2008-05-07: Doctor Deals


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Bald Guy?

Summary: An unusual incident occurs at a pawn shop in New York City.

Date It Happened: May 7th, 2008

Doctor Deals

Doctor Deals Pawn Shop, New York City

A few customers mill quietly about the cramped store (it's NYC, what did you expect), which is cut at awkward angles due to numerous glass counters and things hanging from the walls. Jewellery, video games, CDs, cigarettes. A second room is alotted for computer needs, and a third for… those 18 and over. Ttreat yourself at Doctor Deals!

The owner of the shop, an athletic pierced-and-tattooed twenty-something fellow who looks better suited to playing in a death metal band than running a pawn shop, is currently in the process of lowering an electric guitar off the wall off to the left of the main counter to show a starry-eyed high schooler. Right now? The evening couldn't be more average.

Jamie comes into the pawn shop, all on her own but seeming confident. She looks around once she's in the door, and goes immediately over to the jewelry on display. She pulls a small rose quartz stone from her pocket, and looks from it to some of the cheapest necklaces and chains on display, biting her lip.

William looks over to Jamie as she comes in. The man is already standing by the jewelry counter. He's dressed casually, in jeans and a t-shirt. His hands are tucked down in his pockets as he looks back towards the case, eyeing a necklace with a blue stone for a moment before he looks on.

Christa isn't actually here for any purpose other than the fact that she happened to follow one of her older patients in. And she likely wouldn't have done that if said patient hadn't stopped her on the stree in order to ask about a perscription, which led to talk about things like marriage, and kids, and grandchildren.

And by the time said patient leaves, Christa's found she's interested in what's here, which is odd. She's never considered entering a pawn shop before. The most interesting things are the old medical stuff… prescription bottles from the early 1900s, medical tags and alerts that have somehow found their way here and are scattered through the jewelry. Nothing historically noteworthy, though, and it's hard to think that people felt the need to sell these old relics to a place like this just to make a few dollars.

Well, maybe one of the old glass prescription bottles would make a nice ornament on her desk at the clinic…

Tucked away in a corner of the pawn shop (in the all-ages section, thank you very much), Elle is poring over a collection of old clocks. One, in particular, has drawn her attention - a cabinet clock, probably decades old, covered in dust and not currently displaying the right time. Or ticking at all, really. It doesn't look like she has any idea what she's looking for, to be honest. If she's looking for anything at all.

Average doesn't always last forever…

Not too long after the young girl entered the pawn shop, the door opens again. Dingding of the bell. An older man, bald, with gray stubble on his face, fairly tall and well-built, with troubled eyes and ragged clothes. Light brown cargo pants, a dark coat and t-shirt bares dirt and tears in more than a few places. Seams are ripped on the sleeve of the coat, and one of the pockets on the pants has been torn off completely. One hand is tucked under the coat, as if he might want to be checking to make sure he had his wallet. But considering the situation… There's something about his blue eyes that seems off, looking around in a shaky fashion, as if something might dart out of the corner of the pawn shop at any moment. There's enough time for the owner to lower the guitar down, turn around, before he's taking quick steps across the room. Hand comes out from under his coat, holding a knife — the kind that doesn't fold under. "Money." His voice even shakes, even on just one word, a hint of sweat glistening off of his wrinkled brow.

The pawn shop owner (does that make him the one and only Doctor Deals?) doesn't pay the rugged newcomer much mind at first; sketchy types wander in here all the time, trying to pawn their life belongings for a bit of cash. He's about to hand the guitar to the teenager to investigate when— "Whoa, hey, chill, dude, holy crap," the guitar drops a few inches onto the counter with a loud clatter and twang — the jewellery counter, incidentally, which the cash register sits on. The teenager, wide-eyed, scurries backwards while the owner inches to the register, hands up.

Jamie looks up to William a moment, taking just a few seconds to place where she recognizes him, and then she smiles and says, "Hi!" She doesn't get to say more before things get interesting. She looks to the robber and blinks. Pocketting her stone quickly she says, "Hey, leave him alone!" If the man was holding a gun, she'd probably dive for cover. A knife? Doesn't seem to spook her in the slightest.

William gives Jamie a quick smile. And then, well, bum with a knife makes an appearance. He jumps slightly at the guitar dropping, but he's already moving to put himself between Jamie and the knife. Kids need protecting in his book, after all. And then he'll give the guy a look over. After all, they're pretty close. He's even trying to get Jamie to back up a little. It's still at the subtle level though, gestures rather than pushing her.
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There's a sense of calm about her as she boredly looks over the tags to see if any in particular stand out. Mostly, they're sterling silver diabetic alert tags, which she doesn't need.

That's when the sound draws her attention. It's kind of hard to miss a guitar dropping in close proximity to her, and it makes Christa jump, and she first notes said guitar before she catches the store lights reflecting from the knife. Along with loud guitar noises, that is damn hard to miss, as well.

In an ideal world, all adults would be chivilrous and brave. Protect the kids and all - much like William is doing. However, the doctor's blood just kind of turns cold, dark eyes widening as she takes a step awak from the guy, into the wall, which makes the jewelry knock together.

Whirling around at the loud crash from the guitar, Elle flicks her attention between the owner and the man with the knife, all but forgetting there are others present in the shop. Her own hands are raised, notably free of any little sparks, as she edges forward a step or two. Reckless? Elle? Never. "Hey, buddy. Maybe you want to back off with that knife before someone in here does something stupid." Jamie, that means you, too. "Put it down and walk away."

From the way he's holding the knife, the man doesn't come off as an expert in knife fighting, but there's something about the way his eyes twitch, and the way his muscles flex at his neck, that give a vibe of something being very much off about him. "Can't go back— can't— won't let them— " He mutters in a unstable voice, before he steps around, moving. "I need money." That's a little more stable, but still definitely off. The man isn't talking or reacting sensibly. With his steps taking him a little to the side, he reaches out towards the kid near the counter with his empty hand, though he's practically reaching around William to do it.

Under duress, distracted not only by the unstable (and let's face it, intimidating) man but also by the customers who step up, the dark-haired, tattooed Doc Deals fumbles blindly at the cash register drawer before remembering how it opens. It rattles and pops open, but the owner flattens his hands over the bills within. "Okay okay okay— put down the knife. Just lay it down first."

If Jamie was being smart, there's probably no way the man could reach her past William. Unfortunately, the girl isn't that smart, at least when it comes to her own safety. She moves around William somewhat so she can see what's going on, and says, "Don't be stupid, there's lots easier ways to get money than this." Anything more she might say turns into a squeak as the man grabs her, though.

And that's enough to set off Captain America. Go for the money, sure, but the kid? Nuh uh. Will steps forward aiming a first blow with a fist towards the hand without the knife. He's trying to grab Jamie. He'll push her out of the way if he can get her free. "You want a fight? I'll give you one. Not that kid." And here's the point in the movies where he'd pull out some cool weapon. If only. Well, he's got his fists ready to go.

This really isn't what she expected when she randomly walked into this pawn shop for the first time. Hands grappling at the chains to keep herself upright, she manages to collect herself enough so that, while her heart rate is way higher than it should be normally, she's not trying to escape through a solid wall. Adrenaline is causing her pulse to beat in her ears, and she looks toward the door, trying to figure out if she can get out of here…

That's when the knife-guy reaches for the kid. As William pushes Jamie out of the way, Christa steps in to take hold of the child's shoulders if she's not too terribly squirmy, so she can guide her farther away. Unfortunately, with the position Christa was already in, this just puts her behind the bad guy, and away from the door. Not what she wanted, but it puts the business end of the knife away from them.

What the hell do you do in a situation like this?! One trembling hand reaches for knife-guy's neck, though it's more of a reaction than a deliberately-planned maneuver.

What the hell is wrong with all of these people? That's what's going through Elle's mind as she gapes - outright gapes - at the shaky man, the young girl, and the man trying to protect her. With no particular desire to get in front of the skeevy bandit and his blade, because she's not crazy, and wanting to just buy this damn clock and get the hell out of here, she rolls her eyes impatiently. She drops her hands to her sides, seemingly in exasperation… but one slips behind her back. In the next instant, a blue arc leaps from her palm into the glass case behind her, shattering the pane with a sharp and sudden crack.

Stupid may not be the problem so much as… unstable. The hand gets knocked away rather harshly, but there's no grimace of pain across his face. It must have hurt, though, and everyone in the main part of the store can almost understand how it must have felt, a fraction of it. Like a ghost of a blow hitting their own hand in the same place.

The force keeps his hand from actually grabbing anything, pushing his arm away, and allowing for the kid to be herded. "I don't want to fight— I just need the money. They're— they are— they're going to find me!" The man says, shaking a little as the doctor reaches up toward him. The touch barely makes contact when the shattering glass sends him spinning around in a panic, turning and twisting in a way that might cause his arm to slam into Christa.

The owner scrunches bills of all sorts into his hand and flinches — at the sensation, at the commotion, at cracking glass, all of the above. He holds a fistful of cash up. "I got yer money— !"

The teenager with dreams of playing that forgotten guitar has had just about enough and starts to skirt along the pawn shop walls for the doors. Screw everyone else!

Jamie gives another yelp as she's pushed and pulled away from the man, stumbling but managing to stay on her feet thanks to Christa, but that ends up with her farther away from what's going on. Not much, though, at least. When the man swings back around towards Christa, which means towards her as wel, she acts again without thinking. This time, though, she sends a squirt of water from her finger at the man's face. Or, at least, aims for the face.

William sighs at that statement from the man. He doesn't so much as jump at the sound of shattered glass. Instead, he'll move to try to get in a few good hits. He's trying to knock the knife away, but really, knocking the guy out would be just as good. As the man moves for Christa, though, well, that puts Will close enough that he could easily wing the doctor in the process.

There's nothing wrong with Christa. She just wanted to get out of here, but circumstances prevented that, so she tried to make the best out of the situation. As her hand reaches toward him, though, it's struck with a sudden pain that has her drawing it back, releasing Jamie, and cradling it to her chest. What…

The expression on her face as she looks down is a mixture of all kinds of confusion. She's never known that to happen before as a result of the ability she attempted to use. Naturally, she thinks it's her own fault at first, and fails to notice the other people in the shop having the same problem.

The shattering glass causes an instinctive rush to shield her face, and dismissing the pain in her hand for the time being, Christa brings her arm up, managing to - accidentally - block Knife-Guy's swinging arm. That'll definitely bruise later, but it's better than—

Why does she suddenly hurt all over? It's like a headache-calibre pain, spreading across her face and chest, though she's not being hit—

As she moves her arm away in an attempt to see what's going on, William nails her right in the face. Ow.

Well, would you look at that? No one even looked over this direction, really. That means this next bit should hopefully go unnoticed. Elle drops her hand back to her side, this time pointed inconspicuously in the direction of the man with the knife. She doesn't raise her hand this time, nor does she call out or step forward. There's a charge building in her hand, and she's just about to fire it, too, when she's jolted by a sudden strike to her chest and face. "What the— " With renewed irritation, Elle grits her teeth and sends the new arc crackling through the air at the man with the knife, aimed for his legs. She's still trying to be inconspicuous, after all.

There's money for him. But also a lot of other things. A squirt of water hits him in the eyes, distracting him more than enough for fists to impact his face, his chest, and proceed to knock him around a little, though it seems as if he's just being forced around, like a punching bag that moves with each hit. Face stays firm, fist continues to be clenched around the knife. The people in the store feel sudden dull aches against face, chest, as if watching the man get pummeled invoked some kind of empathic reaction. The fist impacts Christa by accident, and he takes the chance to move forward, reaching for the money with his free hand.

Fingers clasp around bills, and an arc of electricity hits him in the legs, scortching his already dirty and damaged pants.

Only he doesn't react.

His hand just reaches towards the clasped bills.

Everyone close to him suddenly feels a shock on their left ankle, a burning sensation, and a flicker of nerves firing when they shouldn't.

Muscles spasm, pain coarses up the body. The effects of getting hit by a burst of electricity, though gratefully, less than the damage should have been.

"H— " Doc Deals' palm splays, emptied of the cash; his shout is cut off by a grunt as he clutches the edge of the counter and stumbles in place, in sudden pain, losing his footing in surprise.

Even the teenager, already jostled, gives a sharp cry and reaches down for his leg as the *dingding* of the door heralds his skedaddle.

Jamie stumbles and falls to the floor, crying out in pain as the sensations hit her. Only ten, she's not as used to pain as erverybody else in the store, so it hits her harder. Hard enough that she instinctively escapes the pain, secrets and embarassment forgotten. One moment there's a girl lying on the floor, the next there's a splashing sound and just her clothes in a puddle of water. A form that doesn't experience pain, or hasn't in the past at least.

William is thrown for a minute by the pain, by the electricity. It's not enough to really stop him, but it is enough to make him shake his leg with a few muttered expletives, the kind Jamie shouldn't hear for years yet. Well, maybe she won't as a puddle. He pulls himself together, pain is something to be dealt with later, in his book. Instead he aims one hard blow towards the bum's head, trying to knock the guy out. Maybe that'll make it stop.

After being punched, Christa is seeing stars. Dropping to the floor and landing with a thud in a kneel, she grips her nose with both hands, stunned expression fixed in wide eyes as she feels the blood on her fingers.

She sees the electricity through a haze of pain. Sees the child turn to water before her eyes, the puddle swirling around her knees. None of this is particularly surprising, since she talks with people who have abilities like this fairly regularly… But she can't piece it all together. The pain in her ankle seems far distant compared to the fiery pain spreading across her face, but it's still felt, and her hands reach down, resting in water, so she can attempt to brace herself and prevent herself from outright falling over.

Instantly, Elle regrets having fired that shock. It takes her about a split second to realize what's happening, but that split second comes after the point of no return. Unfortunately familiar with electric shocks, she drops to one knee, both palms splayed against the ground below her. "Son of a bitch," she hisses, shoving herself back up to her feet. Raising her voice, she says, "Don't hit him!" But it's too late. William's already throwing another punch. All Elle can do is brace for what she expects to happen.

And what happens next would be the man pushed in the direction of the counter, fingers wrapping around money tightly as it slips out of the man's finger. Most of it sprays to the floor, but a fist full of bills is more than he had when he came in. Everything, with the exception of maybe the puddle, feels another blow, hitting the back of their head, sending pain down their body. It doesn't push them forward, but it hurts. Another lighter impact-like feeling can be felt against the ribs. The knife stays clasped on one hand, while the cash is held in the other, and pushes away from the counter, trying for the door, not paying attention to much more than the possible exit, and the money in his hand.

The pawn shop owner, who has zero idea what the heck is going on, doubles over slightly behind the counter. In the commotion, he didn't even register the fact that the little girl turned into water. "The hell, man."

The puddle that is Jamie stays still for just a moment, until the man with the money tries to leave. The water flows, not following any gravity but moving of its' own accord, in front of the thief's path to try to make the floor slippery enough to cause him problems.

That finally stops Will. He grabs his head with a wince. And a few more choice words. But at least he's stopped adding to the pain for everyone. That's a good thing, right?

For Elle's part, she's procured a phone from her pocket. She's on her feet when the blow to the head strikes her, and she grabs the back of her head with her free hand with a grimace. "Motherf— ow." Squinting at the phone, she searches through her contacts for a number to dial, pressing the phone to her ear once she's found it.

The puddle shifts and moves, and as the man runs over it with heavy boots, he suddenly slips, sliding, then stumbling even faster and less in control until he slams into the door. Dull pain raises up arms from the palm. During the sliding, the knife clatters to the floor, a few more dollar bills slip out of his fingers, but he gets the door open and takes off down the street. No bruises form on his bald head, no signs of damage at all. Except for a scortch mark on his pant leg.

Ok, bad guy gone. Now, Jamie just has to figure out what to do. Turn back to human in front of everybody, or try to escape. So, for a moment she hesitates, just staying where she is on the floor.

Bum theif goes out the front of the store, and Will heads after, narrowly avoiding stepping in Jamie. He doesn't catch the man, though, instead stopping outside to shake his head. "Crazy, crazy powers." He mutters before he turns and heads off down the street the other direction reaching down to rub at his leg, where the pain of the electricity hit earlier.

Christa reaches up with one hand to stem the flow of a bleeding nose once again, eyes squeezed shut against the pain. Holy hell, what happened?! She's still seeing stars from that, plus, she's sore all over, even where she wasn't hit. "Need some help," she says weakly, though as she looks around, she can see that other people obviously need a little help, as well. Everyone seems to be in pain.

Putting her hand on the counter and leaving a streak of red behind, she pushes herself to her feet. As Will runs out without so much as seeing if she's okay, Christa decides that - in her professional medical opinion - she should probably go see a doctor herself.

After a moment more, the puddle flows back over to the clothes and start to flow up into the air. Water pressure carries the clothes up into the air as the water takes human form, and then once again Jamie's standing there. She's barefoot and her clothes are slightly crooked and damp, but she looks unharmed for the most part.

A few words on the phone - spoken quickly, quietly, with her head turned away from the rest of the patrons of the store - and Elle flips it shut, slipping it back into her pocket. She straightens her shirt, dusts off her hand, then carefully steps around the shattered glass on the floor to pick up the clock she had been looking over before. "I'm buying this," she declares to the shopowner, Doc Deals, as if the last ten minutes hadn't happened at all. What? She wants the clock.

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