2008-07-13: Does This Mean The World's Saved?


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Summary: Cam calls Niki in the aftermath of Arthur and Pinehearst descending on the building.

Date It Happened: July 13th, 2008

Does This Mean the World's Saved?

While Kory and the others talk to the cops, Cam takes Kory's cellphone into the bathroom as he calls Niki, so the cops won't overhear what he's saying. As soon as he hears her pick up, he says, "Niki? You missed some total awesome-scary craziness here. Kory's apartment just got attacked by a crazy man."

"What?" Beyond confused, the voice on the other end sounds tired — worn out, she hasn't gotten a lot of sleep. It's a very different scene over at the labs Niki has been camped out in all night. Or maybe it's not all that different — the quiet after the chaos. She's leaned up against a wall, sitting on the floor like one of the patients, but as Cam's call starts to send pangs of alarm through her body, she jolts up. "Cam, what's going on? What crazy man? Are you okay?"

Cam answers, "It was crazy. I went up to visit Kory 'cause I was bored, and just as I got there she told us to come in and close the door, cops were downstairs and searching for someone. More people kept showing up and then Peter showed up, he was the last one in and he locked the doors. But it wasn't Peter, it was a shapeshifter. And he had other powers too, he threw Mr. Jones out the window by waving his hand. He's fine, though, he can walk on walls. Then he grabbed Kory, and he… well, he knocked me out somehow, but I don't think he hit me. Just, made me faint or something. When I woke up, Rochelle was there, she'd broken down the door, and this guy called Gabriel had shot the crazy guy. Then someone tried to shoot him… it was just crazy. But we're all ok now." This is all said a mile-a-minute, pausing only to take needed breaths.

Holy crap. Niki gets a whole lot of information from the fast-talking teenager, all of it a surprise — the least of which is the fact that Cam's teacher can walk on walls and that Peter was there but wasn't. To Niki, the part of the story that stands out the most is: this guy called Gabriel had shot the crazy guy. "Oh thank God," she finally breathes at the end. "Where are you?" Cam might think everyone is okay now, but that doesn't mean Niki's not worried. Already, she's making a beeline through Bat Country Labs for the exit, leaping up the stairs two at a time. "I'm coming home now."

Cam takes a moment while Niki's processing to catch his breath, and then answers, "I'm in Kory's bathroom. They're out talking to the cops right now, but soon as they're done I'll go back to our apartment. They've got an illusionist, dunno her name even, but she made the body and all that invisible so the cops won't see them."

Body and all that. What was Cam forced to see over there before the so-called illusionist swept in? "I'm in Brooklyn right now." Hi, bright morning sun outside Seville Medical. Niki squints as she emerges from the building. "It's gonna take me more than a minute to get over there. Just— I'll be there soon, Cam."

* * *

Deveaux Building

Even coming from Brooklyn, it takes Niki longer than it should, in an ideal world, to now, finally, be opening the door to the apartment they call home for now — but she gets there as fast as she can. "Cam?" she calls out as keys jingle in her hand, stepping in seconds after unlocking the door.

Cam can be found sitting on the couch, occupying his time by reading a comic. He's still wearing just the swim trunks he was wearing throughout the trouble, notable from the blood and milk stains from his attempted cleanup. He looks up as he hears Niki come in, closing the book and putting it on the coffee table as he calls, "In here."

Niki is wearing the same red halter top and black jeans she was wearing a full day before, though she's picked up the scents of fire and hospital since then. Shutting the door, she jogs into the living room to swoosh onto the sofa cushion beside Cam and wraps him in a hug. "Heeey!" It's tight but short-lived, since she pulls back and gives him a concerned looking over a moment later. The bloodstains don't go unnoticed, no way. "You sure you're okay?"

Cam wraps Niki in a tight hug in return, and then sits back when she lets go and looks him over. He nods quickly and says, "Yep, I'm fine. Seeing a dead body was weird, but a guy with a hole in his head wasn't near as scary as seeing people cut up or burnt by acid like that time in the park. Especially since I think he was there to kill Kory, and he *tried* to kill Mr. Jones, Ian, and Sophie."

The concern in the woman's blue eyes only intensifies and she frowns tightly until she winds up pulling Cam in for another hug. She holds onto this one, touching the back of his head. "You shouldn't have to see any of it," she says quietly, with a conviction that goes beyond just an observation of how screwed up the world is — although it's that, too. What's more is that Niki sounds guilty. "I'm sorry, honey."

Cam hugs back once again, holding on as well. He was spooked by what happened,though he's doing his best to act like he wasn't. "It's not your fault some… supervillain came after Kory. He was like ten supervillains rolled into one. He must've had a power like Peter's."

But it was, though, wasn't it? Sort of? Niki sure can't help but think so as she clings onto Cam. "Something like that," she murmurs with a hint of bitterness. "It had to be the man who was in charge of Pinehearst." Key word was. There's no one else it could've been, with that strength and that timing. As she pulls away again, she lays a hand on the boy's cheek, never quite assured that he's okay. "He wasn't a supervillain," Niki says carefully. This isn't a comic book! Wait a second… "He was just a bad man who happened to have … too much power. At least … this means all this is over."

Cam looks back up to Niki and gives her a smile, trying to be reassuring. He then blinks at her words, "Wow, really? Does that mean the world's saved? And we don't have to be in hiding anymore?" Then he nods a little to her correction, though doesn't seem convinced. (Bad guys with too much power? Sounds like the definition of a supervillain to him.)

"Yeah." Niki starts to smile and leans into the couch as she looks over at Cam. It's a warmth that has to fight to break through her taut and worried expression, but once it does, it spreads. "Yeah, I think it does."


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