2007-02-23: Dogs, Drugs, and Dangerous Sticks in Central Park


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Tamara, Stefanie, Molly, and Marcus get familiar with Lachlan's dogs. Marcus, in fact, gets bowled over by one of them due to an unfortunate incident involving a stick. While all these things happen, Lachlan and Ling conduct a little business.

Date It Happened: February 23rd, 2007

Dogs, Drugs, and Dangerous Sticks in Central Park

Central Park

Morning in Central Park finds several pedestrians milling about, enjoying the oasis of greenery outside of the concrete jungle. Some jog, some walk, some enjoy the various sights and restaurants in the area. Among the mass of people in the park today is Lachlan Deatley, who sits in the grass at the base of a tree enjoying a sandwich while his two Dobermans enjoy the off-leash policy still in effect at this hour. He keeps an eye on the dogs as they gambol and play together not far off in the rare stab of sunshine that the current weather affords.

Stefanie amles her way along the park, enjoying the nice Saturday morning, despite the cold and the lack of foliage. Her shift at the store isn't until later, and her dads gave her the morning off the chill out and reconvene with what nature is out there on a February morning. She wears a long suede jacket, cinched at the waist by a belt. Her long auburn tresses are kept out of her face by a white kerchief wrapped around her head, gypsy-style. She glances around as she walks, noticing the evergreens, and the other trees and shrubs lacking in vibrancy. She stops to look at one, taking a branch in hand and smirks. The leaves seem to grow from nowhere, green and lush until she lets it go, returning to it's previous dormant state.

Two strange dogs - Dobermans, no less - who aren't on leashes. It's exactly the sort of situation most parents tell their children to avoid. Repeatedly. Yet, in spite of this, Tamara walks right up to the pair without so much as a moment's hesitation, passing unease, or apparent second thought. She crouches down at the edge of the patch of sunlight, saying nothing but smiling at the dogs and holding out her hands in invitation.

Central Park during the day is a lovely place to play in. Matt's working a shift and Mohinder is away, so she's trailing along a babysitter as she runs about the Park in a fascinated manner. Her jacket is open and her scarf fluttering about in the breeze as she's running around on the green haphazardly. "Molly…" the babysitter warns when she notices two Dobermans running about without leashes. However, the girl doesn't seem to mind. Seeing Tamara walk right up to them, she makes her way over there as well.

The pair of Dobermans are quite friendly, and when Tamara approaches them and extends her hands, they cease their chasing of each other and dash over to investigate, mouths open and tongues lolling goodnaturedly. Their stubby tails wag behind them enthusiastically and they proceed to shower Tamara's hands with sloppy licks. From his place at the base of the tree, Lachlan blinks in surprise. It's rare that anyone approaches his dogs without a bit of apprehension, especially younger kids. When Molly moves away from her babysitter to do the same, he glances at the child's caregiver. "They'll no' bite," he calls around a mouthful of sandwich. As if it wasn't obvious.

Stefanie doesn't pay much attention to the dogs, though they seem happy enough. She decides to take a seat and watch the people as they pass. From under her bench, blades of grass just barely begin to poke out from underneath the snow blanket.

Tamara grins as the dogs slobber all over her hands, eventually extracting said hands to better pet the dogs. As she does so, she drops to kneel in the grass, without regard for snow, or the risk of the dogs deciding to lick her face instead. When Lachlan speaks up, the teen finally looks over to him, offering a smile. "No," she agrees. "Not now."

When Molly gets closer to Tamara and the dogs, she slows down and starts moving in more apprehensively. After all, they do look kind of vicious. Keeping her mittens on, she looks at Tamara, then back at the dogs. Seeing them not attack her, she reaches out a mittened hand for them to lick. The babysitter jogs over, frowning slightly. She won't get paid if Molly is eaten by wild dogs. "Easy for you to say," she frowns at the accented man. Molly grins at Tamara and then over at Lachlan. "What's their names?"

After chewing over his food, Lachlan swallows and lifts an eyebrow at the babysitter, frowning. "'Tis easy fer me ta say," he grunts, "'cause I live with 'em an' trained 'em m'self." So there. The Dobermans are indeed most vicious, the way they're completely fawning over Tamara and Molly. One proceeds to lick Tamara's face, now that it's in easy reach, while the other turns his attention to Molly and snuffles at her extended hand before lifting his nose to sniff at her face. Lachlan nods to the dog investigating the younger girl. "Tha's Barguest," he replies, "an' the other one's Padfoot." But something out of the corner of his eye catches his attention, and he casts a glance in Stefanie's direction. It takes him a moment to really figure out what distracted him, but his eyes soon settle on the spot beneath her bench, and his eyebrows furrow slightly. /Huh/. What's that about?

Stefanie raises an eyebrow, watching the scene curiously, and grimaces at the thought of dog slobber on her face. Hell, if a boy hadn't been there yet, a dog definately isn't getting there first. She takes in a deep breath and closes her eyes as she tilts her head in the direction of the sun, and then takes a look at her watch.

A glance is given to Molly's watcher. "You really didn't need to worry," Tamara observes. To the younger girl, she smiles. "They'll just lick you to death. If you let them." As if she knows the dogs. She nudges Padfoot away from her face, but doesn't stop petting the dog. Meanwhile, Tamara watches Lachlan study Stefanie, her expression mildly curious

"Barguest?" Molly wrinkles her nose and then reaches out to pet the strangely named dog. "Why'd you name him /that/?" Seeing that Molly is not under imminent danger, the babysitter stops fretting and stays in the watchful background. She looks at Tamara and then at the dogs, pulling one of her mittens off so that she can pet them properly. Not getting that Tamara has never met the dogs before, she grins at her. "They're good dogs. Even if one of them has a weird name."

The questions thrown at him pull Lachlan's attention away from Stefanie and back to the dogs and girls, and he smirks slightly. "His name's Barguest b'cause 'round where I come from, the barguest's a big black ghost dog," he explains. "An' tha's the same fer Padfoot." His eyes go to Tamara then, studying her curiously. She acts like she knows the dogs, but he definitely knows she hasn't met them before. Maybe she's—? Hmm.

Stefanie stifles a yawn and stands. The grass underneath the bench disappear, retreating back to their hibernetic state. She decides to walk a bit, continuing down the path she was previously on.

"Black dog," Tamara echoes, rubbing Padfoot's ears. She smiles down at the Doberman. "Black enough," the teen agrees. Her gaze flicks to Lachlan briefly, but doesn't stay put; she lifts her head, looking out into the park. "Not a ghost, though," Tamara continues, showing her attention hasn't really gone far. "Or not entirely." Giving Padfoot a last pat, she stands back up.

Molly shakes her head, scratching Barguest behind his ears. "Padfoot's the name of Harry's godfather when he's a dog." She's got all of her attention focused on patting, so she's not exactly looking at Lachlan while she's talking. "I've never heard of a barguest before. Where's it from?" As Tamara talks to the dog, or to her, she's not sure which, the young girl looks over at Tamara and then back at the dog. "What?"

Ahhh. What a nice afternoon, and since there isnt much to do in the office, Ling has stepped out for a walk in the park. She's dressed rather conservatively in her business suit with a navy peacoat over it as the click clacking of her heels can be heard on the ice, thus announcing her presence. She looks around, taking in the scnery seeing if she recognizes anyone..and she actually does, but for now, she just keeps quiet…

And Molly's not the only one confused by Tamara's strange words. Lachlan lifts an eyebrow, trying to make some sort of sense, but then passing it off as something too deep for his mental capacity, or perhaps just something Kids These Days Do. "Barguest's somethin' from Britain," he responds to Molly. "'M from Scotland." When Padfoot is no longer getting attention, he turns his head and then moves off to gallop after Stefanie, almost as though he's been called toward her. As he passes by Ling, Lachlan's attention snaps to the woman, and he offers a grin and a wave of his sandwich.

Marcus is out for a walk in centrel park, he has a lunch bag with him and hes looking for a nice quiet bench.
Stefanie looks at a particularly dreadful looking tree and sighs, and turns quickly, between the clacking of the heels and the sound of an incoming pooch, her hazel eyes go wide briefly before chuckling at the welcomed dog, holding a hand out for recognition.

A wry grin curls onto her lips as she recognizes Lachlan and so she gives him a waggle of her brows as she walks on by. Ling then proceeds over towards an empty bench, easing on down so she can cross her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable,just observing things for now.
Tamara sighs, either to herself or at something still distant. She glances to Molly and only shakes her head, before turning away. Pulling the hood of her sweater up over her head and stuffing her hands in its pocket, the teen smiles at both Molly and Lachlan, then starts walking - directly away from Marcus' approach. Apparently she's not ready to deal with her brother just yet.

It's getting colder for her hands and all the dog spit from Barguest isn't really helping the matter. Taking her glove out of her pocket, she stuffs her hand back into it. But that doesn't mean the dog is done being given attention, though. She keeps absently patting it's head. However, she does give the Scot some more attention now. "Scotland? Really? That's pretty far away. What are you doing in New York?" She's pretty good at geography. Seeing Tamara stand up and move away, the girl watches but says nothing. She doesn't know her, after all, and isn't sure what to say in that sort of situation, so she just turns back to Lachlan.

When Ling moves to the bench, Lachlan watches her, but his gaze soon returns to Molly again. "'M doin' the same thing yer doin' in New York," he snorts in an amused fashion. "'M livin'." Padfoot sniffs eagerly at Stefanie's hand before giving it a few licks, tail continuously wagging. Barguest is more than happy to bask in the attention of Molly, and he drops onto his side and rolls onto his back. Bellyrubs? Lachlan rises to his feet and brushes a hand over the back of his jeans, dusting off a few dead grass blades and bits of snow. Sure, his backside's wet, but he doesn't seem to care much. "'Ve no' lived in Scotland since I was wee, like ye."

Ling peers on over towards Lachlan with a bit of familiarity and she just chuckles to herself before she slowly crosses her legs the other way. Her gaze then goes over to Molly and hrmms for a few moments before she pulls out a notepad from her purse and just starts scribbling a few things down..

Marcus doesn't even notice Tamara's escape finding a spot not to far from Molly and the others on a bench to begin pulling out his lunch.

Stefanie scritches the dog some more and then looks up at the position of the sun and sighs. She waves to the dog and walks down the path, heading out.

Molly hasn't noticed Ling and with most of her focus being on Barguest and Lachlan, she most likely won't. Seeing Barguest beg for a belly rub, she giggles and drops to the cold ground to oblige. "He likes it!" she all but squeals, enjoying this just as much as the dog is. "Well I didn't know that! Lots of people come to New York. I just moved here, too."

Barguest does indeed enjoy the attention, tail still going a mile a minute. Lachlan grins at Molly's apparently thrilled state. "He does tha'," he laughs softly. "Ye can keep playin' with 'im; 've got somethin' ta do." And with that, he gives Molly a casual salute and then starts over toward Ling's bench, the grin never leaving his face. "Dinna 'spect ta see ye here," he remarks in a low voice once he's within hearing range. Padfoot watches Stefanie go before turning around and setting up the path again toward Barguest and Molly. On the way, however, he's distracted by Marcus and his lunch, and the Doberman trots over to the bench to give a curious sniff at the strange man.

"What? I cant enjoy central park?" Ling asks with a soft and amused chuckle at the question before motioning for him to take a seat. "So..how is my favorite street pharmacist?" she whispers coyly with a wry waggle of her brows. Then then stands up, leans in close to him and takes his hand so no one will notice an exchange of a small vial full of pills. "It's a new product from R&D..it's free for now, as long as you do the 'market research' that is.." she whispers while chewing on her bottom lip. "Do enjoy it.."

Molly keeps up the scratching and petting, obviously enjoying it. Curious, Molly watches Lachlan talk to Ling over by the bench, but doesn't see anything out of the ordinary. Her babysitter comes over and pets the dog as well, frowning while she looks about the park. "Maybe we should start heading home, Molly." The young girl frowns and shakes her head. "I'm still playing with the dogs."

Padfoot wants that sandwich, but he's too well-trained to leap into Marcus' lap to steal it. Instead, the Doberman sits near Marcus' feet and lets out a soft, pleading whine. Food please? Barguest wriggles onto his belly when the babysitter approaches, and he stares up at her with adoring eyes, tongue comically dangling out the side of his mouth. He is totally in love with everyone who is petting him right now. Lachlan, meanwhile, is rather enjoying the fact that Ling is rather close and whispering. But then he's just one of those kinds of guys. His grin broadens when he's slipped the pills, and he palms the vial before tucking it away safely in his pocket. "Ye dunna have ta worry 'bout tha'," he chuckles. "Ye'll get yer research." He winks discreetly before adding, "'S allus a pleasure ta see ye."

"Of course it is, darling. Everyone's always happy to see me.." Ling whispers, almost purringly, as it is just a sideeffect of the addictive nature should she use her pwoers on someone. "And I expect the research to be dropped off at my penthouse, as usual.." she continues as she remains close to where people watching might think something else scandalous is going on instead of the drug dealing. "So..how are the previous subjects from the research last time? Less people in a coma?" she asks before licking her lips. Yes, she's an unscrupulous biatch.

Molly chuckles at the dog's reaction to the babysitter. They both settle onto the ground to pet, unaware of the drug dealing that is going on mere benches away. Finally, Molly sits back from her scritching and looks around, deciding it's time to try more tricks with the doggy. Picking up a stick, she waggles it in front of Barguest's face before tossing it with all her strength. It goes flying in Marcus' direction.

Marcus is sitting jut debating giving a little of his sandwich to Padfoot when suddenly a stick comes flying over at him, the sandwich drops from his hand as it comes up to block the incoming melee weapon which ends up bouncing off his arm and landing in his lap.

And coming right after that stick is an excited Barguest, who does so /love/ to play fetch. The Doberman is too caught up in the moment to care that the stick is in Marcus' lap. He makes a dive for it, and although he won't /completely/ wind up in Marcus' lap, Barguest will definitely be making a nuisance of himself as he attempts to clamp his jaws around the stick. Padfoot, in the meanwhile, stares at the sandwich that has fallen to the ground, but he has a little more discipline than his brother and remains sitting quietly, watching the sandwich intently in case it tries to wander off.

Still on the bench, Lachlan's grin remains on his face as he watches Ling, though it may be noted that his eyes don't remain entirely on her face. She is, after all, standing in front of him and leaning in a bit close. His eyes are bound to wander /somewhere/. "O' course," he mutters in response to the statement about the penthouse. "An' most o' 'em're doin' fine. Tha' last batch was bloody nice." Not that he would /know/; Lachlan doesn't tend to sample his merchandise outside of a little pot.

A soft an amused chuckle escapes from her lips. She does love her effect on men at times and doesnt say anything about Lachlan's eyes wandering. "So the ones who are still conscious..they go to you often, yes?" Ling asks, wanting to make sure of the drugs' incredibly addictive effects. For now, she doesnt notice the dogs, as she's rather myopic. She tends to focus a bit too much. "And if you keep up your efforts.." she whispers once more, "I'm going to have to make sure you'll receive a bonus.."

Marcus is knocked from the bench by the overly affectionate dog, reaching for the hound he pulls the doberman down with him, a set of obscenties come flying out of his language, luckily for Molly known of them are in english, most of them actually in Japanese, speaking with a native hanoi accent if anyone would be able to tell the difference. Unfortunately from a dogs point of view it almost seems like Marcus is playing a wrestling game with him, so there is no real reason for him to get off.

Molly watches the progress of the flying stick and when she realizes it's making a direct line for Marcus, she starts running after it. "Watch out!" she calls a little too late because by that time it's already hit him in the arm. However, she's still warning him about the dog that's quick on it's heels. "Barguest! Stop that! Come back!" She has no real authority with the dog, but she's trying. Soon she's by Marcus, the babysitter following right behind. "I'm so so so sorry. I didn't know it would go flying at you. Really, he's a great dog, but he really wants the stick. Just give him the stick and you should be fine!" Since she doesn't recognize any of the words that he's spewing out angrily, she looks at him, then starts speaking slower. "I'm sorry…do you speak English?"

But shouting and flailing and falling are three things that Barguest does not particularly like, and he yelps in fear when he's pulled down along with Marcus. He begins to struggle to get away, confused and frightened, while Padfoot half-hops away to avoid getting crushed and then begins to circle the jumbled mess with ears curiously perked. What's going on here?

Lachlan runs his tongue over his teeth briefly as thoughts of what that bonus might /be/ go dancing through his head, none of which are likely fit to be written. "Yeah, I've got a regular bloody parade o' folks wantin' more o' wha' ye've got," he responds. "An' I love bonuses." But before he can really add much to that last statement, his attention is called to the ruckus at Marcus' bench. His latent abilities don't allow him to ignore the distressed signals he's getting from Barguest and Padfoot, and his eyes snap to the commotion behind Ling. "Oh, bloody—" he growls before he slips away from the woman enough to get to his feet. Once he's standing, he gives a sharp whistle, and the Dobermans immediately stop what they're doing and sit (or attempt to, in Barguest's case).

The bonus could be a variety of things, but she'll just let his imagination go wild. At the distraction with the dogs, Ling raises her brows and starts to follow, nodding a little as the dogs start behaving right away. "You've got them rather well trained. I could a couple of those.." she says softly before raising her brows upon hearing Marcus curse. «And you kiss your mother with those lips?» she calls out to him in Japanese, giggling impishly.

Barghest sits, right on top of Marcus, who at least has stopped flailing now, he smiles up at Molly and the babysitter, "Yeah…I…I'm ok" he glares up at the dog, chuckles a litlte to himself, before turning toward Ling's comment, and dropping into the heavily accented Japanese <Vietnamese accent> "Sorry I was trying to watch my language around the kid…."

Once the dogs sit and settle down, Molly reaches out and plucks the stick that caused all this trouble from the tangle of people and dogs. "I'm really really sorry about that. I didn't mean for that to happen!" She looks over at Lachlan and then back at the dogs while Japanese is tossed around. "Sorry!" she calls back to the Scot.

«I understand..» Ling says with perfect Japanese, as well, she has nher contacts amongst the Yakuza afterall, and so she's gotten a lot of practice. «So, your accent is that of a Vietnamese person speaking it..you've been to Hanoi?» she continues to ask rather curiously before grinning wryly to Lachlan while she whispers something softly to him. "Good..I can give you more, though I recommend increasing the price. They will pay for it. That I am sure off. And if you gouge them, then perhaps you shall get your..bonus early?" she says with another scandalous waggle of her brows.

If Barguest feels uncomfortable in sitting on Marcus, he doesn't seem to show it. Master /whistled/, therefore he must /sit/, no matter where he is or upon whom he is sitting. Lachlan shakes his head, pursing his lips, and then he glances to Ling with raised eyebrows. "Buy a pair an' I'll train 'em fer ye," he says with a smirk before he turns his attention to the dogs once more. "Get over here, ye bloody bastards." (Lachlan /never/ watches his language around children!) He shakes his head again at Molly's apology, and the dogs immediately get up and trot over to him, tails wagging despite the rather crude name they're called. "S'no yer fault," he tells her, "he's just a daft git sometimes." His ear is once again grabbed by Ling's whispering, and he leans towards her slightly to catch it, a grin curling up the corners of his lips once more. "Cannuh say no ta tha', now can I?" he chuckles.

Marcus sighs a little easier as the dog gets up, he smiles at Molly, "Its ok" he starts to get up slowly, his lunch rather scattered about near him. «Hanoi, no never been…actually I don't think I've ever even met anyone who speak vietnamese> his accent is unmistakable though to someone else from Hanoi.

Torn between following her puppy friends and checking to make sure that she hasn't permanently maimed Marcus, Molly looks back and forth between the two benches. Marcus doesn't seem to be that badly hurt, as he's talking in another language and telling her he's alright, she nods and decides to head in the direction of her babysitter. "I don't know what that means…but it doesn't sound very nice. And he's a very nice dog."

Ling hrmms for a few moments as she looks over to Marcus and just nods. "I see.." she says, reverting back to English while giggling impishly. "Of course you cant say no, darling. No one can ever say no to me.." she whispers to Lachlan, sounding rather confident in herself while wetting her lips with her tongue. She then pats him gently on the arm, "Then I shall definitely purchase a pair..having a pair of well trained guard dogs would be rather useful afterall.."

"Tha' means he's an idiot," Lachlan clarifies as Barguest and Padfoot come to sit on either side of him and receive affectionate rubs behind the ears. "They're both good dogs, but tha' doesna mean they're no' barmy gits." Today, children, we will be learning British curse words and their meanings. Despite the name-calling, the Scotsman does speak in a friendly manner. To Ling, he grins again. "'S long as ye treat 'em like dogs an' no' just weapons," he utters, recalling his most recent experience with someone wanting a guard dog.
Marcus gets up and dusts himself off, he begins collecting all the trash that was once his lunch and starts to look for a trash can.

"I don't know what that one means, either! But it sounds a lot like daft git." Molly is tucking these meanings away for later to share with Matt. He can explain them to her in a non-accented way. The babysitter looks down at her watch and then calls out to her charge. "Come on, Molly! We've got to get back for dinner." Pouting slightly, she runs over to the dogs real quick so that she can pet them goodbye. "Fine! One second!" Reaching out her mittened hand, she gives each dog a good scritch as a farewell. "Thanks for letting me pet your dogs, sir. They're really nice. Bye Barguest. Bye Padfoot." Then she looks up at the man himself. "Bye!" Then she dashes back to her chaperone to be lead off back to Brooklyn.

Deep down inside, Ling is rather curious to see what wuold happen to a child when exposed to her powers for a few moments. Would that make her into a horrible addict? Oh well, other such thoughts will be put aside as she turns her attention back to Lachlan. "Of course I will treat them as dogs. I do enjoy their company. I dont want a vicious killer. I want a well trained dog.." she says firmly and resolutely.

"Ye take care o' yerself, lass," Lachlan chuckles to Molly, and the dogs bid her farewell with dual canine grins and wagging tails. "Thank ye fer bein' so nice ta m'dogs." When the girl has moved off, he shrugs a little at Ling's response, resting one hand on Barguest's head. "'M just sayin'," he states offhandedly. "Some people dunna seem ta understand tha' dogs're dogs, no' bloody killin' machines." He casts a glance over to Marcus when the younger man gets up and starts for a nearby trash receptacle. "Ye a'righ', then?" This asked with a nod of the Scotsman's head.

Marcus nods to Lach, "Yeah I'm good…no problem, he looks at his watch and frowns, "I gotta get back to work though" he starts heading back toward the park exit

"Hrmm..it just seems it's us two now.." Ling replies with a soft and amused chuckle escaping from her lips. "So what would you like to do now? I was thinking of heading back for dinner, and I could always use an amicable dinner companion.." offers..

Dinner's one of those things that's not easily refused, just like bonuses. Lachlan's grin grows, and he offers a quick nod of farewell to Marcus when the younger man goes. Then, however, his attention focuses entirely on Ling. "Well, I'm no' doin' anythin'," he says with a slight shrug. "S'pose I could come with ye." Amicable or not, dinner with a beautiful woman is high on his list of Things Not To Say No To. "'Sides, there's a matter I need ta discuss with ye." Now that his attention isn't fractured, the Scotsman's mind has returned to the matter of Carmichael and his hired goon.

"Oh? Then let us go. My limo should be here anyway.." Ling replies and with that she starts to head off towards the street. And who says crime doesnt pay? Once they arrive, the limo is already waiting for them, and the chauffeur opens the door, and she heads into the rather comfortable and spatious back. "So..what is this matter that you need to discuss?" she asks, while crossing her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable.

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