2007-03-25: Don't Panic


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Summary: Peter calls Benjamin to ask if he knows Rainer.

Date It Happened: March 25, 2007

Log Title Don't Panic

Peter and Ben's respective locations

PHONE: You answer your phone, "Hello?"

PHONE: Peter sounds a little winded, "Is this Mr. Winters?"

PHONE: Benjamin blinks at the unknown number and voice on the line, "Uhm, yes, this is him speaking. May I ask who's calling?"

PHONE: Peter seems to currently be near the street, outside, from the sounds of honking cabs. There's some hesitation at the question, but it's answered a moment later, "Peter Petrelli. Got your number from Ramon and Elena Gomez. They think you might know something about a man I need to find. I don't even know his name."

PHONE: Benjamin blinks in confusion, even as Peter explains how he got the number. That physical sign of confusion seeps into his voice, "Oh.. uh.. well.. I can try to help you. Don't know how much if you don't have the name though."

PHONE: Peter sounds hesitant still, as if trying to find the best way to word this. "Mr. Winters, we— both of us were held in a… facility. They said— Elena said you still know about your time there. Which… is why she thinks you might be able to help me. She described him to me, so…" What follows is a very rough, second hand description of Rainer.

PHONE: Benjamin is panicking now.. on the inside.. okay and outwardly. Is he ever going to put that hospital stay behind him?? "Look.. I.." He starts to stammer out the standard line about not wanting to talk about it but shuts up as Peter describes Rainer. "Oh.. no.. I'm sorry.. I didn't see anyone that looked like that. I just really saw other patients and the doctors.. There's only two people from there that I know how to find."

PHONE: Peter is silent for a moment, except for the sound of the taxis honking nearby. "That's fine, I just… I need to find any information on the man. Actually I need to find his daughter— or someone who might be his daughter. A girl named Kellie." It sounds a bit confused, but he's apparently stopped moving to talk, because his voice becomes less breathless, "I won't ask you to give up the people you know how to contact. I know you don't know me, other than Elena's my friend. You have my number. If you can find them and tell them that they can call me… If they know anything at all… I'd be very grateful."

PHONE: Benjamin says, "I'm sorry I can't help you.. I don't even know anyone named Kellie. I'll call Angie, see if she doesn't know someone by that name and the guy matching that description. Uh, any specific message I should pass on?"

PHONE: Peter apparently throws caution to the wind, because he starts to share information, "She's working with a man named Gabriel Gray, he goes by Sylar. He's a serial killer. They've kidnapped two people. Mohinder Suresh and a ten a year old girl, and they're probably going after my niece next. Which is why I need to find her— find them."

PHONE: Benjamin darn near drops the phone at that information. In fact, he does and can be heard fumbling to keep his grip on it. "W-what!? I was told he was dead! That's the guy that.. kills … and takes.. abilities.. right? Angie said he was dead. Why isn't he still dead!? Oh God.. Oh God.. Okay.. I.. I'm gonna call Angie then."

PHONE: Peter sounds serious, but there's a hint of sympathy when he speaks again, "That's the one, yeah. He's not dead, though. Call the people you know." What else can he really say? "Thank you, Mr. Winters."

PHONE: Benjamin says, "Oh god… and I just wanted to live my life here.. o-kay.. I.. oh man. My daughter.. Okay.. Okay.. I'm calming. Seriously. You're welcome Mr. Petrelli."

PHONE: Peter definitely isn't walking anymore, and from the sounds of things he just got bumped into because of it. "I'm trying to find him so that I can stop him. I'm sorry to bring this on to you, but I didn't really know where else to go."

PHONE: Benjamin says, "Okay, no, it's okay. I.. it's good to know this guy's still out there. W-what does he look like? Not that.. I'm going to go looking for him. I see him, I running the other way."

PHONE: Peter says, "He's maybe around thirty, possibly late twenties, a bit over six feet tall, dresses mostly in black. Short dark hair. I've seen him wear ball caps before, though. Thick eyebrows." There's a pause. "Oh, and he has a sword on him right now. Samurai sword."

PHONE: Benjamin falls quiet. Most likely Ben's mouth is hanging open. He's quiet, for probably far too long for a person on the phone before he finds his voice again. "Ho-ly.. s.. snowballs.. I.. I put that guy to sleep in the park! HE came aft.. Oh god.." Great. He's about to hyperventilate now.

PHONE: Peter is no longer being bumped into, from the sounds of things. The cars have also quieted. Possibly he ducked into an alleyway, "Mr. Winters, calm down. You— He's powerless right now. If you see him, get away from him, and call the NYPD. Ask for a Detective Parkman. Then you call me. But only when you're safely away from him."

PHONE: Benjamin gets his breathing under control, but still sounds panicked. "Okay. Okay. Ask for Parkman, call you. Run away. Good plan. I can do that.. what was I going.. Oh yeah. Call Angie, okay. I'll tell my daughter the same. Thanks Mr. Petrelli."

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