2009-12-15: Disclosure Over Distance



Date: December 15, 2009


Eric calls Sydney and gets a pleasant surprise.

"Disclosure Over Distance"

An Airplane Over the Atlantic

Its later in the evening, almost too late for things to call. Thats when the phone that doesn't quite belong to Hallis starts to ring. Riiing. Riiing. Riiing.

On the other side of the line is Eric Lancaster, on a plane with a mighty frown on his face. He isn't even sure this will work, he isn't sure who /has/ Sydney's phone if anyone. However…he's worried, and so he makes the call just to see if he can find someone who knows exactly what might be happening.

Lenox Hill Hospital

"Hello?" Answers a sleepy voice, definitely not Sydney's. It's been a night of drama, again, so Hallis is catching a few zee's on a pull out bed in the family area of the ICU at the hospital. The medical staff is still working on her friend, the owner of the phone, so she is staying well away from the room as to not cause more agony to the woman. Opening her bleary eyes, she looks around, a little confused as to where she is. then she looks at the call display and frowns, "Eric? What time is it?"

"Ten or eleven where you are…wait…Hallis? Is that you?" Eric asks as he sits forwards in his chair on the plane with a frown. "I…you have Sydney's phone?" A pause. "I…just heard the news. I had to call, find out just what happened. How is she?"

Rubbing her eyes, Hallis sits up in the chair and groans, trying to fully wake up. She hasn't had a drink or anything to keep the pep in her step in a little while. "She's… wait where are you? I was supposed to talk to you." She's still a little groggy, but the petite woman is finally starting to rise. Standing up, she almost trips over the blanket that she kicked off the cot but she manages to catch herself. That woke her up quick. "Oh man, Eric, I'm sorry. That jerk of an ex-fiance of hers tried to choke her. He crushed her larynx and she almost died… No thanks to her room mate."

"…you alright?" He adds as he notes the sound of the grogginess and the trip. "I was in Europe setting something up, I just heard the news and I'm on my way back there right now." He explains on the phone with a shake of his head. "I should be back in town in a few more hours." A shake of his head. "…and wait, that bastard he?" A slight twitch. He really /should/ have beat him bloody. "…how is she now?"

"She's in ICU, it was bad. I had to give her CPR, she almost died!" Hallis isn't even trying to claim the hero in the situation, the quiver in her voice is really all that's needed to signify the gravity of the situation. "The doctors saved her though. The police are charging him with attempted murder. But he's a lawyer… He'll make bail." Her sentences aren't even coherent or running together properly. There's just too much to tell him and her mouth doesn't move as fast as her brain is working. "They weren't even going to call the police or the doctor, Eric. What kind of friends don't let someone call a doctor?!"

Eric nods slowly before he shakes his head. What a mess, what a hell of a mess. "I can hire better lawyers than him." He replies with a shake of his head before he draws in a deep breath. "Thanks though. For saving her. Really. Which hospital is she in? I can be there soon enough." A pause before he frowns, he'll have to call Gene and Lena. Make sure how they are doing. Oh this is not the best of things are happened. "I don't know, maybe they were just scared…" He shakes his head slightly. "…look I'll be there soon though alright?"

"Lena's stupidity could have killed her. Thank god Gene was there. He listened to me at least." Hallis is glowering, actually frowning at the phone. "But it felt really good tasing that jerk. Too bad he was already unconscious." There's a long pause on the phone before Hallis speaks up again. "How well do you know Sydney, Eric, and Gene and Lena?" She's digging for something, the hesitation in her voice is telltale enough.

"Well Lena doesn't like the police, and neither does Gene," Eric replies with a shake of his head and a slight sigh. A pause then before he pulls the phone away from his ear. Its a private jet he's on and he turns to call up towards the pilot. "Secure the line!" Before he puts the phone back to his ear. "…and I know them pretty well. Gene used to work for my father, I was the first one to drag him out and make him be social."

"Gene wanted me to call the police. Bryce needs to be put away, he can't be let out to find Sydney again. Her grandmother is just going to keep telling him where to find her." Hallis says in a tired voice. "But what I mean is, how well do you know them? Do they trust you with everything?"

"Then we just make sure that her grandmother doesn't know where to find her," Eric replies after a moment's thought before he blinks for a moment. "And I don't think there is any way to keep him locked up without bail. Especially if he's a good lawyer." A pause then before he raises an eyebrow. "Why?" He asks the curiosity obvious in his voice.

Silence. The only way to tell that she's still on the line is the faint breath that's slow to release. Hallis shuffles into a corner of the family room where she's certain there aren't any listeners. "Because it's important that I know. The team…" She pauses, hopefully he knows that much about his friends. "…Hockey team, you know the Rangers? I heard they did very pitifully their last game."

"…yes they trust me with just about everything," Eric replies with a sigh and a shake of his head as he starts to rub his temples. Oh me oh my. How much did they tell her that's the question on his mind. "…so what did the team do?"

Crouching in the corner, Hallis keeps her eye on the rest of the room while speaking quietly into the phone. "They probably did a drug test on Bryce. Lena touched him and he passed out. I know she's special and can't be caught. They think I do it to get in the papers, but …" Hallis is gritting her teeth now, it's making the bile rise in the back of her throat even having to choke out the words. "If… the police ask me about the drugs… I'll say that I did it. I can get a lawyer, that piece of trash can't."

"Look I know you wouldn't do something like that to get in the papers, but I didn't want you involved to keep you safe. Now you /are/ involved it looks like though," Eric just sighs and shakes his head slightly. He leaves the country and everyone goes crazy. Isn't that always the way.

"Don't say that, we can just say that he took something before he got there. It'll be his words against the evidence that he showed up and attempted to kill someone."

Sighing heavily, Hallis keeps her position in the corner. She probably looks fairly odd to the people who pass through the room on their way to see loved ones in the sterile unit, but she's used to getting stared at. "If you call me when you get in, I'll take you to where she is. You'll need me to get to her. The security is really tight. She's confidential, they won't even tell you she's a patient here if you call. I'd better go though, the doctor is here." There's a short pause before Hallis speaks again, this time in a little bit of a softer tone. "I was supposed to talk to you for her, you know, before all of this started. She wants you to know how much she likes you but she doesn't think you feel the same way." Another pause. "Bye Eric, see you when you get into town. Call my phone."

Well what do you say to that. Eric just blinks at the phone there before he shakes his head to clear it. "Thanks Hallis. Really. Thanks." He murmurs with relief into the phone. "If…she wakes up soon tell her I'll be there." Then a pause before he smiles slightly. "…and…" A shake of his head. "…I'll call your phone when I touch down."

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