2009-11-15: Digital Planning



Date: November 15, 2009


A meeting over the internet results in some decisions regarding public opinion and how to get it out as quickly as possible.

"Digital Planning"


As far as anybody in the physical world knows, Robin is lying on his bed in his hotel room, eyes closed and seeming to the world to be napping. In actuality, he's interfacing with a nearby cell tower, browsing the internet… and searching. Searching very very fast. A normal user wouldn't be able to search as he does, as he doesn't even seem to take time to read what he finds. But somehow he follows the right links, making judgements no automated searchbot would be able to make. And what's he searching for? Micah Sanders, or Rebel. And, the connection traces back to no IP address before the ISP. Instead, just a hostname that seems completely orphaned, not even the usual extensions after the hostname. Just 'NightSpider'.

Someone else who really isn't supposed to be on the computer is lying in bed, laptop open. Micah narrows his eyes as the search comes up, but he can't trace it. "What…?" He sits up in bed and takes the laptop over to the desk. A glances is given to the closed door as Micah frowns at the laptop. Someone is looking for him, and he can't find them… but then if they're looking… He smirks as the keys click with the sound of his typing. He's created a Micah Sanders dummy page. Here at least he'll be able to confront the internet-stalker… assuming they find the page.

And, indeed, NightSpider finds the page. Whether it's the info (or lack thereof) on the page, or maybe he noticed how suddenly the page appeared, but he stops and starts examining the page more closely, checking any links on the page, then returning, lightning-fast.

"Holy," Micah mutters to himself. "You're fast…" The dummy page is immediately deleted, removed from cyberspace entirely into the abyss. Pursing his lips together, he creates another page, flagging it Micah Sanders, this time with big bold text, all caps: "WHY ARE YOU LOOKING FOR MICAH SANDERS? —REBEL" The page has a chat-box in the event that Micah's internet stalker wishes to respond. If he doesn't.. well there's nothing Micah can do about that.

That makes NightSpider pause in his blindingly fast search. It takes him a few seconds to decide what to say, but he responds, "I was told you were captured." Back in his room, Robin's sitting up now, leaning against his wall. He still only sees the webpage in his mind, though, all of his attention on that.

There's a smirk. Who is this NightSpider? Micah's text comes through inhumanly fast. These time he chooses not to do the all-caps message. "I was," the first line of type is simple enough. "Some friends rescued me. Haven't been allowed to get back to my old tricks though to fill everyone in." There's a pause before another line comes through, "Did you see Senator Wynn on the news? That aired after our rescue."

And somehow, NightSpider is able to respond just as fast, "I wondered about that. Thought maybe they did something to blunder, make it obvious you disappeared, and were trying to cover their tracks. That's what I was looking for. Evidence."

"Ivory meant well enough," yes, Micah is on a fist name basis with the Senator. "He is really stuck in a terrible position between helping people like me" he doesn't assume Robin is like him "and putting evolved serial killers in prison."

Again, instant reply from Robin/NightSpider, "All that needs is some special FBI task force that works under the same rules as every other cop, just trained to deal with us. What's happened is completely wrong. The public wouldn't stand for it if they knew. Maybe then, things could be fixed to what he wants, if he really wants that, instead of this nazi crap."

But Micah's been banned from doing more of this, right? He's supposed to be giving this up. Or talking to Charlotte about it. Or something. He presses his lips together before typing, "You're right. The only way we're going to win is public opinion. They need to know what happened to me and Iceman, don't they?"

Immediately, Robin responds, "They do. They have to know. I've found someone I think could help. He's a conspiracy blogger, but the conspiracy he's been blogging about is the truth. About this whole program. He used to be a full reporter. If we get him proof, he'll probably know what to do with it, who to get it to that it'll be taken seriously and publicized. I wouldn't have the first clue how to get it on the air, except to broadcast it myself."

"Now there's an idea," Micah types. "Broadcast it ourselves. The public has already seen mine and Cam's faces. Maybe there's a way to alert the public without drawing attention to actual abilities…" But he nods about the blogger and types, "Do you have the bloggers email and such? Maybe we can coordinate something to get the word out."

This time there's a pause. "After that whole press conference the Senator did, there's no way anybody'd take you seriously. They'd just assume you were kidnapped by terrorists and tortured or brainwashed into saying those things. Then any evidence would be assumed to be fake."

"Maybe you're right," Micah types semi-hesitantly as he leans back in his desk chair. "But then, it depends on how it's spun. It always depends on how it's spun. Tell me about this blogger person." He sighs. "So how did you learn about the government coming after us? A lot of people are flying under the radar…"

Pretty much instantly, Robin feeds a link to Micah. http://hammerandbell.blogspot.com/ Then he says, "Just following the clues in what he posted before, though those old posts all seem to be gone now, I figured out some. I'll send you his contact email too." He does. Then he answers, "I found out from my sister. Only just found out I have a sister and then find out everything that's going on."

Micah bookmarks the site to peruse later on his own. "Thanks." There's another pause, "Who's your sister? And how did you learn about me and Rebel? I'm thinking of changing my codename, or maybe just adding a new one to the mix so it's even harder to track, especially now that I've been grounded…"

There's another slight pause, though still faster than most people could type, before the response comes through, "A certain rich feline." That should make it clear who he's talking about, without risking having her name intercepted. "She told me. She's been keeping me up to date."
"Kitty," Micah murmurs with a smile rather than typing it out. He types back, "Well that makes sense then. Can you pass along to her that Iceman and I are okay? My technology use is highly restricted these days…"

Robin answers, "I will. And if you need to contact me…" Here he sends a phone number. "It's a disposable phone, so don't worry about it being traced. If you send texts, I'll intercept it before it reaches the phone anyway, so it'll be safe."

"Sounds good," Micah sends back. "And if you need to talk to me… well… just search." And then he hears activity in the hallway. Frowning the message comes through quickly, "I g2g. Later." That said, Micah closes his laptop, and restows it carefully under the bed.

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