2007-08-26: Did You Forget To Shut Up?


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Summary: Felix is moved back to the cellblock.

Date It Happened: August 26th, 2007

Log Title Did You Forget to Shut Up?

Primatech - Hartsdale Facility

Felix is frankly pacing in his hospital room. He's used to a lot more physical activity than he's been getting, he's been in here long enough that he's mostly healed up from the beating he got when taken in, and this whole being treated like an invalid thing is really kind of old by now. So he's padding around the confines of his little room, barefoot and impatient for who knows what by now. At least they haven't taken a blood sample and a buccal swab and then dumped his body in the Hudson.

Suddenly - BAM BAM BAM. Someone's knocking (impolitely) on the window. Vasili has appeared, and has obviously just gotten through with his own workout. Who knows why he's come by? It might just be to rub his ability to engage in physical activity in Felix's face. He returns his grip to the tail end of the towel he's slung around his neck, grinning like an idiot at the captive in the tiny room. "You look like a rabid dog."

"I've been doing more than you've been doing. They don't put the difficult dogs in very big cages, as I'm sure you've noticed by now." Vasili leans up against the glass, drumming his knuckles slowly and annoyingly against a small section of it. "Your face looks better."

Benjamin was not exercising, or rubbing people's noses in his lack of physical activity. In fact, he's come from the offices. Where he was pumping the mouse, the ten-key, the paper shuffle. Truly, an Olympian in the office. Walking up to Vasili, he asks, "Were you sent to help escort Mr. Ivanov back to the cells?" Because.. that's what he was here to do. "Clearance and orders came through, he's to go back to his cell."

Felix smiles, slowly. "No thanks to you," he says, sweetly. He props himself lazily against the window frame, posture entirely at ease, as if he were the one on the outside and Vasili the one waiting to be interrogated. Benjamin is entirely an unknown quantity, so Fel peers at him as best he can. "Wonderful," he says, cheerfully. At least it was more space.

Back to - and suddenly it's time for bluffing. "Yeah. I was sent to help you get him back there, in case he has the strength of a kitten and somehow manages to overpower you," is Vasili's response to Benjamin. It's said with a grin. It is not a very nice grin. "And call him Vanya. He likes that." Thee Russian steps back to give Benjamin enough room to open the door, impatiently hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts.

Benjamin casts a brief glance at Felix before his attention is back on Vasili. His brows raise, then narrow some. He takes the comment as a dig about his control over his own ability. If Vasili's bluffing, well, Ben buys it easily. Same with the comment about using the name Vanya. "Okay," is the simple enough response. Using his security badge, he unlocks the door to Felix's room, "Vanya, come with us." He's getting better about laying off the please, thank you, and painfully apologetic politeness.

"No, I don't," Felix says, patiently, as if Vasili were merely a persistently obnoxious younger brother. "Ivanov will do just fine." He gives the other Russian a positively venomous look. Clearly, there's a history here, and it's an unpleasant one. He's got fading bruises on face and throat, a stitched wound over his right brow, and moves a bit creakily, but he does seem to be in decent health. But he steps out of the hospital room without hesitation….there's a glance at Benjamin. Not gonna cuff him for the move, apparently?

Vasili might qualify as handcuffs. As soon as Felix is within range, one of the agent's hands comes forward and drops down on Felix's shoulder, fingers curling into an uncomfortable squeeze. "Try running off and I'll slam your head against the floor so hard you won't be getting up again." This is said almost cheerily, and then Vasili nods at Benjamin. "Lead on."

No cuffs or restraints. Ben is prepared to use other methods to drop Felix. No need to ruin the surprise now. If Felix tries to bolt, security's too tight, he wouldn't be making it far. However, Benjamin does move in to put a hand on the man's arm. "You prefer Ivanov then?," he asks in a politely neutral manner. When Vasili steps in to qualify as restraints, Ben drops his hand away. "I don't think that'll be necessary. There are other ways to keep him from running off. Why does everyone resort to physical violence around here?" It's a rhetorical question, made as he leads on back to where Felix is assigned to be.

"Just another excuse for you to get your hands on me," Felix says, still in that dry voice, glancing at Vasili. But he follows along after Benjamin, suffering the touch without further protest. "Physical violence has a certain clarity and directness that can be very appealing," he adds, giving Benjamin a sidelong look.

Thanks to Felix's attitude, Vasili's grip on his shoulder gets that much closer to crushing. "He's lying. He loves being called Vanya - and violence is more fun than wandering around pushing pens." Because, obviously, that is All Benjamin Ever Does. At least according to Vasili, who is just a little bit critical of his fellow agents. "If you weren't comfortable with the violence, you should've picked another job." He starts moving when Felix does, a slight swagger in his step.

Just one look at Benjamin anyone could tell he's more suited to the office than physical assault. Which would explain the aversion. Felix's comment, even if it's in dry jest, doesn't get commented on. Who is Ben to remark on someone's preferences? "I suppose. I never understood it myself." This coming from the man who has only tried to hit one person, once in his life. He frowns slightly, but doesn't glare in Vasili's direction. "Some of us didn't get to pick the job," he says darkly, reflecting his feeling on the matter.

"Really?" Felix wonders, deliberately refusing to wince at Vasili's grip. "No, I don't," he persists. "The nickname for Felix is Fil, and neither of you is someone I'm comfortable enough with to use it," Benjamin gets a curious looking-over. "Oh? Did you get dragooned into this, too?"

Vasili lets out a snort. "Cry me a river, Winters. We can make sure you get to the bottom of the Hudson if you'd rather not be working here." Harrumph. He leans in slightly closer to Felix, eyeballing the other Russian. "And no one said you could talk, Vanya."

"Fair enough, Ivanov." Ben is now not so ready to believe anything out of Vasili's mouth. So Ivanov it is. "Some of us aren't given much of a choice," is the carefully chosen response. Now he flashes a dark look at Vasili, he's not appreciative of the attitude. "I'm here, aren't I? So back off."

"This isn't that much of a gulag, is it?" He's eyeing Benjamin carefully. "How did you end up here, then? What makes you keep working here?" Felix is obviously trying to take in the sights, figure out what he can of the layout. Where's the actual exit?

Benjamin doesn't answer Felix. Giving the full response would get his ass reamed by his partner, boss, higher ups, maybe another punch in the face from Nova. So he keeps his mouth shut. A glance back at Felix and he sees the man is paying too much attention to the area.. Time to do something about that.

There's….wait a sec. Fel is not sleepy. Far from it. He rounds on Benjamin, but says nothing, not entirely sure how to phrase the question. So it comes out as a statement. "You're Evolved," he says, flatly.

"And /you're/ going to shut up and keep moving." This conversation has gone on for much too long, as far as Vasili is concerned. "When you get to your cell you can chit-chat with your new boyfriend as much as you want." Vasili's decree is accented by a rather rough shove at Felix's back.

Benjamin glances back to Felix. "Yes," is his response.. now he's just tempted to direct another attempt of his ability at Vasili. The man's rude, not that it warrants an equally rude or abusive response of power. "And I got dressed down for lack of professionalism."

<Fuck you, and fuck your mother, Ygorovich> Felix says, calmly, dropping into his native tongue. "Odd, that," he comments, pacing along beisde Benjamin. "They hired Babenkov, their standards can't be high."

Those last smartass comments require a response. One of Vasili's hands comes up to whap across the back of Felix's skull - it's not hard enough to be injurious, but it's less than friendly and will probably sting for a few minutes. "Did you forget where I told you to shut up?"

Benjamin chuckles at Felix's comments. He doesn't understand the Russian, so only pays attention to inflection.. although Russian sounds angry in general to him. For all Ben realizes, maybe the slap upside the head is warranted. Once they reach the prison wing, Felix's cell is unlocked. "Alright.. in you go." Again, the easy way, or the hard way.

<Fuck you, Vasili,> Felix reiterates, but it's really only a token insult. Heart's not in it. There's just an instant's hesitation, and Felix's irritated look is replaced by that curious blankness. But he steps in to the cell, quietly enough, tread soundless on the concrete, and turns to face his escorts.

Enough is enough, and Vasili doesn't feel like hanging around. He's in the mood to go shower down, and so the moment Felix is safely in the cell he's turned on his heel and has started off, wandering back down the hallways towards less-depressing wings of the Primatech facility. Felix will pay for his impudence… later.

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