2007-07-09: Do You Want Fries With That?


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Summary: Erin finally gives in to Taine's badgering about going to get something to eat. Only she has an ultimatum of sorts.

Date It Happened: July 9, 2007

Do You Want Fries With That?

Places in New York, yo

It's after filming. The actors are given leave to go off to their dressing rooms and get cleaned up so they can go home. The warm summer New York weather has lessened a little with dusk settling, but that doesn't mean it's jacket weather by any means. On the way towards the dressing areas, Taine manuevers to get directly beside his co-star and walk quickly to keep up, and look over at her. He's still dressed in his doctor's coat and the suit under it. Very warm in this crappy air conditioning, he might add. There's some sweat that's gathered on his forehead, making his hair a little darker of a blonde than normal.

"You know, we kissed five times today." He reminds her, as if she could have possibly forgotten. He counted them up. "And that makes… a couple dozen all together." Multiple takes, and all. Kissing is one of the few things they did a few extra takes of. Had to find one with enough passion and all. Most believeable. For those lonely housewives who need their romance somewhere. "And I saw your set designing order— looks like I'm getting an apartment soon." And they both know what a character getting an apartment means…

"So, all this kissing and you still won't go on one dinner date with me, will you, cutie?" He really does seem to think his accent is incredibly charming.


Now that 'Jane Doe' is out of the hospital, she actually has more wardrobe and makeup than just a hospital gown, and so she's dabbing some of the excess off as she goes. Stupid lights. Not that she really minds, since she got into this profession knowing she'd be slowly destroying her skin, but still, there has to be another way.

Admittedly, the Australian has grown on her a bit, and he'd be a whole lot more likable if it wasn't for this constant begging and pleading. Ignoring the kiss count, as well as 'Cutie,' which she's eventually going to smack him for, Erin looks up. "Okay, I've tried just about everything. Insulting you, stepping on your toes, trying to get you to mess up your lines /during/ a take…" What do I have to do to get you to leave me alone?" At this point, it's almost routine, and it's gotten to the point where she does enjoy his company. Still, she's curious. "I mean, let's face it. I'm a jerk. I have a terrible personality. What is your problem?"


It's not begging and pleading! It's… failure to give up. If he were begging and pleading he'd probably actually be pouting or whining when she says no, instead of the usual nod that follows a denial, and that smug smile he sometimes has. Like he just knows she'll be saying yes to him eventually. Taine's wearing make up too, but only enough to keep him from looking completely pale or blemished under the hot lights. It's not as much a nusience.

She's a jerk. Terrible personality. No one should really like her. So why does he keep chasing after her, honestly? It doesn't make any sense, does it? Sure, the soap tabloids already have him pegged as a playboy, who'll probably end up dating his costar within the next few months— and then move on to someone else. They're not totally wrong, either.

"Do you want me to leave you alone?" he asks suddenly, rather than answering her question, eyebrows raising slightly as he looks at her. Then again, she answered his question with a question. Only fair, right?


It's pleading. And she does wish he'd stop, because she's getting closer to saying yes. As she told Ali, he's a good kisser, he's nice when he's not hounding her, and he has an accent, which is always a plus. But, yeah, there's the fact that he seems like the type to hit on anything female, and Erin isn't quite ready for a relationship, anyway.

Oh, are they going to play the question game? Erin can do that. Smiling with a syllable of laughter, she mops some of the excess eyeshadow off her face. "Would it really make any difference if I did?"

Though she seems at ease, it doesn't really make sense to her. She's more than aware she's attractive. She knows if she'd just lay off a bit, she could go on at least a /few/ dates between work. It's not that she can't help it, it's just that she doesn't /want/ anyone at this point in time. And yet… "Are you aware that you're one of the most persistant people in the world? And one happens if I say yes?"


"Actually it does," Taine says, shifting his head to toss his blond hair a little. It's one of the many things he does besides talk in an accent, and the camera at least loves it. They've been abusing his hair tossing ability to the point it's becoming his character trademark. But oh well. Everyone has to have one.

"Mostly because if you outright tell me to leave you alone and never ask you again, I'd have to stop or it'd be sexual harassment and then I'd get fired, and lose my work Visa and be deported… Neither of us want /that/… since your character's main interaction is with mine." It'd pretty much cost her her job too, unless they sneak in another storyline, or recast him. But how many Australian actors are available? Or will they have someone fake the accent? Or drop the accent all together… It would suck.

What WOULD happen if she said yes. "I'd take you to dinner. We'd talk about something besides our work while we eat. I'll pay. And then I'll see you home, or at least to the cab if you'd prefer that ending instead."


Okay, so if it was to save his job, he'd stop. Of course, with their interactions thus far on the show, it'd be hard for them to avoid each other entirely. "No, I wouldn't do that," she says, and this is where she'll finally give a little ground, turning, sighing. Her expression isn't quite as closed off as it usually is to him, though she does glance around to see if anyone else is looking. "I like you, Taine. This has to stop, though. This… I mean, it's flattering. It is." She's not sure what to add to that, because he's really been /mostly/ a gentleman about it.

Considering this is a soap opera, they'd /easily/ be able to replace any of the actors. They're recast all the time. One Pryce might have blue eyes, the next brown. That's not the point, though.

She's resisting /because she can./ That's the only reason.

"Okay, but I get to choose the place." He has to at least allow /that/ much. "And this doesn't mean we're dating or anything. I mean, we don't have to worry about whether you're going to kiss me or not. You've already done /that./" Humour.


In most cases when a woman says she'll pick the place, he expects it to be so expensive that he'll regret taking her, or so extravegant that he doesn't even like it at all. But Taine will accept this possibility. But there's that small breaking. She likes him. That's a good sign, definitely. "I like you, too." Obviously. Since he's so insistant on trying to get her to go out with him, even if just the once. Flattery is also a good sign. He's almost tempted to pry her about the 'but' that she might have tossed at the end.

But she said yes to him. In a way.

"All right, not a date, just a dinner— and I'll let you pick the place." He can handle non-exclusive going outs. That's actually what he'd prefer in some cases. It leaves less expectations of commitment. "It'd be a little old hat to kiss you at the door, ya," he can't help but joke back, with a smirk on his face and a twinge to his accent.


/But…/ She just doesn't want anything long-term. She enjoys the freedom of living on her own, without having to worry about calling or making time for someone every day. She doesn't want to have to come home and cook dinner, or do laundry two or three times a week to keep the house clean. Yeah, she's thinking long-term here. After all, she /is/ almost thirty.

"There's one more thing. You have to promise to come meet my roommate sometime." Ali's favourite soap? One Life to Live, coincidentally. And she'd go crazy over the chance to meet 'Doctor Pryce' - that's a given. "Her name's Ali. She likes the show. She's a little weird, but… She's a good person." Also homeless - formerly, at least - but Erin won't add that in.

So! She picks the place. Awesome. "I've really been wanting a Big Mac," she says. "And a vanilla shake. Do they have McDonald's where you're from?" She's mostly kidding, since the chain is world-wide, as far as she knows, but it might not be!

She can almost sense what he was expecting. And mostly, she's amused that she's picked probably the least expensive place possible - or close to.


"Sure, I can meet your roomate," Taine says, not seeing any problem with this at all. Maybe she can come along with one of the dinner dates, though that would be a little awkward unless she has a boyfriend. Or there's always the possibility of just going over and visiting her at the apartment. Two birds with one stone in that case— but she has a roommate. But luckily he doesn't, so there is that!

But then she gives an idea about what restraunt she wants and he has to blink. McDonalds? Big Mac? "…we do have McDonalds in Australia, yes, but…" Is she serious? That's a weird choice for a restraunt. But! "If you're having a Big Mac craving, then a Big Mac you'll get. We'll go get changed and meet out here in… twenty minutes? And go get you that Big Mac and vanilla shake."


Well, they could have gone anywhere in New York, but why would you go to a place with overpriced food and a dress code and small portions if you can get something you like for a whole lot less money - and wear jeans while you're doing it? Besides, she did mean it to be informal. "And this is /as friends./ I don't want everyone on set telling me tomorrow that we're dating. I swear, Taine, if this is just an excuse to brag…" She'll make their next takes absolutely /unbearable./ It won't be fun. Especially when they have to kiss again. "I'll eat garlic beforehand, just for you."

/Ew./ But seriously.

With the ground rules laid out as such, she heads off toward the dressing room. Maybe she'll wear something a /little/ nicer that isn't jeans. There has to be some way to keep in informal. Besides, he's a co-star. It means that anything other than 'friend' would be awkward in the event of… Well, whatever.

She'll meet him back in the hallway a little over twenty minutes later.


"Gentlemen don't gossip," Taine says innocently, even raising his hands a little as he does. Though he's an outback Aussie and not a gentleman… even if he does look good in a suit. All Aussies are descendants of criminals anyway, right? "I won't call it anything you won't allow me too." Again, it'd be sexual harassment anyway, if she found out about it and told the bosses in charge of their pay checks. He doesn't want to get recast or writen off the show. Especially since it keeps him from being deported right now. Don't deport the Aussie.

Fifteen minutes later, he's changed and cleaned up and waiting in the same place, running a comb through his hair. No longer in a suit, he's changed into jeans and a button up red and white shirt, with short sleeves for the heat. The wallet he carries sticks out in his back pocket, not visible since his shirt hangs untucked. He nods to people who walk by, and waits for her for the rest of the twenty minutes.


Erin really can't believe she's doing this. Granted, it's a meal, and she'd need to eat anyway, and it's decent company and all, so she can't complain, but she's /caved,/ and that's breaking Rule One or… something! As she heads out into the hall and finds Taine waiting, she smiles, unable to help thinking that this won't be so bad at all. "Your shirt's un-tucked," she states, pointing out the obvious.

She's washed her face and put on a little make-up that's not so apparent. Instead of jeans, she's gone with a spare pair of black pants she had in her locker, and a nice button-down shirt. It's still casual. "So I get to see how you act outside the studio," she says with some feigned interest. "Hopefully you're not like, Koalazilla or something. I guess I should ask all the obvious questions beforehand, like, are you married, are you gay, am I going to be mobbed just being seen in public with you, do you have crazy fans, do you still live with your mother — you know. The usual."


Looking down at his untucked shirt, Taine gives a shrug. "Hey, you picked McDonalds. When you pick something a little further up the scale, I'll dress appropriately." No move is made to take her arm, though he does start to slowly walk so she can keep up and walk beside him. Down to the parking garage. He's one of the few people who drives, but that's mostly because he lives in Brooklyn right now. If he had an apartment closer, he'd probably just walk. And he likes his transportation— even if he has to drive on the wrong side of the road.

"No, not Koalazilla, though my name does mean 'God of the Forest'. The important questions. In that order. No. No. In Australia. In Australia. No."

There's a hint of a smile, full white teeth, before he leads the way. Parked pretty close, because what he's walking towards just happens to be… a motorcycle. Reaching to grab a second helmet from the back, he holds it out to her, as he continues to answer the questions. "My mother still lives in Cairns. She's a nurse. My father's a bartender. My hobbies include playing the guitar, and singing, and driving this baby past the cabs in your crazy town."


Yeah, yeah. Okay, so she picked McDonald's. She wasn't being picky about the shirt, anyway, it was just an idle observation, which is just keeping that little bit of a barrier between them. Figuratively. She's… guarded.

Perhaps it was foolish of her to actually expect Taine to drive a car like a normal human being. After all, out of the hundreds of vehicles in the structure, /MAYBE TWO/ are motorcycles. Even as he heads toward it, Erin doesn't anticipate that he'll stop there, that it's his, but when he does, she stops abruptly. There's a brief flicker of something in her eyes - anger, fear - who knows? It's gone by the time she looks at him. "You have to be kidding," she says dryly, hand going to her hip as she /refuses the helmet./

"I mean, seriously, 'God of the Forest'?"

That said, she'll take the helmet and hop onto the back of the bike. Yes, she's surprised, but she'll pass it off as something else. His name works. "My name just means 'Peaceful.' I think my parents made a mistake." Not that she's talked to them in… months. But still.


"Well, it /also/ means 'man'… but I like the other meaning better." But it just goes to show he has a man's manly name. It may sound a little weird when said a few times, but it's definitely a man's name. Taine glances towards his motorcycle and shrugs a little. "It's more realistic than driving a car around New York City at any time of day besides four am. Even has a tracking device on it incase it ever gets stolen." He pulls out his keychain to show off the security device that's connected to it. "If it turns on and this is outside of five meters, there'll be alarms and notifications going off, and the wheels'll lock." He's not some crazy guy from across the way, he comes from a country raised up from convicts!

Or penal colonists. Same thing. He's cautious. "Don't worry. I won't go too fast."

Pulling the second helmet over his head, lowering the shade, he says, "Hold on to me," before he starts up the motorcycle and begins to pull out. On the way to McDonalds they go!


Yeah, other meaning is a whole lot better. She'll stick with that one, albeit with a chuckle spared for 'man.' It's kind of like naming your dog 'Dog' or something. In fact… "So they named you after your gender? That kinda sucks," Erin says. Yes, occasionally she has no idea when to keep her mouth shut, this is true. However, that's hilarious.

He does have a point with the motorcycle, though. Makes getting around easier, but it just seems a lot less… Safe? She's never actually been on a bike like this before, and so she's /holding on./ Points for Taine; though he could have told her this /beforehand./


"You're parents picked a pretty weird name for you too, Peaceful," Taine has to tease, before he revvs the engine. He does drive safely enough, and they zip past a lot of the traffic that stands perfectly still in the street. The most dangerous thing would be keeping an eye out for cab doors opening in the middle of the street. Luckily nothing of the sort happens before he pulls into a public parking garage at a shopping center that just so happens to have a big golden arch sign advertising a McDonalds inside.

Parked, he shuts down the engine and pulls the helmet off, giving his hair a shake. "Wasn't so bad, was it? It's even better on an open road. Though I imagine when it start's cooling off in the winter I'll have to get a jeep or something…"

Until then, he'll stick with his motorcycle. More convienant and better gas milage.

"So, what are your hobbies, besides acting."


It's not a weird name! It's a good name, and she /likes it./ Taine, though. She's never even heard that name before she met this guy! So his name actually is weird, and all Australian or something. Either that, or she doesn't read enough.

Erin actually manages to keep her eyes open through most of the ride, though there are points where she can't look for fear of ending up as roadkill or something. Despite the fact that it's easier to get through the city this way, there are still a lot of cars around, and pedestrians, and dogs, and curbs, and…

Finally, when they step, Erin takes the helmet off, practically falls off the bike, and looks at Taine as if he's crazy. "Yeah, not bad at all," is stated around an expression that looks almost ill. Don't worry, she'll recover. Eventually. She runs her hands through her hair to get that helmet look out of it, and seems to be looking better by the moment. "Well, you've seen me working on the sets. That's what I went to school for. I don't know. Shopping?" Everyone likes shopping. "I like going to movies. I… don't know. I'm pretty plain."


"Coming from you, that's a pretty good compliment," Taine has to admit, putting his helmet back into the locking mechanism. His helmets don't have a tracking devise on them, so he locks those up under the seat. The bike itself… it has enough security on it (including stickers warning of security) that only the most skilled criminals would be able to make off with it. "Yeah, you seem to be pretty good at set design and construction, but— shopping and movies are it?"

That is pretty plain, but… that doesn't mean she's not worth talking to. "So you don't sing? My agent, the one that's keeping me here, he used to tell me how dozens of soap opera stars sing on the side, and how I could use it to increase not only my future acting career, but also a singing one— I'm not really planning to do the second, but he said it could suppliment my acting— assuming I can fake an American accent."

There's a sound of him clearing his throat, as they start towards McDonalds, "So you are getting a Big Mac and a shake. Are you going to want fries with that?" he asks, in a… fairly good American accent. He's been practicing.


"Coming from you, that's a pretty good compliment," Taine has to admit, putting his helmet back into the locking mechanism. His helmets don't have a tracking devise on them, so he locks those up under the seat. The bike itself… it has enough security on it (including stickers warning of security) that only the most skilled criminals would be able to make off with it. "Yeah, you seem to be pretty good at set design and construction, but— shopping and movies are it?"

That is pretty plain, but… that doesn't mean she's not worth talking to. "So you don't sing? My agent, the one that's keeping me here, he used to tell me how dozens of soap opera stars sing on the side, and how I could use it to increase not only my future acting career, but also a singing one— I'm not really planning to do the second, but he said it could suppliment my acting— assuming I can fake an American accent."

There's a sound of him clearing his throat, as they start towards McDonalds, "So you are getting a Big Mac and a shake. Are you going to want fries with that?" he asks, in a… fairly good American accent. He's been practicing.


Yeah, well, she does other things, too. Sometimes. She watches TV, kinda likes camping, didn't really learn a whole lot in school outside the realm of art. She doesn't like animals, doesn't really draw or paint outside what she does for work, even if she's a half-decent artist. "No, I don't sing. I think my voice would kill people, actually. You really don't want me to." As they pass someone's car, Erin hears an advertisement for some new Villains show on NBC. Maybe she'll watch it.

"I couldn't really ever learn. I mean, my mother kind of pushed me into acting, but…" She trails off with a shrug. "Okay, I'm pretty good at miniature golf," she admits with a smile. "And I used to play tennis."

As time passes, she's becoming a little more amicable with Taine. Not as brash, at least.

And she also has the good grace to look reasonably impressed with his attempt at an accent, as well as the stereotypical 'do you want fries with that' at the end. And so she counters with one of her own. "Crikey, that's a big crocodile! I wonner what'll 'appen if I put me face between 'is teeth!"


"Then I won't ask you to sing a duet with me sometime," Taine says with a smile, in his usual accent. By this point, they've made it to the door to McDonalds, which he holds open for her and joins after. He doesn't know what he'll get at this point, but he has to nod. "Never played much of those sports back home. Played a little football, some swimming and surfing, but nothing really huge— the water out here doesn't look at all habitable…" It's the East Coast. Maybe if he went to the west he'd find some waves worth looking at…

"Maybe you can take me to minature golf sometime— show me how it's done." That's setting things up for later, yes.

But then she mocks his accent. "You realize you're making fun of a national hero. How would you feel if I started making fun of… Elvis?" He's teasing, a bit. Elvis gets made fun of all the time. He can't really think of another good one to mention.

Once they're up to the counter, he gestures for her to go first, while he looks up at the menues. Mmmm.


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