2007-12-30: Dire Dinner


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Guest Starring:

Emily Leglise

Summary: A coincidental meeting between Dani and Celeste results in a coincidental encounter, during a not-so-coincidental dinner.

Date It Happened: 12/30/2007

Dire Dinner

Downtown, NYC - Oldcastle Pub and Restaurant

Novak Garbaldi recently returned from some 'business' he was taking care of elsewhere in the state. He met up with Elisabetha and her servant, Emily, and after settling into their hotel room they are using while they look for an apartment, it was decided that dinner was appropriate. How it was decided that they would be eating at Oldcastle isn't quite clear. Perhaps it was Emily's suggestion. Either way, shortly a middle-aged man in a suit enters the Restaurant, gloved hand gripping the pushbar on the door, and holding it open longer than is necessary for a single person. Red moustache twitching slightly at the noises and scents of the pub's interior, Novak turns to face behind him expectantly.

"Come in. This appears to be the place. No use standing out in the cold," Novak says to whoever is following him.

Dani sits at the bar, a half empty pitcher next to him and a mug filled with a golden colored beer. He picks up the beer and takes a long drink from the mug.

Emily looks like this (http://heroesmush.wikidot.com/local--files/emily-leglise/Emily1.jpg) and is currently wearing her usual formal black dress, with white blouse, black tights, and black shoes. The blonde girl is leading a slightly older young woman by her left arm — and only arm — as she looks around brightly. "Yes, Mister Garbaldi!" she replies as she makes sure Elisabetha comes in along with her. It's really not THAT cold outside, but she isn't about to argue. With her weak constitution Elisabetha is prone to falling ill. Elisabetha herself is looking disinterestedly ahead of her with wine-red eyes. Her gaze is hooded, and she doesn't appear as put off by the various sensory input as Novak is.
Emily quickly finds a table for the party of three, and seats Elisabetha first, pulling out a chair and letting her mistress sit, before scooting her in, as though she was a child incapable of such things. Elisabetha doesn't seem to care.

Celeste walks in a few minutes later looking around the bar and seeing Dani at the bar, she walks over to him and takes a seat, she says to the bartender, "Could I get a screwdriver, and an order of fries please?" as she puts a couple dollars in the tip jar before turning to Dani, "Wow, I just keep running into you everywhere.

Novak follows after Elisabetha and Emily, looking around as he does so, at the various people present. He can't help noticing them. Even if he wasn't looking at or listening to them, the information would reach him regardless. When a woman walks in and approaches the bar, the ease with which she seats herself near the man already there indicates to Novak that they must know each other. This is made certain a moment later when she starts talking in a friendly manner. Of course, he can also hear what she says from across the room, but that is a seperate issue entirely.

Novak is left standing there, staring at Celeste's back, lost in thought, for quite awhile longer than is really normal. Eventually he'll break his gaze away and seat himself across from Emily and Elisabetha, but until then, he is like a statue of flesh, standing immobile.

Dani glances back to the voice as it speaks to him, nodding to Celeste as she sits down. "Hey. Are you stalking me? Because that would be super." He says with a chuckle, nodding to his pitcher of beer. "Want a drink?" He asks as he looks to the bartender. "Can we get another glass?"

Emily busies herself with getting situated, but eventually notices that Novak is just standing there staring at some woman's back. He seems to be spacing out, not actually looking at what his eyes are aimed at. Clearing her throat, Emily asks, "Well, what shall we have tonight? Miss Eli, do you have any suggestions?" Elisabetha looks up from staring at the table as though just realizing that Emily was there. She looks to Novak, without answering Emily, and asks, "Do you want to be here?" An odd question to ask, but Elisabetha is an odd girl.
Once Novak sits down finally, she looks back down at the table ands finally answers the confused Emily. "Apple pie?" she suggests as she lifts her red eyes to her servant. Emily blinks and smiles. "Miss Eli, please do not be silly. You cannot eat apple pie for dinner! You should have a full meal. Pie is a dessert!" Elisabetha blinks slowly, and then looks to Novak as if for confirmation.

Celeste smiles, "Well I would stalk you, or ask you if you wanted to go out to and grab a bite to eat, but you have a girlfriend, and I'm sure she wouldn't take too kindly to that." she says with a grin, "But I might have one glass while I'm waiting on my screwdriver and fries, but yeah, anywayz, how is your day going?" she asks Dani.

Novak shakes his head and changes his attention from Celeste to Elisabetha and Emily, once he is seated. "Emily is right, Elisabetha. You need a full meal to keep up your strength. How else can you help people? If you are too weak, then you will only get hurt trying to help them." He arranges his silverware and napkin, and waits for a waiter or waitress to approach.

After a few moments, he looks to Elisabetha, and tries to console her. "You can have apple pie after you eat. How about some clam chowder and a salad, hmm? You like clam chowder." Once someone approaches, he orders his own food, as well as Elisabetha's.

Dani nods his head to Celeste as he takes another drink. "It's going pretty well. Locked up the shop for the night, so now I'm relaxing." He says with a chuckle as the bartender arrives with the extra glass for Celeste.

Elisabetha blinks slowly at Novak's words, and then looks down at the table a bit disappointed. She doesn't respond to the suggestion of food, accepting that she likes clam chowder just because he says she does. Or maybe she just doesn't care. Either way, she does look up, eyes wider when she is promised apple pie for dessert. Glancing around the room, Elisabetha now watches the two at the bar conversing. Unlike Novak, she cannot hear them, and her attention is too fragile to maintain her interest for very long.
Emily orders her own food as well, once the waiter shows up, and then the three of them just sit and wait. Emily finds it hard to keep still, however, constantly fooling with her hair, or her silverware, or fussing over Elisabetha's clothes, and so forth. Eventually, she starts, "Well—!" but Elisabetha interrupts her.
"I helped a man the other day, Teacher. I took away his pain," Elisabetha offers. Emily immediately looks nervous, glancing around to make sure no one hears them. "That's… Uhh… We'd better not talk about that right now."

Celeste smiles, "That's kool, that what I like to do after work a lot of the time, Come here and relax, it's one of my favorite places to come." she says with another smile, "I'm surprised your girlfriend isn't here with you, I figured you spent time with her when you weren't at work." she says with a grin.

Novak immediately turns his attention from listening to the idle chit-chat between Celeste and Dani to Elisabetha. He can still hear and process the two of them, but he is focusing on his daughter. He holds up a hand to stop Emily when she tries to cut Elisabetha off. Then he says with a frightening calm, "You took away a man's pain." He waits for a reaction from Elisabetha, then continues, "While it is good to hear that you are able to use her talents without guidance, I believe I have told you not to do so without supervision. Who was this man that you helped, and where did this happen?"

Dani nods and smiles. "Yeah, but she's at work, so I don't like to bother her while she's working." He says to her as he takes a drink. It's obvious he's got a few in him. He looks at the bar before he turns to look at Celeste. "If you're going to work for me, I think there's something about me you should know." He says before taking another long drink from his beer.

Emily shuts up when Novak raises his hand. She is clearly champing at the bit, wanting to claim responsibility for her mistress's behavior, but not knowing how. Elisabetha drops her head until she is staring down at her large chest, practically. She shows no expression on her face, and her voice is a monotone as she replies to Novak, but to Emily and her Teacher, who know her best, she is clearly embarassed or at least regretful of doing something wrong that she thought was right.
"Sorry," she offers dully. "I won't do it again." Emily butts in with, "But, Mister Garbaldi! She was being supervised! I was there the whole time!" Elisabetha ignores Emily and answers the questions posed her, even as she continues looking down at her bulging dress front, "I do not know his name. A homeless man. He suffered. We were at… Central Park." She then falls silent.

Celeste nods slightly, "Well I guess that explains it." she says just looking at him, "What is it that I should know?" she says looking at him confused,

Novak continues looking calmly at Elisabetha. He does not appear angry in the slightest, though his forehead creases when Elisabetha starts to seem hurt by his words. He twitches at her response, but then just forces a smile beneath his bushy red moustache. "Elisabetha, please look at me. I am not angry." Well, that's not true. He's definitely bothered by Elisabetha's actions in public, not to mention in Central Park, on some man she didn't even know, but he doesn't display these feelings.

Instead, he waits for Elisabetha to look at him, and then says, "I am glad you helped remove suffering from the world. However, Emily is not qualified to supervise you." He responds to Emily indirectly with that, rather than addressing her. "Please make sure that I am present or have given you permission to use your gift before you do this again. No harm has been done," 'I hope' he thinks, before continuing verbally, "so there is no cause for concern."

Novak then smiles wider as their food arrives, and settles in to eat. "Now, let us enjoy our meal. The sooner you finish, Elisabetha, the sooner you can have your pie."

Dani looks to Celeste and then around the room to see if anyone is close enough to hear him. He lowers his voice and looks at her. "I can do thing. Stuff other people can't do." He says, his voice almost a whisper.

Elisabetha looks up when asked to, seeing it not so much as a request as a command. She looks into Novak's eyes with her own red orbs, and listens to what he has to say. She accepts his words, and nods slowly, slightly relieved, but not really feeling anything else on the matter. She IS looking forward to her pie, though!
Emily looks a bit embarassed by the indirect admonishment from Novak, but when he says everything is fine, she just sighs in relief, and digs into her food once it arrives.

Celeste looks at Dani even more confused than before, "What do you mean stuff not other people can do?" she says quietly so only them two can hear it, "Well if we are on these kinds of terms, then I can tell you something about me you don't know as well." she says with a smile.

Novak is busy eating, but he hears parts of what Dani and Celeste say, even when they whisper. He does not have 'super hearing', but his hearing is presently heightened enough that he can pick out all the noises outside the Pub, as well as inside. Whispers are no great shakes, though he isn't really FOCUSING on them, so he does not get all of it. His eyes dart back and forth and his brow furrows as he picks up on what appears to be two people discussing… Things they can do? Hmm. Interesting. Wiping his mouth with his napkin and finishing swallowing his food, he turns his head to look over at Dani and Celeste, trying to make out more. Maybe it is rude to eavesdrop, but if those two have Abilities like he and Elisabetha, then he wants to know about it. He is trying to AVOID running into more people with Abilities while he is with Elisabetha. He wants to keep her away from other Evolved. Because he knows there is someone out there… Someone who is killing for Abilities.

He quickly looks away when Dani checks around, and pretends to just be stretching his neck. He smiles at Emily if she notices him, and then returns his attention to the man and woman.

Dani nods to Celeste. "Yeah. I can control shadows." He says in the hushed tone to her. "And I can do this too." He says, looking down at his hand. To Celeste, she can see his hand start to dissolve and become a shadow. Novak might see it if he moves his head a bit.

Emily indeed notices Novak's attention wandering from his meal, and looks where he is looking, finding him once again gazing in the direction of that woman. Does Novak know her from somewhere or something? Elisabetha is very slowly eating her food, with some difficulty. Having only one hand, and being weak, her spoon wobbles as she lades steaming hot chowder into her mouth, not caring about the fact she's burning herself. Emily quickly turns her attention back to Elisabetha and lets out a cry of shock, and starts talking to Elisabetha in rapid Italian. "«No, no, no! Stop, Miss Eli! That is too hot to eat so quickly! You must blow on it, and let it cool! Quickly, drink some water, to prevent any further burning of your tongue.»"
Elisabetha, with burning white chowder running from her lips, down her chin, puts down her spoon in her bowl, and begins drinking water once she has swallowed. Emily is back to English as she wipes up the mess on her mistress's face. "I do not understand how you can not realize you are burning yourself! Do you not feel the pain?"

Celeste looks in awe, "Wow, that is amazing." she says in a hushed tone while her face is still in awe, "My ability isn't as great, the only thing I can do is look at something for just a few seconds and remember ever little detail forever." she tells him and shrugs her shoulders, "I have Eidetic Memory, so everything I see, I can remember forever, so I never do forget anything." she says to Dani as quietly as she can get.

Novak is definitely listening and watching as Dani mentions what he can do and gives a demonstration. At least until he hears that Elisabetha is burning herself. He turns his attention away, and so doesn't hear Celeste over all of Emily's fussing and yelling. Just hearing that his daughter's mouth is being burned by hot chowder is enough to make his own mouth ache. Literally, he feels like he's being burned just by imagining the pain. He grimaces, and rubs his face with his hands.

"I think we are done here for the night. We should leave," Novak says abruptly as he lowers his hands, and puts his napkin on his plate. He starts to get out his wallet so he can leave a tip, glancing in Dani and Celeste's direction one more time. Shadow control does not sound like being able to steal Abilities… But wouldn't someone who could steal them have more than one to demonstrate? It's too risky to remain here as long as Elisabetha is here too. He won't lose her to that monster… Whoever or whatever they are. Novak doesn't know who or what this killer is. He just has a name. 'Sylar'.

"Hurry, hurry," he says quickly, tossing about a hundred dollars as a tip onto the table, and pushing back his seat.

Dani looks back at Novak as he stands, his hand returning to normal. He looks back to Celeste and nods. "I think we should discuss this later." He says, a bit louder.

Emily blinks as she finishes helping Elisabetha, who is still trying to drink water from her empty glass. "B-but we just got here a few minutes ago!" she offers with a light laugh, as though this was a joke. When she sees that Novak is serious, she makes some noises of confusion, and says, "W-well… What is the matter, Mister Garbaldi? Is the food not to your liking?" Elisabetha puts down her empty glass, finally figuring out she can stop drinking, and mutters, "But… Apple pie…?" Emily pushes back her seat with a sigh, and moves to help Elisabetha up. "We will get you some apple pie to go, yes?"

Celeste nods, "Okay that may be better anywayz." she says as she looks at Novak as he is getting up then looks back to Dani, "Was he listening to us?" she asks with a worried look on her face.

Novak waits while Emily attends to Elisabetha, directs her to pick up an apple pie to go, and then while the two of them are occupied, he casually walks towards Dani and Celeste. He pauses a few feet away from them, hands folded at his waist, and then says politely and in a friendly tone, "I couldn't help noticing that little trick you did." He smiles at Dani, glances to Celeste and then back to the shadow boy. "While interesting, I would recommend that in the future you be a bit more discrete about the things you can do. There's… Someone out there. Someone who covets gifts like yours." He specifically doesn't say 'ours'. Just because he feels it's a good idea to warn these two youngsters, doesn't mean he wants to expose himself as a possible target incase one of them is a bad guy/girl. "And this person… Will do anything to obtain what is yours." He lowers his voice a number of decibels and whispers, "Even kill."

He pauses a moment to let that sink in, and then says further, "And if you see me on the street, don't approach me, or my daughter. There are other people out there who target those with Abilities for other reasons. I don't want them to think I'm associated with you."

If neither of them asks him a question or indicates they have something to say, he turns and walks over to check on Elisabetha and Emily.

Dani glances back to Novak as he approaches. "Don't know what you're talkin' about buddy." he says to him after he listens to what he says hen looks to Celeste for a moment before he turns back to his drink and takes a long pull from the glass. "That was surly interesting."

Emily is busy over at the other end of the counter, paying for the meal, and getting their pie boxed and ready. Elisabetha stands nearby staring at the pie box with wide eyes, rather than her usual half-lidded expression. Once Novak joins them (assuming Celeste doesn't stop Novak by saying something), Emily says, "All ready to go, Mister Garbaldi. Are you sure you do not want to finish your meal?" If the answer is in the affirmative, then she shrugs, and leads Elisabetha out of the restraurant.

Celeste looks at the man who approaches them with utter confusion, she turns back and sees her drink and fries there in front of her, "Wow took long enough." she takes a big drink of her screwdriver and eats a few fries, "Wonder what that was all about, but that was really strange." she says still confused.

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