2009-12-21: Diamond Dreams



Guest Starring Trenton Hawthorne

Date: December 21, 2009


Three blondes are shopping in Saks… we'll think of the punchline someday.

"Diamond Dreams"

Saks Fifth Avenue - NYC

Stephanie doesn't have a whole lot of purchases to make, honestly, for the holidays. With her parents recently deceased, and a lack of siblings, there's no family to buy for. And she has few enough friends here in New York that are of the present-buying variety. She can't really buy for Tiago, cause Lena would flip her lid, and she wouldn't buy for Lena, and buying for Randall might send mixed messages at this point. So, she's trying not to become depressed. It takes a lot to get PerkyBlonde down, but thinking of how alone she is on the holidays would do it. So instead she's wandering the aisles of Saks Fifth Avenue. Maybe she'll buy /herself/ a Christmas present, cause no one else is likely to this year.

Dressed up in a long gray wool coat that is trimmed with fur at the sleeves, Hallis is shopping during her lunch hour. Unlike most trips, she's not picking out anything that she can try on, actually she's paused at the jewelry counter. Her slender fingers are running along the glass as she admires the various sparklies and shinies. "Can I…?" she murmurs in a low tone as she points to one necklace in particular. It's a Bvlgari diamond set, very extravagant, very huge and very expensive. With a twinkle in her eye, the petite woman watches the sales rep pull the necklace from the display and hold it up for her perusal.

Saks Fifth is exclusive and expensive enough to keep the riff-raff out, and the midday shopping after a snow is even lighter than normal. For the early part of the day, the shop had been relaxed and quiet, a few clients and clerks flitting about, dallying and trying things on. Well, that is until a 'happy' couple meanders in off the street, with a rush of cold winter air and the cracking and rustling of bags. The woman in the couple, an extremely tall blonde woman, a few inches over 6' in her heeled boots, wearing a long overcoat and dark, oversized shades steps in carrying little more than her purse and a phone. The dark haired man behind her stumbles along, carrying a half-dozen big, paper shopping bags, loaded with shoes and clothes. "Come Trenton, and don't wreck my purchases!"

Stephanie really doesn't have the kind of cash to even be thinking about that kind of jewelry. She's over by the shoes, at the moment, looking for something that might be cute and…well, probably impractical for winter weather. But darn it, sometimes a girl just needs her pretty things. They help when trying to fight off the winter blues. She looks over to several options. Emily's entrance catches her eye just a moment, cause, damn, tall.

Hallis has just clipped the gorgeous necklace on and is admiring the look of it on her throat when she hears Emily's sharp command. With a smile, she spins on her heel and smiles at her approaching friend (and ex-boyfriend). "Emily! Trenton!" she exclaims with a tone of sheer joy in her voice. One can't help but notice the flash at her throat, it sparkles every time her heart beats or when she breathes. Admittedly, every time she sees Emily her pulse quickens, the tall woman has the strangest effect on the petite blonde.

The sales clerk keeps a close eye on the little socialite, more than once a celebrity has been trying something on and 'accidentally' walked out of the store wearing their non-purchase. Hallis keeps quite close to the counter though, content to wave the couple over so she can show off her would be new accessory.

"Oh look Trenton! Hallis is here!" Emily calls out to him, dismissively. "Pass the bags to the clerks and let them handle them. Come and say hello," she orders. Trenton is oh-so-happy to oblige, handing off the multitude of bags off to tip-trolling sales clerks who need to keep them so shoplifting doesn't happen. With the weight off, he wipes his forehead with the sleeve of his peacoat, and hurries over to Emily, standing at the counter near Hallis. A gloved hand reaches out without asking to touch and admire the necklace, smiling at the woman. "It's gorgeous. Are you buying this as a present to yourself, dear?" Trenton sidles up next to Emily, who's even taller than he is, taking her hand and sycophantically nodding and agreeing with what she says.

Stephanie blinks, as she hears a familiar voice, and looks over. Oh, it's Jingle Belle! Wearing about three times as much, and hopefully at least three times as sober. She considers whether or not she should approach, for a moment. What the hell. She can at least go wave hello, and she starts over, doing just that when she gets closer.

The fingers on her throat cause the petite woman to blush a little freeze her smile, not that she's uncomfortable around the Amazon, but she's very thankful for the wool long coat that she's got on. "I was thinking about it, I've been looking at it for a while and well.. why not spoil yourself at Christmas, right?" The spiral design of the pave diamond and white gold necklace is simply gorgeous and really stands out when Hallis lifts her hair to show off the piece of jewelry, "What do you think? I was going to wear it to Grandmother's party on Christmas Eve… You two are coming, right?"

"I can't imagine that we'd miss it for anything else," Emily replies. In order to get a better appreciation of the necklace though, she lifts the gloved hand to her lips, biting down on the material with her lips curled over her teeth and pulling it off. "It looks fabulous…" Emily assures Hallis, letting her finger tips brush the neck flesh there, grinning as she seems to be drawing goosebumps without even using her ability. "Trenton will be delighted to attend, I'm sure. Maybe he could even impress your grandmother!"

Stephanie blinks, as her wave goes unnoticed. There's a momentary sigh. Ahh, well. Rather than intrude on the conversation between the two, she turns to head back to her shoe shopping. Maybe she can find something nice that won't freeze her toes off in winter.

Noticing Stephanie Hallis gives her a big wave. "Hey! That's the girl from the diner the other day! Hey…" She searches for a name but for the life of her can't remember if they ever made a proper introduction during breakfast. "Hey girl from breakfast the other day!" She turns to Emily and Trenton and laughs lightly. "You wouldn't believe what we did the other night… it's been a weekend and a half!" The clerk at the counter clears her throat a little to garner the deb's attention and Hallis turns back toward her with a bit of a blush. "Oh, sorry… I'll take it, and the earrings." Pulling her wallet from her purse, she plucks a black credit card from within it and places it on the counter.

Emily watches that black credit card with some interest, acutely aware of what it is. Without saying a word, she looks at Trenton, and tells him everything she needs to with her eyes. Standing next to her, the man shrivels a little, nodding, and pressing himself closer to assure her he too will do what it takes to get one. Not like he needs to have one, what with his enormous wealth anyway, but…monkey-see, monkey-do. "Oh? I can believe quite a bit!" Question is, would Hallis ever think that the glow surrounding Emily at their fabulous dinner at Tabla was because of the fact that she murdered 11 individuals, including a cop, just months before? Who knows! There's not much to suspect behind that smile and those shades though!

Stephanie turns back, and gives a wry smile. "Hey there." There wasn't any introduction, and so she doesn't give a name, since well…she doesn't know it. In her mind, Hallis = Jingle Belle. The medium-size blonde (as opposed to Trial Size and Economy Size) gives a sort of warm smile, and says "Over the hangover?" Economy Size just gets a friendly nod, since she doesn't know her yet.

The purchase of the diamonds is an exorbitant amount, possibly as much as low income families make in a year. Needless to say, the 'Trial' sized blonde removes the necklace with a smile and gives her full attention to the clerk for a few minutes while she arranges for delivery. Sets like that just don't walk out of stores. After it's done she turns to visit with Emily, Trenton, and Stephanie a little more. "Hallis Van Cortlandt," she says, jutting her hand out to her former breakfast partner. "This is Trenton Hawthorne and this lady…" The petite woman spares nothing but her best smile for the regalia of the Amazon at her side, "This is Emily."

"Delighted to meet you," Emily says, nodding in her direction, and stretching her ungloved hand to shake after Hallis. "Emily Caulfield, and yes, this is Trenton." He's…not allowed to shake, apparently. Or speak. Or pretty much act out of turn lest Emily decide he needs to go away again for however long; a direct link to someone's mind can do that, after all, especially when you can threaten them with life as a vegetable.

Jingle Belle finally has a name! And Economy Size, too. Stephanie smiles to Hallis, and gives the proffered little hand a quick shake. "Stephanie Sheldon." After the quick shake on Hallis' hand, she does the same with Emily. "Nice to meet you, Emily, and nice to have a name to put with the face, Hallis. I didn't really want to butt in; I just recognized your voice and thought I'd say hi."

"Oh, you're not butting in, I was just buying something to go with my gown for Grandmother's Christmas party. Emily and Trenton just got here too." With a smile she turns to Trenton and Emily and raises her eyebrows, "You two are coming to Grandmother's for the Christmas party, right? I don't think Trenton's family has missed one since we were … what… I was eight when we first met?" She turns back to Stephanie and gives her a smile, "If you and your family want to come it's out in Westchester, in Bedford. Everyone who is anyone always comes… Formal, you do have a gown, don't you?"

"I'll have one soon enough, that being the case," Emily replies with a smirk. One more thing to add to their already extraordinarily long shopping list today. "And yes, we're coming. I answered that just a moment ago! Didn't you hear?" She merely shakes her head in a little bit of disappointment at Hallis, reaching out to brush some of her hair away from the girl's neck. "And yeah, that necklace is going to look great. You almost look naked without it!" This time, Emily does let her power go when she touches Hallis, grinning as she waits for the effects to be seen.

Stephanie looks a little sad, as Hallis makes her offer. "My family actually passed away a couple years back. And honestly, I kinda don't move in those social circles. I'd very much be a fish out of water there. But thanks for the offer." So much for banishing holiday blues.

The brush of the hand causes Hallis' knees to quiver a little before she leans back onto the glass cabinet behind her and takes a deep breath. A silly smile plasters itself on her face, much like the one Stephanie witnessed pretty much the entire time that they had been having breakfast the other morning. "Thanks Emily.." she breathes softly, not able to take her eyes off the Amazon. "You know what would really look good on you? Cartier… it'll make you sparkle just like…" The small woman closes her eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath, when her eyes open the smile has waned a little to a Mona Lisa-esque vision. She turns to look at Stephanie again and the smile wanes even further to a distressed expression. "You should come anyway, there'll be a lot of people there to mingle with…" The suggestion is made as a feeble attempt to have the girl crawl out of a shell of solitude for the holidays. "My boss will be there and everything, well if he can sneak away for a bit he will be."

"Sparkle like what?" Emily practically demands of Hallis, letting the woman pull back from her hand and press herself to the glass of the jewelry display. "Shame you don't want to go though, Stephanie. Things might get exciting…you never know! Plus, it's a reason to buy fancy clothes that you wouldn't otherwise…well, unless you're Hallis or me. Trenton here could even help you pick out a nice outfit…he's gotten rather good at that, actually!"

Stephanie looks a little disapproving, as apparently Jingle Belle is on something. Which, given the other morning, really doesn't surprise her too much, but she was hoping for better. She shakes her head a little as she looks over to the two, with the mutual offer. "No, thank you. I would really just be lost at something like that. It's very nice of you to ask, but really, I should be going." With the sudden "drug" revelation…or maybe it's just lesbian passion, but either way, it seems to make Steph uncomfy. "You two have a nice day."

Hallis is confused at Emily's snap and tilts her head, looking a little bit hurt. "Sparkle like a star," she finishes, not understanding where the sudden ferocity came from. She's seen her make demands of Trenton but the diminutive blonde is just too fragile to be commanded like the millionaire playboy. At least, that's the impression she gives most of the time. When the focus turns back to Stephanie, she gives the medium sized woman a smile and nods in agreement with the Amazon. "You really should come, it's a fabulous party. If.." Her voice drifts off as the other blonde leaves and she turns to Emily. "Did I do something wrong?"

"You just…you didn't finish your thought. That aggravates me," Emily says, a bit more gently this time. "Sorry, I might've gotten carried away. Trenton demands a little more gumption in communicating sometimes. He's a little stubborn, as you can imagine. Regardless, there's no hard feelings, ya?" Emily goes back to smiling at the woman. "Regardless, we do have some shopping to finish up, now needing a nice dress and tuxedo, I can imagine, and all the little accessories that make it all worth while. So…we'll see you on Christmas Eve?"

"Yeah, no hard feelings, Emily." Hallis says sweetly, looking up at the tall woman with admiration. The tiny woman drifts away from the pair and makes her way toward the door. She's spent a quarter of her bonus on the diamonds, something that will likely make her father angry and her mother smile with pride. Her Grandmother? Well Lizette will be just as fabulous as always and likely to be dripping in better jewelry than anyone in the room.

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