2010-01-09: Do It Right



Date: January 9, 2010


Cody's investigations lead her to a therapist in need.

"Do It Right"

Hope Hearth Distress Centre

It's been an extremely busy day at Hope Hearth. Drop ins left, right, and centre. And while Sydney is still supposed to be on leave, the counsellor known as Dr. Falkland is in her office, stroking JD — Tiago's kitten. She's not working, she's just packing up her things for an extended break; where? Anywhere but here. She wants to fight this government, but after Chi and Lena got caught, her connections seemed to fall apart. And now she doesn't even know where the pair of fugitives are. Beyond that, she's been feeling off since the end of her hospital stay; like everything is pointless. And, unfortunately, her depression is catching. For Amy's own good, Syd had resolved to leave the other woman's apartment. To where? A lingering question, but at least she has JD to take with her.
Amy, however, pads around main reception organizing everyone into lines.

"Alright. Who absolutely needs to speak to someone today?!" she calls over the crowd. She won't mention the word suicidal, but that's essentially what she's looking for.

The woman that steps up from the rest of the crowd has dark black emo cut hair, that's covered by a hoodie. It's a horrible thought but she's wildly reminiscent of a teenager that the therapist once knew very closely. She's covered head to toe in old clothing and her head is held down so that her hair and the hoodie hides her face. She doesn't even say a word to Sydney as she stalks by and into the office quickly.

The kitten hisses a little bit before he jumps and claws onto the skinny patient's leg, causing a wince of pain but no sound is uttered from her lips. He keeps climbing until he's reached the woman's shoulder and there he stays, purring rather contentedly.

The figure that stalks by catches Sydney's attention — although anyone that manages JD's attention like that would. Standing up from her office chair she pads to the doorway and calls hopefully — her emotion spilling into the space of the reception area, "Cassie?" She's careful enough to use the name that Lena used when she came here. Discretion is important now more than ever. "JD…" she calls the kitten gently.

There's no answer from the woman right away not until the door is actually closed behind them and that's when the woman grabs the kitten gently with her gloved hands and cuddles it close to her chest. A soft sigh is emitted, as though she's finally come home and the feeling of relief can be felt from the person with dark hair. Flopping into one of the chairs, she's very careful not to let the therapist see her, as though an extreme measure of caution is being taken to hide an identity… Something akin to the actions of someone on the run.

"Oh my goodness, I was so worried!" Sydney begins to sputter, feelings of elation feed their way into the spaces of the room. "Someone killed Bryce. Can you believe it? I'm still in shock. But enough about that! Oh my goodness, I'm so glad you're here. I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. Amy's making me take time off… I've been living with her since you guys disappeared…."

Elation… and there isn't even any chocolate in her mouth. It's the only time the woman really ever feels that emotion. Slowly, the kitten is dropped to the ground and the woman raises her head as she reaches into the interior of her coat to pull out a gun. Just as her eyes meet Sydney's the gun is fitted with a silencer and pointed squarely between the therapist's eyes. "I don't want to do this Doctor. So why don't you sit down at your desk and start explaining to me slowly what your connection is with the fugitive Caroline Grey and Tiago Da Silva?" The voice is cold and emotionless, just like the expression on the woman's face.

Wide-eyed, Sydney raises her hands in the air. Silently she stares at the woman opposite her, but she manages to remain calm. She's trained for this. "I'm an unarmed therapist. Please. Put the gun down." She's calm in her speech. "As far as Chi and Lena are concerned. They were my roommates. Or they were supposed to be. I ended up in the hospital for a week and they disappeared, leaving me with an expensive townhouse I can't afford. Or live in. An unmarried, unattached female in New York City isn't safe on her own. When I had the opportunity to have roommates, I took it." She offers the flicker of a weak smile.

"How did you meet them? They don't seem the type of people that a respectable therapist would involve herself with." The gun isn't lowered, merely waved in the direction of the chair before taking aim between the woman's eyes again. "You're going to have to tell someone, Doctor. You can do it with me here, now. Or we can go somewhere you can talk to people who won't be as nice or as understanding as I can be." Cody backs up toward the window of the office, keeping an eye on the woman. Slowly, all of the blinds are closed so they can have their little chat in private.

Sure enough, Sydney sits down in the chair that the gun was waved towards. "They seemed easy enough to get along with. And I thought…" she frowns "…I thought I could help them. They were both patients here. There are records. Although Lena went by another name." She tenses in the seat. "I really don't understand why you have to hold your gun like that. I know it's there. It's not going anywhere. And neither am I. I'm not stupid, you know…"

Nodding slowly at the woman's story, Cody moves toward the desk its drawers. Opening them one by one, she rifles through them until she pulls out a notebook. She takes the seat behind the desk and keeps the gun trained on the woman while she peers into the book. "What were you trying to help them with? Hiding from the authorities? Did you know that they're both criminals? I've done my homework on you, Doctor, up until you started hanging around with them, you've been spotless. Now you're dying your hair… to hide from what? And your ex-fiance's been murdered. Good thing you have an alibi."

"It's called post-traumatic stress disorder. Maybe you've heard of it? I'm doing what I need to move on with my life. And in my case that includes dying my hair. I used to look like this as a teen when I went through my goth phase." Sydney glances at the notebook and sighs. "I had no idea about the criminal activity. But they seemed scared. I help people. It's what I do." She frowns about Bryce's murder, "Wow, you really don't have sensitivity training, do you? That's a sure-fire way to make a person clam up; talking about my dead ex-fiance doesn't really make me want to talk to you. And despite what you may think I still had… have… very real feelings for him."

Skimming over every page that mentions 'Cassie', Cody nods absently to the woman before she finally closes the book and stares up at her. "Sensitivity training is left for figure skaters and gymnasts. If I want results I can easily just take you to an interrogation room and let the bad guys loose on you." The right corner of the dark haired woman's mouth twitches a little and she then shakes her head. "You're either the kind of girl that gets her jollies out of being hit or you need an authority figure to tell you what to do. You always feel very guilty, don't you Doctor? Is it because you can make people feel things that they wouldn't normally feel? I can make that go away and you can live a normal life."

After a calming breath, she responds. "I don't make anyone do anything," Sydney quips back. "No one can do that. Not even emotional manipulators. Ever heard that term? It's a psych term. We use it to describe people that try to manipulate others' emotions." She presses her lips together at the questions though and furrows her eyebrows, "I don't take orders. Amy can tell you that. She wishes I would." Her lips quirk into a kind of ironic grin. "And I didn't enjoy it when he hit me. I just always believed he would stop. He didn't."

A very cold smile appears on Cody's face and she narrows her eyes at Sydney, leveling the gun at her neck. "So is this how we're going to do it then?" She gets up and walks calmly over to where the dark haired woman is sitting and grabs a needle from her pocket. Pulling the cap off with her teeth, she then knocks the little hypodermic against the barrel to shake loose any bubbles and then pushes the plunger until a little bit of the liquid trickles out the end. "There's going to be a little prick, then a sting as this enters into your system. You're going to feel a little different, but don't worry… it won't last forever." With only that as a warning, the woman plunges the needle into the side of Sydney's neck and empties the vial. "Don't scream or try to run, I'm very well trained and I will not hesitate to kill you. Right now you are aiding and abetting two wanted felons. No one would blink an eye if I brought you in dead."

Straining at the other woman's touch and the sting in her still-sensitive neck, Sydney winces. As the vial does its work, the twenty-something gives into its magic. "Right now I'm not aiding or abetting anyone," Sydney says honestly. And it is the truth as per the serum. "Chi called me when it was all said and done, but he told me to avoid the townhouse. Geez! Like he thought I was effin' stupid or something! Seriously! I hadn't been back there since I got out of the hospital and got the cat. I didn't want JD starving to death. I mean seriously. Everyone makes me so angry. You know, and you. I might've told you straight up everything, but you came in here with a gun in hand, and now you've put some crap in my system. I just don't understand people. And everyone is so paranoid. And I guess maybe I should've been more paranoid, but I was gonna leave. Heading somewhere. Didn't want to cause anyone any trouble anymore. I take responsibility for myself. I try not to use my ability, but when I'm really emotional I can't suppress my feelings and everyone feels what I feel. I don't really understand why. Been trying to get rid of it for awhile, so the offer to have it gone is a bit appealing. But then, I don't trust people who hold guns to my head and don't move them. NOT that this has ever happened before. Except that one time when Bryce drank too much. But I knew he wouldn't shoot me. I took out the bullets. SMART. That's what I am: SMART. What happened to being civilized?! I mean c'mon! I know there are worse things, but it's like interrogation — if you leave the guns away sometimes you still get information. Any good cop knows that. Wait. What was I saying?" It seems Syd on truth serum is a total rambler.

Satisfied that the drug is working rather well, Cody moves back to the desk and sits down for a few minutes. She places her gun against the desk, still pointed toward Sydney but not aimed between her eyes like it was before. "It's a special blend of truth serum, you're not going to be able to use your abilities for a little while, I'm afraid, one of the little side effects." The woman isn't completely unsympathetic to the therapist's plight, she seems like an innocent enough woman, just caught up in a big mess. "There's more though, isn't there? Tell me about Gene. Caroline and Tiago's friend Gene." Her voice is level, calculating, it's quite possible that the fugitive's roommate knows everyone that they associated with.

"I'd rather not use my abilities anyways," Sydney says back honestly. And that's all she is right now: honest. "I mean who wants people to feel their emotions? No relationship I've ever had can be deemed real. Nothing I've felt is real. Everything is borrowed. It's a curse, really. I've been trying to work at controlling myself better. Things get out of hand when I'm really happy." Shifting in the chair, she glances at the door. She's stuck with this blonde. Nowhere she can go. "That said, it's a part of who I am. Learning to embrace it is hard. Only figured out I was special at all last month." She hmmms at the question of Gene, "You already had arrested Gene. I think you probably know more about him than I do. He's really smart and very sweet, but that's all I know. He doesn't like you lot very much, I'm afraid."

"We already arrested Gene? What's his last name?" That's a little tidbit that Cody didn't know before, something that she'll have to get someone else to look into. "So you can't really control yourself? Has anything really bad ever happened when you weren't in control?" She follows the woman's eyes toward the door and shakes her head. "Don't even try it. I'm going to give you a bunch of names and you're going to tell me everything you know, alright? If I think you're leaving anything out, you're going to take a ride with me so you can talk to someone else."

"I can't remember," Sydney says in reference to Gene's last name. She frowns as she tries to recall. "I don't think I ever knew his last name." Her eyebrows furrow, but she can't remember it. "I control myself well enough," she says defensively. "And no, nothing bad has happened to anyone but me. Hook ups and the like. I had the attention of Senator Ivory Wynn, but whether that was attention I garnered because of my attraction to him or his innate ability to make women swoon over him is hard to say." She shoots Cody a mirthless smile. "Take me where you like. You won't hear anything different about any of this, even if you employed torture methods. Which I've been told you're in habit of doing."

"I'm not really in the habit of torturing people that don't deserve it. But if that's what you want, we'll go." Cody gets up from the chair, moving over to where Syndey is sitting and pulls a pair of handcuff out of her back pocket. "All I want is enough information to catch the ones that really deserve it, Doctor, I don't care about anyone else. The person that broke Tiago and Caroline out of custody, Caroline, Tiago, not good people like you. Tell me about 'Dex', she's dangerous, isn't she?"

Sydney offers her wrists to the other woman; she already knows there's no point in resisting if this is what Cody wants to do. "Dex is legally insane," she answers with a smirk. "I've only met her once. In Central Park. She is smart too. Crazy and smart really are a scary combination, you know. And Chi and Lena aren't dangerous, are they? Like I know they're rough around the edges, but criminal?" She raises her eyebrows in disbelief.

"Murderers, Doctor, Lena and Tiago are murderers. You didn't know that about them, did you?" The woman is very convincing in the way that she presents the news. Sighing and sitting down in one of the opposite chairs. She tosses the handcuffs down before her and rubs her hand across her eyes, closing them just enough to see Sydney through slits. "They prey on people, getting them to let them move in and then when they figure they've gotten all they can, they kill their hosts and move on. Did you do a background check at all? Did you know why they came here from Florida? Do you think you're the first person they moved in on?"

Turning pale, Sydney no longer knows what to think. Her stomach bubbles angrily, her eyebrows furrow, her lips twitch. Betrayed. Time and time again. By her father. By her grandparents. By Bryce. And now? By Chi and Lena. "Th-they couldn't…" her resolve is wearing. Her hesitation is written across her features. "N-n-no. They're too-they're my friends." It's a good thing she has the Swan Juice coursing through her veins, else she leave anyone on the other side of the wall suicidal. The horrible sinking feeling fills her gut, her mind, her energies. Everything feels wrong. "I… who? Who do you think they killed…? I… I can t-t-tell when people lie to me… I'm a therapist…"

The free hand moves inside her jacket to pull out a small notebook which she flips open quite easily. It's comepletly filled with small notes in sanscrit, a good language to use when you don't want people looking through your stuff. Without hesitation or even missing a beat she begins to rattle off a list of names, all of which should be unfamiliar to the therapist. "Their first and second victims were an elderly couple by the name of Joseph and Mildred Carter, they owned a house just outside of Orlando. The bodies were found shot execution style in their living room. The house was empty of any valuables that could be easily carried. Jewelry, silver, even their wedding rings." She doesn't look at Sydney as her lips twitch into a small frown, it seems recounting the scene to the therapist really moves something inside the vet. "The third victim was a college student on vacation in Virginia, they met him on a beach and from what our investigation revealed, he offered to help them with a ride north. His body was found by the side of the road, according to witnesses it was two days after they met." Looking up at the dyed brunette, she tenses her jaw and holds out her notebook, "Do you want me to read more?"

Lifting a hand, Sydney wordlessly shakes her head as she shudders in her chair. Every evolved person she's trusted has been out to hurt her in one way or another: Ivory, Lena (maybe?), Joel. Everyone except Gene who protected her in Harlem, Alex who'd helped her in Central Park, and Eric who still makes her heart flutter. People like that need to be stopped. Lifting a finger, she stands up and walks beside the desk where she picks up her garbage can. She vomits into the garbage can, suppressing the sound as best she can. When she comes up she plucks a tissue from her kleenex box and wipes her lips. After doing so she returns to her chair and sits down, now shivering, unsure of what to think. Who to believe. Finally she manages a question that's been on her mind. She whispers, "Who are you?"

Cody doesn't even flinch when the other woman gets up and vomits into the garbage. She doesn't make a move to stop her or even lift the gun to try to threaten her. "My name is Cory Barker," She answers quite honestly, her lips pressed into a depressed expression. She feels for the other woman, she really does. "I'm not going to lie to you, I'm a government agent and I'm looking for dangerous people. I need help, specifically, I need your help. I'm trying to protect people, it's my job. It's been my job for my entire life."

Twitching, Sydney tilts her head slightly, "My help? How can I help?" She frowns and still isn't sure who to believe. What to believe. And she doesn't know what they want from her. "What do you want from me?" her eyes narrow at Cody as she stares at the black inquisitively.

"You can tell me about the people that Caroline and Tiago might be going after next. You can help me stop them. Do they have any more accomplices?" The safety is flicked on the gun and as a show of trust, it is put away into its holster inside Cody's jacket. "You're the one that got away, Doctor. If I might be so bold, you're their Harry Potter… the one that lived."

"Harry Potter. No one's ever called me that before. And I've had a lot of crazies in this office," Sydney chuckles mirthlessly. What is there to be happy about? Absolutely nothing. There's no joy in her eyes. No light in her smile. "I don't think they have other accomplices." She still can't really believe Lena and Chi are what this woman claims, but then, she's put her gun away. She's protecting people. And some people need to be hidden from everyone else, right. "Can I think on it and call you or something?"

Nodding, Cody pulls a card from her pocket and hands it to Sydney. Save from a telephone number typed onto the front of the card, there is no other script. No name, no address, no email address. "Think about it, if you want to save some lives you know the answers I need. I'm going to ask you for a favor and not mention our meeting to anyone that might be dangerous to me and I'll do you the same, okay? You won't end up on any list, I don't think you're one of the dangerous ones. I'm trusting you to do the right thing, Doctor Falkland, I don't want to see any more people die."

"I'll be in touch if I learn anything," Sydney says honestly, the truth serum still doing its work. She feels confused, torn, unsure of who to trust or talk to (if anyone). Pursing her lips she looks at the card. "Ms. Baker? Th-thanks. Yeah. Thanks. It's hard to hear, but… I guess I needed to know." And figure out what's going on. "I'll keep our meeting between us. I promise."

"Barker," Cody corrects with a rather sympathetic smile. She gets up from her chair and pats the woman on the shoulder once, "Cory Barker." She reaches down and gives the kitten a little pat before she straightens again to cross to the door. "If I might make a suggestion Doctor, go back to blonde, it's a better color for you." With that, she exits the room quietly and leaves out the front door. Two blocks away from the center, she begins to pull the black hair from her head by the handful and disposing it in the trash.

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