2011-01-05: Doctor McNinja



Date: January 5, 2011


Everyone loves people with skills.

"Doctor McNinja"

Give 'Em Hell Kid Arcade - Midtown, NYC

It's a lovely night for a trip to the arcade. The weather is cold and nippy outside, and most people are avoiding it. The arcade is one such place where that can be accomplished, with its heat and its warm glowing lights and the music from the games and its standard arcade sound effects that indicate people are winning, whether it's high scores or tickets.

It's especially fun when Mina has snatched someone's unlimited game play card. After all, while money never really was an issue for her, she did always enjoy saving it more than she enjoyed spending it. And let's be honest, here: if you were able to do it, you would too!

And that leaves us with a Mina who is thoroughly enjoying herself, grinning and laughing faintly to herself as she plays a Deal or No Deal game. Judging by the pile of tickets that are still attached to the machine, neatly stacked at her feet, she's doing a fairly good job at beating the game's ass, on top of that.

She's going to win that damn crockpot they have, just to say she went to the arcade and won a crockpot.

Mina isn't the only thief present tonight. Cam, who came in a few minutes ago without a trace of a coat or any cold weather gear, (nor a shiver to show that he needs it), is making his way through the crowd, and a few of those who're being jerks to those they're playing against find their tokens missing. Once he's accumulated enough to get some game time in, *then* he starts looking for a game that looks fun.

There's room for a lot of variety in the place, from that Deal or No Deal game to a row of standard-issue skee ball lanes— and that's just the ones that tempt the players with tickets. Then there are the ones for which the game itself is the only reward, from Pac-Man and Space Invaders all the way up to the latest of the late arrivals, which has had someone or other playing it just about all day long. Cranking the volume to eleven helped.






While the bonus points rack up to truly implausible levels, Randall leans forward, hands on knees as he glances over to Portia. "Okay, this officially kills the idea of video games making you fat and lazy. We should at least get a couple of throwing stars for getting through all that…"

Panting heavily, Portia Maddox can't help but laugh a little as she uses the machine to hold herself up a little. "New workout regiment… no spending money on a gym, just spend the money for games on one of these. Phew." She glances over towards Randall. "The only problem with arcade games is that you can't save them and take them home with you."

Looks like Wilhelmina Stone has just won another large amount of tickets. It looks like she's done, too, reaching down and tearing off the tickets, which she promptly gathers up into her arms and brings over to the ticket counter. Once her tickets are being fed into the machine and being counted, the woman turns her different-colored eyes to sweep the arcade thoughtfully.

She pauses as she notices Portia and Randall at some ninja machine. Hmm. She should give that a try. It would be fun to see how well the petite woman would do playing that game. Once the tickets are counted, she swipes her card, loading the total onto the personal card she carries that is not the unlimited game play card. Then, the card is pocketed, and Mina idly makes her way over toward this new ninja game, brows raised in curiousity.

Cam stops moving through the crowd as he hears a couple of familiar voices. Voices he hasn't heard in a very long time. He looks around until spotting Randall and Portia, grinning as he makes his way over closer, "Hey!"

"Oh, they'll come up with a home version inside of a year or two, I bet." Randall wanders over to grab a handful of napkins, handing some to Portia while he mops his brow. And turns, looking up again. Where's that voice coming from? "Hey yourself. Been keeping out of trouble?" His tone of voice is somewhat less than enthusiastic: partly fatigue, partly due to just how long it's been since they last met. Certain things were… different back then.

There's one thing that's the same. Portia, at least, is cheerful. She offers Cam a grin and wave, nodding in his direction as she carefully dabs away sweat. She's not for sweating in public, but considering the only guy she's really trying to impress is already sweaty too, she figures she can probably deal. Tossing the napkins away, she pipes in. "Good to see you!" Her gaze shifts to Mina, and she steps off the machine to make room in case she wants to play. "Oh, hey! I didn't see you sneak off last time. I bet you'd be good at this ninja game." She gestures.

A thoughtful glance is cast to Randall and Cam for a moment, before she sweeps her gaze back to Portia, brows raising. She does offer a faint smile to the woman, as well. "I'm good at sneaking away undetected." Really, her specialty is getting away in general. After a moment, her gaze sweeps over to Ninja Ninja Revolution, brows raised. Good? She would kick this game's ass.

Then, she's smirking, pulling off her sweater and setting it on the ground. "Might as well give it a try. Can't hurt anything, can it?" She smiles, stepping up onto the machine and popping in that unlimited play card of hers.

Cam glances up curiously to Mina as Portia greets her too, stepping to the side so she can get into the machine, and then looks back to Randall and Portia and asks, "How've you been? Been ages."

While Mina prepares to get her ninja on, Randall takes a step back as well, leaning against a nearby patch of wall. "It has! We're trying to turn her into a Huge Rock Star." Actually there's a lot more to it than that, but it's a start at least.

"I know, it's been forever. Nice to see you're okay, at least," Portia agrees, continuing the conversation, but she's still watching Mina. She's curious how good the girl will do. Her eyes momentarily flicker back to Cam. "Randall's right. I started college now, learning a lot about music, and I plan on making it big. Randall's helping me along too. Don't let him discount his musical talent, too."

The game starts! And…Mina proves that, even when she's trying to be slow, she's fast, and she has some fairly good reflexes. She even wears a slight grin on her face as she 'runs' across the rooftops in the game, clearly enjoying herself. Okay, so this is easily as fun as winning a crockpot. Which she finally has enough tickets for, once she's ready to leave.

Cam grins to Portia and says, "That's awesome news! I'm… not doing anything that cool." Then his attention is caught by Mina's gameplay, and his eyes widen just slightly, "Wow."

Randall smiles a little, accepting the flattery - more or less. "All right, I won't, but we've long since established that you're the Paul Simon here." Meanwhile, though, he's watching the gameplay out of the corner of his eye. "So is it just me, or does that part make you feel like there'd be some guys in suits chasing you if you turned around?"

Portia's glancing at the gameplay too, gaping just slightly before she pulls her eyes away. "Pfft. Guys in suits. That's like, so last year." Her gaze flickers back to Mina. "I clearly suck at video games. I don't even think she's trying."

To Mina, that normally adrenaline-fueled run over the rooftops is actually…rather slow and boring to Mina. But she's still grinning all the same, doing the directed moves with the occasional laugh as she plays along. Portia would be correct. She's really not trying, unless you count it as trying to move slow enough to have your movements recognized.

She doesn't seem to notice the commentary, but…really, she does. It's always nice to get an ego bost.

Cam nods in agreement with Portia at her comment about guys in suits, grinning just slightly. Then he nods again and says, "Only ever seen one person do better at video games than that, and it's definitely not me."

"Who's that?" asks Randall, before turning his attention back to Portia and meeting her gaze. "Hey, I was barely keeping up with you, so what's that say about me, huh? You're lucky Kitty isn't here today, we'd be making her job easy."

"You should see me actually playing other games. Moving my feet is one thing. I've been sneaking into clubs since I was fourteen, Randall. I'd think I'd know how to move a little. You're just out of practice," Portia teases.

And once again, Mina is making her appearance brief. Short and sweet. She passes the game almost flawlessly, stepping off of the pad with a grin. She's not even short of breath, let alone sweating. "That was pretty fun." She nods towards Portia, before turning toward the ticket counter. "Time for me to vamoose, though. It's been a long day." She nods toward Portia and Randall and Cam…then, without another word, she's disappearing into the crowds.

Maybe she really is a ninja.

Nah. Mina's just going to get her crockpot and go home.

Cam answers Randall, "Micah. My brother, or closest I've got anyway." He frowns a little at this mention, and he grins to Portia again a moment later, "Sneaking into clubs is easy. Getting a drink in one is the tricky part."

Randall shakes his head. "Well, hacking the game doesn't count, if that's what you meant." Which it may or may not have been; lots of hackers are also good at video games without having to cheat, right? "And yeah, I think that's the real reason why she keeps me around," he adds, deadpan. He's not really slipping her any booze. At least not on purpose.

"I can find ways to get around it. Plus it's not hard to steal someone's drink from the bar if you know what you're doing," Portia points out. Her gaze goes to Mina as she finishes her game, and then disappears. "Some ninja.." She murmurs, then looks back to Randall. "Oh, right, I see how it is. I only want you for the booze. Clearly."

Cam shakes his head to Randall, "I'm not talking hacked games. Not really, anyway. Sometimes I think computers help him win without any conscious effort on his part, he has such a way with them." This is said half-joking. His watch beeps then and he frowns as he glances at it, then back up to the others, "I better get going too, gonna be late for my job. Cool to see you again." He waves and makes no mention of what his job might be as he hurries out.

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