2007-03-08: Dinner and.. Bwuh!?


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Date It Happened: March 08, 2007

Summary: Benjamin encounters Jane outside their apartment, then Angie comes along. Surprises galore ensue.

Log Title Dinner and.. Bwuh!?

Outside the Highrise Apartments and Winters Apartment

There's a muted sound somewhere near the building's entrance, it might be that of a guitar playing and quiet singing, a feminine voice. Jane keeps it quiet, or at least thinks she does, while her eyes gaze out into the distance and she drifts in thoughts only she knows. Worry lines her face, tinged with hope, but all in all a somber expression.

Benjamin is out late. On a Saturday. The world must be ending. Or, it was a late company dinner. It's most likely the latter. Booor-ing. But that's the accountant in general. Bundled up in his coat against the chill, he makes his way towards his apartment. On his mind is to relax on the couch, maybe a little Discovery channel.. However, as he reaches the entrance, he hears the guitar, the singing, and follows it straight to Jane. "Hi there."

It's a melancholy tune she's playing as he approaches, slow in pace. Pink Floyd, for the knowledgeable. "So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell, blue skies from pain. Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail? A smile from a veil? Do you think you can tell?" It's just a slow nod that acknowledges Ben's greeting, she doesn't let up with the guitar or her softly singing voice. There's something to it, though, that might suggest a connection with the tune instead of just playing it. An edge to her delivery.

Benjamin stands still, hands in his coat pockets as he listens. He's not terribly familiar with Pink Floyd, but will remain polite as Jane seems to be in her little zone here. Not wanting to interrupt, he's not sure if he should just move on.. or what.

It goes on, until the segment with the lyrics "And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?" That's where she stops, her voice goes quiet and the fingers still upon the instrument. A quiet sigh is exhaled, and her eyes lift to the man. "Evening, Ben," she greets. "How's things?" She tries to cover, to draw attention away from what she'd just been doing, even though she knows it's too late, Ben already heard and saw.

Benjamin shrugs shoulders slightly. "They're alright. Just had an actual normal week, and an uneventful Saturday. I think the world's ready to end." The little joke there is said in a dead panned manner. "Are you feeling any better than you were the last time we talked?" He feels like such a bad neighbor, living in his own little world.

"Slightly," Jane replies, managing a brief chuckle. "It just hits me again from time to time in the quieter moments, you know? I'm happy your week was peaceful, if you think that's a good thing. Lately I've come to fully understand why the Chinese bit 'May you live in interesting times' is a variety of curse." He's studied for a moment, and her brow furrows slightly, as if she were working something out in her head while fingers dig a metal slide out of her hoodie pocket and slip into it.

"Yeaaah.. it's quite the curse alright." Benjamin says. "It takes some time to get over.. Look at it this way.. you haven't accidentally hurt or killed anyone.. right? It could have been worse. What you went through."

"No, I haven't," she confirms quietly. She seems about to add, but stops herself, thinking it maybe not a good thing to ask if Ben did any of the things he said. No, she opts instead to say "I'm just thinking about someone who's away… on vacation." Jane's outside the apartment building where she, Anders, and Ben live, seated on the pavement with guitar in hands and somberness on face. The left hand, with a metal slide over two fingers, moves down the neck a few times while she idly strums with the right as if she were working out a tune forming in her head.

"… That's good. It's a relief then." Benjamin stands there, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, looking uncomfortable. He nearly confides in Jane, but common sense screams at him to shut the heck up. "Oh. I see. You're sad because they're on vacation then? I think I would be happy that they were havin.. wait.. you don't mean actual vacation do you?"

"I don't think so much he wanted to go, no, but things are what they are," is all she'll say in reply to Ben's question. Jane's fingers move a bit more along the instrument, producing a different kind of sound by using the slide, with the volume kept low to hopefully avoid angering fellow residents inside and above. Her lips move a little without making sound, as if she were piecing out lyrics to go with the forming tune.

"I see. He was taken, wasn't he?" Benjamin's voice is quiet and understanding. He's not as clueless as he seems to be half the time. "If that's the case, he shouldn't be away for long. I was only there for a week. It wasn't so bad really. I mean, you get poked at like a lab animal, but you get to learn things about yourself."

"I think he was, and I hope so," Jane replies. "But I'm also wanting to try buying him out. Might be able to get something they'd be interested in." Her eyes lift up for a moment, she doesn't say anything about it directly, but her fingers rub slightly at a spot near the curve of her neck before returning to the instrument. When the eyes lower again to watch her fingers, she shakes her head and murmurs "No, that's not it, doesn't quite work that way. Maybe this combo of chords instead."

Angie comes walking up at about that point, hands in her pockets and that trademark unlit cigarette danging from her lips. She slows in her clompy boots when she spots Jane and then Benjamin. "Hi there." Then more specifically to Benjamin: "I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

Benjamin blinks and looks a little surprised by that. "I don't think you can buy someone out of that hospital.. if he's at the same one I went to. It's.. secure for a lot of reas… Angie." He trails off as the goth woman approaches. He looks surprised, and his cheeks flush, but not from the cold. "Hey. No.. Not really.." He supposes the woman's here to see Anders.

She glances up again at the sound of clomping boots and the voice addressed first toward her, then him. "Good evening," Jane answers quietly. Her fingers move again a few times, and a nod follows, as if that progression seems to match with the lyrics coming together in her head. "Better, much better," she muses, and continues with composing.

"I was really hoping you'd call me," Angie tells Benjamin, leaning in to kiss him (on the lips, rather than on his cheek). Forward much? Perhaps. She's not in the mood though. "I wanted to talk to you about Rose, when you have a moment. I'll just let myself in, if you aren't ready to come inside." And into the apartment building she goes.

Benjamin's eyes bug out at the greeting from Angie. What the.. "Wh.. wha..? I.. Rose who.." The surprise at Angie's friendly greeting is chased away like a bucket of ice water thrown on him when she mentions his daughter. How the hell did… "Sorry Jane, I.. talk to you later!" He breaks off at a trot to follow after Angie.

Angie is at the apartment door by the time Benjamin catches up with her. She pauses and strikes up a lean against the doorframe, eyeing the man through a bemused expression. The cigarette is taken from her mouth and slide back behind one ear. "So, you have a daughter. And she lives with you?"

Benjamin cringes visibly at Angie's words and his hand shakes some as he fishes out his keys to unlock his door. He looks.. a little afraid.. and unsure. The man should have known there was no way to keep Rose a secret. Not with Anders in the same building. "…why did you come over?"

"To have dinner with you," Angie answers without missing a beat. There's no sarcasm in her voice. Nope. She's just stating a fact. "But I figured we should probably talk about this whole 'you have a daughter' thing, first."

Benjamin drops his keys at the dinner remark. Blue eyes wide, he stoops to retrieve them. "There's nothing to talk about." In fact, he changes his mind about going into the apartment. Sure signs of Rose everywhere.

"Open the door," Angie says smoothly, taking a step towards Benjamin so that as he comes back up with his keys, she's rather close. "You know me, Benji. Maybe not for long, but you know me. I am not here to rake you over the coals about having a daughter. At least not when it comes to work. I'm just sort of miffed that you didn't tell me about her before, though. I actually like kids."

Benjamin looks at Angie, unsure for several moments, before trust in the woman wins out. "You.. won't.. turn her in or anything.. will you?" He asks as he unlocks the door. He doesn't open it just yet. He wants to be sure his daughter remains safe. "She's.. not much of a kid. Really."

"Yeah, I know. I met her. Cute as hell. Smart ass, too." Angie reaches up and touches Benjamin's face. Sure, she could be poisoning him to death, but she might be making an attempt at sincerity. "Turn her in to who? The cops want her or something?"

Benjamin gulps some as Angie touches his face. "Right.. she's.. not a chip off the old block.. and.. I hope she's not wanted by the police.. It wouldn't surprise me though." Behind him, he opens the door and kinda.. backs away from Angie. "You met her? When? How did you know she was my daughter?"

"Anders lives in this building and you think we wouldn't know about your daughter?" is Angie's response. Rolling her eyes a little, she moves in past Benjamin and glances around the apartment. Satisfied that the girl in question isn't home, she takes a seat on the couch, crossing her legs. "I am curious about something though… Why didn't you call me?"

Benjamin shuts the door after Angie's inside. He pockets his keys and shrugs out of his coat, tossing it aside on his chair. "Probably really stupid of me to hope.. she's my only daughter. I don't want any harm to come to her." There's emotion there, as if he's afraid something might happen to her. "I.. wasn't sure if you were serious, or just trying to make Anders upset.. and.. I.." No excuse really. It just didn't occur to him.

Angie peels off her coat, revealing a corset-like getup much like she was wearing the other day. "It was a little of both to be honest. Anders is a dick. He's a good lay, but he's a dick." It had to be said to make sure the air was clear. She's not going to deceive Benjamin. "He doesn't really care about me, though. And that's the problem." She sets her coat to the side on the couch and looks over at the man, "So, are you inviting me to stay for dinner, or not? If you aren't comfortable with me after what I just told you, I will leave."

Benjamin colors as Angie talks about Anders. "I.. thanks for sharing," he manages to say in a dry tone. "Erhm, one of /those/ kind of relationships then. I never really understood those." About to sit down, he stops, "Oh.. sorry.. I don't have a problem with you staying. I just came from a company dinner." He runs a hand through his short and frizzy hair, looking apologetic.

"/Those/?" That has Angie smirking sardonically at Benjamin. "Listen, if I hadn't been honest with you and maybe, just maybe, you and I actually did start seeing one another, which is entirely theoretical, you understand, at this point. You'd have been pretty upset if I hadn't told you, right? I'll always be honest with you. It's part of my charm." She pats the couch next to her, "How about you put on your favorite show and I'll make us some dessert… you aren't diabetic, right?"

"I say that, because I never.. wait I can't exactly say that because of the one time with Rose's mom back in college," Benjamin says, getting all flustered.. then.. "What?" Woah, where did that part of the conversation come from?? "No, I'm not a diabetic." He's following directions rather well as he sits down on the couch. It's a state of shock.

Angie is up from the couch as Benjamin takes a seat, moving past him slowly in a way that her skirt brushes against his legs. She's wearing an amused smile now as she goes to the kitchen, tugging different ingredients from various cabinets. She calls from the kitchen: "You're kinda thrown about why a woman my age would be interested in you, huh? It's funny, you have this whole self-debasing thing going on all the time. Like you aren't good enough to have the things that you have."

Benjamin ulps slightly as Angie brushes past. "Pretty much.. yes.. but.. it's just how I feel." Also comes with the territory about his personality, the split with his wife.. and he's just a schlub. A nobody. "I don't really have much.. I let Eileen take what she wanted." Wait, Angie's not talking about personal property and such.

"I don't think you give yourself enough credit," Angie responds with pans clattering around in the background. "Anyway, you're a good guy and you seem pretty stable, which is what I'm in the market for. Of course, it helps that you're cute." She sticks her head out of the kitchen briefly, "Why did you… you know, let Eileen just walk away? Why didn't you fight for her?"

Benjamin turns on the sofa to look back towards the kitchen. Again, a little redness tinges his face when Angie says.. he's cute. What the. He's just not going to respond to that. "It.. seemed to complicated at the time. Things.. started falling apart, I guess about the time my powers manifested.. as the doctors would put it. She wanted to go, so I let her. It wasn't as peaceful as that though. We had some arguments, but I didn't like fighting with her."

"Not even for somebody you love? Not even to work problems out so that you can stay together?" No, Benji isn't getting off that easy. Angie continues to press him pointedly. "Do you still love her?" Then, "If she came back, would you get back together with her?"

"She was my wife for fifteen years, there's always going to be something there for her," Benjamin says, feeling surprisingly okay to talk about this. So far, the only person he had really talked to about his ex-wife, was Dr. Eames. "I doubt she would come back. I mean, I literally put her to sleep and she said too many ugly things.. but to answer your question. No. I wouldn't get back together with her. She.. probably thought I was something I wasn't. Dr. Eames.. he was right when telling me that we were just too different."

"Okay." There's the sound of work going on in the kitchen for a while. Various thumps and mixing noises. Then Angie speaks up again, "So you know what I think of you. How about you tell me what you think of me? We're friends, right? And I'm a big girl, so, don't hold back."

Benjamin resists the urge to get up from the sofa, for now, he cranes his neck to try and see what Angie's doing. "You're very nice, even if you don't think you are or want people to know. I think you're attractive.. and I like you." There's some hesitation about his words, but it's from a shyness.

Benji probably catches a glimpse of Angie rolling some dough out by hand, because that's what she's up to at the moment. She isn't looking in his direction, but she smiles when she hears what he says. "That wasn't so hard, was it? Now. I believe there may or may not have been something you've been wanting to ask me. Now's your chance."

Benjamin blinks as he catches sight of what Angie's doing. He had stuff in there to make dough with? Wow. His mother must have invaded or something. He wouldn't doubt that at all. "I.. I'm sorry..I didn't know there was anything I wanted to ask you." Because dating or relationships? Anything along those lines, they have been at the very bottom of his priority list.

"Guess not. My bad." As much as she was pushing him earlier, Angie isn't pushing him now. The dough is finished. It gets put into pie pan that she dug out from somewhere and is filled with pumpkin pie filling, which she must have prepared while she was doing the dough. The whole thing gets stuck inside the oven and she sets the timer. "Hope you like pie." Coming out of the kitchen with a paper towel and wiping her hands, she pauses behind the couch and asks, "So… what are we watching tonight?"

Benjamin wasn't watching her. Not at all. Not that he can explain why he's watching Angie come out of the kitchen. Of course he likes pie, any man that says he doesn't must be a liar. Still looking up at Angie, the answer he gives her just kind of tumbles out without a thought. "You." Pause. Oh God. "I mean, I don't know about the we thing, but that's what I was doing and I should probably shut up."

"I'd say you have the opposite problem," Angie points out. "You've got opinions. Voice them. Don't be a doormat. Don't let anyone push you around, not even me." Tossing the paper towel into the nearest trash can, she settles back down onto the couch. She gives Benjamin space. "I'm a big fan of the Matrix. How about you?"

"I know, it's a bad habit from childhood. If you ever meet my mother, you'd see why.. and I don't think meeting her's a good idea." Not that Benjamin doesn't love his mother. Far from it. She's just a frightening woman. He watches Angie as she sits down on the couch and shakes his head. "I never saw it."

"I'd love to meet her," Angie states softly, looking into Benjamin's face. Then she motions towards the television, "How do you feel about seeing it tonight?"

"You don't want to. Really. She's embarrassing. She'll quiz you endlessly and.." Benjamin just kind of shuts up about his mother. It's not really much of a turn on. "Alright. I'd like to." Granted, he's not sure what it's about or anything.

"Okay." Angie digs in her coat pockets for a second and comes up with a DVD case, which she opens. She's up briefly to put it into the player before sitting back down. When she sits back down, she sits a little closer than she did before. "You're gonna love it. The fight scenes are kick ass."

Benjamin is nervous to say the least. He hasn't done anything remotely resembling wooing in years.. and it was really Eileen who made the first move. Gosh, that's familiar isn't it? "Okay," he says, wondering if Angie had brought the DVD case on purpose. If she's a little closer than she was before, he doesn't edge away.

Angie isn't about to throw herself at Benjamin any more than she has already. Instead, she puts an arm around behind him on the top of the couch on the pretense of making herself comfortable. That's about it.

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