2007-06-04: DNA x 2


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Summary: Lyndsay and Felicity meet at Club DnA and get to discussing genetics. Lyndsay exposes her power, and they go to Felicity's office to discuss the matter further…

Date It Happened: June 4th 2007

DNA x 2

Club Dna, Felicity's Office, NYU =

Tonight there is a presence in the club. The presence is a Felicity-shaped entity who has got herself a lime and soda, and is sipping it in between people watching intently. Her foot is tapping in time to the beat, although she doesn't seem to be overly concerned by the volume of music. She is also examining the club with considerable amusement as she stands at the end of the bar, trying to stay out of the way of people ordering drinks.

Lyndsay is here in the club once again. Like it or not, it's the first happening place she's found. She herself is done up in emo/goth, snug black shirt, olive green skirt, fishnets and black combat boots. She's sitting at the bar, rum and coke at hand. Through sheer convenience, she's near Felicity. Ain't luck grand?

Felicity drains her drink and moves up the bar some to get another alcohol-free drink. She has to squeeze up to the bar but this seems something she is adept at. Perhaps it is the fact she seems to be fairly physically powerful - a little tush-shove clears a spot and she waggles fingers at a bartender. And then looks to one side and beams at Lyndsay. She waves a hand quickly and says "Hello. Having fun yet?"

Lyndsay looks over at Felicity. "It's not bad. I'm collecting free drinks." she quips back to the other woman. Indeed, she's got a few empty glasses in front of her already. "You?"

Felicity watches the woman's lips and then grins "Yeah! It's an amusing place. I come here because the whole genome thing is just right up my alley. Free drinks?" She turns and places an order for lime and soda and adds "Can this girl here have something too? She seems to be running low on brain-annihilating material!" She looks back "That all right? Alcohol is really bad for you, you know?"

Lyndsay laughs a little. "You didn't have to do that. I've had guys buying me free drinks all night." she says. "And it's not -that- bad for you. There are lots of things worse." She's done them. Many times.

Felicity grins brightly "True. Cocaine, self-harm, and eating anything from a microwave. But never reject a free drink. You're the only person talked to me since I got here. What's your name? And, cheesy as it sounds, do you come here often?" Drinks are slid along the bar, but she hasn't noticed it.

Lyndsay laughs. "I'm surprised you don't have half-a-dozen guys hitting on you." Since Felicity has the hardbody thing going. "Lyndsay. And you?"

Felicity holds out a hand and beams "Flick!" Although with her speech problems and the club volume that sounds like a similar, but slightly ruder, word. And she is tapped on the shoulder. She winks over her shoulder but doesn't go to pay yet. She's being polite to someone!

The brunette doubletakes, as she almost thought Felicity said that something-else. She grins. "Nice to meet you." She shakes the extended hand. "And thanks for the conversation. You've been the first person who's done much in the way of talking to me tonight."

Felicity doesn't crush hand but her grip is rather like a vice all the same without trying. "Well, you got this whole 'I'm so moody' thing going on - not very inviting. And i guess you chased those drink buying men away." She turns and finally pays for the drinks. She sips her own healthy beverage. "And I am grateful you think men should talk to me. Most of them give up because they think I sound like I got a weasel lodged in my sinuses."

Lyndsay laughs. "Oh, that doesn't matter. Guys will overlook any number of flaws. Hell, I've had plenty of them talking to my -tits-, all night. Just none of them talking to ME." She is on the chesty side. Way on it." She nods. "Yeah, noticed you had kind of a weird voice thing going."

Felicity grins at that "Well, I kinda noticed you got no voice at all." She taps her ear and says "I'm deaf. It's not my fault, honest. I listened to too much Linkin park. That stuff should come with a health warning. Warning: this music may make you want to burst your eardrums with a meat skewer."

Lyndsay looks a little curious. "Deaf, huh?" Now she's interested, for some reason. "100%?"

Felicity nods quickly. "Unfortunately. I've never heard sounds that I can remember. There was an accident when I was two years old. Train wreck. I got badly smacked in the head, I think. Caused serious aural trauma. I get by though. I'm impressed you can follow what I say though with the noise and everything."

Lyndsay laughs. "Helps to be sitting right next to you." She looks thoughtful. She's never actually had the chance to -try- her power on someone who couldn't hear her. What the hell, worth a shot. "That guy there looks like he's checking you out…" She nods to one of the nearby guys. "You should flash him a peek."

Felicity turns and looks at the man and frowns "Nahh…. I don't think he is my type to be honest. I don't really have time to get a life partner or date because of my work, you know? And I prefer darker hair and all that. He's a bit pretty boy blonde isn't he?" She then grins "That was a bit forward for someone you just met!"

Lyndsay looks a little surprised. But she has her answer. "Blame it on the drinks." she lies to cover it, and laughs. "Bet you'd have had free drinks all night, though."

Felicity smiles wryly "Maybe. But I don't really need to get people to buy me drinks when the drink costs only a dollar. Which is expensive for what it is." She scratches her ear thoughtfully "So what do you do for a living?"

Lyndsay laughs. "I live off other people's money. Sort of a professional debutante kinda thing. How about you?"

Felicity snorts at this idea "That's probably quite difficult to achieve. You must be pretty persuasive to manage that. You're a nice well spoken young lady so I think you presumably know what you're doing. I can't really say that it is something I'd do." She grins "I'm not really that persuasive. the speech impediment puts people off. Although some patronize me because of it because they think I sound like I am a moron. But actually, I'm a Doctor. Not medical, exactly. I work at NYU as senior researcher in genetic engineering and biomechanical hereditary. It's a cutting edge field. All about whether those with superb bodies that they trained themselves are changing their DNA and can pass their physique onto their offspring."

Lyndsay grins at that. "Maybe I just come from a rich family. And that's pretty cool. I'm not much for the school thing, so I'd be really lost trying to follow most of that. But it sounds neat. Kind of sci-fi stuff."

Felicity nods and swigs her drink. She waves her fingers quickly as she explains "I used to be a professional athlete. Well, amateur professional. I was still at school but considering going totally professional. But then I got interested in the theory of athletic performance. Studied biomechanics and got hooked. Education is the key to everything. The more you know, the more you can give and the more you can get back. I'm sure there is a link between genetics, training, and pushing the boundaries of the human body further than ever."

Lyndsay looks at the fingerwiggles, but isn't ASL trained, so certainly doesn't get it. "I guess. I never got too much and it doesn't seem to bother me too much. Education, I mean. Never really got too many sports, either, but that doesn't bother me too."

Felicity grins at this admission "I just found I was good at it. My coach said I was over-compensating because I was deaf, so I was determined to prove myself physically. He may be right. I have always trained hard. I still do. I suppose it got to be habit." She swigs down more of her drink. "So - do you do well? Living off the fat of others I mean? Does it pay well?"

Lyndsay laughs at that. "Hey!!" she protests. "Maybe I just come from a rich family, did you ever think of that?" she says, looking either mock-offended, or perhaps actually so.

Felicity nods pleasantly "I did think of that, but then I thought - why on earth would someone with that sort of money lurk in a basement bar like this?" She wrinkles her nose cheekily "But yes, I am sorry if I am making assumptions. I suppose it must be a god life but I prefer to give more than receive, generally speaking. I get paid well, but you know, I am married to my work."

Lyndsay looks at Felicity, jaw just hanging open. Rather stunned, all things told. "What was that about being forward to someone you just met?! Yeesh! You make me sound like the bar bicycle!"

Felicity nods pleasantly at this "Yes, I do. I don't mean to but I suppose that I am really not a great social animal. Not really. What with being deaf and spending all my time studying and researching, I lost the social graces." She then grins happily "Oh go on, can't you tell I'm teasing? I think you probably have eminently laudable reasons for your lifestyle, like I have for mine.

Lyndsay hmphs just a little. She's lucky she's deaf, or there'd be a lesson in being the bar bicycle, all right. "Nah. My reason is that I want to have fun. Life's too short not to." She shrugs. "Can't see the point in wasting any time."

Felicity nods slowly "I agree, absolutely. Utterly. Make the most of life. Although smoking and drinking and eating unhealthy foods make it even shorter, you realize. I expect I'll live forever. My life is very healthy. I don't even take the subway. I run to work. Which is a real pain in the neck when it rains, but water never hurt me so I can survive that."

Lyndsay grins. "Yeah, but if I spend all of it having fun, and it's five years shorter than yours, but you spend half your time working, I still come out ahead."

Felicity pauses then flicks her hands slowly as she thinks this over "True. But I love my work. my work for me is fun. That and my training. Two hours running or working out on the parallel bars is possibly the best fun I can imagine. It's better than sex. Break the pain barrier and pump endorphines - there's nothing better. Except chocolate."

Lyndsay laughs. "I don't know. It takes an awful lot to beat sex. Or chocolate. Or sex including chocolate." she grins back at Felicity. "So you're trying to what, genetically engineer a better athlete?"

Felicity thinks about that "I…hope not. I don't want to engineer anything. i think evolution should take a natural course. I am not one to tinker with DNA. That could lead to a lot of genetic problems. What I am tring to find out is whether someone like me, with a highly trained body, is changing my genetic makeup so I can pass this sort of athletic ability onto my offspring. I suppose you might say I am forcing evolution upon myself, and trying to see whether that passes onto children. My research suggests it actually might happen."

Lyndsay looks over at Felicity, considering it. "But you can't be sure. I mean, you might have had better genes than normal people to start with. If someone's more athletic, or more anything, they do." At least as she understands the concept.

Felicity frowns and sips her drink absently, and rubs her neck in a rather nervous way. "But how could I have that? My own parents were normal enough, but I seem to have gone beyond their limits in athleticism from training since I was very small. Now, what would happen if i had a child who could do what I do without training? I've studied genetic biomechanics in rats and other mammals. The offspring do seem to have some sort of biological imprint of what the parent is exposed to. I am not sure how it works, but it could be linked to the quantum principle of particles having an imprinted memory of what they are exposed to. So the particles of the mother and father that form the fetus and within the mother passed to the child via placental feeding maybe influence the child."

Lyndsay blinks. "Whoa, doc, whoa. You went over my head somewhere along around the first sentence. I'm just saying that some people are naturally gifted. Some are tall. Some are pretty. Some have better muscle tone or better bone structure. You've got the athlete thing kicking, so many you -started- with more "athletic genes". You may not be your own best control."

Felicity nods at this "That is true. But let me say this - some people who are born weak and have to REALLY work hard to become a great athlete are not born with 'athletic genes'..so why is it that THEIR children are great athletes? I have a hypothesis that states that the parent has trained or reformed their own genetic material so that it is passed onto the child. It's like Darwinian evolution in one generation. Now the world changes so fast because of how we influence it, evoltion has cranked up the speed to match it. We're evolving again as fast as we need, and that can mean in one or two generations, not over fifty or sixty."

Lyndsay thinks about it. "Kinda interesting…" now she's getting thoughts again. "So somebody might be able to do things that other people can't do? Like in X-Men?" she refers to the movie. She KNOWS the answer to that already…but hearing an expert say it could be interesting.

Felicity nods happily, always eager to discuss her work. Like any scientist, once you geet her talking, she can't stop yapping. "you got it! Of course the idea that people can fly or shoot bolts of light from their eyes is pretty extreme and I can't see how that could ever happen. But someone might be more resilient, a little stronger, or maybe have an exceptionally powerful immune system so they can't get diseases. things the body can do anyway, but pushed as far and even beyond the normal human limitations. Like, for example, Someone who has unusually powerful hearing. Can hear a pin drop in the room next door."

Lyndsay laughs just a little. Hey, she's a little drunk, and she's not big on consequences, so she might as well give the genetics geek a little thrill. "You'd be surprised what some people can do, Doc." she quips.

Felicity sips her drink and pauses for a rather pregnant moment "I don't know. I can't see how anyone could evolve to do that. have YOU ever seen or heard of a flying man? I've read a lot on this. There was this one guy had some crazy theories, really wild. Didn't do much for his career. Me, I am being practical. It's just normal evolution. Let me ask you this: have YOU ever seen someone who can do insane, unbelievable things? Have you EVER seen a so-called superhero? Thats comic book stuff."

Lyndsay laughs. "Doc, I -am- a superhero. Or a supervillain." She thinks she's more the latter, personally. "I can make anyone do anything I tell them. Except you, cause you're deaf." She's drunk or she wouldn't be saying it…probably. But there's a little thrill. This is a fun new spin on the game.

Felicity raises a brow "What, like deaf people are your kryptonite? That's a bit silly. And sure, any pretty girl with a bit of charm can make guys buy them drinks or diamonds. I could too, if I wanted that sort of attention. Being a clever manipulator doesn't make you a superhero, you know? I'd need to see evidence. I'm a scientist. I don't hold with wacky claims."

Lyndsay rolls her eyes. "Pick any person in here." she says. "Name something that no sane person would ever do just from me asking them to do it."

Felicity looks about and points to a nerdy looking goth boi who is nursing his drink and generally looking like an emo loser who is there to show off how miserable his life is. "See him? If you can make him go sing "YMCA" on the dance floor, with moves, I'll believe it. Hell, if you can even get him to give you time of day I'll believe it. Maybe."

Lyndsay laughs. "Hell, that's an EASY one, doc. You should have picked something harder." She looks over to the goth boi. "Hey! You there! Go out on the dance floor and do a song and dance routine to "YMCA"." She smirks then, as sure enough, the gothboi gets up, and starts out to the dance floor…and then starts giving the show.

Felicity just stares. And licks her lips nervously "All..all right, that's decidedly unusual. How did you do that? I mean…you can get anyone to do anything? You can tell a guy to jump off a building and he WILL? That's got to be seriously dangerous." She then lowers her voice so it is just audible over the music. And covers her mouth. She knows how lipreading works. "Isn't it really dangerous?"

Lyndsay laughs. "Good god, no. You think I want to go out there and become some kind of media circus? I just told you this for the hell of it, doc." She takes another drink of her own.

Felicity says quickly "No, I'd not reveal your name and the research would be done entirely under confidence. i would NEVER expose someone to that sort of treatment. I am far too professional. but think of the benefits if I turn out to be right? It could revolutionize science."

Lyndsay seems amused. "So what do I get out of it? Not to mention, I -can't- use my powers without someone to use them ON, and I can't use them on you. So you need at least a third person in this just to even run your tests."

Felicity frowns at that "Does it work on animals? I suppose that's true. Culd I at least have a blood sample? It would mean so much to me!"

Lyndsay looks back at the doctor. "Never really noticed it work on animals." Another sip of her drink. "And you still haven't told me what's in it for me, doc. You get my blood, you get research, what do -I- get?"

Felicity thinks about this and says hopefully "The chance to be at the forefront of scientific research?" And then she laughs "Ok, look, I'll buy you dinner or get you tickets to a musical or something? I have a very limited budget and can't afford to pay out huge sums. But /please/ understand, you're the first person I have met who can come even close to proving my theory is right. This is my life's work!"

Lyndsay thinks about it…and then a grin crosses her face. "You said you're an actual PhD, right? A medical doctor?"

Felicity nods quickly "PhD in Genetics and Biomechanics from Berkeley. I'm not a medical doctor, so I can't practice. But I know a lot about medicine. And most medical doctors don't have a PhD. Their doctoral title is purely honourary. Me, i'm a REAL doctor. I have papers to prove it."

The girl got the wrong acronym, of course. But as she said, she isn't that bright. "Okay. But you probably have access to stuff. Here's the deal, doc. You get me access to certain drugs. In exchange, you get yourself a lab rat. You stop dealing, I stop guinea-pigging."

Felicity blinks at that and says flatly "Do not be ridiculous. i don't have ACCESS to drugs. I work in the university, not the hospital. I'm not a /medical/ doctor. I'm a doctor of biomechanics and genetic research. I couldn;t get you drugs if I wanted to, and that's a really shameful thing to ask for."

Lyndsay shrugs. "Then I guess you don't want your research that bad." And she moves to start to stand up.

Felicity reaches out with a hand to stop the standing "Look…I /can't/ get you drugs. I don't work in a place where they HAVE drugs. I work in a small office in a forgotten little part of the NYU Campus. NOT in a hospital. I don't have any more access to drugs than any other non-medical citizen in this city. you can't ask me to achieve the impossible. be reasonable."

Lyndsay's lips curl up a bit, and she looks over her shoulder. "You're a doctor. That means you should -know- other doctors. If you can't do it yourself, you must know someone who can." In her limited worldview, doctor = doctor = doctor.

Felicity pinches the bridge of her nose "Look. I am not MEDICAL and I do not KNOW medical doctors. You can be a doctor of anything. Would you expect a doctor of English literature to have access to drugs? No! And I don't know anyone who is a medical doctor. You need to get the worldview straight. Just sit down and I'll try to find something else I can do to pay you for your help. I really, really need to talk to you. Someone with your abilities is like…like a walking god." Well, flattery never hurt. "You're the bets thing that ever happened to me in my research career. Can't we at least negotiate this reasonably?"

Lyndsay crosses her arms, and then leans back against the bar. No, flattery never hurt. "Tell you what. Give me your phone number. You see what you can dig up, and I'll call you in a couple days. And if I like your offer, we'll deal."

Felicity looks at Lyndsay and says "I don't have a phone. Now let's take a moment and work out why someone who is one hundred percent deaf does not own a phone, shall we? I have a pager. I can give you that number. Is that acceptable?"

Lyndsay blinks. Oh. Yeah, that's right. Phones wouldn't be much use for a deaf woman. She nods. "Sure. That works." She can call it from a pay phone. Just in case. But if she's a criminal…she's not very good at it.

Felicity hands her card over. "Page me any time but I may not get back to you immediately if I don't feel it buzz. You know how it goes. And then maybe we can test if you're telling the truth and your real limits. And then I'll…show you something that will REALLy break your mind"

Interested again. "Like what?" she asks. Cause if it's interesting enough, maybe they can deal.

Felicity smiles wryly. "I can't tell you here. have you got a place we can talk in private?"

Lyndsay thinks. "No. But you probably do. So lead on."

«Scene shifts to Felicity's Office, NYU»

The office is not huge. But it is tidy. Walls of books, a decent laptop, and the usual piles of journals. Wallcharts on genome research, timetables, and the usual academic things that are probably meaningless to those not in the field. "OK, sit yourself down. It's not much but I work here. If I need medical help I'm screwed. So far i have never found a test subject so it's been a moot point."

Lyndsay moves into the room, and takes a look about. "Okay…what's this thing. You show first." She's not giving up her bargaining chip without SOMETHING.

Felicity locks the door. "Not many people around this time of night. So I gues the screams if this goes wrong won't matter." She then lays her jacket aside and bounces in place. And backflips up onto the desk, and lands on one fingertip. And STAYS there. And while she may be gritting teeth with effort and the finger is going white, she pops her legs into a very odd position. Knees are not meant to bend FORWARDS by almost 90 degrees after all. She comments casually "Don't try this at home kids!" Her neck twists in a highly unnatural way so she can turn her face to watch lips as they move.

Lyndsay stares. "What the f—….if you can do this shit, then you already KNOW! So why make such a big deal about what -I- can do?"

Felicity flops back to the floor and uses her hands to help her head back into a position that doesn't make her look like a grown up Linda Blair. "I know what I can do. What *I* can do is just stretching a little further than normal poeple. I work to try to find out WHY I can do it. And you are the very first person i have /ever/ met who could do anything at all, other than myself. Do you understand what that means? I have lived my life like a freak. I'm deaf, I have a weird body. I can do thinks most people couldn't even imagine trying. A life lived as a freak, and a scared one in case I got caught and dissected. That's why i make a big deal. You're someone I can finally talk to and someone who proves I am NOT alone."

Lyndsay looks unsettled, and then watches Felicity, not commenting till she puts all her parts back in proper design. Finally she nods. "Okay." Knowing that the other woman can Do Stuff changes the equation some.

Felicity opens a drawer and takes out two glasses and a bottle of reasonable shiraz. "Wine? I don't usually drink but right now, it seems to be necessary. Now if you see what I am about, can you perhaps explain HOW you do it? When did you find out. Basically, what the hell is going on?"

Lyndsay shakes her head. "If I drink more I'm likely to pass out on you." She had kind of a lot at the club. "I found out while I was trying to get my dad to stop beating me. Told him to stop it and he did. Told him to piss off and leave me alone and he headed straight for the bathroom. Didn't take too long to figure it out from there. There's a feeling when I do it. Something in my head."

Felicity nods thoughtfully "I know the feeling. When I need to call more out of my body I can sort of..push…and by pushing the body it does things you wouldn't believe." She goes to a cabinet on the wall and taps it. Two medium sized cups of gold within. Trophies. "Twice, see? Two olympic gold medals. And then I made the link that I was doing impossible things. I had to give up what I loved the most to stop someone dragging me away to cut me up and see what makes me tick. We have strange gifts. We have a duty to protect ourselves. To protect others like us, and most of all, to find out HOW and WHY we can do what we do. Are you not curious about why you can do such things to people?"

Lyndsay shakes her head. "Never really thought about it. It was my ticket out of a shitty life and I've been riding it ever since. And I plan to -keep- riding it."

Felicity grins and gets herself a drink "I can relate to that if your father used to beat you. That's a pretty despicable way to behave. But have you never really tested your limits? What sort of unusual things can you achieve? And do you think you could keep riding it if you got found out?"

Lyndsay shrugs. "Never really tried to push it. Just make people do things. Haven't found much I couldn't make them do. And no. Which is why you're not gonna tell anybody." She gets a thoughtful look. "I saw a TV show once where a deaf person heard by the other person touching foreheads with them and talking loud. Bone…conduction? Zat true?"

Felicity smiles a little "Actually, not as much as you think, and if you try it, I'll break you in half. I'm a lot bigger than you are and really, it would be better if we worked on trust. See, I am not going to run to the CIA about you, and you're not calling up National Enquirer about me. We have a mutual need to remain anonymous. Except…there are others working on stuff that we can do. I think. I don't know who but people are doing it. If you know anyone else with this maybe we could try to find out who they are so we can avoid them, yes?"

Lyndsay frowns. "Hey, you're the one who wanted to test this stuff. And unless we get someone else on it, that's the only way I can think of to test it."

Felicity says with an amused note "A scientist has to remain outside the experiment. You can't test it on me if I am trying to examine the effects. I'm sorry but that's the truth. So we have to work on trust." she sips the wine and says in sympathy. "Look, I know that the idea of someone using you like a guinea pig is unpleasant, and you use your power to get stuff from people to lead a fairly easy life. I can understand that, I might have done the same if I were you, maybe."

Lyndsay hmphs. "I still might decide just to get up and walk out, you know."

Felicity nods pleasantly "Yep. You'd have to unlock the door though. Walking through it could be painful." She asks curiously "DO you know any more people who have such abilities? I am sure there's more than you think and hey, this is New York City! Full of freaks. believe me, I'm from LA. And even I think this is a freaky city"

Lyndsay shakes her head. "I just got here from California myself. And you know what I mean. Look. We're still screwed if we don't have a third person."

Felicity nods and says "We can wait until we find someone to test it on that we trust. I am not going to ever expose you to trouble or danger. I'm not that sort of person. Hey - how did you practice your abilities? Did you ever..you know?" She waves her hand "practice on people to see what you could get them to do?"

Lyndsay laughs. "I use my powers on people every day, doc. Sometimes to get things and sometimes just for laughs."

Felicity frowns "You don't make people do anything really dangerous I hope? Thats not really nice." She then fidgets "Says me, who trains by leaping from the top of tall buildings to see if I can land on rooftops across the street. yeah, OK. That was a dumb statement, right?"

Lyndsay laughs. "Dangerous, no. Embarassing, yes."

Felicity says in amusement "I am so glad I am deaf. I never thought I'd find anyone who made me glad of that. Thanks!"

Lyndsay can't help it, she laughs again. "It's kinda weird. You're the first person I've ever met who I couldn't use my powers on, so. Though I -still- say I wanna test it, just to see if it works -at all- on a deaf person."

Felicity smiles sweetly "I'll let you do that when I get to know you better. What I really can't get is how that WORKS. I mean me, OK, maybe i have greater tensile strength or every joint is twisted or hooked to bend both ways. Maybe that's it. But you? Playing with the minds of people? I cannot find any reasonable explanation for that.

Lyndsay considers. "Well, I'm not a science geek. But clearly, sound's involved. Maybe it's like those subliminal whatsits? My voice works on a level that people's brains take as "Hey, order."

Felicity nods thoughtfully "So you have some amazing vibrations in your voice that people take as being irresistible? And you…hang on, have you ever walked into a bank and said "Give me all the money and don't consider this a crime?" or something?" She shakes her head "You could have anything you wanted. Why haven't you done that?"

Lyndsay laughs. "How do you think I've lived for the last several years? I go into a restaurant and tell the manager to give me a meal for free. When I'm tired I go to a hotel and tell them to give me a room for free. Sometimes when people are assholes I have them give me their money."

Felicity remarks pleasantly "I don't make that much money so please don't. But if you could call up my boss and get them to make me professor with tenure I'd appreciate it." She is kidding. Maybe.

Lyndsay grins. "So take me by and you get your tenure."

Felicity chuckles "I think that is what we call 'drawing attention to yourself' and right now I want to remain anonymous until I can actually prove my theories. Am i really the first person you have met who you couldn't influence?"

Lyndsay nods. "Pretty much, yeah. I mean, sometimes I might have to say it twice, but it always works."

Felicity says pleasantly "I must be quite refreshing. It's like me finding a wall I can't climb over or leap over or something. Mind you I have taken my fair share of mistakes. Believe me, falling off a second story wall into a thorn bush is NOT a fun experience."

Lyndsay laughs. "No, I'd guess not. But yeah. You're the only person I haven't been able to push. Well, except myself. Not that I've ever actually tried that."

Felicity purses her lips then drinks down her wine "Why not try now. See whether or not it works on yourself. Always worth a shot"

Lyndsay rolls her eyes. "And do what? Short of getting myself not to eat that extra piece of chocolate cake, kinda useless, y'know? You don't need powers to make -yourself- do something."

Felicity ponders about this. "Yes, but when you do it you feel things? Maybe the target does too. If you try it on yourself you'll know how it feels. But that is your choice." She toys with her empty glass "So where are you staying? Anywhere you like? It's a strange power you have. I can see why it could be subject to abuse. You could be the first female president - hell, you could be named Queen."

Lyndsay frowns. "I wouldn't even know what to tell myself to do." Plus the thought makes her nervous. "And right now, just a hotel. Hadn't had any plans for tonight. Maybe was gonna go home with some guy."

Felicity clears her throat "I am not some guy and I don't think i'll take you home. Just because it's a small place and I have no spare bed. Or couch. At the moment. So, it really isn't a good idea." She then asks thoughtfully "I guess you got questions though. Anything you want to ask me?

Lyndsay laughs. "Nah, not really. You're the researcher, doc. I just came along cause I was curious to see what this cool thing was you wanted to show me. Give me a lift back into town?"

Felicity says pleasantly "No." Then laughs "Actually, sure. Where do you want to go? I can drop you somewhere. Do you want to take my car or shall I carry you? I probably could. Running rooftops is so exhilarating?"

Lyndsay looks angry at the "No", and then relaxes a little. "Drive, thank you." she says, a little petulantly.

«Scene Ends»

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