2007-08-07: Don't Have Time For Cloak And Dagger


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Summary: Dr. Applebaum summons friends to discuss a crisis and doesn't have time for cloak and dagger.

August 7th, 2007:

Don't Have Time For Cloak And Dagger

Sam and Namir's New Apartment in Manhattan

It's been two days. Sam's been very stressed at work - enough for Bekah to notice if she's inclined to, and at last she asks Bekah in a near frantic state if she would please come over. The same plea is made to Erica over the phone, and so the duo get to see the new two-bedroom that Namir and Sam have leased. Of course, it's covered in boxes and things in the process of being unpacked, plus a meandering Fiyero and the rats in their cages.

Bekah has noticed. She was just waiting for the right oppurtunity to pounce Sam for what's bothering her. And so with that frantic phone call, Bekah's made it to the building as fast as possible, moving to the door of the apartment to knock. "Sam! You there?" She calls through the door, sounding worried.

Samantha opens the door. "Bekah." She casts a look up and down the hall. "Erica's not here yet. I left the fire escape window open, though." Sam looks anxious, but she still seems pretty willing to go about doing what's got to be done, whatever it is.

She was in mid-air when the call came, well above the city. Sam's tone made her concerned. "Open your window, Sam," Erica requested, "and hang something from it so I can tell which is yours."

Yes, Captain Snow has a plan. Even while she spoke she began moving at a decent speed over and across the city. When the building is reached, she hovers outside, waiting for the indication of which one is the destination.

Bekah nods her head moving towards the window to stick her head out and look around. "Hopefully she'll get here soon. I want to hear what's up, but I don't want to make you repeat it twice."

Samantha makes a baffled face, but Erica can't actually see it. "My fire escape window is already open. Bekah's looking out it right now. Get your ass in here, Erica, I really don't have time for cloak and dagger." Sam being so curt is unlike her, okay, well it isn't unlike her, but it's not usually so harsh with those she considers friends.

The stuck out head of a Bekah suffices as that waited for signal, and within seconds there's movement approaching her. Black booted feet settle quietly as they can onto the metal fire escape, then walk forward. In one swift motion, Erica's pulling off her ski mask to expose her face. Her red hair, which was neatly pinned up under it, is pulled askew and partly tumbles across shoulders.

Bekah pulls her head back in the window as Erica approaches turning to look over to Sam. "Alright, what gives? You're acting like we're interns. What's wrong?" Bekah tucks her hands down in her pockets, waiting for an answer.

Samantha comes right out with it. "Namir's missing. He's been missing for two days. They say he called into work, and I even called his brother," And Bekah should know how well /that/ likely went, "But they haven't seen him either. I spoke to a Fed friend of mine and he says I should call the police and report him missing, but I'm not sure that's safe."

No time is wasted climbing in through the window after alighting. Concern is etched onto her face. Something is up, she doesn't know what, but it can't be good. Her feet make contact with apartment floor just in time to hear Doctor Applebaum's words. They cause the expression to become one of shock. "What do they claim he said when he called in, Sam?"

Bekah winces at the mention of talking to Namir's brother before she looks affronted. "Wait. He called in to work, but he didn't have the decency to call you?" Namir's going to hear about this from Bekah if it turns out to be something stupid. "Are they sure it's him who called in?"

"The morning of the day before yesterday." Sam says in answer to Erika, and then to Bekah. "That's just it, just because they're sure doesn't mean that's who it was. And even it was, who's to say it wasn't under durress. I know him, he wouldn't just go off without telling me. Or even if he would, he certainly wouldn't run off without talking to his family. Something's very wrong, and I'm worried going to the police may attract attention."

"It all depends on whether or not they believe what he said when he called in. It does sound really odd. Did the police tell you what he said when he called in? And did they ask you any questions?" Erica walks toward the center of the room, eyes on Sam as she asks these queries.

Bekah doesn't have a whole lot of expertise in this area, really. "Um, do you have any contacts you can try instead? He might be under some kind of it. Though it could be a situation he's worried about putting you at risk in. Namir's pretty good at taking care of himself. A fighter."

Samantha shakes her head. "I spoke to one of his buddies. I haven't called back since. If Sylar had gotten him, I think they would have found a body by now." She looks between the other two women. "I've called an aquaintance of mine. I'm planning to ask if he knows anything about kidnappings involve people like us." She says wryly to Bekah, "If he were going to go into something dangerous, he'd tell me at least enough so that I wouldn't do exactly what I'm doing now."

"We have to gather as much intel as possible," Erica remarks. "You've not spoken to his leadership, just another of the rank and file officers. They'd likely just have been given the boilerplate thing, that he called in. No details. I suggest trying to speak with one of his commanders. If they'll see you."

"But then she risks having to explain why she wants to know." Bekah says before she nods. "True. And thankfully true about Sylar. I think the aquaintance sounds like a good next step."

Samantha rubs a hand in her hair. "I'll give William a call. I'm not sure who else he knows, beyond you guys. I do have some other friends on the Force who might be helpful…" She could call Mara - no, Judah. She'll call Judah.

She's taking it in, adding things up. Two and two aren't making four here. When Erica speaks her voice is stony serious. "Whatever you need, if I can do it, I will."

Samantha looks askance at the redhead. "You've got the military mind, Erica. What are you thinking?"

Bekah nods her head. "I'll help with whatever you need. Even if it's just to get you drunk or drug you with sedatives so you can get a bit of sleep." See, she's helpful like that. Drugs are her friend.

"I'm thinking if there were an operation he's involved in, his brother officers might know details but can't share them. But they'd say more than that he called in. They'd tell you whatever he's doing is classified. And there's the angle of him not telling you that same thing beforehand. His bosses know or were told something, though, since he allegedly called in. I'd suggest calling the people he works for with a disposable phone and asking to speak with him, just to see what party line they're spouting, without telling them anything about yourself."

Samantha blinks at Erica a little. "I - that sounds - okay." she says, at last. "I get the feeling it'll be 'leave of absence' or something, though."
"It's worth getting the answer. Seeing what they have to say." Bekah says as she moves to lean against the arm of the sofa. She doesn't have too much more to add there.

"They've definitely been told something that has them not concerned about him being away. If they hadn't, we'd not be talking about asking them. They'd have come to interview you, and likely not in a pleasant way. Police would take one of their own being missing very seriously." Erica's thinking, applying her knowledge of operational procedures and organizational coherence to the situation.

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