brown hair…a teleporter. I couldn't resist," Emily says, a smirk on her face on the other end of the phone. "Seems like she has the ability to teleport to wherever people she thinks about presently are too…pretty handy."

"Charlotte," the altered voice replies without hestitation. "I've worked with her in the past. However, taking someone's body merely because have a nice power… That is not a good way to build trust. She is the sort that if you merely asked, she would have done it freely. I take the pair of you had a personality clash of sorts."

"Not until I let her go…free and clear. All I wanted was a place to regroup. She has a house full of cute kids, you know. Made them all run to some teeny little shed while in the meantime, all I wanted to do was figure out what the hell happened to me. Then she sneaks up on me and ninja teleports me to some dungeon room in the middle of nowhere!"

"Until you let her go. So you had her against her will… It sounds like she made any deal you could think of in order to get her body back," Prometheus replies. "Desperation is a powerful thing. It makes people do things they would not normally. I take it the deal you both agreed to was not one that she profited from."

"She didnt make a deal. That's the thing. Look, I told her straight up I wasn't going to hurt any kids, and I didn't. Even made two of them sandwiches and talked! She felt the need to bring me to some dungeon, and leave me there to fend for myself! All I got from the deal was a sandwich, and a trip back to Maine, away from the other fugitives and on my own, the way I like."

"Why do you wish to be on your own? I would think having other Evolveds to protect you from the government would be welcome. More so considering your… Abilities."

"If I'm alone, there's nobody to make any rules but me. But I see your point. The problem is…on my own…what good is my ability? If they're around, why not just claim and use them for myself? Why let others have all the fun? And yes, I know I could be valuable in helping them…taking over government individuals and getting to the bottom of everything…but that seems too goody-good…" On her end, she purposely trails off, biting her (well, really Margaret's) lower lip a bit, thinking.

"Helping your fellow Evolved is helping yourself in the long run. After all, what happens if somehow you get trapped in a body, and only a telepath can free you? Or if your power is shut off by one Evolved and you need another to restart it. Together we stand, divided we fall… You learned that lesson yourself when you appeared in Maine." Taking a deep breath, the digital voice has a bit of an air to it, as if coming to the end of a great speech. "If you wish to help me figure out how to tear down the Alpha Protocol, let me know. I am assembling those that I believe have promise to do great things. Perhaps alone the way, you shall find something I can do for you that would bring you the pleasure you seek."

There's no response on the other end for a moment or two. She's clearly thinking over her options. Help tear down Alpha Protocol, and then, leave the world's Evolved out there, free, to be used in other ways…have access to Alpha Protocol's files during such an operation…that's a good starting point for her vision. "Well, I think I can take a little time off of my day job to do something along those lines," she says with a chuckle into the phone. Besides, killing in the name of "good" is all fine and dandy, right?

"I will require a contact number then," Prometheus states in that digitally altered bass of his. "Preferably one not linked to the body you are currently stealing."

"Unfortunately, there's the matter of a freeze on all my accounts, and my possessions being stolen by government goons. This is the only phone I have at the moment. You should have the number." On her end, Emily-Margaret begins to twirl a finger in her brownish hair, sitting curled up on a corner of the hotel room couch.

"You mean taken, not stolen. When they are the law, they can decide what is legal, even if it is unjust or unconsitutional," Prometheus reminds. "The government has no use for fine couches and the like. When all of this is settle, I may be able to free up your accounts once more. This is on the basis that you will free the woman that you currently have a hold on without killing her or harming her. While there may be a time and place for killing, it certainly does not involve the innocent."

"I never intended to kill this woman…so you know. I've grown out of that phase, and found a new goal. No need to resort to random violence before that's done." Of course, what is death, really? Is it being forever trapped in a coma-like state? Is it actually being dead?

"I see. And what is your new goal, if I may ask?"

"Well, you said it yourself, just a moment ago. Tear down Alpha Protocol. To the ground. Then burn and stomp on the rubble." She begins to chuckle a little bit on her end of the phone, a low, vaguely-evilish sound.

There is no joy on the other side of the line, the tone still emotionless due to the alterations. "Then if that is your true wish, we must proceed carefully. Remember what happened to those involved with terrorism on American soil. Should we rise the ire of the Government against the Evolved, all it may do is lead to open war. We must strike hard and at the right spot. Considering what is at stake, I will trust that when the marching orders are given, you will do you best to follow the plan."

"If it involved marching to the people that are responsible for kidnapping me and holding me hostage, consider it done," she replies, firmly, even giving an unseen nod on her end of the phone.

There seems to be some sort of breath given at the other end of the line. A sigh perhaps? "Excellent. Unless you have any other matters to discuss, I have some other members of the operation to get to as well as crafting the plan."

"Nope…nothing else on this end. Just…don't breathe down my neck as I rebuild my life as I see fit before this operation. Nobody's going to die, scout's honor."

"The last group of people that rescued you… They likely don't trust you in the least or want you close to them. Should something go wrong or you need help, I'm the only person that will come to your aid. If I were you, I'd want the one person watching my back to be as close as possible. And much closer than being over the phone." There is a short pause. "I shall take you at your word. Until we speak again, stay safe."

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