2007-03-23: Dinner And A Show?


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Summary: A dinner date turns to a night of revelations.

Date It Happened: March 23, 2007

Dinner And A Show?

Lucky Joe's Diner

After coming out to her fathers, to much shock and enjoyment, Stefanie was allowed to have a quick dinner-date. It's a Sunday evening, but as long as she's home by a decent time it's alright. Sometimes having two gay dads is cool. They're a bit more lenient when they think a teen's self-esteem might be fragile. She waits outside of the entrance for Sakura, rather then having her folks embarass her by driving her around and picking her up.

Sakura pulls up in her own car…nothing flashy or anything, but hey, in Sakura's mind, a car's a car. She parks a bit further out than she'd like, but it's not exactly a movie theater parking lot either. She steps out, hands immediately going into her pockets as usual as she pads to the door, flashing a little smile at Stefanie from afar.

Stefanie beams when she sees Sakura. "I was getting worried for a bit. I thought my watch was off." She blushes and leans in quickly to kiss Sakura on the cheek before heading inside, a newfound boldness and bravery.

Sakura giggles quietly, returning the little kiss. Okay…so the girls are getting a slightly odd look from one of the guys sitting with his friends. At least they aren't making out openly or anything.

Stefanie smiles and takes Sakura's hand and guides her to a booth. "So? How'd things go with your Dad? What'd he say?" She asks excitedly, hoping for this to be a celebratory dinner. A waitress walks up and offers them menus and takes their drink order before wallking off.

Sakura's smile grows just a little bit, "My father is…kind of traditional; he…agreed to help, but I have to…repay him when I've earned enough."

Stefanie smiles.. "That's great! I.." She blushes a bit, not sure as to how to approach it.. "If… you want? I have some cash put aside… I can help you. Only if you want, i mean, it doesn't mean anything or what…" She shrugs, leaning over to keep quiet. "It's only a few grand at the moment." She picks up her menu.. "Don't answer now, just pick out something to eat before the waitress gets back and gets all impatient on us."

Sakura squeals at Stefanie's mention of 'a few grand to help', immediately shaking her head almost too rapidly, "Iie. I wouldn't…ask you to do that…" No matter what connotation it's under, she wouldn't.

Randall arrives from the street.
Randall has arrived.

Stefanie sits at a booth with Sakura. She puts down a menu after deciding on her order. She looks to Sakur, a bit serious but a smile on her face. "You didn't ask, I offered. Like I said.. you don't have to, but just keep it in mind if something comes up, alright?" She looks up as the waitress arrives. "I'll have the cheeseburger and fries." She smiles sweetly to the woman and takes a sip from her ordered cherry Coke,

Sakura smiles a little bit and flips through the menu for just a second…then she decides, ya know, today's a day to indulge, "I'll…have teh same, please." She flashes a smile to waitress, looking back at Stefanie with a little smile, "M-maybe…I don't…like owing money to people, though…"

Randall shuffles in, leafing through a looseleaf notebook, tucking it under one arm and belatedly glancing up as a waitress offers to seat him. He offers a wave to the girls on the way to a nearby table.

Stefanie looks up and waves to Randall! She doesn't stop him or anything, perhaps he's meeting someone. When the waitress walks off, she looks to Sakura. "Consider it an investment if you'd like. But either way, it's up to you. The offers always open." She smiles.. "i understand not wanting to owe… even to me." She giggles.. "Well, it's not like I'd come by to break your legs.. Worse comes to worse we'd have to come to… some kind of arrangement." She says, wrinkling her nose and giggling, quite amused with herself.

Sakura giggles a little and smiles at Stefanie's mention. She looks up and offers a little wave to Randall, but, like Stefanie, doesn't get up to stop him or anything. Sakura thinks for a second, but doesn't ask anything of Stefanie yet, opting to just offer her little smile again and think for a bit…

Randall settles into his chair, setting the notebook down and opening it up again; the outline on the front page is easily recognizable to locals as the borders of Brooklyn. He scrawls down a quick note, then sets it aside and glances over. "Money still drives a lot of things, huh?" he offers. Okay, either he's here on his own, or whoever he's meeting isn't expected to show up any time soon.

Stefanie shrugs and smiles. "Like I said.. just think about it. Not a big deal." She smiles. "I just want you to be happy. I'm not doing too badly, business-wise." She winks and then looks over to Randall. "Well, for some pople.. and unfortunately we live in a corporate world."

Sakura smiles a little bit, blushing at Stefanie's repeated offer. The girl's eyes close a bit as she feels herself getting embarassed just at the offer--she can't explain why, either--but Randall's comment snaps her out of it, "Hai…everything's…too expensive…"

Randall nods to Stefanie, resting his chin in his hands— and politely overlooks Sakura's moment, in large part because he doesn't know just what's going on with it anyway. "Not everything, though. Not some of the most important things." His attention is drifting back to that handmade map, though he isn't writing anything on it for now. "Speaking of, how's the green thumb these days?"

Stefanie beams at the mention of her abilities. "Good, I believe…. Though lately I've been having doubts." She shrugs.. "I never thought of what could happen.. you know… if things went wrong." Her face becomes more solemn. She backs up as the waitress arrives and takes her order. "What are you working on?"

Sakura peeks over herself, curious but not wanting to ask. For now, Sakura just stays quiet, trying to get her mind back on track instead of off in 'what if' land. She shakes her head a bit, smiling and brushing the hair out of her face.

"That's the problem with being out on the edge of things," Randall replies, "it's hard to see where you're headed. I think you just have to make up your mind not to worry about until things are clearer." He flips to another page, this one with the label 'EB' clearly visible near the center, and a tracery of lines intersecting with it and one another. "Trying to work out some mental dynamics, self-reinforcing patterns. Might help clear things up, eventually."

Stefanie shrugs.. "I guess." She turns to Sakura.. "There's.. something I need to show you sometime. He.." She motions to Randall.. "saw me do it before." She listens to his explanation… "And in English that means….?"

Sakura giggles a little bit, sorta…staring at Randall as he tries to explain; okay, the one fluent in English didn't get it, let alone the little Japanese girl who's already half confused.

Randall is all too happy to explain his theory to someone who isn't rarin' to slap a 'crackpot' label on it. "You've heard the phrase 'weirdness magnet'? I think that's literally true sometimes. Place gets a reputation for strange things, people who think along those type of lines go there more often— and by doing so, they increase the tendency for more strange things to happen there. Not just by doing what they do, but because of what they think, on top of it. Like you can turn a piece of metal into a magnet by running another magnet across it enough times." Meanwhile, he grins at the mention of Stef's power as well, enjoying the idea of Sakura being let in on the secret.

Stefanie blinks… "So.. you think there's more…. More like me?" She shrugs. "It's cool, I guess but.. Well…. what makes you think we could all be benevolent? You know what happens when you keep looking under rocks…." She takes a bite of her burger.

Sakura blinks a little bit, all the talk going right over Sakura's head…'people like her?' To Sakura, that means…well…something notably different than what Stefanie probably means it to mean. So she just lets them talk…curious, but not wanting to interrupt.

Randall nods to Stefanie. "I haven't seen any others absolutely for sure, but I'm pretty sure I've met one, at least. And I know what you mean, but I get a positive sense about these lines." He glances over at Sakura, pursing his lips. "Maybe you'd better explain to her, before this goes any further…"

Stefanie looks.. "So.. you have positive lines… and negative lines?" She giggles, then looks at Sakura. Luckily the diner's not too crowded. She looks around, self-conscious. There's a potted plant by the window a few booths down. She gets up and grabs it, bringing it back to the booth with Sakura. "Now.. you gotta promise not to freak out… I don't think everyone would join in the elation of my freakitude." She sits nervously, more worried over Sakura's reaction then that of anyone elses. She reaches over to the plant, taking a leaf in her hand… She gives the plant a look… of apology? and rips the leaf off. She holds the leaf up, showing Sakura that it is indeed not attached to the plant. Out of nowhere, roots start to grow from the leaf, becoming a full, second plant. As well, the first plant seems to grow higher, leaning towards Stefanie as if it were looking for sunlight.. "I can do things… with plants…"

Sakura blinks a little bit as she watches not only the first plant get bigger but the leaf turn into another plant. For a moment, she just blinks, head tilted a little bit…admittedly, she's searching for the right word in English for what she just saw. Finally, it clicks, and the girl whispers, "Wow…" She scritches the back of her head once or twice, then asks, "H-how'd…?"

Randall scoots closer, placing himself between the plant(s) and the other people in the restaurant. Wouldn't do to have a whole bunch of people panicking over that which they don't understand, right? "That's what I'm trying to figure out," he says to Sakura, fascinated. (Of course he is! It's the vindication of his life's work!) "Sure does work like a charm, though, doesn't it?"

Stefanie shrugs, quickly making the second plant reced back to it's original leaf, and 'rejoining' it to the original plant. "I don't know how.. I just… can." She shrugs.. "But.. it doesn't work like a 'charm'.. I can grow things and bring them back but.. what happens if I lose it and everything starts to grow? New York becomes some primordial jungle, or worse.." She looks to him seriously.. "What if I end up causing a drought?" She reaches over and squeezes Sakura's arm, looking to her pleadingly. "Are you ok with this?" Please be ok with this, her face asks…

"That…" She bites her lip, not wanting to think that she might have been made a fool of her whole life all of a sudden, "I…" She sighs, knowing neither Randall nor Stefanie can understand the language, but finds herself slipping into Japanese, "<Is it possible that it could be other stuff…like…being able to do things easily?>" The girl blushes brightly, nibbling her lip and holding up a finger. She looks around, deciding to show something: the girl's arms spread out wide, pivoting into a perfect pirouette, then right back where she was, saying, "I've…never taken a dance class…I just…kn-know how to do it…" She blushes a little, looking from Stefanie to Randall curiously.

Randall looks blankly at Sakura during her lapse, but then scratches his head as she gives her own form of demonstration. "I suppose it's possible. Have you spent any time around people who do know how to do it? Maybe some of their thoughts rubbed off on yours?" Not quite, but of course he would make this sort of guess.

Stefanie blinks and looks to Randall, shrugging. "I.. I don't know how this happens, so.." She continues to shrug. She looks back to Randall. "Anyway to test? Maybe she can.. learn something else?"

Sakura blushes a little as the attention is suddenly on her…not, at all, what she was going for…she just looks side to side, though, curious…

Randall shrugs. "I guess so. She'd have to pick something that she doesn't know how to do, but someone else does… preferably you," he adds, nodding to Stefanie. "Or me, I guess."

Stefanie giggles.. "I can't do anything.. I'm just some kid in high school. All my skills are with plants." Food? There was food?

Sakura blushes a little, "It, umm…c-can be anyone…" She shyly admits, looking between both, "I, umm…d-did it the other day…I just…w-watched people dance and then…I could…" She can almost feel the heat burning in her cheeks at this point, half-expecting to be shipped off to a lab somewhere…

Fortunately, Randall doesn't have any Company-level resources to cloud his judgment, but he does have an instinct to poke and prod. "Where was it? Has it happened before, or is this something that just started recently?"

Sakura blushes a little, "I…g-guess it's been…forever…" Now, the girl's nervous; what if she's not the martial artist she thinks she is, and couldn't teach it like she thinks she can. She nibbles her lip nervously, "I…things have always come…kind of easily to me…"

Stefanie nods.. "Or! Can you get it by watching TV?" She shrugs, trying to help. She reaches over and grabs Sakura by the hand, trying to sit her back down before anyone notices. "We.. should probably get this wrapped up… To Go…"

Sakura shakes her head, "I…I've tried…it, umm…d-doesn't work…" She blushes as Stefanie grabs her hand, but takes the hint and sits back down in hopes that no one's paid too much mind to her, nodding, "Hai…"

Randall was gonna order something, too, wasn't he? oh well, it can wait a minute. "That's a good idea," he says, "that should prove whether it's a physical or a mental line involved. Either way… wow, that's a big deal if you're right…"

Stefanie nods.. a bit freaked out. Not at Sakura, but at the whole ordeal. "Maybe we should… get together at another time.. Look into it further?" She looks between Randall and Sakura. She grabs a napkin and writes her number on it, handing it over to Randall. "Perhaps we can set up some way to test?"

Sakura blushes a little, offering a tiny shrug over th whole thing. She really feels like she's being studied at this point, but doesn't want to say anything…she's at least curious to know what this is, if…not TOTALLY sure she wants to know…

Randall exchanges numbers with Stefanie. "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Put heads together, I'm sure we can come up with something." He scoots back as the waitress approaches, absently ordering a ham sandwich and a Coke. See? Ordinary bunch of kids talking about ordinary stuff, nothing to see here.

Stefanie smiles and gets the food wrapped up. She gets up and pays the bill, leaving a decent tip for the waitress. Possible hush money? She makes her way back to Sakura. "Are you ready to go?" She turns to Randall. "We'll do that. Take care."

Sakura smiles and takes her's, nodding a little and getting up to her feet. The girl's clearly…nervous, even her pace slowed just a little bit as she looks around cautiously.

Randall waves to the pair. "Yeah, you two, both of you." Recognizing their need for some space, he remains in the restaurant, his attention eventually returning to dinner and his mapping project.

You leave Lucky Joe's Diner.

Sakura arrives from Lucky Joe's Diner.
Sakura has arrived.

Stefanie walks Sakura over to her car. She stops, looking to Sakura. "Look at me." She says seriously, trying to get her attention. "I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you. I'm not going to let anything happen to you. I'm going through the same thing." She says clmly. "Please don't freak on me."

Sakura smiles shyly. The nerves are still there, to be sure…but Stefanie's doing a lot to help Sakura, whhether the girl knows it or not. A bit nerviously, the young Japanese girl steps close to her companion, hugging Stefanie lightly.

Stefanie hugs the girl tightly, putting her hed on her shoulder. After what seems to be eternity passes by, she backs off, only to look into the girl's eyes leaning in to kiss her deeply.

At first, Sakura's rather calm, the closeness doing a lot to help her…then, the girl blinks, her eyes wide for a moment as she's suddenly kissed rather…firmly. Her eyes flutter closed, though, as she returns the kiss, breaking only when she needs to breath again.

Stefanie smiles, backing off… "Wow…" She says, to mirror Sakura's awe earlier. "I'll talk to you later, alright? Get home and try to get some sleep."

Sakura blushes a little bit, just finding herself nodding, clearly echoing the sentiment. "D-do you..need a ride home? I could…" She just kinda hesitates, still shy over the whole…revelation.

Stefanie giggles.. "I'm good, hon." She smiles, kissing her on he cheek. "I'll call you." She says, turning and heading down the street to the Village, using up some ofthe energy that's just built up inside the girl.

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