2010-05-02: Don't Come A Knockin'



Guest Starring:

Stuart Templeton Davenport

Date: May 2, 2010


…while the dressing room's a rockin'.

"Don't Come a Knockin'"

Stuart's Dressing Room — NYC

Ah. Fanmail. The highlight of everyday for Stuart. He sits back against the couch in his dressing room beaming at the letter he'd just received. It's on pink paper that's been soaked with perfume and written in a tight loopy cursive. He grins broadly as he reads on before closing the letter and handing it to his assistant who is sitting across from him on a chair, "Nadine, make sure you write a note back. I can sign it. Type it out though and make sure that my fan feels acknowledged and appreciated." Nadine nods while Stuart proceeds to open the next piece of mail.

Unfortunately for Nadine, the stack is HUGE. HUUUUUGE. THe letters go on and on and on. Poor Nadine. "Make sure you don't just send them a form letter, but make sure that it has details from their letter so they know I read it." And he did read it, but the reply isn't his. Oh well.

"Will there be anything else, Mister Davenport?"

Stuart shakes his head. "No, that will be all!"

Mail call isn't a part of the day that Hallis relishes, because she doesn't have an assistant like some other people. Now, without her jPhone, she's lost a little bit more when it comes to answering the stacks that have been dropped in her dressing room. Of course there's some hate mail from the people who take soap operas a little too seriously, those ones are even addressed to Ora Goldman instead of Hallis Van Cortlandt.

In the mix, there's one letter, written on pretty violet stationary and smelling like someone took a bath in Brittney Spears' latest drug store cologne. Thankfully, it's addressed to Stuart Templeton Davenport. In response, Hallis abandons all of her mail and carries the offensive bit of mail to its rightful recipient.

knock knock

Then she opens the door, peeking inside before calling out "Stuart~ I got a piece of your fanmail~"

"Hey! Hallis~ C'mon in — " Stuart motions for her to come inside. "Help yourself to a chair or have a seat on the couch." He cranes his neck to peek at the letter. His lips curl upwards into a smile, "My fans really do love me, don't they?" He winks before offering her a shrug. He then glances at Nadine, "Take that letter with you too and issue the writer a nice response — that's why our fans love us!" He winks at Hallis.

"How are your lines coming? Well, I hope — "

After giving the letter to Nadine, Hallis takes a seat on the couch. She's not dressed for her scenes yet, possibly because her costume for the day is just too weighty to wear, so she's in her robe. "They're coming along," she murmurs, looking toward the door as Nadine slips out and closes it behind her. "Nothing I won't be able to adlib if I forget though." She's getting much better at that part, but she still spends much more time at night than she should trying to memorize every scene she's in.

"I don't even need to ask how yours are, you're always perfect…" she says trailing off as one of her hands plays along the tie on her robe. Oddly enough, she's not wearing her ring, she hasn't been all day.

"Thanks," Stuart says brightly. "It's just practice. The more you're int he faster they'll come — I promise." He winks before issuing Hallis a large toothy grin. "And I guarantee you're really starting to come into your own — that much is evident from when you came out with us the other day. Christina loves you! She's asked me about you. I hear a movie career calling — " he winks again while leaning back in his seat and opening a bottle of Evian (several of which are sitting in a basket on his coffee table). He points to them, silently offering one to Hallis as he takes a long drink.

"Really? A movie career?" Hallis' eyes brighten even more as she leans over to grab a bottle of water. She doesn't crack it open quite yet though, she wipes the bottle off with one of the cloth napkins that's set out with the bucket. Only when it's perfectly dry does she crack the seal and tip the mouth to her own, taking a small sip. "I don't know how I'd handle the travel, the long months away from home." She stares at him as she talks, her head tilting just a little to the side. "How do you do it?"

She inches a little closer to him on the sofa, perhaps just because she's interested in the conversation. After all, it is mostly about her, how could she not be? "You must get lonely, I know I would."

"Yup. I'm sure it's in the future for you, Hallie," Stuart's grin broadens. "Just a matter of time!" He tilts his head a bit, "You get used to it and find companionship along the way. The people that matter most will join you, the ones that don't fall to the wayside." He shrugs. "My mum traveled with me when I was younger, but now I've bought her a house in L.A. and fly her out to meet me every other week. It can be done and anything is possible as long as the people in your life are flexible enough." He shrugs again before taking another gulp of the water.

Hallis crosses her legs at the knee, letting her robe part just enough to show off her calf. She turns her head to look at him with a quirk to one of her eyebrows and leans back in her seat. "Stuart, when did you start calling me Hallie?" It's the one bit of his talking that stuck out, not that she ignored the rest, but it just wasn't as important… yet.

"And…" she plays with the sash on her robe a little bit, imitating a shyness that she really doesn't feel at the moment. "I was wondering~ … What did we do after the club? You were going to tell me, but then George." She drops off just then, they both know what happened, their off screen chemistry was interrupted by real life.

When did he start calling her Hallie? "Oh it was that at the bar — that's when I started," Stuart watches Hallis intently, "I asked you if it was okay, you said was, so I've been calling you Hallie when I think of it. Is it still okay?" His eyebrows furrow until the second question registers.

"Right, I forgot I had to tell you that," his eyes narrow a little. "Well, we went back, enjoyed a little hash, and each other's company." Beat. "I made you sure you got home okay — made Nadine drive you. Don't think she was too pleased about that."

Giving him a sly little grin, Hallis raises her eyebrow a little further and puckers her lips slightly. "You mean, she wanted me to stay? Or she was just put off by having to drive me home?" Her eyelashes flutter a little, yes, she's definitely flirting now. For shame. "Just in case George asks though… which he might… how much did we enjoy each other's company?" He doesn't ever seem to care about the drugs, her blackouts or any of the other evils in her life. Thinking about it, she lets off a small sigh and rolls one of her shoulders forward, "And of course you can call me Hallie, all of my friends do."

"She was put off driving you home, and I would've liked to have you stay, but — " Stuart closes his eyes tightly. " — despite what you may have heard about me, I'm not completely dishonourable." He leans towards her, his eyes soft and his lips curled into a tender kind of smile, "But… I can now say I've kissed you on and offscreen — and completely out character. I've kissed Hallie, not just Ora. And Hallie is… better." He continues to stare at her, almost in rapture.

He's almost mezmirizing, the way he looks at her and Hallis is caught like a fish on a hook. "I'll have to get her something to make up for the ride," she murmurs softly, staring up at him. She blinks a few times before taking a small breath in and leaning forward just a little, just until their about two inches away from each other. Then she places her water on the table and moves to lean back again. "Do me a favor? Please? Can we keep it our little secret for now?" Not that it's not already floating around the set, but those are just rumors for now, nomatter who was witness to what. If Hallis doesn't remember, it didn't happen and that is how she's going to play it.

Stuart tilts his head and then nods. His breath is warm against her skin as he leans a little closer. "I won't say anything," his voice is a whisper as his hand reaches up to caress her face. "Damn, you're beautiful." His smile is still soft, his eyes soulful. "So beautiful." His lips are millimeters away from hers. And there he stays.

He stays, but she doesn't. Taking the final plunge, Hallis' lips connect with Stuart's and her hands wind around his neck to pull him closer to her. She doesn't remember what happened, damnit, not even a flash of blackout memory here and there. Besides, she's still not technically breaking her promise to George, they weren't even running lines. Though that might just make it a bit worse… She's beyond caring at the moment. She really just wants to know.

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