2007-10-08: Doctor, Detective, Deranged


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Summary: Mohinder and Mara visit Sylar with the intention of gloating.

Date It Happened: October 8, 2007

Doctor, Detective, Deranged

Level Five

It's been a week. A long week. One dangerous evolved has been taken in, there are still three on the loose. Oddly enough, it was Sylar that they managed to bring in. Maybe the Company got lucky, maybe he slipped. It's not really being questioned. With his partner accompanying him, Mohinder makes his way down into Level 5 to pay the murderer a visit. And not for a friendly chat over old times. It's more to reaffirm that Sylar is behind glass, and hopefully that's where he'll stay for quite some time. The geneticist isn't exactly empty handed as he approaches the cell. He has a taser tucked under his labcoat in a holster.

As much as she wanted to bring it, Mara has left her gun safely locked away in Mohinder's lab. That isn't to say that she's unarmed, of course. She also carries a Company-issued taser tucked away where her gun would usually be. Much the same as her partner, she simply needs to see the bogeyman locked away. Apprehensive and yet oddly self-assured at the same time, she flanks the geneticist, dressed sharply in a black suit with stiletto heels that she hopes click against the floor in a suitably ominous fashion.

And there Sylar is. Quite pathetic really, lying on his back on the long, cold table, his eyes half-lidded with the drugs being fed to him intravenously. His head moves from side to side occasionally, struggling to open his eyes wider and gain grounding over the drugs. He can't. Whoever drugged him knew exactly what they were doing, and they did it well.

Mohinder glances aside at Mara as they approach, mainly to check on how she's faring. He heard about the kicking incident. He tries to keep a gloating expression out of his eyes, and fails miserably. He can't help it. Suresh is pleased that the murderer of so many is back where he needs to be. The geneticist walks right up to the glass, peering in, a smug, satisfied look on his face.

"I thought he'd have more fight to him," Mara laments as she strides up to the glass, staring through with a passive expression. Her hands are safely tucked into the pockets of her slacks, where they can't cause her any accidental visions. "It's almost disappointing. I thought I would feel more of a lift or something."

The killer knows people are there. He can hear them, if only just barely. He struggles again, the the bonds on the table keep him in place, and he lolls his head to one side, trying to peer through the glass. The only view he gets, however, is the side of his cell. "Who… who is it," he calls out, anger inside him building, but there's not a single thing he can do about it.

"I'm rather pleased to see him so helpless," Mohinder says in an uncharacteristic dark tone. "Don't tell me that you're feeling sorry for him. He deserves what comes his way." Despite the appearance of Sylar laying there, unable to move, the door isn't opened. Mohinder is not going in there. Not without being armed with more nasty concoctions in syringes. Unable to pass up the opportunity to torment one who tormented others, he moves in to the intercom. "Visitors who are happy to see you here and in this state."

"Sorry for him? No. Just disappointed that he isn't able to properly froth and be frustrated." Thought Mara's head perks when the prisoner struggles to figure out who's come to call. "Ooh. I retract my last statement. This suits me just fine." She leans over to the intercom while Mohinder holds down the button. She all but purrs, "Hello, Gabriel."

His eyes widen at the voices, recognizing both immediately. The doctor and the detective. Oh, how he would love to shed himself of these tubes, and smash both of their faces into that glass. It would be extremely satisfying for Sylar. "You," he says, his voice slurred, but gaining strength. The drugs aren't wearing off, but his anger and his newly arrived visitors are giving him the strength to speak louder, more clearly. "When I get out of here— and I will… I will kill both of you… /all/ of you.."

Oh.. Sylar's probably frothing and foaming in his mind. Drugs can do that to a person. The sense of helplessness.. Mohinder's almost getting high off of this. "Then we'll have to make extra sure that never happens. You should be thankful that you're still alive. Caged. Drugged. The electricity you took might have killed most people."

"No you won't." Mara's voice takes on a sorrowful tone. "Since we first met, I've made it my mission to fill my life with visions of you - all your exploits - so that I could better understand you. So I could take you down. I've seen some of the things you've done before you had even done them. And Gabriel…" Mara smiles and slides one hand out of her pocket, tracing her finger over Sylar's form through the grass almost fondly. "The visions of your future have stopped."

"That's because you won't be around to see the future," Sylar says, his voice soft, but clear. "You'll be dead— just another piece of trash in my way." With that, he begins to laugh, the laugh echoing off of the walls of his cell and filling the room with it, a grin spreading over his face as he continues to laugh, ignoring his visitors, lost in his own little serial killer world full of pain, anger, and drugs.

Mara exchanges a grin with Mohinder as the two turn away from the glass and start back the way they came. The doctor gives the detective a look and as if reading his mind, the woman responds. "No, I can't see his future. But I finally got him to scream." She gestures for Mohinder to proceed her and she casts just one more look back to call over the cacophony of maniacal laughter. "Enjoy your stay, darlin'! You're gonna be down here for a very long time!" Mara turns to follow her partner out, pulling the door shut behind her, silencing the killer with an echoing slam.

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