2007-06-04: Dinosaur Times


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Summary: Hiro manages to finally return to New York City, 2007 after a stint about a million hojillion years in the past. Tell us, are butterflies tasty, Hiro?

Date It Happened: June 4, 2007

Dinosaur Times

Midtown West - Outside Common Grounds

Outside of Common Grounds at exactly 7:32 PM. No one knows why it's HERE, or why it has to be 7:32 PM. The last time Hiro Nakamura appeared here, he appeared dressed like a feudal samurai, reeking of brimstone, and ostensibly the hero of the ancient past.

This time, when he reappears, he staggers out of nothingness; fortunately, no one spots the time traveler materialize from nothing. He's clad in… well, no shirt, a torn pair of jeans, covered in dirt, soot, and bits of foliage that haven't lived on the Earth for billions of years. And what looks like a massive bone of some kind in his hand. And he's screaming. In Japanese.

"AHHHHHHH GO AWAY I WON'T LET YOU EAT ME GO AW—huh?" Which in English sounds like terrified babble followed by a muted little "nani?"

William is just minding his business, walking along towards Common Grounds (because caffeine is a wonderful thing) when he spots the guy yelling in Japanese. He may not have seen Hiro pop in from the middle of nowhere, but he's close enough to hear the yelling. He stops, freezing in place to look around, suddenly wary. "What's going to eat you?" He states, though he's speaking English, for the moment at least.

Stepping out of Common Grounds, Mara may not have seen the Japanese man materialise, but she recognises him instantly. She just about drops her coffee in shock. "Nakamura!" She goes dashing forward, though she doesn't get close enough in case he decides to take a swing at her with his… Let's just call that thing a club, 'kay? "Oh my God. Calm down!" She holds her free hand out, fingers splayed in a non-threatening manner. "You're okay. You're in New York." And you've been gone an awful long time…

Hiro staggers around, eyes wide, until he spots Mara. "<Detective Damaris, I—>" He stops speaking in Japanese, stops to remember his English, and reaches out to grab Mara by the shoulders, just to make sure she's real. "I got lost! I got lost in dinosaur times. Dinosaur times! DINOSAURS." He seems emphatic and terrifying. "What day is it? Where is Sylar? Is Claire safe?" He smells like something. … Something that hasn't been around for a long time.

William straightens up a bit as he doesn't see anything actually trying to eat them. No escaped tigers, yet at least. He takes a step closer shaking his head. He's reaching in his pocket for his cell phone before he stops. "Detective Damaris?" She's with the police? Then he doesn't need to call them about crazy Japanese guys assaulting women on the street with clublike objects. "Take a few deep breaths." He offers with a calm tone towards Hiro.

Granger was passing by Common Grounds in a taxi when a half-naked Nakamura Hiro caught his attention. The tall man slams on the divider to catch the cabbie's attention and informs him of the change in plans, tossing the cabbie a $50 and telling him to keep the change. The cabbie, a balding and somewhat underweight looking Russian-Indian sort of guy looks utterly aghast and surprised by the twenty dollar tip. Apparently he hadn't taken Granger very far.

Orion steps out of the cab just down the block from Hiro, Mara, and William. Briefly he wonders what it is about Nakamura, Common Grounds, and falling out of time.

"Nakamura," Mara says sternly. "You are in the middle of the street. You are raving like a madman. Calm down." She does not touch him, though she squirms away from his grip on her shoulders so she can shrug out of her duster and drape it over his shoulders. "Look at my face." She points for emphasis. "Breathe." She seems to think this is good advice to follow herself and takes in a deep breath, letting it out slowly. She turns to William and smiles. "NYPD," she offers. "Mister Nakamura is just a little confused. I've been through this with him before." Kind of. Sort of. Not really. "He's going to be fine." Damn, Hiro. You have got some sense of timing. She doesn't give him the date, but does give this much, "It's been a couple months since we last saw each other." So at least she's confirmed that he's made it back to the right year.

Hiro stops, and looks around him. Oh, here. Weird. And then he realizes where he is and what's going on, and he abruptly straightens up and acts as though nothing is wrong. It's not easy to pretend that "all is normal" when you look like a character from Jurassic Park. The end of Jurassic Park, after all the tromping around in the jungle. "Yatta," he whispers, low enough to remain inconspicuous. "Is it… the dark future yet?" he asks, in a further low whisper.

Claudine yawns as she's been working on a few things inside Common Grounds, and she steps out with her backpack stuffed with her notes, and a her textbooks in her hand. Mainly organic chemistry texts to help with her summer research project. It's then that she wrinkles her nose and notices the commotion just outside and quirks a brow a little, taking a quick scan to see if there's anyone she recognizes. The Japanese man she recognizes, and Orion..of course, she recognizes him as well.

Granger is down the street from Common Grounds. Not far down the street mind you, but he still has to weave his way through traffic to reach Nakamura and Company. He is dressed in all black. Black silk business shirt. Black sport jacket. Black slacks. Black leather shoes. Boy, Orion must have been taken in by the Men in Black while Hiro was gone.

Granger comes to a halt a dozen feet or so away from the others, keeping his considerable height half-hidden by the edge of Common Grounds and the crowds. He quietly and cautiously looks around, scanning for, say, Kellie or a flaming van full of Isaac Mendez paintings and dead Company agents. What can he say? This is like deja vu all over again.

William gives Mara a look that says he doesn't entirely believe her. He looks Hiro over and shakes his head. "Do you need an ambulance or just clean clothes and a shower?" He asks the man in that same calm voice. After all, the guy looks like he's done a few rounds with something large. He's not backing away, though Will also isn't pressing too much into the matter. He looks over to Mara and nods. "Confused, sure." Maybe he'll sort of pretend he believes.

"No," Mara assures Hiro in the same sort of hush. "Are you all right?" She nods slightly at William's suggestion. "Do I need to get you to the doctor?" Now she touches the man's arm reassuringly through the buffering layer of her own jacket. She glances around quickly, and though she doesn't immediately spot the Company man, Detective Damaris feels uneasy suddenly. Of course, Hiro did, she presumes, just appear out of nowhere and somebody could have seen it.

Hiro looks at William. "I am fine," he says. And then he looks down at himself, and up to William. "… um, I had to come here from the Bronx," he says, which seems like the most reasonable of lies. "I think I am well. I may have a dinosaur disease. Dinosaurs do not rule the Earth, do they? I stepped on a butterfly. … and ate it."

All this is strange, and she isnt within earshot, and is insteadjust looking over to Hiro, her brows furrowed the whole time. Claudine then pauses for a few moments, rubbing her temples a little. Does she really want to get involved at this point?

Now, see, if Orion were a different man, he would insert a joke here about Mara feeling 'uneasy'. Fortunately for everyone, Orion is not a jerk and so will not be making a crack about Mara feeling 'uneasy'. Certainly no Petrelli jokes here. Instead, Orion gawks at Hiro's return. Granger feels like he should say something, anything, but what can he say to something like this?

William looks over Hiro and blinks. "Man. I teach in the Bronx, and I've never ended up looking like that." Will points that out with a bit of amusement. Nice attempt at lieing. "I don't think the President is currently a dinosaur." He adds. "Never seen one outside of a museum or movie."

Mara would have gone with Harlem over the Bronx, but hey. No excuse was really going to be enough. "No butterfly effect, Nakamura." She eyes William for a moment and cracks a little smirk. "He may have a brain smaller than a T-Rex, though." Dinosaur disease… "You up for a short walk?"

"Hai!" Hiro says, brightly, before holding his arms up. "Hello! New York!" he calls, much quieter. Because he's gotta be quiet, naturally. Everything is weird. "Yes. I am up for a walk. We should get out of here. I need new pants. I look like Incredible Hulk."

Hahahaha. Hiro "Incredible Hulk" Nakamura. Orion Granger stifles a snerk. Instead he shifts himself further into the cover afforded by the edge of the building. Only a fraction of his body is visible now, his gaze fixed on Hiro and Mara semi-cautiously. This could be illuminating if he plays his cards right.

As far as she's concerned, nothing really interesting for her here. So, Claudine just makes her way, since Orion hasnt looked in her direction. Guess he's working then…

William looks over to Hiro and shakes his head. "Nah. You'd have to be green to be the Incredible Hulk." He states with a really dry tone. He gives Mara a smile and a nod for her little joke. "Even smaller seems pretty likely, yes." His gaze moves back to Hiro. "If I lived closer, I'd offer to loan you a pair." But he doesn't, and they'd likely not wear the same size anyway.

Yes, because Orion leaping out of the pedestrian traffic to tackle and abduct both Hiro and Mara would work so very well. Granger strokes his chin, contemplating it for just a few fractions of a moment before he passes and the Company phone is connected. Orion hisses some instructions into the phone before he hangs up and leans back against the wall with a self-satisfied smirk.

Oh yes. There will be someone watching you, Mr. Nakamura. You and your little Mara too.

"You want waffles?" Of all the things to crave… "Yeah, I'll make you waffles." Mara smiles faintly, shoulders sagging briefly. "Welcome home, Nakamura." She hands her coffee over to the man. "I know you like tea… But if you want it, it's all yours." Keys are fished out of her pocket as a nod of acknowledgement is sent to William.

Hiro looks somewhat perplexed. "Is Mr. Petrelli running for President?" he asks, casually, as though… just checking. You kjnow. There are some things you have make sure about. The poor boy's glasses are shattered, too, so, who knows what he's actually aware of around him.

William lets Mara answer the question. He's keeping half an eye on their progress to the car, but casually sauntering the rest of the way into Common Grounds at the same time.

"Not… President, no." With Hiro's glasses shattered, Mara's careful to keep her arm around Hiro's shoulders. Once they're in view of her modest vehicle, she hits the unlock button. She opens the trunk first, however. "Bone," she instructs. She is so not touching that thing. And it can't just be left behind. That would be Very, Very Bad.

Hiro clutches his bone to his chest as though it's saved his life several dozen times. Indeed, when he lays it in the trunk, he's clearly ground down the bottom into a grip and it's been smoothed out and sharpened by heavy usage. It's some strange sort of axe-club. "I will get it back?"

"You'll get it back. I promise." Mara sure has no intention of touching the thing. Once she's sure he isn't going to insist on carrying the blasted thing with him in the front seat (and there ain't no chance in HELL of that happening), she shuts the trunk and walks around the car to open Hiro's door for him. "In ya go."

Hiro puts the dinosaur bone almost like a baby before getting into the car. He immediately reaches forward and puts the radio on, the very second the battery is on, just to be exposed to some kind of technology, maybe. "I miss the city." Sniff, sniff. "Smells better than Dinosaur Times. Maybe pollution is not so bad."

That confession draws a chuckle from Mara as she pulls away from the curb. "Good to have you back," she says with a smile. "You're going to have to tell me what happened. I'm dying to know. But it can wait until you've had a shower and your waffles." The drive to Mara's apartment isn't too long, thankfully, but it's definitely not the same place she's had him teleport to before. No more Midtown living for her.

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