2007-02-27: Don't Be a Menace To New York, While Driving Your Car In Times Square.


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On a chilly February day, the typical crowd gathers in Times Square. But not all is destined to go well as there are suspects, eluding arrests, and shots fired. Also, there are hot dog vendors.

Date It Happened: February 27th, 2007

Don't Be A Menace to New York, While Driving Your Car In Times Square

Times Square, NYC

The midday cold February air hasn't stopped Times Square from being one of busier hubs in NYC. There's a large flock of tourist, from just about any nation you can think of, traversing back and forth amongst the square and it's shops. Every so often, you'll hear one of the myriad of vendors shouting about their products, hoping to lure in that unexpecting consumer. Though some are legit. Occasionally, an NYPD officer can be spotted in the crowd.

Today isn't at all a pleasant day. Hiro Nakamura pulls his coat a little tighter as he meanders through Times Square, a place that he is woefully familiar with. For while, he called out names, but that's really not any use. He looks like he's in a hurry, too, half-jogging, half-walking as he rises up on his tip-toes from time to time, looking out through the crowd. Is he looking for somebody?

Oh dear, NYPD officers out and abound. Well, this time Ling is out and about as just a simple business woman, idly running her fingers through her hair as she walks down the street in her black peacoat while her gaze scans the area for any threats. Some of the rival crime bosses have already sent goons after her and all, so she's a bit more careful now…

"Hot dogs! Get your hotdogs here!" one of the vendors shouts. "Better than Fenway's!" A few people drift towards the stand, enticed by the claim. Over the square, the big screen displays random advertisements for products, shows, and other upcoming events. Off in one corner of the square, several NYPD officers converge on of the entrepreneurs advertising who was found to be operating without a vendors license. Otherwise, business as usual.

Time's Square! How exciting! This is really the first time Molly's been able to spend much time in it. Mostly she's just passing through or being hurried to some place else so she only gets to sneak glimpses of it as she's hurrying by. But, no. Today she's dragged her babysitter out on this cold day so that she can finally take a good long look and experience the lights and bustle of iconic New York. Bouncing from one vendor to the next, she takes in all of it. "Ooh, Kitty, can we get a copy of Enchanted? Look, it's only 5 dollars! Or a hot dog! I'm kind of hungry." Her hassled watcher is less impressed by the display as she grew up here and has passed it millions of times. Despite the excitement of the younger girl and the frequent tugs in different directions, the blonde woman holds firm. "No, Molly, no bootleg movies. But maybe a hot dog."

The February chill does little to dissuade Hector, who is once again undercover as a normal, contributing member of society. Dressed in a clean-pressed pin-stripped suit and a black overcoat to match, complete with cigarette, he blends in fairly well despite the semi-scruffed state of his hair and beard. His purpose in being here seems limited to a desire to watch various types of people bustling about their daily business, if his slow pace and lack of interest in conversation are any indication. The advertisements blaring bright overhead have nothing on every day drama, and somewhat predictably, he turns his head from hotdogs and Molly's excitement over bootleg movies to follow the convergence of police officers.

Once the non-licensed 'dude' is hauled off, the cops return to their beat. "Offisah…" one of the Chinese tourists shouts, trying to get one of the officer's attention who turns towards the young man. "Pichah wih fahmous NYPD?" the excited tourists asks, generating a groan but compliance from the officer. Another unsuspecting passerby is flagged down to take the picture. Meanwhile, on one of the roads around the square, a beat up Dodge pulls up and parks.

Mr. Hendrickson looms above the majority of the crowd. He is dressed in his usual black suit with white shirt and red tie, along with his dark grey overcoat and black hat. Of course, there are the ever-present black gloves. Mr. Hendrickson stops at one of the paper-vendors, picking up todays edition of the New York times, while dropping change in the vendor's hands. He tucks it underneath his arm before continuing down the sidewalk, apparently in no great hurry. Perhaps he'll stop for a hotdog.

"Excuse me!" That's Hiro, still running about back and forth. He's flagging someone down and thrusting his phone at them. "Have you seen this girl?" he asks, showing them a picture he's got displayed on the screen. "No? Thank you." He moves on, and repeats a few meters away. And so on. And so on. What's he up to?

Consulting the time her watch displays, Aletheia then regards the afternoon's Times Square crowd with a critical gaze. After a moment, she steps away from the sidestreet she entered on and progresses onto the more densely populated walkways of the square. Green eyes sweep across the vendors - or, more precisely, their goods - with no interest in what virtues are extolled for them, and not much more for most of what's on display. The woman has a list of errands to fill - and an impulse shopper, she definitely isn't.

Pamela strides across Times Square like a woman on a mission. Few people stand in her way as she barges on through, the tall, muscular blonde making quite a sight. Especially in such a small t-shirt, which apparently draws attention. A kid with his dad points at Pamela and says, "Look, dad! A rack!" His dad, looking at a Playboy he just purchased (probably where his son learned the term 'rack') doesn't look up, and just says, "Don't point at him if he's from Iraq. It's rude, and they have enough trouble in the middle-east."

Pamela ignores this, and keeps on going through, until she nearly runs into a short Japanese man with a cellphone. For a moment she almost starts to reach out, pick him up, and put him back down off the side, but manages to reign in such impulses. Instead, having actually learned some manners after eight years in Japan, she backs up, and bows to Hiro, saying, "Sumimasen. <Excuse me.>" Then she straightens up, prepared to move on.

"Sir." the nearest NYPD officer to the Dodge states. "Sir!" he repeats again, loud as the man steps from the vehicle and begins to move into the square. "You can't park there. That's a no parking zone." The man turns and looks at the car, and then the officer. "I'll only be a moment." the man states, starting for the crowd again. The man's dark brown hair fluffs up a bit as a slight breeze flows through the square. "I can't let you park there. And if you don't move, I'll have your vehicle towed." the officer responds, reaching for the man.

A better day to be out and about in Times Square there is not. That's what Elle's decided anyway. Yet again making her escape from the Kirby building, she brought a friend this time. Trotting ahead of her on a short leash, a little brown and black dog with a pointy face stops to sniff a pantleg every so often, prompting her to tug at the leash. "Goblin, slow down! Heel! Do what I say! FINE. PEE ON THAT LADY'S FOOT IF YOU WANT." Blargh. She tugs on the min pin's leash again and starts moving again through the crowd.

It's been some time since Jane ventured out, what with setting up her new apartment and being careful. Paintings and tornadoes and Sylar and other things still fill her mind, among them a certain famed quarterback and the situation he created. Times Square seems a good place to go, given it's daytime and there are plenty of people around, so here she is clad in jeans, Yale hoodie, winter coat, and backpack. One hand carries her guitar, the other a small amp until she picks a spot and sits. Then the instrument comes out, the lead is plugged in, and she begins to play something made on the fly. It's crowded, and so she doesn't spot the phone-waving Hiro, but might well be seen by him. As her fingers move, she murmurs under her breath, something about hoping no dog whistles or unseen ultrasonic sources disturb her day.

As the officer grabs Adam's arm, Adam stops and turns to face the officer. "Listen, I know you're just doing your job but…I know people in the NYPD who could have you moping the precinct floors if you don't let me go." he states, calm but with a hint of icyness on his words. "I said I'd only be a minute. And that's all I intend to be." he adds, but as he starts to turn and leave the officer grips the arm tighter. "Sorry, sir. Either move it, or we'll move it for you. Either way, I need your license and registration. And this…" the officer says holding up his hand.

Molly has Kitty by the hand and is all but dragging the poor woman to the hotdog vendor. "Pleease Kitty? Please?" She's all but pleading with her. "Fine! Geez, fine, kiddo. I don't know why you want one, anyway. They've probably been soaking in water all day." As soon as Molly reaches the stand, she stops and thinks that over. "Ew," she decides. Then she frowns. No hotdogs for her, then. Well, that kind of ruined the experience for her. The frantic form of Hiro appears nearby and she can't help but overhear him asking to find someone. This catches her attention. She likes helping people and helping them find people. Without waiting for Kitty, she approaches the Japanese man, though she slows down and gives an apprehensive look to the massive person who just bowed to him. "You're looking for someone?" she asks a bit shyly.

"Excuse me!" That's Hiro, still running about back and forth. He's flagging someone down and thrusting his phone at them. "Have you seen this girl?" he asks, showing them a picture he's got displayed on the screen. "No? Thank you." He moves on, and repeats a few meters away. And so on. And so on. What's he up to? And then he gets struck by the product of American living and exercise, and practically finds himself nearly knocked over. He even throws his hands up as the mountain-lady comes near. But the impact is avoided. "Oh. Um. Thank you," he says, in English, before a small girl is suddenly looking at him. Hello, small girl. "Yes! I am looking for my friend. I think she may have gotten lost," he says, and crouches across from Molly. "

For now, Ling heads on over towards the bootleg vendors, letting out an amused chuckle as she looks over a few of the selections. Her brows raise a little as she starts to speak fluent Chinese to a few of them, finding out a few things about their sources and where they got it from, when she quirks a brow at the passing by Hiro. What is he up to? However, she then turns her attention to Adam, and she makes her way on over. She does have a way with men, especially officers, cause she likes to flirt. "Oh..please officer, do let him go for once? How about..I take you out to lunch in exchange?" she asks with a wry waggle of her brows and a flutter of her eyelashes. Yes people, this is Ling's ONE NICE thing per year..

From the first resolved police dispute to Pamela's rack, Hector manages to stay tuned into what's /really/ important. Really. Cigarette lifted and smoke expelled from the corner of his mouth, he stops walking when he notes one human shape looming above the rest. Mr. Hendrickson is eyed as one might eye a Tyrannosaurus rex that may or may not be hungry, and Hector turns his back to the man to occupy himself with ogling Adam's police stop. There is nothing of interest in the salt and pepper that marks the back of Mr. Fitzgerald's head. Nothing to beat into a pulp. He is innocent, as always.

With her guitar, Jane plays on amid the crowds of people, oblivious to the events at other locations within the square. After a few minutes of something she was composing on the fly, her tune changes. Those familiar with Billy Joel will likely recognize New York State of Mind, and at the appropriate point she blends in the lyrics- singing at a mezzo-soprano level. Eyes settle on her open case, looking to see if her music is favorably received.

Meanwhile Elle and Goblin aren't doing so great. The dog has a pee-pee problem. Even so, he's having a ball, much to his leash-holder's consternation. It's after another thirty feet or so that he looks around for another victim: Ling. He starts to mark her, but Elle spots him and grabs something out of her pocket. A dog whistle. She blows on it hard, once and the dog lower's its leg, looking up at the blonde with its ears layed back. "Don't give me that look. You were just about to pee all over…" she notes Ling finally and smirks, going quiet and tugging her dog back from the woman.

The officer glances at Ling as she approaches and shakes his head. "Sorry, ma'am. I can't do that." he says, looking back at Adam. "And why exactly do you need my hand for?" Adam asks, a frown on his face. Little does he know, the officer was hoping he would ask that question. "For this, sir." the officer responds, pulling out a small device no large than a steno pad. "And what, praytell, is that?" Adam narrows his eyes at the device. There's a gut feeling in his stomach that this isn't going to be pretty.

Several passerbys who pass by Jane smile at the musician. A few even toss some bills into the case.

Hello Japanese man. Molly looks up at him for a little while, but she doesn't have to for long because he kneels down in front of her so that they're about eye level. "That's not good. This is a really scary city to be lost in." Kitty has by now noticed Molly's absence and starts quick stepping it over to the little girl talking to the strange men. "Molly!" she calls in a worried manner. Didn't this girl learn that talking to strangers is a bad idea? Molly glances over her shoulder and waves, smiling happily to show that she's not in any danger. "It's okay, Kitty!" Then, she turns back. "What does she look like? Maybe I've seen her?" It's a bad idea to just come out with her power, she's had that conversation with Matt and Mohinder, but she may be able to do something quick. Pinpoint a general area. Just to help.

Mr. Hendrickson continues to simply stroll down the sidewalk, mostly paying no attention to the passers by. He /does/, however, recognize Hector's pinstripe suit and his scraggly hair. He makes a note of it, but says nothing. Instead, he walks up to the nearby hotdog vendor, and begins to order a hotdog.

"Um, like this," Hiro says, and shows Molly his little camera phone. It displays a picture of a funny-looking girl with dark hair. "Her name is Kellie. She's missing," he says. "If you've seen her, she could be lost. I am very, very, worried," he asks.

"Oh come now!" Ling insists until she sees the device in the hand, and well..devices like that are never any good. Terrorist perhaps? No..that would be too ballsy and she shakes her head. The dog however, serves as a distraction as she acks and steps back, shocked that she's just been peed on. "You really need to control your dog.." she says with a bit of disgust.

In mid-chord, Jane's fingers falter suddenly on the strings and frets. The resulting sound is not at all pleasant, and it causes a few people who were about to toss coins into the case to pocket them again instead and continue on. The woman winces, her eyes quickly moving toward the source of her discomfort, and settle upon Elle, her dog, and the disgusted Ling perhaps some twenty feet away. "Damn," she murmurs, "I've really got to get a tolerance for that. Frickin' dog whistles."

She's so late. Oh my god. She's so late. Elena practically flies into traffic with her rollerblades if it wasn't for her left foot putting on the brakes so she could twist her body and round the corner. She's busily checking her watch as well. Must go faster. Must go faster without running down anyone. So she makes her way through Times Square, but she can't help but slow down as Rubberneck Syndrome (tm) hits her, with the police drama going on on the other side. What the— then again, this was New York. It was the city that never slept. This was also the city where crime -never- slept, so she finds herself wondering just what the perp or perps did that they managed to get caught. Passing by a Japanese 'tourista' type and a little girl, she hears the name Kellie - which gives her ungodly flashbacks of being held by a crazy person who can shoot fire from her hands. But Kellie is a common name.

Lost girlfriend?

She moves slowly towards the hot dog stand, and pauses, blinking as she recognizes Mr. Hendrickson. She'll never forget his face.

Pamela pauses, about to move on, but overhears that Hiro is looking for someone, via his conversation with the little girl. "It's a big city, but I might have seen her too. Lemme' take a look at that." She grabs Hiro's hand and turns it so she can see the picture, after Molly has had a look. So much for Japanese-learned manners. Grabbing people by the wrist and jerking them around! Well, okay, she was a bit more gentle than that, but it was still rude.

Pamela peers at the picture and says, "Is this a recent picture? She looks a bit…" She tilts her head to the side, uncertain what bit she looks like, but feeling odd looking at her. Oh, and she is bending over to see the camera she even puts an arm around Hiro's shoulders as though they were friends or something and winks at him. "She your girlfriend?" Hopefully Hiro isn't so short that his head is pressed into anything embarrassing. "I think I've seen her before, but it wasn't recently. Just… Something about her clicks in my head." She then slaps Hiro gregariously on the back, and straightens up, "Hope you find her soon. I don't have a lot to do, so if you want, I can look around other places, and give you a call if I see her?" She pulls out a cellphone of her own from a jeans pocket and waggles it.

Impending arrests and people being peed on and poor Hiro being slung around like a sack of yams. All of this, and Hector moves for Jane and her discordant note, reaching absently for his billfold as he goes. Still keeping an eye upon various goings on, he thumbs out a bill or two, but doesn't hand them over just yet. "Do you play here often?"

"Portable fingerprint analyzer." the young officer replies, cracking a cheezy grin. You know he's been wanting to use this device ever since the NYPD began issuing them out last week. Adam's eyes roll. Great. This is not his lucky day. But he can't very well buck the system. "Fine. Just make it quick." he says, forking over requested documents and offering out his hand. The officer takes the documents and places Adam's hand on the screen which glows blue briefly.

It isn't the music that catches Thea's attention, but its sudden cessation - and in a most discordant way. She turns to look for the busker at its source, green eyes narrowing as she considers Jane. But the curiosity which provoked the study passes soon enough, and Aletheia continues on her way. That she moves closer to Jane and the knot of people beyond her as a consequence… well, they're close enough to the direction she needs to go in, and that's where she was looking.

Oh. That's not good. Should she put it on, then there'd be trouble for sure, cause well, she is a wanted criminal after all. "I see.." Ling says rather intrigued for a few moments as the pee on her leg seems to be rather trivial now in comparison..

"What… its like his first day," Elle explains to Ling, all smiles. "Seriously. Give him a break. He's just a baby." She leaves it at that then and starts to amble away with her pup in tow. Waiting til they're a good distance away, standing right in front of Jane, she digs something else out of her pocket. But it is not another dog whistle. It's a treat which she palms to Goblin. "Good boy! Ruff!" She crouches to scritch the dog's head.

Hiro gladly shows his little cameraphone to Pamela as she hovers over him. Stars are aligning in Times Square with each passing moment, but Hiro only seems aware of his little end of the world. Hiro looks abruptly uncomfortable. The giant lady is touching him. At the 'girlfriend' question, his cheeks flare up like two terrifying little apples. "N-No," he says. "She is my friend."

Mr. Hendrickson orders no less than four hotdogs, before paying the vendor and leaning against the nearby streetlamp to consume one. In one bite. Anyone who decides to look in his direction would certainly notice his stainless-steel teeth at this point, as the apparently-starving Hendrickson devours the hotdog. He notices Elena but does not place her, figuring she's just some random passerby like all the rest. However, the altercation between Hiro, Pamela and Ling and the dog is certainly noteworthy, if not interesting.

Molly reaches out to pull the cellphone closer. She needs a clear picture if she's going to try and find her. "I'm sorry. Kellie? I…um…let me think. I need to close my eyes to do that." Without her atlas, it's a little harder to figure out where exactly she is, it takes a little concentration. But, closing her eyes, she holds the cellphone picture of Kellie in her head and then reaches out to pinpoint her. In her mind's eye, she goes flying down the streets of New York, out of the city, past the interstate, heading north to a smaller town. Suddenly, she opens her eyes and looks straight at Hiro. "Hartsdale," she blurts out. She didn't mean to be that specific, it just came out. Oh no, she shouldn't have done that.

The guitarista seems about to resume after Elle's gone on her way and taken the dog with her, having quietly watched the electrical person as she walked. Her eyes close briefly when the hand goes into a pocket, as if expecting and bracing for another assault only she and the dog can hear, but when it doesn't come she relaxes and answers Hector. "I come here from time to time. It's got crowds and people with money, a good place to test whether or not I can make it as a musician in New York. Say, haven't I met you before?"

Pamela seems to realize Hiro is uncomfortable and stops touching him, moving away and peering at Molly. "Well, it seems that you don't need my help. Your friend is in Hartsdale." She then pauses awkwardly, and says, "Sorry about my forwardness. Watashi wa baka gaijin. <I am a stupid foreigner.>" She grins a bit and mockingly punches herself in the side of the head, to demonstrate her hollow skull. Then pauses and frowns as she rubs the spot. "Ow." Shrugging, she says, "A pleasure to meet you both. Good luck with this 'Kellie' friend of yours."

New York was a small town - she recognizes one other person too, the guitarist chatting with some homeless-looking guy on the side. Elena rolls past the hot dog stand in an attempt to go around Mr. Hendrickson and go on her way. She remembers the teeth, and the way he manhandled Cass in Starbucks so….no aggravating the big man. Her curiosity gets the better of her as she tries to get a better look as to what was going on with the police and the person they were accosting. She frowns a little at the traffic. Not like she can go full-bore down the street now, there were plenty of people who have stopped and staring at the spectacle.

Hiro is a bit too — /distracted/ — to pay attention to Pamela, but he does sort of wave at her as she walks away. "It is okay," he says, to the woman, before staring at Molly. "Eh? Harts… dale? Where is Hartsdale? What is Hartsdale? Is that in New York City?" he asks, before the next logical question comes about. "How do you know that?"

As the device finishes scanning Adam's hand, it chirps with an alert. "What's that mean?" Adam asks, watching the officer frown at the display. "Well, I can tell you it's not good." the officer states, handing Adam back his license and registration and then reaching for his handcuffs. "There's an order out to detain you until federal authorities arrive. I'll need you to turn around and place your hands behind your back." Adam nearly snorts. "Federal authorities. Right. I know exactly who you mean." he says, not complying with the request to turn around. Meanwhile, a crowd has started to grow around the scene as tourists and everyday New Yorkers stop to watch the arrest. Some even snapping pictures.

Well now isn't that a surprise. Adam's a criminal as well, and Ling's eyes widen at that as she looks towards the police. This could get ugly…very ugly actually….

Caught off-guard by the question, Hector looks immediately down from his latest study of Hendrickson doing obscene things to hotdogs to peer at Jane a little more directly. There is a twitch about the corners of his eyes, something like recognition, and he lifts his brows. "Perhaps," is all that he will allow, and even then only on a delay before the tens are folded over and held down for her to take. "More of a hobby, then, as opposed to a necessity."

Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. One foot in front of the other, that's all that Eric Walker is thinking on right now. Head down, lost in his own little world of thought, its only the inborn ability too dodge foot traffic that's keeping him from plowing into someone right now. However, his feet slow as he realizes that there is a disturbance in the forc—er…in the flow of traffic. Blinking out of his own mind, he looks up and glances around, peering curiously at the growing crowd, but not yet inclined to join them all.

Molly was just trying to help! But she blew it when she found out that the girl wasn't in the city. How can she explain this to a stranger? And in /front/ of other people? "It's…it's not in the city. It's further north." Luckily for the young girl, Pamela makes off and that's one less person to worry about. However, Kitty is still hovering nearby in that chaperone sort of manner. "I…just do," she whispers to Hiro in hopes that the statement doesn't carry too far. It's a crowded and noisy street, so it's possible that he doesn't hear her, but she doesn't want to get louder. Her eyes plead with him not to ask any more questions.

Elle is in mid-smooch of Goblin when something vibrates in her pocket. Big pockets, those. She digs it out and slides the phone open, turning it on its side. A button push later and she's straightening up and turning in a circle, eyes swinging over the crowd. "Dammit."

Arrest? What arrest? Jane notices nothing of the sort. Her attention is held by Hector, speaking with him. Then there's Elle not so far away petting her dog, being kept track of at least partly in case she blows that whistle again, and then… Her gaze goes past both Hector and Elle to study the rollerblading woman for a moment. She looks like the hostage she saw in Central Park. It's only the words directed at her that draw her attention back, she seeming a bit distracted. Fingers take the bills, she smiles and offers "Thank you, sir. I… saw someone who looked a bit like you at a coffee shop recently. I was wearing lawyer clothes that day."

Hiro looks at Molly. Curiouser and curiouser. Hartsdale, Hartsdale. He's heard that town before, in relation to something or other. Very confusing. "You just do?" he asks, and looks at his cellphone. "Harts… dale," he repeats, trying to commit the name to memory. When you can check out Hartsdale as easily as someone might check their bathroom, you can take things with a grain of salt. Hiro waves at Kitty, trying to look non-creepy and non-threatening. And then he detects a bit of a commotion, not too far away, and gets up on his tippy-toes. "What's going on over there?" he asks, of nobody in particular.

Aletheia's pace slows considerably at a quiet sound close by, and she turns her attention from the square to the handbag she carries. Fishing out her phone, the woman comes to a halt entirely as she reads its screen. One brow lifts, and Thea's lips quirk to one side in a dry half-smile. Stashing the phone back away, she scans the crowd with rather more attention than before, spotting the gaggle of people around the truck - and a uniform? Hm. But Thea stays where she is, fairly near to Hector and Jane.

Pam shrugs it off. She'd only been back in America for about a month, and already she missed Japan. She thought she could get a little bit of the discipline back she had when she was there, by talking to someone from Nippon itself. She realizes as she heads away that that was pretty clueless, and that the man she was bugging had enough on his shoulders without dealing with her fears of losing her edge due to American laziness.

Spotting the crowd gathered around an officer, a man, and a Chinese woman, she joins the onlookers for a moment, just out of idle curiosity. However, while she's not the most perceptive woman around, she didn't spend all that time training just to not be able to spot trouble brewing. The officer is gesturing, and has his hands on his cuffs, and Adam isn't responding either positively or negatively to the gesture… He doesn't look hostile, but he also doesn't look compliant. And his eyes aren't staying on the officer, either.

The tall blonde frowns, and tries to fight down her pushy impulses. It's not her business. She should move on. Yet she stays, and tries to adjust her own body language to make herself seem casual, and gives a bit of an opening between her right side, and the next nearest person. She's no psychology major, but maybe the dude will make a move for that opening, seeing it as an easy place to push through the crowd. And if he doesn't, then Pam will feel stupid for thinking she could predict what someone would do. She's not the sharpest hammer in the shed, after all. Or however that goes.

She spies a familiar figure headed for her direction, Elena coming down the opposite way from him. She almost freezes and turns around, remembering nothing but sheer embarrassment since she's seen him last. But…running away on rollerblades would be a little awkward. So instead, she puts on a cheerful, casual smile, rolling towards Eric and curling a fist to knuckle his shoulder while he isn't paying attention. Hopefully, she surprises him. "Hey, you're just in time. I think they're filming an episode of COPS," she jests. "Though…I've been looking at this for a while and I still can't figure out what the guy actually did. Looks like he's being fingerprinted now. Are fingerprint scanners staple now?" She glances at her classmate, who she knows works for an electronics company.

"Please. Turn around, sir. I won't ask again." the officer states gruffly. He might be young and inexperienced, but rule #1 - Always try to look more imposing than you are. Ok, maybe it's not a real rule, but it is in his book. Adam shakes his head and glances around the crowd looking for an exit. "Wait…is that…." he trails off as he spots what looked like a familiar Japanese face in the crowd. And then he spots Elle. Can this day get any better? Or is it worse? "You won't have to ask again." Adam frowns, and lands a swift kick to the officer's chest sending him falling backwards. Thus giving Adam enough time to start to run. "Move! Move!" he shouts, as he tries to clear through the crowd that's gathered.

When Jane becomes distracted by the crowd growing around Adam and the policemen, so does Hector. "Odd," he says eventually, voice muffled around his cigarette and unclear about whether or not he's replying to the scene at hand, or the idea that he has some sort of Starbucksian doppelganger. At the kick, he stiffens, hand still extended as if to offer money even after it's been taken. What.

Ling fortunately catches the officer and well, seeing that the person who's running is a criminal, tries to keep the officer disoriented with her own powers. It's only fair right? Criminals help other criminals..maybe that man might become a useful ally, or something. As such, she just looks towards the others, chewing on her bottom lip as she'll try to attack their nervous system as well,to make them somewhat disoriented to give Adam some more time…

Hiro hasn't tried to inappropriately touch or make off with Molly, so Kitty gives him the benefit of the doubt. She's already pretty close to the pair, anyway, so she figures she can swoop in and avert disaster should it come to that. Molly just nods at Hiro when he repeats her words. For some reason she narrows her eyes, studying him for a moment. Something about the way he moved was very familiar to her. And then they widen. She remembers something. This man holding a sword, pointing it at her parent's killer in Kirby Plaza. "You're the man who made the boogieman go away," she gasps quietly.

Elle doesn't spot Adam til he makes the mistake of hitting the police officer. "I so didn't bring my running shoes, Gobbo." She breaks into a run after the man and thankful that her dog can keep up, at least for the moment. "ADAM? STOP!"

"Hey wha…oh Elena!" Eric realizes who it is roughly a split second after he turns towards her. Then he blinks, he coughs, he turns slightly on the red side before he tries too shake himself out of it. "Haven't seen you since dinner…" The young man says, managing not too stutter. However the sudden scene gets his attention and he turns away from her too watch Adam running…the cop flying, and in general chaos. What timing he has!

Hiro looks down at Molly, and his curious, vaguely confused grin sort of fades. He stares at her. His brain starts working, too. He was pre-occupied, and didn't get to meet and greet at Kirby Plaza, but he nods, once. The crowd parts, for just a moment, and Hiro looks across the street at —

Takezo Kensei.

Just as Adam spots Hiro, Hiro, peering, first, out of curiosity, spots Adam. The breath catches in his throat and his eyes grow wide. "K-Kensei," he says, with a gasp, frozen in place. The two stare at for what seems like forever, before Hiro shouts: "KENSEI!!" There's about to be a chase scene, isn't there?

Mr. Hendrickson is in the middle of eating his last hotdog when the scene erupts into chaos. He stands there, not bothering to lift a finger to intervene, and simply watches as Adam makes a run for it, with a woman in pursuit. He finishes off his last hotdog, and makes his way through the crowd toward the scene. He's in no hurry, but he isn't above manhandling people to get them out of his way.

Adam glances up and around as his name is called and lands his gaze right at Elle. If that isn't confirmation of his identity, then I don't know what is. "Not a chance." he shouts, as he makes towards the opening that has somehow appeared in the crowd. And then….Kensei. He knew that face looked too familiar. But it's a dilemma. Stop, and become extra tasty crispy by Elle. Or keep running and find Hiro later. Let's run.

The officer regains his footing, but still disoriented by some strange feeling. "Get off me." he shrugs, stumbling forward a few steps and drawing his service pistol. "Stop! I mean it." he yells, staggering in chase of Adam. "Stop now or I /will/ fire." The pistol is raised, but the disorientation causes not one, not two, but three visions of Adam.

Turning when Hector does, and when Elle starts to run off with her dog, Jane finally catches the commotion, but with the crowd he's running through and the other people around her, she doesn't get a clear view of the fugitive. And just when she might catch sight of him, something else draws her notice. A familiar voice, shouting something about Kensei? The source of that is sought after.

Folding her arms across her chest, Thea just watches the snowball start rolling. She's definitely not an agent, and feels no particular need to try and chase down Adam herself; she'd only get in the way, besides. Green eyes flick to Elle at the sound of her familiar voice, and Aletheia's chin dips in the slightest of nods. Only to be interrupted in her assessment of the situation by Hiro's shout, at which she looks around for whomever else apparently has Adam in his sights.

Adam? Kensei? What? "……well. This clinches it. You're bad luck," Elena says with a grin towards Eric, but it's a tight one. Maybe -she's- bad luck. Hostaged. Gassed. Now she was witnessing someone pulling a Harrison Ford and running away from an officer that wasn't as cool as Tommy Lee Jones. She was half expecting the 'every penthouse, henhouse, doghouse, outhouse' line. That is, until the crowd starts pressing back to make room for Adam. Why? Because no one wants to get shot. She grabs onto Eric's arm, and attempts to yank him away from the crush as chase starts. And at the mention of a gun? She pales. "Eric, I think we better get out of the open," she tells him nervously.

"Officer.." Ling whispers as she brushes her fingers against his neck, "Are you sure you're all right? You look quite ill.." she says while definitely inducing a bit of pain that will hopefully get him to drop the gun. Let the other officers deal with it..and then she'll deal with them…

Pamela isn't inherently against 'the system', and doesn't really want to cause trouble for the officer by helping the crook get away… But she does want a chance to show her stuff in front of a crowd! Maybe it will get her more business as a bouncer. Get her on the front page of the newspaper instead of the Classifieds. Yeah, that's the ticket!

So she makes what might be a big mistake, and moves as if to allow Adam through… Then grabs quickly for his right forearm, with her own right hand, as he squeezes past her, attempting to hang on tight. If he turns to see and/or deal with whoever has a hold on him (if her grab doesn't miss), she will already have her other arm raised, elbow bent skywards, and try to drive a palm strike down into Adam's collarbone, using her leverage of height for extra force. It's the sort of attack that can break someone's collarbone, if it lands successfully.

Little does she know…

"Shit," says Hector, rather to the point once a gun is drawn, and he offers a hand down to Jane, already stooped, as if stooping is going to fool any stray bullets that should happen to drift in his direction. "I'm not an expert on police policy, but I think we'd better get out of the way."

"How am /I/ bad luck?!" Eric asks before he nods once towards her. Gun, people running, cops looking like he's been drinking. This is just a wonderful recipe for disaster. "I think your right…" He murmurs back towards Elena as he glances around, starting too back up and away from the confrontation…and all the running people. Geeze. This guy is popular…and…suddenly has lots of people following him, more than just cops. Lovely. It just gets more fun by the moment.

Molly stares at Hiro with a new sort of respect and understanding. She's seen him before and knows that he's one of them. However, any teary sort of thank you hug that may be in the near future for Hiro is interrupted by the appearance of Adam. It distracts Hiro and for some reason he's yelling some strange words. Startled, she quickly tries to see what it is the man may be yelling at, but she doesn't. It's just a crowded street with people running about madly. The loud yell startles Kitty, though, and she decides that this Japanese man may not be as stable as previously thought. Plus, there's police action on the streets. Time to get innocent little girls out of here. "Molly, we're going." Snatching the girl's arm, she starts to tug. "Wait! Kitty! No! I want to stay!"

Adam doesn't have to worry about catching Hiro, because Hiro is already after Adam, taking off at a dead sprint. Hiro Nakamura's sprint is not, it seems, that great, and anyone who has looked at him can probably guess why. "Sorry! Sorry!" he yells, as he pushes a couple of people out of the way, just in time to see the giant woman step out of the crowd and do something very painful to Kensei. "— Thank you!" he has just enough to time to call out, but he keeps /going/. He knows better than to think that'll slow him down.

"What?" She seems momentarily confused, her eyes shifting back to Hector as he bends and offers her a hand, and seeing so many others do the same. Jane swiftly crouches, holding her head down while at the same time trying to keep watching and determine just what's happening with little success. She doesn't spot Hiro or the fugitive fleeing ahead of him. "What's happening?" she asks Hector.

Her jaw drops open, Elena's dark eyes watching the perp get away…..and that woman doing….-something-…. "……" There are no words. She's seen movies like Kill Bill and Snake In Eagle's Shadow, but she didn't think anyone could actually pull those moves that fast in real life. She shrinks back further, gripping Eric's arm so she wouldn't fall on her butt while on her rollerblades. "This is so crazy," she mutters to her classmate. "Ever since Papa ran into those Company goons, it's like the whole city's gone crazy weird. What's going on?"

Elle glares at Adam's back as he shouts to her, but continues to pump her legs after him. Goblin is enjoying the run at the moment. Maybe if he knew Adam better, he'd even bite the hell out of him for Elle. Instead he just keeps pace. As Pamela steps in, she calls, "Thank you Xena!" as she continues to close, "Adam, stop running or I will put you down, so help me FREAKING god. I'm having a bad week!"

The chop to Adam's shoulder is met with a loud yell from him, and he yanks his arm out of the grasp. Smooth move, Monroe. Now you've got a dislocated shoulder too. "Nice try." he growls, shooting her what could only be defined as a nasty look before continuing to run. Blue-green eyes glance back to see Elle and Hiro both on his tail. As well as the officer. But there's an alleyway closing fast. If only he can make it. "Then you're going to have an even worse one after your father finds out you failed to capture me. Besides, you can't take me down in public. Unless you're hiding a gun under that outfit." Come on alley…

"I'm…..I'm fine." the NYPD officer shouts back at Ling, as he continues to stagger towards the path Adam is taking. The pain is increasing, causing even more blurred vision. An experienced officer would have given up by now but oh the joys of youth. "Don't say I didn't warn you." he adds, before squeezing the trigger no less than five times.

Okay..that's definitely not good. She wants this guy to get away so that he'll owe her later. IT's like he's making a deal with a she-devil without knowing it. However, Ling lets out a slight harumph as she looks at the officer and her eyes widen, definitely messing with his autonomic nervous system now to where the feeling of utter high and sharp pains would alternate rapidly…it must not feel very good…

"Some idiot has gone Bruce Lee on the law, and now there are people chasing him. One of them is an obscenely large woman. And there are guns." Opting to follow Jane's example and crouch further rather than make a break for it, Hector is forced to plant a hand down against cold concrete to keep from falling over when someone nearly trips over him in their enthusiasm to get the hell away. "Essentially I have no idea." Then there are shots fired, and Hector hits his knees to cover his head with both hands at the expense of his dignity. And his knee caps.

Elle , incidentally, smiles at Adam, though he probably doesn't see it. It's that gun crack. Seriously. People always make assumptions when you're a living weapon. In mid-stride, she reaches with her free hand inside her coat and comes up with a beretta. Coming to a stop, she holds the weapon out, flicks the safety off and steadies the shot with her other arm. She only fires once, aiming for his head.

There's something that'll scatter any crowd. When the officer starts shooting, even Aletheia ducks to the ground, bracing her fingertips against the concrete while trying not to lose sight of the confrontations. The only reason she can still see anything is because everyone else is either down themselves or rapidly clearing out of the way.

Hiro keeps running. He can't rightly just disappear in the middle of Times Square. It would be very bad for all parties involved. At some point along the way he realizes that there are other people pursuing Adam in this foot chase. Wait, there's an idea. Hiro sprints for a few more meters before he lurches to the side, rapidly out of breath. He's in better shape than he was /before/ he got lost in the past, but olympiad he is not. But instead, he shoves himself into a phone kiosk, the sort that are enclosed on three sides and mostly out of the way. With all eyes on Adam, hopefully no one notices when his legs disappear from the bottom of the kiosk.

And when — if — Adam careens into the first alleyway that becomes available, he'll be met with a surprise: Hiro Nakamura, the sword sheathed at his back, one hand on the hilt. "<Kensei!>" he yells, in Japanese. "<Stop! Please!>" Please, let the hatchet be buried after 300 years.

Also covering up, Jane notices very little beyond Hector's reaction and the sound of several gunshots. She swiftly pulls her guitar in tightly against her body to avoid being tangled with running feet. Her open case, however, gets a few fresh shoeprints and some tears to the fabric lining. "Fun," she murmurs in a measure of sarcasm. Under her breath she mutters "Dog whistles, guns, firetossers in the park. Hostages."

Pamela curses under her breath as she misses her target, and hits the shoulder instead. And then her jerks right out of her grasp, leaving her stumbling slightly. This guy must have a crazy pain threshold! Well, she can stand her looking dumb, or she can chase after this guy. He might be dangerous, but you're only young and stupid once, and if she chases this guy down and catches him, there will be that many more witnesses to her feats of bravery! So she chases after him too. Man, she needs to stop being so impulsive. But as gunshots go off, five from the officer, and one from Elle, she drops to the ground, not being young and stupid /enough/ to stay up and die of 'lead poisoning'. She scrambles back to her feet, against her better judgement, once the guns stop shooting, taking off and using her long legs to try to close the gap between herself and Adam's retreating back, hoping no one else shoots. Though there's that other girl ahead of her with a beretta still out. Hell, what is she doing? It's like she's not even in control anymore. Like her body is acting on its own, based solely on the rush of excitement, and her growing anger at how this is turning out to be a lot more difficult than she thought it would be. If Elle is a faster runner than her, she may reach the alleyway Adam is headed towards before she does. If not, her longer stride may let her run even with her. We'll just have to see.

Yes, someone is doing something, and Eric wants too stay as far away from it as he can. One hand is actually wrapped around Elena's waist too keep her upright, he'll apologize for it later. The young man though just shakes his head. "I know…I don't know what the heck is happening…but…its not your normal arrest that's for sure…" Then he blinks at the first gunshot goes off. Its almost reflex that he drops too his knees, trying to get under the line of fire, eyes wide. He even pulls Elena with him too keep her out of the possible line of fire

The sounds of shots fired cause a glance back by Adam. It's enough of a head movement that Elle's shot only grazes the side of his face. Several shocked gasps come from those who dropped to the ground but are still watching as the grazing wound heals itself in a matter of seconds. With the alleyway looming closer and closer, it's almost like the final sprint in the Olympics. Except in the Olympics, three bullets don't come out of nowhere and hit you in the back. "Blimey! That's going to sting in the morning." Adam mutters, being slowed, but not enough to prevent him from disappearing into the alley.

The cop who fired the shots is now almost completely immobilized by the disorienting power that seems to be increasing. After firing, the officer drops his gun and falls to the ground. Never seeing that three bullets hit their target. While the other two hit innocent civilians.

Well there's one down, and now two more to go. Namely, the one woman firing the beretta and the rather large and scary woman. This time, Ling starts to run, taking a deep breath as doing that took a bit out of her, but she's not down for the count. There's still a lot of fire left in her, and she's intrigued by this Adam/Kensei. He seems dangerous and she likes that in her men. So, she's running trying to get Elle or Pamela into her range. Dun dun dun!

Bang. Bang. Bang. The gunshots fire, God only knows where they're headed. Elena starts to backpedal, her face going ashen as people start screaming and jostling one another to get out of the way. And then an arm grabs her around the waist and pulls her down. She has no choice but to follow, getting as low as possible. Oh god. And when she lifts up her head, she sees blood flying. She rips her cellphone off from her pocket and dials 9-1-1 to call for EMTs to get to the area. People got shot. She can't just stay there and do nothing!

"Fire-what?" One hand lifted away once there's a break in weapons fire, Hector hazards a glance back over his shoulder to see that there are more people involved in the chase than he originally thought. "Either he's very popular or there is a higher population of the clinically insane here than normal."

Elle only takes the one shot and then lowers her weapon, "Well that's just awesome. Freaking jerk. Come into town and don't even give a gal a phone call." She rolls her eyes and slips the weapon's safety back on, putting it into it's holster under her jacket. "C'mon Goblin. No more running for today. Mommy's not ruining a new pair of Dulce and Gabbanas for that tool."

Realizing she was heard by Hector, Jane covers quickly. "Oh, just remarking on things I've seen since I got here. There was a woman a while back I saw juggling fire, she missed and hit someone nearby. Thankfully there was an extinguisher nearby and the flame was quickly out. Could've been really bad." Once the shooting stops, she uncovers and moves to recover her open and shoeprinted case, starting to collect the coins and get ready to leave.

The next thing you know, there's a horde of NYPD officers on the scene at Times Square. Slowly, they start to evacuate many of the bystanders, while directing EMS into place for the wounded. The officer who fired the shots is picked up and quickly ferried to a patrol car marked 'Supervisor' on the side. Pulling in directly behind that car, is another Crown Victoria. This one black. With tinted windows. Several men in suits step out and start talking to the officer in charge of the scene. Looks like the Company has arrived.

"You already calling for help?" Eric asks Elena…and look she already is! He slowly gets back too one knee too look around. "…what the heck just happened?!" He growls out. They were just walking here. He'd call too, but Elena is already on the phone, and people seem too be already on it, so his head turns too just look in the direction that Adam just left.

Men in black. "I am," Elena murmurs, and sure enough, they arrive….as well as others. She freezes, seeing the suits come out and her paranoia soaring. Life hasn't been the same since Benjamin Winters's kidnapping. Her hand grips tightly on Eric's forearm. "Eric I think we better get out of here," she murmurs. "And follow the Haitian's advice." This is a low mutter, though she looks rather….surprised at Eric as he growls low on his throat. He's always been so calm, she's never actually heard him sound angry before until now.

"I see." Fire juggling gone wrong. What a perfectly reasonable explanation. Teeth gritted, Hector pushes stiffly to his feet, not bothering to brush at his knees while he regains his bearings, and takes in the freshly arrived authorities. "Well, lovely meeting you, but I think I'm going to make an escape before I'm asked to testify against a policeman."

"Me too," Jane replies, as she finishes collecting her gear and stowing it away after pocketing the funds. "See you around, sir," is offered when she strides away, headed toward the offices of the Johannsen Foundation, but making a detour at a pet shop to buy the most shrill dog whistle she can find. Got to, simply must, get a handle on that.

Mr. Hendrickson mutters as the scene ends and the crowds disperse. He makes sure to head out before the police begin rounding up anyone for questioning, hailing a cab, before slipping inside and instructing the driver to take him to parts unknown.

Eric dosn't freeze, he just stands swiftly and takes Elena's hand too help her up. Looking paranoid is just gonna draw their attention. "Yeah…come on…I'll walk ya on home then." He murmurs towards her, not looking angry at all for the moment, though he looks ever so slightly worried, but that worry melts into a smile quickly enough as he takes her arm and starts them off.

She'll walk/roll with her classmate, Elena looking over her shoulder as she's guided away. But her eyes turn forward, and she heads off along with the crush of the evacuated crowd.

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