2007-04-16: Dinner At The Pub


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Victor, Sean, and Riya have dinner! Boozahol is involved. Then… well, Riya and Sean have Pregnancy Issues to talk about.

April 16, 2007

Dinner at the Pub

Oldcastle Irish Pub and Restaurant

Victor is sitting at the bar, waiting on his burger and fries to be done before he's going to attempt to casually order a beer, just to see what happens. He doesn't really expect to get it - he IS only 18, after all, and he's short, which doesn't help - but he dresses like he's in his mid-twenties, so he's been served before. The pub is nearly empty this early in the evening, though Victor knows that it will probably be filled up soon enough.

Having decided to go out and do a bit of shopping, Drake has ducked his way in to get himself a soda in a bottle, and maybe pick up a shot glass for Mr. Bennet. Noah looked like the type that may like a knock back of whisky once in awhile, so he figured maybe he could win some butt-kiss points with the father of his girlfriend. As he ambles through the pub, and makes his way to the counter, he begins to quietly speak with one of the servers, asking a few questions. Unfortunately, they don't have a gift shop here, but, they do have soda.

Sadly enough, Riya knows better than to get her boyfriend any drinks, little addiction-boy Sean is; instead, Riya dances her way into the bar and up to the counter. She swings into a seat and places her elbows up on the table, and from the way she moves, she's been here before. "Strawberry margarita, on the rocks!" She says, glancing about the room to watch Victor and Drake.

Well, Riya may not be getting Sean any drinks, but Sean figures he can get away with one or two, after making his way to the bar watching his much-more-graceful girlfriend. He sits on the seat next to her, unintentionally sitting next to Victor. "I'll take a Bailey's on the rocks, please," he says, slipping his arm around Riya's waist. He's also been here before, and he knows that they do the Irish things best. At least, in his opinion. Though, really, it makes sense…

Victor nods to himself. Yep, he was right - as soon as he thought that, three people walked in, and another couple was beelining to a table as he watched. He shakes his head, and looks up as a bit of movement catches his eye - the server (a fairly good-looking blonde) was coming with his food. "Oh, and can I have a bottle of…" - SHIT WHAT BEER SHOULD I GET. UH. - "Guinness, please?"

The server looks at him suspiciously. "How old are you?"

Victor smiles and shakes his head sadly, his heart racing. "Get asked all the time. I'm 22."

"Got any ID, kid?"

"Not… on me, I don't think." Victor makes a small show of checking for his wallet, accidentally hitting Sean a couple times without noticing it. "Nope, I've gotten into a bad habit of leaving my wallet at home." He smiles at the server, hoping she'll serve him anyway. He /loves/ the taste of Guinness.

After a bit of negotiation, Drake manages to finagle a soda in one of their beer mugs, which has the pub's name engraved into the side of the glass. So, instead of a frosty grainy beverage, he is getting a root beer float instead. Settling himself down at the bar, he drops his backpack that he took with him from class to the ground, then waits for his drink, drumming his fingers on the bar top. His blue eyes slowly begin to look about the small pub, drinking in the details along the wall, pictures, posters, trophies from soft ball.
Smirking slightly, Riya leans into Sean and nudges him towards Victor and Drake a bit. "Look, hon. Young'ns!" Poor Riya can't really speak, however, as the Rockette is barely twenty-two, which means she gets carded enough in here. "Can I get a Guinness, please, as well?"

Sean laughs, but he's watching the server carefully. It doesn't look like he's going to say yes to the kid - and Sean wouldn't either, the kid looks closer to 19 or 20 than the 22 he's trying to pull off. But he's feeling generous, so as Riya orders a Guinness, so does he - not expecting to drink it, but expecting to give it to the kid once the server's occupied elsewhere. He also asks for a menu, as the now-frazzled server struggles to remember who ordered what.

Victor rolls his eyes and says, as annoyedly as he can, "You have /got/ to be kidding me." as the server walks off. "Dammit," he mutters under his breath, biting into his burger annoyedly. /Ah well. I'll just grab a coke, I guess, when he comes back with their drinks…/

Having not tried to sneak a beer in, Drake doesn't seem disappointed with his float. He plans on killing this, then taking the complimentary mug off so he can clean it out, and give it to Mr. Bennet. Hopefully he'll like it. If not, at least he got himself a bit of a sugar rush out of the deal. As he scoops a mouthful of ice cream in, he swallows tightly, then licks his lips as he glances down at his cell phone as a text message comes in. Flicking his Razr open, he studies the message, before chuckling to himself. He taps a few more keys in, then rises up, snagging his drink and bag, then starts heading for the door after leaving a fiver and some change behind.

Riya slides the Guinness when she gets it over to Vincent. "I trust you." She says flatly, eyes watching Drake. "Hmm…" She drawls. I wonder what that was about." She muses aloud to Sean.

Sean laughs when Riya slides her Guinness over. Wow, talk about living on the same wavelength. "Let's all go over to that table over there-" he grabs the bottle of Guinness and points with it as he grabs his Bailey's and slides around on the seat. "-where there's a much lower chance of us being caught giving alcohol to a minor." He lets Victor walk slightly ahead of them, then snags Riya for a kiss. "You know, I was going to do the exact same thing."

Victor can't believe it - every once in a while, you actually run into someone in New York who gives a damn about someone other than themselves. "Thanks!" he says, opening the bottle - and then smiling as Sean invites him to take a table with them. Woo, new friends in the town! He walks towards the table, plate in one hand and bottle inconspicuously in the other. /Sweet deal/.

Riya turns into the kiss with Sean, and she smirks slightly. 'I don't think he's a minor, hon." She remarks, then sliding into the seat, curling up into SEan when she sits down. "Seriously. Are you at least twenty-one?

As Sean walks with Riya, he mumbles in her ear. "I bet you he's no more than twenty." He smiles, sits down, and curls into Riya, waiting for Victor to confirm that he's right. Because he's /sure/.

Victor laughs as he opens his bottle of Guinness and takes a swig, buying time to decide whether to tell them the truth or not. "Uhhh…" He puts the bottle down as the server comes over, looking suspicious. "Thanks for the swig, really thirsty." He turns to the server and smiles as he puts the open bottle down in front of Riya. "Can I have a glass of Coke, please?"

Riya smirks slightly and whispers back. "Twenty-one at least, lovey. Come on. Be honest." Riya says, tapping the table. "Tell meeeeee!" She coos at Victor, batting her eyes.

GAME: Riya has rolled CHARISMA + CHARMING and got a result of FANTASTIC.

Sean laughs, then, as Riya is trying to convince Victor to tell her his real age while the server's standing right there, he tickles her - his arms are in a prime position to do so. Just to give the kid some more time to stall as the server leaves.

Victor takes a bite of his burger as the server gives him one last suspicious look before leaving. He laughs once she's out of earshot, and grins at the tickling. "No, I'm actually only eighteen. The only place I can drink nearby is… what, Quebec?"
Riya starts giggling as she gets tickled. "Come on, Sean. Get off of me - now!" She says, wriggling. "Oooh. 18? Damn. Guess I lose." She says, turning to Sean with a grin. "Hmmm?

"Yep!" He grins devilishly. "And I claim this as my prize!" He leans in for a kiss, forgetting that Victor is there. Bom-chicka-wow-wow! Well, eventually. Knowing these two.

Victor takes a swig of his beer and tries not to look too awkward until the kiss is broken. "So!" He says, a bit louder than he really needs to. "I'm Victor, by the way."

Knowing these two, the kiss takes a few minutes to break off before she breaks it off at Victor. She grins. "I'mma Riya!" She chirps at Victor. "Niceta meetcha.

Sean blinks a couple times once the kiss is over, and then remembers Victor sitting there. "Oh. Uh. I'm Sean." He flashes a smile.

/Wait. How the hell am I sitting at a table in a pub with two hotties?/ Victor thinks, then shakes his head as he repeats their names mentally. "Nice to meet you, too!"

Riya flushes slightly, but the Rockette cocks her head to the side. "Well, Victor, would you like to share with my why you are trying to get alcohol?" She wonders aloud, eyes narrowed as she scoots into Sean's lap.

Victor smiles a bit sheepishly. "Well, uh. About that…" He chuckles. "I just like the taste of Guinness a lot more than Coke. I wouldn't drink enough to get drunk or anything."

Continuing to scoot into Sean's lap, Riya raises an eyebrow. "Right. How'd you even know that Guinness tastes that good?"

Sean laughs. "What, Riya, you never had parties when you were a teenager?"

Victor takes a bite of his burger to avoid answering. /Hahaha, wow. One of me is usually figuring out a way to drink underage…/

Riya gives Sean a significant look. "… Not… really.

"Oh. Well, a lot of kids do." He looks at Victor, arching an eyebrow. "I'm assuming I'm right?"

Victor laughs, taking a swig of his Coke as the server brings it, which seems to satisfy her enough that when she turns her back, he reaches over and grabs his Guinness again. "Yeah, especially back home in Toronto - some of my friends were old enough to drink legally, since that was only 19…"

Riya shakes her head. "Sean, Indian upbringing. I don't think my dad has ever even heard of strawberry margaritas, much less want to see his baby girl drinking any of them."

Sean smacks his forehead. "Oi. I'm an idiot, hon, sorry." He reaches over and takes a sip of her strawberry margarita - and then remembers he still has a glass of Bailey's. Sweet. "They're a pretty big part of life for a lot of kids."

Swatting at Sean, Riya shrugs. "Pretty big part of my life now is that I'm waiting for my test results from the doctors." She says simply. "Not to ignore you Victor, I just… Eh.”

Victor blinks a couple times as he looks between the two. /Oh boy, this could get very awkward, very quickly./

Sean swallows, then takes another sip of his Bailey's. A /large/ sip.

"Oh, uh… right." He smiles at Victor, a little bit stupidly.

Riya looks down at her margarita, awkwardly for a few moments. "Um… Sean… I gotta go home to change." She says, hopping up to leave. "I'm sorry about the conversation, I just…

Sean gets up with Riya, smiling apologetically to Victor. "I'll see you around, kiddo - take that bottle home in your backpack or something," he teases, smirking, and then walks out with Riya, arm around her waist.

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