2007-05-14: Do You Like Trains, Joel?


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Summary: Jaden wakes to find an unexpected visitor, and makes unexpected progress with her.

Date It Happened: May 14th, 2007

Do You Like Trains, Joel?

The Cain Mansion, Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC

The sun is beginning to sink low in the sky when it happens. There's not much sound, the door to Cain's mansion opens. A taller than average female shape steps through, and the door closes. She moves as silently as she can, even though she knows it might not be neccessary. Her guess is he'll be in the entertainment room, busily entertaining himself, when she finds him. Jane's goal is to quietly watch him play and try to figure out how the thing works. As always, or almost always, she's got guitar and pack.

Snoring. That's the sound that's coming from the entertainment room. Jaden Cain is sprawled out on the floor, looking up at the ceiling. His mouth is open and he's snoring like there's no tomorrow. There might even be a little bit of drool. He's sleeping a little bit hard, right now, since he's been up and at 'em with the training of his abilities for a long time. He's not going to wake up unless, well, there's a hot Princess Charming ready to kiss Sleeping Beauty awake or something!

Spotting this, she takes on a playful grin. Nothing is said or done to wake him, no, Jane's got other plans. She slides the pack from her shoulders and extracts a bag containing a certain type of cookies, setting them atop something and leaving them there for the moment while she goes to the kitchen and snags a full container of ice cream, chocolate, should he have it, along with a spoon. It's her hope he won't wake up, at least not yet.

Sleeping hard is something that Jaden Cain does on a regular basis. That's how he got through high school. He doesn't do anything. He hasn't even moved since the fact that he was sleeping and she came back in with the ice cream. Cookies, well, they do smell delicious and Jaden seems to have something of a smile creeping onto his lips, if only because he's used to smelling things like that. So dreamy.

The spoon is held in her mouth, and the ice cream container placed in the pack to leave her hands free, as a small package of napkins is extracted and the pack slung back over shoulder to leave her hands free. Jane then commences to place one cookie on one of the napkins every few feet and leave a trail all the way to the movie room. Once there she sets down her gear, changes clothing to something hidden in the pack, and flops out to begin enjoying a movie. She's content, it would seem, to let the man sleep as long as he will. She has chocolate ice cream, a comfortable place to rest, and something to watch as the spoon commences giving her that frozen joy.

Sniff. Sniff. Apparently, the scent is sliding into his nostrils with the greatest of ease. He tosses and turns a little bit, trying to figure out what that smell is. Blinking, he rolls to the side and… "Ruh?" his sleepy Scooby voice is all about it. He crawls, slides and flicks his tongue out to yank the Scooby Snack into his mouth. Chewing. "Mmmmm mmmmm!" After his Scooby moment, he hops up to his feet and grabs up the cookies on his way towards the movie room. He's chewing and munching the whole way.

There, in mid-movie, is one Jane Forrest, enjoying the ice cream while watching a film starring a much younger Tom Cruise and Rebecca DeMornay. She can't be seen fully right away when he enters the movie room, there's just a glimpse of one bare leg sticking out from the sofa she's stretched out upon. The film isn't far along, young Joel's parents are just about to leave on their trip and the father is admonishing him not to mess with the stereo system or drive the Porsche.

Jaden blinks and chomps the last of his Scooby Snacks and now has a handful of napkins. He tosses them over his shoulder and lets them flutter to the floor, whilst he's making his way over to where his kinda' girlfriend is. At least, that's what he thinks of her. "Hey, look, it's the most beautiful woman in the world… on my floor… watching one of the greatest movies ever made." Jaden flashes a big ol' smile and reaches up to try and flatten his messy bed-head down.

"I'm not on the floor, Joel," Jane replies in a sort of purring, breathy voice. "I'm on the couch. Join me?" Her head lifts up, the face becomes visible. Still brunette. As she lifts, though, it becomes apparent she's wearing a pair of sunglasses and a white button-front shirt. The spoon moves, she continues to enjoy the ice cream she shamelessly stole from his fridge.

Jaden just woke up! Don't pay any attention to what he's saying. He's too busy trying to figure out what's going on. He's taking steps to go over and meet her… but then he realizes that he didn't get called the right name. "Joel?" And then, well, he hears the tone that's attached to it. Not to mention the fact that, well, he's noticing that she's wearing um… "Uh, baby? Are you… wearing…?" He can't even finish it. His legs are yanking him over towards the sofa as fast as he possibly can.

She is… wearing… And her legs are bare. Jane shifts to allow him room there with her, intending to lie back against his chest and enjoy the show with him once he's settled, while she continues to also enjoy the goodness which is being slowly spooned from the container she holds. In so doing, there's a flash of red fabric visible at tails of that shirt, the barest hint she's in a bikini's bottom portion. "Did you sleep well, Joel?" she asks in that same voice.

Jaden blinks. Mostly because he's not sure what's happening. He knows, but he doesn't. With the whole leaning back against him like that, he finds himself trying to wrap an arm around her. Mostly because he wants to keep her safe. Not that there's anything bad happening. "Uh, it was okay. You're not about to tell me that I'm still dreaming, are you? Because that would suck. So much."

She reclines to lean against him indeed, and flashes a playful grin. Her eyes are on the screen, still watching the film, and the spoon is poised to bring her mouth more ice cream. Jane's free hand moves to rest gently on the arm she finds snaking around her and hold it in place, while her thumb and forefinger unite in a brief activity. They pinch lightly. "Does it feel like you're dreaming, Joel?"

"If I am, I refuse to wake up. Put me in a coma right now." Jaden's smiling like there's no yesterday now, too busy getting comfortable and ever so wrapped up with his could-be-significant other to really be worried about if he's dreaming or not. This whole Joel thing is almost throwing him off, but he's good at the roleplay thing so he goes along with it. "Nice shirt, by the way." He's really trying to sneak a peek and figure out if it's his or not.

And onscreen Joel is finally alone in the house, and starting to do all the things he's not supposed to do. Getting into the liquor cabinet, cranking up the stereo and jacking up the bass… and of course doing the Bob Seger sing along. Jane's voice joins in softly, so as not to drown out the sound. "Just take those old records off the shelf…" But she's not dancing, comfort exists right where she is and there's no intention of abandoning it.

Dancing would've been hot. Of course, maybe this will happen more often than not. He is, after all, working his way into the good graces of the hot girl that's in his arms. He doesn't say anything else, right now, since there's too much going on on the screen and in his lap for him to really try and figure out such. He sighs a little bit and leans in closer to her, planting a soft kiss on her cheek. He really likes her, that much should be obvious.

And she, for her part, likes him. The simple act of being here, clad as Jane is, speaks volumes. The movie progresses, she enjoying both it and the solidity behind her, with a quiet smile to her face. The ice cream continues to vanish at a slow and steady pace, until it's gone and she sets down the empty container. The Porsche goes into the lake, is pulled out, they plan the fundraiser activity, and hold it. And then comes the time when Jane makes her move. After the party has ended onscreen and everyone else is gone, leaving Lana and Joel alone, Jane stirs. She pulls into a sitting position and opens three buttons on the shirt, revealing a hint of red bikini top under it, and whispers in time with Lana onscreen. "Do you like trains, Joel?"

Jaden blinks. He's been watching this movie and just sitting in somewhat silence with Jane this whole time. Nothing has really developed… until this moment right here. And now he's figuring that there's going to be something good headed his way. Which, well, he's not going to mess up. He can't mess up. He better not mess this up. "I love trains." Jaden's not even going to go for the Cruise line. He's not a scientologist, for one thing. And Jane is so much more -real- than Lana is.

Her eyes show lust in them as they seek to meet and hold his, she not speaking again from that point. Jane simply reaches back for something in her pack within easy reach and extracts it. A string of small foil wrapped packages. Then the rest of those buttons open, and the shirt begins to slide from her shoulders. Once it's gone, there's just her in the bikini, reaching for his hands with intent of guiding them gently toward the string behind her.

Jaden has no clue what's going on at this moment in time, but he's not going to be stopping this any time soon. His hands are taken by Jane's and he finds himself reaching for the string. His lips get a little dry and his eyes go a bit more wide, but he's not really sure if he should pull or not. Fingertips brush against the string and his eyes are searching hers to see if this is what she wants. Or what he wants. Or something.

In her eyes is a clear invitation to indeed pull that string, and embark on a metaphorical train to things beyond that point. Jane doesn't say it, it's as if to her in that moment, her behavior says all she needs to about the choice she's made and words would simply be clutter.

Jaden's not a loser. Not anymore. Mostly been a slacker for all his life. Dealt with chicks that, well, weren't exactly as hot as Jane. Or even liked him, for that damn matter. It was more the fact that, well, he was just himself. Girls never really dug him. So to have one wanting him the way Jane seems to, has his mind boggled. Going through his mind? A reworded version of Kiss The Girl from the Little Mermaid. La-la-la-la-la-la-la… you wanna, pull dee string! Go on an, pull dee string! And he does.

In the morning, Jane wakes before he does and dresses quietly, wearing a slightly giddy smile upon her features. Wanting to be mysterious, it's her plan to depart before he wakes and leave the bag of those cookies he enjoys so much within easy reach, along with a note that informs him there's more where those came from and thanks him for the excellent… movie.

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