2007-04-27: Do You Mind Kissing?


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Summary: Peter stops by Elle's new apartment to see her, make sure she's settled in, and reestablish some of their spark. In the grand tradition of Nathan… NO SEX HAPPENS.

Date It Happened: April 27th, 2007

Do You Mind Kissing?

The Forrest-Bishop Residence

With a phone call giving about a ten minute warning, Peter arrives at the Forrest-Bishop apartment in Greenwich Village, and knocks on the ground floor door. Dressed nicely, with a mind to look halfway decent, he's wearing a black dress jacket, and slacks, instead of his usual jeans. The shirt under the jacket is white, and he's very recently shaved, as well as taken a moment to put gel in his still short, though growing, hair. The gel doesn't slick it back, though, instead adding a few jagged edges here and there.

Elle shows up at the door. She's casual at the moment. Jeans, t-shirt. She's also barefoot, which Elle generally isn't, but maybe Jane is rubbing off on her. She opens the door, and smiles up at Peter.

Though it's evening outside, that doesn't mean much when he sees her. Peter's eyes stay stuck on her for a time, watching her in the doorway, and returning the smile with a hint of his own. "Hey. It's good to see you…" There's an breathless quality to his voice, as if he'd been winded recently. No stairs to climb, though.. "Did you get settled in okay?"

The blonde nods. "We did. My room looks kind of empty, but everything's moved…come on in." she steps back and away from the door.

Stepping inside, Peter tugs at the cuff of his jacket, which happens to dislodge the button and loosen up the cuff all together. "Do you need anything? I could always help with moving furniture if you need it."

Elle chuckles. "No, actually. Jane hired movers for it, so they did all the heavy lifting. All the light lifting, too, honestly. It was nice." She looks a little awkward, and gestures to the kitchen. "Can I get you something to drink?"

"Oh, okay— just thought I'd offer," Peter says, tugging away again, looking a little awkward himself. There's even a delay on the answer to her question, as he's looking at her. "Oh— yeah. I'll have some water."
She nods, and starts out to the kitchen, getting a glass and starting to pour. "So…how have things been?" It's hard to make small talk…given what's happened.

"Forgot how quiet my place is without anyone around," Peter admits giving a hint of a smile as he follows, looking at her face for a short time, before his eyes slide away and down. "Otherwise it's been okay. I haven't stormed in to threaten your father yet." And it sounds like that has been a feat of resistance on his part. "But I— you're not wearing any shoes." The last part is said so suddenly, that whatever he'd been planning to say got derailed completely.

Elle blinks at the odd comment, and actually blushes a little. Elle is generally perpetual-high-heel-girl. "Well, no. The carpet's fairly thick here, and Jane doesn't, so I just figured, it'd be okay." Pause. "Do you rather I do?" She doesn't know what he likes. Anymore.

"No, it's just— I'm not used to it…" It would also seem Peter's looking at her feet rather intently for some time, not noticing the blush right now. "Are all the scratches gone?" he asks, looking back up. He'd kneel down and examine her feet, but that might be taken wrong. "…you probably don't remember that. Your feet were hurt. Just scratches, really. This— woman who could grow and get really strong attacked you. Split your lip pretty bad, blew up the car with your back up— I healed your— your lip," he says, gesturing towards her mouth, "but the mild heat burns on your back and the scratches on your feet didn't heal as fast."

The blonde looks up. "Scratches?" Indeed, it seems she doesn't. "Oh…no, I don't remember any of that. They feel fine…" She lifts a leg, peering backwards over her shoulder to get a look at the bottom of her foot. "No scratches, so I guess I healed up." She smiles back. "Thanks for looking out for me, though." She comes back with the glass of water, offering it out.

Accepting the glass, Peter looks away, his expression sheepish and awkward, "It's not a problem. They were pretty much healed the last time I saw you, before the whole mind wiping." There's a sudden pause, and he takes a drink before he looks back and asks, "Does talking about the things you don't remember upset you any?"

Elle shakes her head. "Doesn't really upset me…it's just a little awkward. It's like being in a conversation where two people are talking about something, and you know nothing about it, so you're the odd one out. Except there's only two people total."

"Yeah, I always hated that. My father and brother would do that a lot," Peter says, nodding a bit before he lets his glass lower and he looks down at the distance between them to her face. "In that case… I'll try not to do it anymore. If we're going to do this— I guess we should start with introductions… Um… You know my name already, and my brother. Not sure how much your files had on me, but— I was a hospice nurse a year ago. Had just graduated from nursing school around then. I'm twenty-seven… and…" There's a pause, and his flawed mouth moves into a soft hint of a smile as he continues, "And— you could say I was in love with you before you ever met me." The honest truth, and downright corny.

Elle smiles a little, moving back towards the couch. She grabs his arm to pull him along, with a smile, as she gets there, and plops down. "Well, I'm pretty sure you know most everything about me."

Pulled along, Peter settles down next to her, keeping a hold of her hand, with the glass of water in the other. "Doubt I know everything about you. We'd only been together since March." He could go on there, but he already makes a tsking sound at himself. Talking about what she's forgotten again. "…Anything you'd like to know about me?"

The blonde nods. "Clearly, you know who I am and what I do for a living, and you probably know what kind of person I am. So why'd you fall for me?" That puzzles her.

"Now you're making me break the deal," Peter says, looking up towards the ceiling for a moment. "The book you gave me, the picture of my brother. And… you believed in me. That's what started it." Glancing back over to her, he takes in a slow breath. "I know you don't remember any of this, and I don't know what led up to it— you'd even told me it was just a ploy to get back at your father at one point, but… I really felt that you believed in me. Not a lot of people do.

Elle listens, and she nods. "Well, you seem like somebody worth believing in." She reaches out to put her hand on his face and caress it gently.

Based on the sudden inhale when she touches his face, Peter'd not been expecting what she does. "Well— if you say so. Just— not very many people used to." Leaning a little against her hand, his eyes close a bit. "The more time we were together… the more I loved you. Little reasons, big reasons… I wanted to show you things you'd never seen or experienced— be there with you when you did— Be the reason you smile— and the reason— hold back."

Elle smiles a little. "You know…THAT is really sweet." She grins, and lets her hand spark as she pulls it away. "Sweet and cute. I can certainly see it. Why I'd be interested, that is."

The spark isn't minded much, though there's a reflex twitch of some of his facial muscles. A completely natural reaction. What follows isn't. Peter raises his hand and grabs onto hers, not hard, but firm, and draws her fingers back towards his face, specifically his lips, where he kisses her finger tips. Whether she sparks or not, there's a bit of energy in the air between them, sending a tingling buzz into her hand.

Elle seems surprised at the grasp on her hand. There's not a spark, but a tingle as well, as she lets a little of her own tingle happen. She reaches out and grabs at his shirt, to pull him closer.

As he's drawn in closer, Peter lets his hold on her hand drop, moving to touch her face, much as she'd just done to him. Before it gets close enough to actually kiss, though, his nose bumps hers and he tries to speak, "Are you okay with this?"

Elle grins. "With kissing? I'm WAY okay with kissing." Her attempt successful, she leans in more. "So…tell me, exactly how far'd we get -this- way?" She teases a little.

There's a smile, a hint of a laugh that she'll feel against her lips. Peter's got his eyes open still, as he says, "Guess you'll have to find that out all over again. But if you're going to ask /that/… Know you'd never been on a /date/… but you certainly seemed to know your way around kissing…" Now he might well be teasing her, paused so close and asking questions, thumb and fingers touching her cheek gently.

The blonde grins. "I like kissing." She says, with a smile. "It's one of the few entertainments I had. But we did real dates, then. That's pretty cool." She smiles.

That's pretty much the answer he'd expected, and Peter doesn't look surprised or disappointed, or even jealous. "Yeah, real dates… and we'll get real ones again, too…" But first… his eyes slide closed and then he closes the remaining distance and presses his lips against hers. Not chaste, but not demanding, his hand sliding into her blonde hair, while his other continues to hold the forgotten water glass.

Elle closes her eyes. She is pretty good at the kissing part. She reaches around, grabbing behind his head, her fingers sliding through his hair like his are in hers. Water? What water. She's certainly not thinking about it. Kissing is MUCH more relevant.

The longer the kiss lasts without any interruption or signs of pulling back, the deeper that he tries to make it. Peter's definitely not going to argue with this part, as his only regret is that he didn't put the glass down when she pulled him in. Restricts him to one hand, which slips behind her neck as he pulls her small body even closer to his. Seems like he missed this.

Either Elle missed it…or she just really likes kissing. She has her eyes closed, and is certainly into the moment, as she cuddles up closer to him, and tugs a bit at his hair.

At the tugging on his hair, Peter suddenly makes a laughing sound, pulling back enough to ask, "Don't think— you ever— did that before." Voice breathless, the pause ends as soon as he stops speaking, because he's kissing her again. This could go on for a while…

Elle grins. "Well, then good. It means I've still got some surprises." she says, in between kissing. Her free hand starts tugging at his shirt.

Wait, shirt tugging… At this point Peter pulls back, both to catch his breath, and to take her hand. Not quite pushing her away, because he clasps her hand against his chest and holds it there. "Sorry— getting— a little carried away."
Elle looks one part pouty, one part angry. Blonde is not used to being told no. She lets a rather painful snap out as Peter grabs her hand.

As it's painful, Peter does more than just muscle twitch. His hand lets go and jerks back, nerves firing and muscles tensing up. Leaves his hand twitching a bit, and a shocked look on his face. Yeah, she's got a few surprises left. "Elle— we're in the front room…" There's definitely some newfound hesitation in his voice, "Which— which one's your room?"

Elle nods towards the smaller bedroom. "That one there." she indicates it, not seeming to care much about the room that they're in.

She may not care, but apparently Peter does. Leaning away enough to put his glass down somewhere solid, and not wooden and stainable, he frees both of his arms and reaches towards her, pulling her up against his body. She could shock him again, and it would hurt, but he's holding her close, so he hopes that she takes this how he's intending, "Think we should relocate, then…" he adds, leaning in to kiss her again, as he pulls her even tighter against him and then tries to stand. She's very tiny and light, which would make this easier. Assuming she doesn't tase him. And if she doesn't struggle, he'll carry her all the way to her bedroom.

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