2007-05-05: Dogs In The Park


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Morgan and Megan meet in the park because of frolicking dogs.

May 5th, 2007:

Dogs in the Park

Central Park

For once, this afternoon is a nice day in the park. It being a nice day in the Park, Morgan Rhodes has decided to actually take his usual excercise in the park proper instead of in his own neighborhood like he usually does. Of course he runs regularly to keep in shape, along with many other things, but its thease nice joggs out with his dogs that is much for his own enjoyment as his fitness.

Dressed tonight in a loose pair of weatpants, with a hooded sweatshirt, with the hood not up. Both are dark blue, though thats the only hint of the mans occupation. The sweatshirt is a zipup affair, and the zipper is half pulled down to reveal a dark grey tanktop, and the hints of a tattoo or two on the mans chest and shoulders. His closely cut dark hair is slightly damp with his workout, but the smile on his face is a charming one, and his eyes are bright with the enjoyment of the work.

Pacing him on one side is a dark grey and black…wolf for the lack of a better term, ears perked up and coat healthy and glossy. Its of course only half wolf and half husky, but the big dog seems placid enough as he runs smoothly along beside the officer. In one hand though Morgan holds the ends of a pair of leashes, both leading to a pair of young and frisky looking german shepards that seem to be wanting to be /running/ instead of the pace that the man is putting them too.

It would be such a shame to waste a nice day like today. Though she's not exactly athletic, Megan does enjoy getting outside. Just in a different way than Morgan may be. Sitting on a bench with a nice book and a thermos of iced tea, this is her way to enjoy the weather. Right now the book really isn't holding her attention, though, and she's started to simply people watch. Almost immediately her eye is caught by Morgan. Actually, not by Morgan himself, but his dogs. She knows good breeds when she sees them. Admiring the dogs exclusively, she almost doesn't even notice Morgan jogging alongside them.

If Morgan knew that her attention was cought by the dogs and not himself he wouldn't be suprised. He never thought of himself as anyone with the ability to get someones attention, and the man honestly notes Megan for a moment, someone reading on the bench. He would just continue right on by…but apparently someone else has other ideas.

The pair of german shepards suddenly and seemingly following some plot they made a moment ago, decide to run in two opposite directions. Between the fact that he wasn't expecting it and the fact that they are rather large dogs, Morgan looses his hold on the pair and they go streaking off. Silently though, they don't bark. Curving back towards each other, the pair runs around while Morgan stands there trying not to laugh at the pair. The two dogs look at each other, and then make a beeline for…Megan and her bench. Skidding to a halt infont of the woman, one drops to his belly and looks up at her while the other sits down with her tongue hanging out of her mouth.


Morgan, the laughter evident in his voice, strides up towards the pair. "Hey you two!" He calls out with a rueful smile on his face. "…stop bothering the lady."

Not scared of dogs - even big ones - Megan giggles a little when the dogs run off their leash and come right for her. "Ah, what lovely puppies," she beams at them. Holding out a hand for them to sniff, she bends over to give them those pets that they are so desperate for. When Morgan comes striding up, the woman's smile is a little more reserved than it was for his dogs. "They're no' botherin' me." Right from the start, her Scottish brogue comes through. It's fainter than someone who lived their whole lives in Scotland, but definitely noticeable. "Lovely shepherds. What're their names?"

They do sniff, and then they lick, and then the female nudges the hand. Its there! Give skirtches dangit! Then when they get them they both leaaaaaaaan into them.

Morgan seems not to be bothered by the slightly lessoned smile on the woman's face. He just chuckles before glancing at the pair of dogs and shaking his head. "….traitors." He says with a grin. "…that one sitting is Ice, and the other is Spitfire…and the only well behaved one here…" And he drops his hands to skritch the wolf behind his ears. "…is Ares." A pause then before he gives her a warm and friendly smile. "And I would be Morgan."

It's nothing against Morgan, it's just that Megan doesn't really talk to strangers very often without the prodding of other people. Dogs are much easier to talk to. "Nice ta meet ye, Ice. Spitfire." Obligingly scritching where scritching is due, she grins at the two eager dogs. "Yer good boys, aren't ye." It's a moment after Morgan introduces himself, that she realizes that perhaps she should do the same. "Oh! 'M sorry. Megan. 'M Megan." There's a slight blush that comes to her cheeks.

Not talking to strangers is a good way to be, espicially in this day and age. "…there young and frisky is what they are." Morgan says with a laugh and a shake of his head. "Chuck is never going to let me take them for a walk again if they keep acting like a pair of puppies." He dosn't sound angry though, seems more amused than anything before he finally gives up the ghost and crouches down to ruffle Ice's head a moment as the shepard's tail thumps softly on the grass. "…pleasue to meet you then Megan." His quiet and warm voice easy enough to listen to before he blinks slightly and glances at her with slightly more than idle curiousity. "…er…I know this is going to sound crazy…but you don't happen to have a brother do you?"

"So they're not yers?" Megan looks up from the petting momentarily to finally look at Morgan more than a passing glance. "That's too bad. They're lovely." As she's petting Ice, too, his sudden stooping down to pet the dog is met with a slight jerking back of her own hand. It's subtle, but enough that might be noticeable. The last thing Megan wants is to touch him and to suddenly faint. Not a good way to continue a conversation. The question about a brother is met with a stunned silence for a moment. When she answers, she's slightly suspicious. "I do. D'ye know Lach?"

"Ares is, Ice and Spitfire and a friend of mine's," Morgan replies easily enough before he blinks once at the suddeness of the movement of the hand. Most people wouldn't notice, but as an ex-army ranger he's just a bit keen to home in on quick movements like that. "…he's training them, but he lets me get them out for a bit of excercise." He adds after a moment before he smiles wryly towards her. "I've met him once," He adds with a slight chuckle. "…it was the accent that made me ask, sorry if I bothered too much." He adds after a moment before he slowly stands. "I just met him while I was working, was curious and my mouth ran away with me. Sorry."

Realizing that Ares is not getting any of the love she's spreading around, Megan holds out a hand for the wolf-husky to sniff. Not wanting to draw any more attention to her sudden jerky movement, she simply steers the conversation away from that. "That's wha' my brother does." When he's not dealing drugs on the side, that is. "Train dogs. He's quite good at it, too." Mostly because of his ability to talk to them, but that's something else entirely. "Nah, 's fine. 'S just no' often strangers ask me 'bout my brother." Then she realizes that he mentioned he met him on a job and she frowns. "And what job 's that?"

Ares is slightly more reserved, but that could be a wolves inherent dignity kicking in. He sniffs the offered hand and then seems to ponder it a moment before he decides that pets couldn't be that bad. He shall allow it. He /almost/ seems to give her a nod, very well. Pets will be allowed.

Morgan blinks curiously. "Really? I didn't know that he trained dogs, I might talk to hime about it sometime if I see him again." Then he gives a wry face for a moment. "If he ever want to talk to me again. My partner was rather abrasive last time I saw him." At the smile though he gives her an easy smile before a soft chuckle escapes his lips. "…let me reintroduce myself. Detective Morgan Rhodes, NYPD. I was just talking to your brother about a case he reported is all. He's not in trouble if your worried about that."

Smiling at Ares quiet dignity, Megan gives him a less enthusiastic petting, if no less attentive one than she gave the two shepherds. The moment he mentions the NYPD, the frown deepens, thinking that Lach /had/ gotten himself into more trouble. The more that he explains himself, the tightness in her shoulders lessens and she just nods. "Ah. 'S good. Sometimes he just doesna think 'bout what he's doin'. 'S got a bit of a temper." The understatement of the year. "So ye work for the police? Whatcha do for them?"

A laugh again from Morgan as he nods slightly. "Oh I noticed," He says, standing at ease near her bench. He seems to be relaxed and attentive all at once, his eyes watching her as she talks but always seeming to scan the area when she's not. Almost attuned to the surroundings of the park, he dosn't have the bearing of a police officer though, the way he carries himself is more military than anything. "…well I do now. I'm a detective so I do whatever I can on whatever case I'm on, interviews and the like mostly. Been busy lately…of course I'm usually busy in this town."

Unlike Lachlan, Megan has very little experience with the police. Other than seeing them around here and there. She's not sure what the difference might be between military and police stances. But, he certainly seems professional, whatever he's doing. "Interviews? What d'ye interview?" Absently, she's still petting Ares as she talks. Having grown up around dogs, she's quite comfortable with them about her feet.

The shrug Morgan gives is a simple roll of his shoulders, the movement smooth and measured. "…well, most of police work is just gathering up facts if you think about it. So I interview whoever has seen whatever crime happen. Take your brother for instance, he had to make a statement telling what happened to the place he said was robbed. Thats one of the things I do, just gather statements and try to make sence from all of them."

Now confused, Megan lets her hand drop from Ares and rests it back in her lap, where she put her book down to pet the surprise doggies. "Lach's place was robbed? Never said anythin' to me 'bout that. Wha' happened?" Throughout most of this, Megan has mostly been focused on the dogs, but now she squints up at the standing Morgan, confused and worried about what might have befallen her brother now.

Apparently Lachlan and his sister don't talk all that much. Morgan looks slightly suprised for a moment before he shakes his head slightly. "No no, not Lachlan's place…it was a bookstore owned by…I think the lady's name was Cassandra. They seemed close, so he was the one that called the police about it." He gives her a slightly apologetic smile. "…didn't mean to confuse you or anything."

It's because they talk often that Megan was confused about Lach's place possibly being robbed. She was just there and it looked fine. "Oh! Right. Thought that was weird." She knows the name, but it's from those dreams she has that she doesn't really want to think about again, so she doesn't add how she may know the name. "No, 's fine. Get confused sometimes. Not yer fault." Embarrassed now, she ducks her head down. Grabbing her thermos and her book, she quickly stands up. "Should probably get goin'. Dinna mean to sit here so long. Was nice to meet ye, Detective Morgan." It's not really his fault. It's the thought of those dreams again that's made her so uncomfortable and wanting solitude.

"Nice to meet you too Megan, and its just Morgan when I'm not on duty," The man replies with a smile towards her and a nod. Though he blinks slightly confusededly. "Its alright…" And then she's already hurrying away and the tall police man just looks mildly suprised. Was is something he said. He glances down at Ares a moment and the wolf just seems to shrug slightly towards him.

Chicks are wierd man. He seems to say.

Morgan nods once towards the big dog before he watches her hurry off before running one hand though his head and glances down to gather up the other dogs leashes. "…alright you two. Lets get on back…I think You have had enough fun today.

And with thats the tall man turns back to the track and starts to continue his jog, wondering just what he said to make her run off like that.

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