Den Of Iniquity
The Den Of Iniquity
Owner & Operator Jack Derex
Business Function Getting drunk, gambling, senseless fisticuffs.
Opened February 2007
Hours of Operation Open 6 pm to 3 am. Usually.
Employees Trina Mah, Note: The Den doesn't have NPC employees.

The Den. Because who doesn't want to get drunk, lose a week's pay, and get punched in the guts?

The Den of Iniquity, due to a string of bad luck, is currently operating on REDUCED HOURS.

Establishment History

The Den has been catering to working-class patrons since early 2007. There's been plenty of excitement since then. Come on down. Pretty girls tend the bar, and you know you like pretty girls.

86 List

Elle (For fighting, and for being senselessly scary.)
Jessica (But not Niki. Also for fighting/gunplay. This one's complicated.)
Sylar (If he shows up, I'll kick him out. And I won't be scared. Promise.)

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