2007-03-06: Dinner And Interns


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Summary: Claudine and Orion have a nice little chat over dinner; then Marcus and Claudine have an odd little discussion.

Date It Happened: March 06, 2007

Dinner And Interns


Another battery of tests pass once more and Claudine ends up backin her room, sighing a little after taking a shower. The more they have her do, the more fatigued she gets, but she still hasnt reached her limits..at least from what they've been testing her on. With that, she sighs, looking around at her rather spartan room and grumbles a little once more, feeling quite restless while heading back into her bed.

She reaches out a grab a few books, looking through the notes that shemissed from today's classes..or at least what would've been today's classes if she had been on campus instead of being here. "Aaah..power point notes..the lazy professor's aid.." she comments to herself while she starts to flip through some pages as she grabs one of the gem's she's been given to practice with in the meantime.

As the gem sits in her hand, it warps and changes shape idly as she goes through her notes. It seems she's gotten better with all this testing..

And then someone comes a-knock-knock-knockin' on Claudine's door. Wonder who that could be?

Her brows raise a little as she wrinkles her nose and looks towards the door. "Come in!" she cries out as she puts her notes away.

The door opens slowly, Orion Granger standing in the frame for a few moments. He's balancing two trays of hospital dinners on one arm although he's clearly no candidate for having been a waiter in a past life. The tall man slowly closes the door behind him once he's entered the room and offers a cheerful smile.

"Good evening, Miss Salonga. Would you like some dinner after a tough day of testing?"

Claudine beams brightly as she motions him on in, "Dinner sounds great, Mr. Granger." and then her cheeks flush a little, "Sorry..well..I just didnt know your name, and Dr. Suresh said it. So um..do you mind if I ask..what is your first name?" canting her head to the side a little as she hops off her bed to take one of the trays so he doesnt spill anything.

"Orion. My name is Orion Granger," comes Orion's reply. He offers another smile as she takes one of the trays and he wraps both hands around the remaining one. For a few moments, he glances around the room, studying it thoughtfully before he turns toward a chair. "How are you feeling today?"

"Okay, I guess. Just wanting to get out..soon.." Claudine admits ruefully as she idly runs her fingers through her hair after setting down her own tray of hospital food on one of the side table. "I dunno..I hope I'll be released..I think I have the whole earthquake thing down..at least I sure hope so.." she whispers in the end as she stares down at the floor.

A few moments later though, she perks up and smiles warmly towards Orion once again. "Well, Mr. Granger..it's nice to finally know your name. I should've asked before, but I wasnt sure if it was all confidential like the location of this place. So..Orion.." she says, chewing on her bottom lip, "Your parents like constellations?"

Orion chuckles a little bit and shrugs, "You could have asked. I would have told you one way or the other." He pops the top on his tray and pulls a fork out from under one side of the tray, starting to break up his meatloaf. "Actually yes. They named me for the constellation under which they had their first date."

Orion promptly pops a bite-sized chunk of meatloaf into his mouth and chews, looking up toward Claudine.

Claudine cant help but awww at that as she beams brightly and starts to cut the pieces of her own meatloaf into smaller, more manageable pieces. "That's really cute.." she says with an impish little giggle as she smiles once more. "That's definitely an interesting story..I was just named after an actress my mom really liked.." she says rather lamely before taking a few bites now.

Granger chuckles a little bit at Claudine's response. "Naming one's child after someone whom one admires is generally considered a great compliment and hopefully a sign of good fortune for the child," replies Orion. He takes another bite of meatloaf, watching Claudine quietly for a few moments.

"I suppose so, but I mean look at me..I'm here now, only God knows where and I.." She closes her eyes and tears run down her cheeks as she chews on her bottom lip trying to calm herself down. , wrinkling her nose a little as she looks down towards the floor once more. "I..I'm sorry. I..I just want to go home and be with my friends and family. This is my freshman year in college, I'm suppose to be seeing America..not be cooped up somewhere because I might hurt the people around me." she says, sniffling in the end before looking up towards Orion once more. "T.C. and Ianto..were you able to find out about them? Are they okay?"

"I am afraid I have not been able to find them as yet. I apologize. I'm sure they are doing just fine though, there were no reports indicative of serious wounds or fatalities in the wake of your being brought in."

Orion takes another bite of his meatloaf, chewing thoughtfully as he watches Claudine calm herself. He offers a helpful, cheery smile, but little else in the way of encouragement for the moment. Seems as if he's trying to figure out something to say or do.

"You're making excellent progress from what I hear. I'm sure you'll be free to return to your life soon enough."

Claudine sighs and nods, taking in a deep breath to calm herself down as she smiles warmly towards Orion once more, taking a bite of her meatloaf. She crosses her legs and just listens for a bit, while mulling everything over. "Yeah..I guess. But..I dont know..will I really be free to return to my life..even once I'm out of here? If anything, my mom taught me that nothing in life is for free, and now, I owe you..and this company or whatever..big.." And that's what she's worried about. How she has to pay back her debt.

"You are free to return to your life. We ask nothing in return for our services except that you lead a life that does not abuse your abilities for personal gain."

Somehow there seems to be more to Orion's statement. He's just withholding that information for the moment. Instead of continuing, Granger offers a cheerful smile before taking another bite of meatloaf and chewing it while in quiet contemplation.

"That's it. As long as I promise not to become all supervillainy, you guys are going to let me free? And I wont see you guys again? Especially that blonde girl?" Claudine says, blinking a few moments with more than a bit of skepticism in her tone as she hrmms for a few moments, taking another bite of her meal.

A few minutes pass and she just looks intently towards him. "There has to be something you're not telling me.." she says matter of factly, still in disbelief, especially with the way she was initially 'recruited'.

Orion frowns slightly at Claudine's insistence. He shrugs a little bit as his initial response, finishing chewing on his latest piece of meatloaf before he finally responds in a verbal fashion.

"Yes. That is it. You won't see us again unless you need us or unless you do something that makes you a threat to the world at large… However, we would be very interested in seeing you join us as a field agent. You could make a big difference in the world with your abilities and we have the resources at our disposal to help you maximize your impact on the world for the good of it."

Well, that definitely took her by surprise. Her eyes widen a little as she chews on her bottom lip and thinks back to what Elle and anders did. How she came to be in the fray and in the middle of things. "I.." and she seems stunned, wrinkling her nose a little. "I..dunno. I mean, I want to help people, and I know I can help people with my powers, but.." and she hrmms for a few moments, just stuffing a bit of meatloaf in her mouth, chewing on it as she thinks it over.

"I dont want to become like the blonde and Anders. Or Angie..she's kind of scary too.." she says firmly and resolutely while running her fingers through her hair. "Maybe I'll do it.." she says, patting him gently on the hand as she thinks about those she knows with powers. None of them seemed dangerous, so if anything, maybe she can hide them from the Company.

"It's not a decision you have to make right now. It's just something that I felt should be expressed."

Granger pauses a moment, tilting his head at Claudine patting him on the hand. He offers an odd, enigmatic smile to the gesture, but doesn't say or do anything about it otherwise. Instead he focuses his eyes on Claudine's again, still smiling.

"Anders and friends have the specific job of bringing in those who require training or who need to be brought in for the good of the world. I'm sure, given the apparent level of interest the higher-ups have in you, that you might be able to negotiate your way out of that sort of field work. You could focus your efforts on improving the world with your powers or science or whatever you choose. We do quite a bit more than just train individuals with special gifts and talents."

Claudine continues to scoff a little with disbelief as she hrmms and purses her lips, "I..I'll do it.." she says firmly and resolutely, seeming to have decided now. From what she's seen, there are shadier elements to the Company, but perhaps, she can change it from within, while hiding those whom she cares about. Her family, her friends, it's what she can do in the now that she's currently concerned about.

"I really dont want to do what Anders and the others do though. I want to help people.." she says, trying to make sure this point is emphasized as well, deepdown, that's what she's always wanted to do. "And what do you mean they have a level of interest? There are high ups? What do they want me to do?" she asks curiously.

"Your guess is as good as mine, Miss Salonga. I am just a grunt, as I have said in the past. I pass along what information I am instructed to or feel needs to be passed along, but I am not in charge of anything in particular."

The tall man smiles cheerily at Claudine, munching on another mouthful of meatloaf as he regards her thoughtfully. If he knows more than he's saying, it's pretty clear he's not about to reveal what he does and does not know.

Claudine hrmms once more, still looking a bit skeptical, but for some reason, she believes him. Afterall, he hasnt given her any reason not to trust him, and he's been rather pleasant as right now, he's currently her favorite agent..but that's cause he hasnt perved on her or scared her.

"I..well..you can tell your superiors I'm in." she says matter of factly, while wrinkling her nose once more. "So..if that's the case, can you tell me more about who funds you? What their goals are? And anything else like that? I mean, really, I should've asked before saying yes, but it seems altruistic enough..as long as the blonde and Anders are in the minority.."

Marcus knocks softly at the door, a little scratching really, he's been sent over to see if shes done with her tray. He doesn't actually know who is in the room yet, and nods seeing Orion, though from his angle he can't see who is in the bed.

Orion is seated on a chair, his tray of food almost entirely empty by this point. He nods back to Marcus as the intern enters, but centers his attention on Claudine. The tall man smiles and nods, "I will do that, Miss Salonga."

Granger pauses a moment, considering his answer to those questions rather seriously for the moment that he wastes. Finally, once he's satisfied that he has an appropriate answer, Orion begins speaking.

"Our funding is private; primarily from concerned citizens and our founding members who have enjoyed a great deal of success due to their visionary works in a variety of fields. Our goals are simply to keep the world safe from the evils that Man creates and evolves as a result of His endless march toward progress. It is unfortunate that we need to maintain a minority like Anders and the blond, but their special talents are useful in dealing with those who are evil. Security is, after all, an asset."

"Evil..you make it seem like there are a lot of megalomaniacs out there.." Claudine says, somewhat uncomfortably as the thought of such a thing..is well frightening. She then looks up and chirps brightly, "Marcus! You came and got security or whatever Anders said you needed.." before pausing for a few minutes.

"Waittaminute..you work for the Company? And I told you what I can do?" she doesnt know how to feel, just sort of in shock, wrinkling her nose a little while chewing on her bottom lip. Awkward this is..

Granger clears his throat. It sounds like he might have hurt himself doing so.

"Yes, Marcus is an intern for Primatech Research. He is not intimately familiar with the various sundry activities of Primatech's various business interests, but by the time he completes his internship I expect he will have a much deeper understanding of the research industry."

Orion offers a smile to Claudine as well as a look that says 'Do not press the issue.' He then looks back to Marcus, "I'll collect the trays when I'm done with Miss Salonga. Is there anything else I can help you with, Marcus?"

Marcus blinks, "Claudine, what are you doing here? …..You volunteered for a study group or something?" He frowns a little, "The company? You mean Primatech, yeah of course I work for Primatech, it was part of the scholarship requirements, didn't you have the same stipulation?"

Claudine's cheeks flush a bright tinge of red as she wrinkles her nose and nods, feeling a tad bit better that he doesnt know anything about the shadier underbelly of waittaminute..what? Primatech was behind this? Now she's all sorts of confused as she hrmms for a few moments.

After mulling it over, she coughs a little and nods, "Um..yeah..I'm just here doing a study ya know..for some money." she says rather lamely while running her fingers through her hair. Now she's found out a lot..well isnt this interesting..

Marcus frowns a little and nods slowly, "Ok…sorry to have disturbed… " He turns away heading back out.

"Don't worry about it, Marcus. You had no idea that I'd be in here, discussing parts of the research study in which Miss Salonga is engaged."

Orion pauses a moment or two, seemingly caught up in some odd thought or another. He stands up, smiling genially. He gestures to Marcus, waving the intern back.

"Actually, as you and Miss Salonga seem to know one another, why don't I leave you two to talk? The length of her part in the study hasn't been finalized yet and I'm sure she'd much rather speak with someone her own age than me. Maybe you two could do some studying. I can stop back later."

Granger pauses a moment before looking back to Claudine.

"Just remember the terms of your non-disclosure agreement, Miss Salonga. Don't talk about the study with Mr. Brooks. As an intern, he's not privy to the same level of security clearance as I."

So Marcus doesnt know anything. That makes her feel a bit better and she nods, smiling warmly to Orion. "Of course, Mr. Granger.." Claudine replies as she scootches on her bed and just raises her feet on it, getting comfortable once again. She sighs a little while putting a few books away, particularly 'Activating Evolution', amongst her textbooks and whatnot.

Still, something's bothering her. If he's just an intern, then surely he knows where they are,and that could prove to be useful, especially if there are other 'patients' around. Hrmm. As the wheels in her head turn, she looks back over to Marcus, "So um..how have you been?" she asks, not really sure what she can or cant say.

Marcus stops at Orion's insistence and smiles over to Claudine, "Good….and you? I havn't seen you since the park?

With that, Orion steps out of the room with his tray of food.

No one's seen her since..well, she doesnt even know anymore. "I was um..well..here. Yeah..doing some stuff, and participating in the study.." she says rather lamely, not quite sure what to say..

Marcus sits down next to her bed, smiling a little, "But your ok? I still havn't gotten that lab work back yet.

"Y-yeah..it's all right. I'm fine.." Claudine says, lying through her teeth as she chews on her bottom lip once more, looking a tad bit uncomfortable. It seems he knows nothing. Sadness.

Marcus looks up, maybe to make sure that Orion is gone then turns back, "Any more strange things happen? Like the blonde guy in the park talking about big brother consipiracies?

Oh goodness. If he only knew that he worked for Big Brother..or at least something that was connected to Big Brother. "No..I havent seen that guy again.." Claudine says softly, chewing on her bottom lip as she laughs it off, not wanting to get the agents that could possibly be eavesdropping to be suspicious of her. "That guy was just talking crap..it's no biggie.."

Marcus says, "Good..stay away from him…he was kinda weird…and I didn't like the look in his eye. And the rock thing?"

And that's when she switches to Tagalog. She's not taking any chances here, «Look, dont mention that to anyone else here, okay?» Claudine isnt sure what would happen to him if they knew that he knew,so she's not going to take any chances. «And dont tell anyone about that at all, please promise me that..»

Marcus frowns, «No problem, no reason it needs to come up….» He looks over his shoulder again like a really bad spy «Is something wrong?»

«No..I…> and she eventually switches back to English. "I..I'm just really tired. The study has us taking all sorts of tests and I'mjust not completely here.." Claudine replies,lying once more, as she still has no idea what she can tell him when surrounded by Company agents. Then she leans in and whispers, «I know this is stupid, but where are we?»

Marcus says, "Primatec « Research Hospital, Why? Don't you know?»"

Claudine wrinkles her nose and nods once more, idly running her fingers through her hair, "No..I just..well..um..sort of forgot.." she says sheepishly before laying in her bed. "I..I'm tired..think you can visit me tomorrow? I should get some sleep.."

Marcus rises again and pats her hand tenderly, "Of course…you need anything just ask ok…" he reaches over to tuck you in some.

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