2010-01-16: Do Not Go Gentle...



Guest Starring King George

Date: January 16, 2010


Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

- Dylan Thomas

"Do Not Go Gentle…"

Hwy 152 Rhode Island

Traffic along 152 hadn't been too horrible along the drive back after meeting with Prometheus. Hallis, George, and Asshole were navigating along the road just a little faster than usual due to the oncoming darkness. It's not a commonly known fact but Hallis, much like her grandmother, does not like to wear glasses because they might mar her otherwise perfect looks. This results is a very unfortunate case of night blindness.

It's somewhere near Pawtucket, the little used back road is slick from the newly fallen snow. Why Prometheus couldn't have had the meeting somewhere nice and temperate like Aruba, Hallis will never know. Probably because of the poor people he invited, though that really isn't their fault either. Thinking back to the meeting, Hallis glances at her dog and gives him a little kissy face. "You yike your pink hair? Don't you shmoopy? Don't you? Yesh yesh you do!!" Of course, canoodling with a standard poodle is not the safest of driving conditions and when Hallis glances back at the road she's a little surprised to find a pair of headlights coming in her direction.

"OH SHIT!!" The receding sound of the horn of the passer by fades in the distance as Hallis swerves back to her side of the road. The front left tire hits a patch of black ice and the front left and begins careening through the middle of the road. "Oh god… oh god… oh god…" The young socialite panics and completely forgets the road training she never had, cranking the wheel exactly the opposite way that she should in order to get out of the spin.

When the car comes to a skidding halt, the young woman rests her head on the steering wheel for a moment to collect herself and her thoughts. Her eyes are closed so no one can blame her for not noticing at first. George's whine and his scratching paw on her shoulder causes her to lift her head….

…Only to see a bright blinding light.

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