2007-08-24: DF: Don't Eff With Mama Bear


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Summary: Never mess with Kitty's Kittens.

Dark Future Date: August 25th,2009

Don't Eff With Mama Bear

Kitty's Orphange

Today has not been a great day for Kitty. She is still feeling pain in her arm and shoulder where she was burned by the explosion at the rally in Central Park. She looks tired and in pain, she has been taking the pain medication given to her like crazy. Her arm is wrapped up and bandages cover the burn on her shoulder. She sighs as the Evolved Kittens are standing around in the main room, the furniture is pushed back and each of the kids is practicing their abilities. Something new that Kitty decided needed to happen so that the children wouldn't hurt anyone or themselves with their power.

"Good job Pixie!" she encourages the young teen who can change shape into any person that sees and right now she looks exactly like Kitty, down to Kitty's black dress and brown boots. The only thing that would throw anybody off is the color of Kitty's (Pixie's) eyes; they were grey, while the real Kitty's eyes are light brown. "Just remember the guys" she whispers to the teen that blushes and quickly reverts to her own form, that which is a girl of seventeen that has short spiky blonde hair and grey eyes. Kitty pats her on the back and leans against the wall watching. Tiger is prowling around as usual.

Lee comes in. He has always considered Evolved stuff a giant waste of time, and his educational push lies elsewhere. "I have everyone's book reports graded…" he announces, putting them down to the side. He put them all in envelopes so the kids would have something to tear open. Everyone likes to tear open things. "Hey Kitty, what happened?"

Taking a break from teaching the kids, Kitty looks at Lee, "You didn't hear? There was a explosion at the rally I went to in Central Park. A lot of people died. Evelyn and I got off easy. But this poor guy, I think he lost his wife" Kitty looks up and closes her eyes briefly. "Just sucks. I should have seen it coming"

Lee says, "I heard about /that/, I didn't know you were there in it. The kids all right?" He glances around, gives everyone a once over. "Do I need to get a medic down here?"

Kit shakes her head, "It was only me and Evelyn there. That is from this orphanage. I went to an Alliance clinic right after. They said my burn weren't fatal and that I needed to take it easy" Tiger pounces onto a ball in the room and rolls around with it playing. The Kittens laugh and everyone is in a happy mood, despite that Kitty came home the other day injured. "I just wis-"Kitty stops speech and her eyes grow dark. She must be having a vision or something. Her mouth opens and shuts slowly. After a moment, she blinks her eyes, "No, not here. I told them they were safe" as soon as she says that last word helicopters can be heard outside and around the building. The Kittens all instantly fall silent and look to Kitty. No Homeland Security has entered yet but it is only a matter of time.

Lee looks alarmed. "Okay, everyone evac." He flips down his headset. "This is Rimbaud. The vision gleams in /every air/. Departure in affection and shining sounds. REPEAT. DEPARTURE IN AFFECTION." Whoever replies in his earpiece, he seems to nod rather painedly to, like the answer was not what he wanted. From his messenger bag he draws his baseball bat and says, "All right, everyone listen up, we're headed downstairs to the /blue door/, down the stairs, the /blue door/! Come on, let's go! Go, go, go. Non-Evolved first…" They won't arrest /Evolved/ kids. He starts to hustle the kids away from the outer doors. And windows. And, well, walls. "Kitty, come on, snap out of it, it's a raid!"

Kitty jerks her head up and she is instantly in Warrior mode. Not good for HS. "Ok kids! Remember the plans we set in place. All the Un-Evolved children first like Lee said. Langston get in front and lead them to the exit you know where it is" she doesn't want to give away anything, they might have Evolved that can hear really well. Kitty quickly draws Suzie Q with her good arm and looks to Lee, "I was stupid to think that the government would never come" she states and looks to Tiger, the cat runs with the other kids to the basement level. Kitty nods her head and checks the clip in the gun. "Ok, let's do this" she looks /very/ pissed.

Lee moves towards the front and lifts a hand - a heavy wardrobe SLAMS into place, blocking the door. A couch and chair plummet towards windows that now are 'down' for them as their frame of reference rotates. "Don't shoot unless they get close." he advises
Kitty. "Also, don't let them get close." He follows close on the tail of the last kiddo, with his back to them, facing outwards, alert for threats.

Rumble rumble. The earth shakes slowly as it seems that the young Filipina is here for a visit. After a disastrous proposal, she just wanted to relax and teach the kids a few new things, but it seems things have just gone down the shitter. Claudine peers out from her little hidey hole leading towards the tunnels and sees all the chaos going on.

"What's going on?" she calls out to anyone close to her..

Kitty starts to walk towards Lee when a crack forms against one of the walls. BOOM. HS must have a telekinetic. Kitty stands with her back to the door leading to the basement levels and Suzie Q cocked and ready. "Lee take the kids. Hurry!" she yells and stands her ground.

Lee scrambles down the stairs backwards - actually he's walking on the wall, to let the kids negotiate the stairs as quick as they can. "…I hope that's Claudine…" he mutters as the earth begins to shake. "Into the tunnels, go, go…" he urges the kids, passing out glowsticks as they pass through the door beneath (?) him. They rush in. "Kitty, come on!" he urges.

How exactly did Portia end up in the building? Well, it started when she had already been on her way to see Kitty and the children when she heard the choppers. And when you're invisible it's easy enough to sneak by. However, since the group had a head start, it's taken Portia a bit of time to get down to where Lee, Claudine, Kitty, and the kittens are headed. Of course, being invisible has it's disadvantages when you want the good guys to know where you are. So as she sneaks down and approaches Kitty, she speaks first. "Kitty, it's Portia." She reaches a hand to touch Kitty, allowing both of them to be invisible. "I see what's going on. Do you want me here or with the kids? If I stay it might be harder for them to hit you since you'll be invisible. Better chance of getting everyone out if we can stall them longer."

Her ears twitch. They need something to stall to let the kids get out! That's one thing the young woman can do. "You need someone to stall, I'll do it. You guys go do your thing, and I'll do mine. There's a lot of cute agents of the gubmint who want to tap my ass anyway, so I'll give them something.." Claudine says with a cheesy smile as she pops out of the tunnel and starts heading towards the cracks in the walls.

The ground shakes, the earth rumbles in anger. Someone isnt exactly happy, and so outside, agents are screaming and some things seem to be crashing. Who knows what's going outside now?

Sighing in relief Kitty nods, "Tia! Well I can't say your ability wouldn't be useful" she smiles faintly, "Stay with me, we will hold them off for awhile while Claudine creates a distraction" she says and then glass bursts and agents come into the room from the opposite side, good thing that Lee has taken the kids downstairs already. From the looks of it, the agents are Evolved.

The leader of the agents steps forward a woman and she smirks, "Terrorists" and with that she throws her hand out and fire flows from her hand and flies towards Claudine. Good thing Kitty is invisible because she takes the shot at the woman and shoots her head. The leader drops to the ground lifelessly and the other agents spring into actions. One, a telekinetic throwing furniture all over the room trying to hit Claudine and Portia and Kitty who are invisible.

"Right." Portia whispers, glancing back over to the agents as they enter. She keeps a good grip on Kitty. "Make sure you stick close. If we get separated you've got no cover." She gets a ready position, waiting for the attack. Soon as Kitty does that, she's all prepared to run. "Where to?" She questions, making sure to keep contact with Kitty, even as she ducks.

Gouts of flame shooting at her? Not kosher. Claudine looks annoyed as she ducks under the gout of flame only to find that the woman is quickly dead afterwards. A telekinetic starts throwing furniture and the young woman oomphs as she gets knocked back onto the ground and harumphs as she shakes her head. "You know..seriously. Furniture? That's the best you can do when you're a telekinetic? Come fricking on?!?!?!?"

She's angered by the sight of the government tearing and crashing into the orphanage. Fortunately, all the kidlets are escaping with Lee under her premade tunnels, and Portia and Kitty are invisible doing their thing while the young Filipina is the only one visible causing a ruckus with the gubmint.

She raises a hand and soon a hand of earth rises up from the ground, swatting away the telekinetic like a mere fly. Hopefully the telekinetic lands somewhere cushy..
Fortunately, the telekinetic lands on the floor several feet away, /hard/. Kitty grins as she is having fun now, knowing that the Kittens are safe, this is the most action she has gotten in a long time! And /yes/ that kind of action as well. Jeez pervs!

Another agent, a male this time stands up and starts to scream. His voice a piercing cry, Kitty falls to her knees and clutches her hands over her ears. The man is showing obvious delight as Kitty becomes visible seeing as she fell away from Portia.

Persi comes wandering in one of the doors that the agents aren't using to get in, trying her best to look a bit groggy and confused. Apparently she crashed somewhere in the orphanage last night and is only just realizing that the place is under attack. She's in her spiffy new black-with-red-detail trenchcoat, but doesn't seem to be armed — though, a keen eye might notice that one of her hands looks like it's holding the handle of something, even though nothing's there. When she catches the end of the guy's scream, she cringes and raises her free hand to an ear, looking distinctly annoyed by the sound, "…goddamn, what's going ON here?! Fuckin' settle down, maestro!

Shit. Doctor MacScreamy already had Kitty down. This was the kind of thing Jane did, with the screaming and such. It hurt like a bitch, but Portia withstands it, piercing pain and all as she grabs for Kitty, dragging her forcibly out of where she just was. She can't do anything about the pain, and dammit, it hurts, but this way she's under cover of invisibility and safer. That is if Portia's going to be able to hear after this!

Screamers! Gah! The only acceptable screaming is that done in the throes of passion and she's definitely got no defenses against sonic attacks. Claudine gahs in pain, her ears bleeding as she's sent back by the concussive force and winces, curling into a little ball. Oh noes..the gubmint is after her and the others! Not good.

Sometimes, when two people have a strong emotional bond, one person just knows when something is wrong with the other person. Sometimes, when you are one half of a beneficent human smuggling operation using a complex labyrinth of subterranean tunnels, you find yourself over run with orphaned children in a full panic being herded by Lee.

Now, Orion is never going to let it be known exactly which option was what alerted him to the fact that Kitty's Orphanage is under Company attack while Claudine was visiting. However, for the record, the brownies Orion was bringing along from his private and well-hidden stash for the kids were ruined. This is a bad thing. A very bad thing. You can tell by the expression of restrained homocide etched into his face while he sprints through the tunnels and into the sewers outside/under the Orphanage.

Kitty yells as she also had fell on her recently burned arm. Gritting her teeth, Kitty takes shaky aim at the screamer and pulls the trigger. The scream is cut short as the man falls to the ground. Kitty nods to Portia as, "Thanks Tia" she says quietly and winces in pain. Those burns /really/ hurt. But /nobody/ comes and fucks with her Kittens. Nobody. She looks to Persi, "What does it look like Persi! We are under attack! Sound the alarms, fire the cannons!" she yells at the woman, the last part is obviously a joke. That is Kitty and Persi's relationship. Two crazies, Kitty is obviously the saner one.

The young woman ducks as more agents are pouring into the main room. Kitty kicks a panel in the wall and a slot of guns slides out. She hides a nice handgun, Lucy Liu to Portia. "Now I know I taught you how to shoot a gun. Don't shoot any of the good guys" the rest of the guns go on and around Kitty until she looks like a deadly assassin with a shotgun hung over her good shoulder and Uzis hung around her waist. Another pistol, Tequila is now in her other hand, the one with the burned arm.
Kitty cracks her neck and winces again as the agents shoots bolts of lightning and all other manner of stuff at the group of people protecting the orphanage.

NO! NOT THE BROWNIES! Oh dear God! Not the brownies! Claudine always wondered what happened when she's bake brownies from scratch. They always disappeared in a matter of hours. Now it seems the truth has been revealed. It's a shame that they were all trampled by scared frightened children. She will be sad.

Of course, she'll be sadder to see that her hair is standing on end. It's starting to get all frazzled, but that's just the warning that she's about to get zapped. Hard! A bolt strikes her and she convulses, writhing in pain as she screams out in pain, trembling at the smell of singed flesh, hair and clothing. She gasps, trembling a little. There's about to be another zap towards her by the electrokinetic, when said electrokinetic is doused in water, ending up frying herself.

Here comes a man dressed immaculately. He's a good 5'10" and gives the electrokine a deadly look. "I said, if my sister was harmed I would make it back tenfold. Consider that a warning.." he says firmly and resolutely as he comes with what seems to be a bottle of pills. He had figured Dine would be here. It's kids. She's always liked kids. Now with a ball of water in his hands, he starts heading towards the prone terrakine slowly, making sure the other gubmint dupes cover him.

Handgun, check! If there's one thing about Lucy Liu, it's that the asian actress kicks some ass. Like, seriously. The aptly named handgun in hand, Portia takes a quick assessment of what's going on. Spotting what's going on with Claudine, she shoots a quick glance back to Kitty. "Take cover, I'm going to break off from you for a minute." And with that, she's darting like a madwoman towards Claudine. Okay, okay, gun time. Aiming the gun carefully, she's shooting for the kneecaps of said brother going after Claudine. The invisible girl is planning on letting Dine get a nice getaway.

Persi got here just in time to see the telekinetic getting tossed…onto a soft landing. She keeps her eyes on the telekinetic, but smirks nonetheless at Kitty's joking around. After a moment, she decides to get moving before she gets hit by some of the havoc going around. So, she dashes into the room, heading straight for the telekinetic, only to nearly get the sense knocked out of her as she passes a doorway — on the other side of that doorway is a huge, muscular guy that looks like a damned lumberjack, kicking at the doorframe. Whether he meant to hit the doorframe or Persi, the wood of the frame is splintered inward, little bits flying out in a spray. Persi reacts by whirling around and taking a swipe at him with the invisible blade in her hand, but the doorframe deflects her blade and her reactionary strike.

The bullets, under normal circumstances would completely end Luis. But as he's a named NPC, that of course isn’t going to happen. Others knew what he wanted to do, and so a young woman, with a huge crush on the older man giggles with glee as the bullets change direction in midair, striking a nearby wall instead. "No shooting Bossman! That's just unfair!" she pouts. From the looks of it, she cant be much older than Claudine and is a Hmong girl dressed in a tidy government outfit.

"Now..let's see..where's the metal around here?" Song muses to herself. Uh oh..she's named too! That bodes bad news.
Orion slides through the muck and mire in the sewers as he enters it. Metal sweat breaks out across all of his exposed flesh as he slides through flashes of light from the street level shining through drains and grates alike. By the time Orion arrives at the ladder he was aiming for, his entire body is swathed in a thick layer of metal gel.

Granger climbs the ladder quickly, bracing his shoulders and neck against the manhole cover when he all but plows into it. After several seconds of applied effort, Orion pries the cover loose of its ancient 'moorings' and the Metal Man emerges onto street level just behind the main Company contingent.

After a moment to catch his breath and rearrange the immense weight of the manhole cover, Orion advances toward the orphanage behind the remainder of the Agents storming the place. Within seconds there is an enormous, heavy frisbee sailing through the air toward a cluster of Agents. No doubt they are intended to mow down the cluster while Orion continues to prepare himself.
The frisbee/manhole cover strikes true, knocking several agents out. It ricochets from agent to agent, considering their own heavy duty armor allowed the frisbee of improvised death go through them like a pinball before everything goes tilt. They were human, so come on, they're extras and can easily be disposed off. The real action is happening not too far from the wall that was originally taken down by the telekinetic.

Orion can see a familiar dark skinned man approaching Claudine who still twitches every now and then. She sparks a bit of electricity as he puts a few pills down her mouth, forcing it open and soon some water condenses out of thin air, making her gasp and choke before swallowing it. It'll take a few minutes for her powers to be completely neutralized, but he has what he wants.

He carries his younger sister prone in his arms, not minding getting the static shocks from left over electricity as he starts heading towards one of the vans. Cyprus will be either really happy or pissed that this is happening. Either way, he gives a dismissive wave, knowing he's fully protected by his men.

"I got what I wanted. Team Two strike down the tunnels. Team One, end the rest. They're worthless.."

Kitty throws herself behind one of the couches and she fires both Tequila and Suzie Q. She hits the woman who protected Luis in the side and she ducks behind the couch as another man enters. He blinks for a second and then runs /very/ fast over to Persi, coming to help his comrade. He winks and then goes for a strike at the woman.
Kitty breathes in deeply and shakes her head as she gets a vision. Just as the vision ends, another man enters and he growls and stomps his feet. He immediately begins to grow taller and bigger. He stomps around and accidentally squashes one of the HS agents. "Oops" he says in a deep voice.

Shit. This could be a little more difficult with a metal related powers. However.. even if the girl can use metal.. it's just a matter of getting in close. That is, if she can shoot before Song gets her gun away from her. Thankfully, she's still invisible, which is to her advantage. She moves, darting back and forth to head to get in close to Song, then fires the second she's /really/ close. As in, two feet away.
Song's powers..are unusual. Very unusual really as she sees a shot being fired towards her and right before it hits, a piece of the wall comes crashing down, taking the bullet instead. She giggles impishly, curtsying as she runs her fingers through her hair. She heard the noise of the shot and hrmphs as she steps back in an unusual defensive stance. "Why am I getting shot at?!?!?! I didnt do anything!"

With that, she harumphs and points at random places. People are going to get unlucky. Really unlucky. Things start crumbling and falling, and anyone caught in her 'entropic storm' will just..not be lucky at all. Like as was established earlier..Song's wierd and so are her powers.

Meanwhile, the hulking brute of a man who goes through the door snickers. He chews on his bottom lip and reaches into his pockets to pull out a few seeds. He throws it towards the ground and almost instantly, they gestate, trying to wrap around whatever's near them. IN this case, the target would be Persi. She has a blade, so it seems like someone's going to get mowed.
Oh noes, plants. </sarcasm> Wait, those plants look coil-like and constricty. Persi freaks out, for a moment, at that idea, and, rather than just cutting at the plants, she does whatever the hell she can to get the hell away from them. As such, she crouches a bit and leaps over the gestating plants and out the doorway to escape the things. Now, Persi, mind you, doesn't have the same aversion to killing that gave that telekinetic earlier a soft landing — no, she quite likes the idea! As such, she tops off her leap with a little twirl-around maneuver that sends her cloaky-invisible sword-blade on a collision course with Fudou.

As Luis exits the orphanage with Claudine, Orion Granger's metal gel carapace suddenly surges in mass and subsumes his street clothes. Orion disappears into the shadows as his manhole of death takes down nameless, faceless Agents. The surging metal mass promptly solidifies into something stronger and more dangerous than gel. It turns to articulated steel plates that cover his body.

Granger darts forward, toward the building as a single blade of steel extends from the back of his forearm. He runs up to one of the vans, sprinting up its far side to back flip off of its edge and somehow land atop it. He then springs forward and flips in air, the move exquisitely graceful and efficient. As Granger drops down behind where Luis should be, he whirls in air. That katana-sized blade of steel shifting through the steel of his forearm until he's gripping its apparent haft in both hands… And hopefully carving a neat, deep surgical line across Luis' back. Just enough to make him drop Claudine, but not enough to kill him. Not yet.

Oh, this is tricky. Moving quickly, Portia instead moves behind Song, aiming to slam the gun down on the back of the woman's head to knock her out. Whatever she can do to knock her down. If that somehow misses, she's going to kick. LIKE MAD. Nothing like a good kick to the shins to bring someone down.

Luis had gotten his target and didn’t care what else happened to those inside. He wasn’t expecting any resistance, his best men were inside disposing of the rest, or at least so he thought. He had no idea what was going to happen until he feels pain, but only for a brief moment. His blazer is sliced through the back as the blade cuts enough to spill blood and he cries out in pain, stumbling for a few moments as he drops Claudine to the ground. She's still twitching every now and then with sparks arcing over her body.

He reaches back and feels his blood, sticky and wet and he hisses in pain. He brings his hands forward, turning around as he spies a familiar face, or rather armor. "How interesting that I should see you again, Mr. Granger.." He jumps back, grinning wryly as water condenses around him. Water droplets form that soon become frozen needles of ice. He thrusts his palms forward, sending the barrage of ice needles towards the armored man, hoping to find any weak spots in said armor..who knows, it might just be lucky enough to strike…

Meanwhile, there's Song, and there's a bit of a struggle. She catches the kick, taking the gun hit as she harumphs and eeks in pain. She squeezes onto Portia's leg and scrambles, trying to get on top of her as she flails her arms wildly towards the younger girl. "No fair! I put on all this make up and you have to hit me!" she whines as she releases a flurry of slaps at Portia..

Then over to where Persi is. It bodes ill for the man as her blade strikes with deadly efficiency, lopping off his arm. Instead of the expected gore, there's no blood gushing out and causing a mess. Instead vines sprout out from Fudou's stub as he cackles maniacally. It seems government experiments have been tested on a few willing evolved. Fudou is the next step in evolution. He's more plant than human now and the vines he grew earlier attempt to strike at the young woman like whips..of vines with lots of thorns..cant be good.
Persi turns to face Fudou and pauses when she sees the vines sprout from his shoulder-stub. She just gapes for a second, well aware that if he can do THAT, a sword's not going to do much to him. She is, nonetheless, stubborn, and so she keeps hacking away at the large man with her blade, taking gouges out of him over and over again, even though it's all ultimately fruitless. It keeps him busy, at least, but it looks like Persi's stamina's going to wear down sooner than his body. This is especially true considering that, with every passing second, Persi's getting lashed again and again by those loathsome vines — they're thin and sharp enough to take gouges out of her trench coat, but, well, she's invisible, so what does she care? It's when she starts feeling the sting of lacerations on her skin that she starts rethinking the mindless assault.

Ice needles? That gets Orion to quirk one metal-coated brow at Luis. Ice crystals spray in all directions as Orion slowly stands up from his crouched landing position. A few dozen of the crystals are fortunate enough to sink into the joints and seams between the articulated plates but don't dig deep enough. With a few effortless motions the ice shatters from the pressure of the plates shifting and grinding.

Granger remains unencumbered by Luis' attack. He also remains quite upset looking.

"Indeed. It is fairly intriguing that we should meet again… And in such interesting circumstances, Mr. Salonga. I thought we had decided that you would be leaving Claudine alone when last we met. Clearly I was mistaken in my assessment of your wisdom."

Orion moves forward, dropping into what looks like a slide at the last moment. He spins backward and twists his body around. The sword comes up and around, intending to cleave a second bloody line across the eldest Salonga's body, this time across Luis' frontside. As Granger finishes executing the precision strike his eyes fix on Luis' again.

"Now I suggest you take your toy soldiers and go home. I have no interest in killing family nor in killing imbeciles."

Oh, there's no way that annoying girl is going to survive that long out here when she's fighting with /slaps/ and complaining about makeup. Portia growls. "Why don't you wake up and realize we're in the middle of a /war/." And then she's going to work. While Song might slap, Portia takes it all, aiming a nice punch to poor Song's solar plexus. Gotta love the gut-wrenching, breath-knocking out hits.

While everyone has been fighting their own enemies, Kitty has been stuck with two and well that just isn't fair when she is injured but even then. Kitty knows how to kick ass. Rolling away from the giant man, Bobo. Kitty takes a shot at his knee caps and while the bullets make impact, it doesn't do much damage. With a roar the man stomps and the whole room shakes.

The super fast man, Kacy just zips around the room until Kitty sticks her leg out and he trips and falls to the floor. Kitty doesn't waste anytime as Kacy could get up at any moment and she shoots at him but he dodges out of the way and then stands up straight. With a look form Bobo to Kitty, he shrugs, "See ya later!" he yells and zooms out of the room. "Guess he didn't want to be squashed" Kitty mutters and she starts to rethink a way to take down that huge man.

Woop! There goes the other arm. Soon enough, there's another sprouting of vines from what should be a bloody nub and Fudou cackles with insane glee. "Keep on hacking little girl. I can keep this up forever. You cant though.." he says with a wry grin as his vines continue their onslaught, thought fortunately, leather tends to keep out thorns and such. Deciding another tactic he swings his massive body to the side, hoping to get his tentacle vines wrapped around Persi as he flails wildly, not quite sure where she is, but he's just kind of basing everything on what's getting lopped off.

OH! There goes a leg..more vines pop out. This is starting to get ridiculous. Maybe chopping off his head would do the trick?

How does Song stay alive in these horrible awful times? Because her powers make everything so unlucky that nothing bad happens to her. Or maybe it's she makes herself so lucky, but obviously that isn’t the case as she gets the wind knocked out of her and coughs up a bit of blood. "BITCH!" she cries out as she takes a deep breath and crouches low.

Something's awakened in Song and she wets her lips a little. There have been experiments done on evolved as well, and it seems Song is a product of that experiment as well. Her eyes glow a terrible red as in the area, things start to fly around as if a poltergeist was nearby. Those items definitely try to strike at Portia, but it's just random chaos. She and Portia are now in a little quantum bubble where everything's everywhere at the same time. Weirdness rises..


The ice needles were completely useless against Orion. Luis had to know that, but maybe he wanted to see if there were any points of weakness. He found that and a wry grin curls onto his lips, marring his once handsome features as he stares down Orion.

"That would be the case if circumstances hadn’t changed. Things were found out, and we want my sister. As to why, it's none of your damn business.."

He barely moves out of the way when the sword strikes his chest. His clothes tear and blood seeps out of his muscular form, leaving half of him exposed. He's ripped tanned muscles and shakes his head.

"I'm not your family. I'm not calling off my men. If anything, it is you and the others who should surrender..things are not what they seem.."

With that, he motions towards the carnage going on inside. Surely, Orion will see the tentacle plant man and the weirdness going on with Song..these are some powerful mofos.
Persi curses and spits insults at the Jolly Green Giant as she hacks at him in the heat of battle. But then, the big guy tries a different tactic and Persi ends up being wrapped in the vines! Fear sets in, as well as panic, prompting a very un-Persi-like scream of terror. Fortunately, though, Persi manages to slip free of the vines and, thanks to the panic she's in, make one last-ditch attempt at killing the damn thing. After the duck that slips her out of the vines, as she gets back up, she spins around and flings the sword straight at the guy's forehead in hopes of tacking him to the wall. …through the head. If THAT doesn't work, she's thinking it's time to get out of here while she can still walk — before the bruises from this beating she's taking show up.

"Should I take it that I should not be sending you an invitation to the wedding then?"

Granger whirls around, the steel on his fist softening just a little bit. He feints a stab with the sword but suddenly comes around with a tremendous left cross. The tall man is focused on one thing at the moment. That thing is rendering Luis Salonga no threat to Claudine.

"Death will come for them when it comes for them, Mr. Salonga. You should know that."

Freak of nature! Portia's finally managed to get some damage in, but… then she's surrounded by the bubble of flying chaos. There's the invisibility, so she can manage to be safe… that is, so long as she doesn't get hit by any random objects. Which, of course, since she's a little unlucky thanks to Song's strange powers, she actually does get hit with. She's sent flying as an object hits her, but at this point, Portia's going off of adrenaline and she's going like mad. She's running for it, going right for Song. Her fists have been doing magic, so this time she goes for the face. If she can get a good hit in there…

"Well since you don't like Tequila and Suzie Q. I'm beginning to think something else rocks your boat, how about a taste of my dear old friend CARLOS!" Kitty yells and she drops the two modified pistols on the floor and she pulls the shotgun off from her back. Winking at Bobo, who tilts his head, "HUH?" The answer to the question is Kitty letting loose first with a round in his right and left foot and then after reloading, two in each kneecap. Now /that/ is blood ladies and gentleman! Bobo sways and roars and grunts in pain all at once and then he falls /fast/ and he is falling right where Song and Tia are. Just for good measure. Kitty picks up her two lovely pistols and gets to her feet pointing them, one at Song and the other at Poison Ivy's brother.

Plants can always regenerate. If you rip off their leaves. It'll grow back. Same goes for pretty much all plant parts except for one thing. The root. If the root gets pulled out of the ground, then the plant is pretty much dead and isn’t going to live much longer if it's removed from it's source. Now in Fudou's system, the roots of his plants all go to one place. His head. As the sword strikes into his brain, blood gushes out and spurts all over Persi. What might've been completely invisible will become partially visible for a few moments from the blood.

His death throe causes the plants to go insane, flailing wildly and aimlessly until they soon wither and die. What were once strong and crushing vines around her body become brown, rotten and lifeless as they fall onto the ground, withered.

Over where Portia is, the little bubble of quantum chaos is making things wierd. Sometimes Song is here, sometimes she's over there. Sometimes Portia's here. Sometime's she's over there. However, they are never in the same place at the same time. Like two electrons of opposite spin, they move around in the space like a wavefunction, only describing where they are. When things hit, there's nothing felt. Surely this would go on ad infinitum if something didn’t ruin it. Things in the bubble may be everywhere at the same time, but things outside it are still..well..not quantum.

As Bobo crashed down, he disrupts Song's powers utterly and completely. She cries out in pain as his massive girth and size crushes the young woman, splattering onto the floor and soon Portia's form is stabilized..

The struggle outside continues though. Luis is bleeding and he stares down his opponent. The news of the wedding catches him by surprise and as he's focused on dodging the sword, he gets hit by a big metallic fist. It shatters his jaw and more blood spills from his lips onto the ground as he tumbles back a bit.

"You bastard!"

Something like that escapes his lips, and it would be easy to identify it wasn’t for the fact that his jaw was completely shattered. He takes a deep breath and concentrates as water condenses around him once more until an octopus of water tentacles surrounds him, trying to strike at Granger in a flurry of coordinated attacks. Just like his sister is an earthbender, water is his to command completely. Katara, eat your heart out.

Persi isn't the "Never Say Die" sort at all. Once her opponent is dead, she lets out a heavy breath and releases the concentration required to keep her invisibility going. With torn clothing and blood all over her, Persi retrieves her sword from out of the poor guy's head and turns to freakin' book it. Screw being a team player, she took out one guy, that's a fair quota, now she's going to get the fuck out before her weakness is taken advantage of. If she sees anyone looking at all in her direction, she'll flit invisible again, as escape is her only objective at this point.

Portia's focusing on trying to get a good hit in. She isn't paying attention to what's going on outside the bubble until suddenly it's too late. She sees Bobo at the last second, but isn't quite the best at managing to scramble away. She manages to get a good upper half just /baaaarely/ out of the way as Bobo crashes down, but she's sort of crushed under Bobo's arm. "FUCK!" The teenager swears, invisibility flickering and fading as she's trapped under the massive figure. She claws at the ground, hoping to pull herself out.

Kitty walks forward and steps onto Bobo, she blows his head away and then comes to give Portia a hand. "I am going to need some /real/ strong painkillers once this is all over" she says and winces as her arm is bleeding a little and her shoulder is hurting something fierce. She looks around. "Where is Dine?" she says and looks around. Where the hell is EARTHSHAKER?!

As Luis assumes the Octopus Style, Granger tilts his head to one side. Interesting seems to be the word most likely to go through the tall man's head just this moment. He shifts forward, leaping and twirling through the lashing waters, sparks flying and metal groans filling the air with every impact. Somehow Orion seems to be a dynamo of acrobatic activity, dodging through the waters like Spider-Man dodging Doc Ock's arms.

The sword in Orion's one hand comes into play soon enough, deflecting and cleaving through water attacks. His armored form is gaining small dents and grooves from erosive power, but so far Luis is failing to breach Granger's exoskeleton… Granger, on the other hand, is having a gay old time.

Which is to say, Orion's non-sword hand suddenly assumes knife-hand position before a sharp, metal snap comes from the flash-crystalizing steel. Orion whirls once, bringing sword and knife hand around to harry Luis before Orion swings that knife hand back and around. It plunges forward, aimed directly into the Filipino's guts with devastating, perhaps excessive, force.

A sickening crunch can be heard as the knife hand strikes Luis. Ribs break and he keels over falling to his eyes as his eyes widen. He didn’t even get a chance to reach his own pinnacle and he gasps, coughing out blood as he rests his forehead on the ground.

There's mumbles and grumbles, but it's all incoherent. It can’t be heard due to his broken jaw and he just looks over his sister's prone body for a few moments. There's been too much blood loss already, and his body, while tough isn’t as strong as it once was. This was pretty much the final blow and soon he just collapses, blood pooling around him…

The water octopus collapses and washes away the pooling blood, letting it seep into the ground…

Meanwhile, Claudine's still out cold, but at least there aren’t arcs of static electricity around her anymore. Her hair is just frazzled and sticking up, though her ears are still bleeding..
A second sickening crunch fills the air as Granger's knife hand softens enough for him to forcefully re-articulate it. His sword promptly melts away, the metal seeping back into his armored body. With a sigh, Orion moves to Claudine's side and crouches down before he wraps his arms around her and lifts her off of the ground with the utmost in care.

The tall man retreats around the van and back to his open manhole cover. Granger descends into the sewers with Claudine, moving slowly down the ladder as he lets his literally steel gaze sweep over the tunnel below.

Kitty peeks outside and shakes her head at the wreckage done to the Orphanage. The agents have been gone and now, well. It is time to find a new place. But not before getting all of her weapons and equipment. Kitty looks down the street and sees the dead body of the man, Luis. Though she doesn't know that is Claudine’s brother. "This war sure does suck"
After a few hours of getting everything together. A Ford Mustang can be seen driving through the torn streets. Maybe she and Kittens will return to their first home. Maybe not. But Kitty knows one thing, the government knows now. Do not eff with the Mama Bear. Ever.

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