2010-03-20: Disappearing Act Cut Short



Date: March 20, 2010


Six little monkeys jumping on a bed, one fell off and bumped her head. Cody called the doctor and the doctor said… "SHOOT HAAAH."

"Disappearing Act Cut Short"

Top Secret Apartment

It's early morning in wherever-this-apartment-is-ville, and Cora is in the kitchen, making herself breakfast. She's been very scarce since she was rescued, not really wanting people to bother her while she tried to come to terms with what all happened, and her new ability.

Cody's been at the dining room table for a while now; studying maps, blueprints, and several loose files that have been splayed out across the table in a chaotic order. The chairs have been moved away to allow the agent free roaming access in the room, currently the kitchen's occupant is duly ignored. There are bigger things at stake than the college kid's feelings.
The agent looks much different than their brief meeting so many weeks ago, her hair is long, brown and tied into a topknot at the crown of her head. the long whips are a style that haven't been seen much around the apartment, but with their extra guests, there's a need for extra security.

The ignoring is probably for the best, since with the different look and the lack of attention to detail, Cora hasn't noticed Cody in the dining room yet. A bowl of cereal in hand, Cora looks around the kitchen and tries to think of what to do today. She really needs more clothes than what she's wearing, after all.

There's a sniff and then the agent looks directly at Cora, by the sour look on the woman's face it's quite plain that the other woman has been noticed. "So you've come out of the closet." It's a simple and very obvious statement. "So what are you going to do now, Cora? Keep siting and pouting? Or join the rest of your kind to help save us all?"
She doesn't take her eyes off the other woman for a second, those cool blue eyes bore into the shy violet with no regard about how the other woman might feel about it. Not that it matters, Cora is under Cody's roof now.

Cora's eyes go wide as she sees Cody at the table, the bowl of cereal forgotten where she set it. The face is instantly recognizable, and Cora's first instinct is 'trap'. She's seen enough movies to hear about elaborate 'oh, you got out except not really' schemes, and this seems like it could easily be that sort of thing. Backpedalling to the doorway quickly, she makes to duck into the hallway and do her disappearing act.

Cody's always prepared for such events. Good thing too, since Cora's one of the tangents in her plan that has yet to be plugged into its own socket. "Don't move. I will shoot and I will hit you." Whether or not Cora actually listens and doesn't duck into the hallway is another matter entirely, but the gun is cocked and ready to fire. "Rule number one, unless there is clear and present danger from the outside, you're not going to disappear without letting me know first. Otherwise I'll pump you so full of solution you might as well be wearing neon pajamas. Capiche?"

Cora has already ducked, but doesn't disappear quite yet. "How do I know you won't shoot me anyway?" she asks from the other side of the door. It's a valid question, after all. Cody /did/ beat her up in a cell in the prison, so the level of trust is fairly low.

"You don't." Cody says calmly, "But you're in my apartment, now come out and you're going to sit at the counter and we're going to have a nice little chat. Otherwise I'll release a smoke bomb in the house and flush you out that way." The agent isn't pulling any punches, not when her own security is on the line. Especially since Cora is more than able to disappear from sight and let everyone in Protocol know where they are hiding to save her own skin.

"I didn't ask to be a part of this," Cora's voice replies. She could very well be in the room again - it's hard to tell. "I'm not some kind of superhero, I just want to live a normal life."

The agent's eyes narrow and she begins to walk closer to where the voice is coming from she can't be certain, but slowly, she creeps to where Cora first disappeared around the corner. "I'm going to say this just one more time. Come out, stay visible, or I will flush you out and then you're going to really not like what happens." The gun is levelled at head height as Cody whips around the corner to the hallway.

Cora isn't stupid enough to stay still, so she's not exactly where Cody expects her to be, sitting in a chair in the room down the hallway, but she's visible, and as unhappy right now as Cody probably is. "That doesn't make me want to talk to you," she points out, indicating the gun.

"Into the kitchen, stay visible." The agent commands, her voice is quite level and comes at a relative growl. "I don't like having to repeat myself, you haven't earned it." The gun is flicked as the woman jerks her head toward the kitchen. "Rule number one, you stay visible unless there's a clear and present danger from the outside. You follow the rules of the house, just like everyone else and I won't have to put a bullet through your brain. You got it?" The general aire about the agent is that she definitely wouldn't hesitate to follow up on her threat.

Cora stands up, replying again, "You're still not convincing me that I should listen to you." Moving toward the kitchen, she adds, "If you're so likely to kill me, explain to me why I would possibly want to stay here. There's other places I could hide."

"Because you know where I live. You're a chaotic factor, I don't like chaos." The agent follows along right behind the magician with the gun trained right at the back of her head. "You're too unpredictable right now, so we're going to sit and have a little chit chat… At the end, you're either going to agree with me, or I'll give you to Erin. She's a little more protective of our little hideout than I am."

Cora stops and turns around to face Cody, trying to duck so the gun isn't pointed at her. "Wait, you think I'm going to sell you out? Really? Like I couldn't have done that already?" She really looks… stunned by the accusation. "Who would I sell you out to? The people who would throw me right back into a cell next to you?"

"To try to save yourself and live a normal life? I wouldn't put it past anyone here to try it, aside from Erin and myself." Cody uncocks the gun and lowers it to her side. Lifting her other arm, she points straight to the row of chairs in the kitchen. "You have absolutely no idea what's at stake here. No idea how much of my life has been flipped around to try to save you people. And what do you do? Cry and whine about how your life isn't the same. Well here's your first lesson, princess, it's time to put on your big girl panties and join the real world because your life is over."

"How much of your life has been flipped around? So this isn't about me, but it is about you?" Cora snaps in reply, turning Cody's words right back at her. "Is it about you losing that cushy job beating prisoners at the prison? I'm sure that was something worth writing home to mom about." Cody seems to have really tuched a nerve if she's got Cora this snappy.

"You have no idea." Cody murmurs darkly, setting her face into an angry scowl. "I didn't beat anyone up in the prisons… as clearly as I remember it, you were the one that decided to tip yourself over in the chair. I just didn't enable your childish behaviour." There's a certain chilling quality to Cody's words, as though Cora's not actually bothering her with the snippy comments. More like she has no tollerance for it.

Cora is still frowning, well, no, more glaring at Cody. "So I'm supposed to learn how to use my ability so I can serve your little empire or whatever, then? What, are you going to make me steal things for you because nobody can see me?"

Cora's guestimation about exactly what Cody is doing actually earn a barking laugh from the agent. "Oh my god… Really? Seriously? You think that's what this is all about? Stealing things?" The gun is placed on the table to allow the woman enough room to double over. "Oh geez… Do you know what they were going to do to you in there? Well get comfortable, princess, because I'm about to spill you a real eye openener." With that, Cody settles quite comfortably against the table to relay the Theta and Kappa protocol plans to the other woman.

Cora seems incredulous during the whole thing. "You're kidding, right?" she says at the end. "An assassin? What makes you - or them - think that I'd ever kill anyone?"

"They don't need you to be willing, they have a drug that lets them control you." Cody says calmly, finally pushing herself off the table to go back to her work of studying plans and the like. "So, now what are you going to do? Are you going to stay, move to another safe house, or sell us out to try to save your own skin?"

Cora sighs a little. "You've already said what they wanted from me, so selling you out, even if I was the kind of person to do that, would just be stupid. On the other hand, I don't want to stay here, in this apartment, for the rest of my life. I can't go see my family, but there are other people I trust."

"Oh, don't worry, you're not staying here for the rest of your life. If you stay here, you're going to make yourself useful by learning what you can do and pushing those limits." Cody's not even looking at Cora anymore, she walking around the table to study the maps. One of them is a detailed map of New York City, another is a map of the legal skyroutes, and yet another is the start of a traceroute of air traffic that can be seen from the top of the building.

"I think I'd rather go to Washington," Cora replies. "Now that there's no reason for me to be in NYC, there's someone I need to see."

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