2007-05-16: Don't Touch The Suit


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Summary: There's a bank robbery. Bekah and Desmond demonstrate what not to say to robbers while Morgan saves the day.

Date It Happened: May 16th, 2007

Don't Touch the Suit

A Bank

Look! Its a bank!

Actually it’s a fairly nice bank, in a upper-middle part of New York. Across the street from a sandwich shop and a Starbucks. Cause there are enough Starbucks in the world for one to be across from /every/ bank in New York there are. This one is called First United, and its a nice little place. Out of the way of most traffic. Just after the lunch rush, Morgan Rhodes, dark hair and dark eyes, dressed in jeans, black t-shirt, and blue zipped up jacket comes strolling in off the street. He just needs to make a bit of a withdrawl, might as well do it on his lunch hour.

Glancing around, the tall and fit cop seems…well…bored as he glances around, thinking about little to nothing as he waits patiently in line for his turn at a teller.

Bekah just a bit down the line from Morgan Rhodes is Bekah Morgan. She must have taken advantage of the Bank's proximity to a Starbucks because she has a cup in her hand. She's taking occasional sips from it as she glances at her watch. She's not looking all that patient, but then, she's likely on break from work as she's dressed in a pair of highly stylish green scrubs. This is the closest branch to Mount Sinai after all.

At one of the island stations filling out the paper slip to make a deposit, Megan isn't really paying any sort of attention to anyone else in the bank. Even if she's been on medical leave, it's paid medical leave (thankfully) and so she's still getting a paycheck. Carefully, she checks her addition, her bank number, the date to make sure they're all correct.

Among the only people here who do not /have/ a lunch breaks of any sort is Desmond Cusick, who is here to make a deposit. He's /at/ the teller — a pretty little blonde thing who has his sole attention. As has been mentioned, blondes just /do it/ for the actor. Sure he might be holding up the line a bit by distracting the woman, but does he care? No. Why should he? The world /does/ revolve around him.

Morgan blinks for a moment as he notes the guy holding up the line, and he just rolls his eyes. Yes the teller is cute but…damn…come on man. Get on with it all. Most people have a limited amount of time they do! He manages not to look very annoyed though, just patiently and quietly waiting as he casts his glance around.

And he spots Megan. He blinks. He knows her dosn't he? Yes. He thinks he met her. He's SURE he met her.

And so…he actually drifts out of the line and towards the island where Megan writes. Just to say hi right! Right.

Of course as he's doing this, more people are coming in and going out. Busy like it is usual.

Bekah shakes her head as Morgan leaves the line. She's not complaining though, because it puts her one step closer to the front. She's holding her deposit slip and check in her hand. She watches him move towards the woman, and then Desmond holding up the line with the blonde. The doctor shakes her head and mutter something under her breath about men being idiots that gets a grin from the woman behind her in line.

Though Morgan may have spotted Megan, the other woman has done nothing of the sort for Morgan. She's just finishing up her deposit slip and flipping over her checks to sign the back. Oblivious to acquaintances, line holder uppers or anything of the sort. It's funny that in such a crowded place she can pretend like she's the only person there.

Wink. Grin. The teller blushes a little when Desmond passes over a check and his card. She enters the data into the computer, swipes the card, punches at a few more numbers, then writes something down on a slip of paper and passes back some things for him to sign. Desmond does exactly that, passes it back. It's a normal transaction, really.

Hey now! Morgan isn't going to be an idiot…at least…not yet. He'll save that for sometime later. Its his god given right as a man to be an idiot every once in awhile. Just like its every woman's right to be crazy sometimes.

"…and we run into each other again," Morgan says lightly towards Megan by way of saying hi, the easy smile coming to his face before he shifts said smile into a grin. "…no dog of mine to make a good first impression though." He adds after a moment before he opens his mouth to say something else…

…and then the door /flies/ open and four men rush into the bank. All of them wearing skimasks. All of them with guns. One of them even had a duffelbag. "NO BODY MOVE! THIS IS A ROBERY!"

…Morgan? He just…stares. He can't help it. HE BLAMES TV FOR THINGS LIKE THIS!

Bekah sighs. "There goes the rest of my lunch plans." She says with another sigh as she looks over to the men. "Ski masks. So last year's robber chic. Don't they know that pantyhose are the new black?" She's keeping her voice sort of low, but she just can't resist making a comment. It's just not in her to be good.

When Morgan approaches Megan, she doesn't register that he's talking to her at first. Once she's signed all her checks, though, she blinks and stares at Morgan. It's not that she doesn't remember him, it's that she didn't expect to run into him here. Or anywhere, really. "Oh! Hello again!" It's more awkward without a dog buffer. Of course, that's when the door flies open and people in ski masks burst in. Just like Morgan, she freezes and stares. "Oh God." This cannot be good.

In the process of obtaining his receipt and pocketing the telephone number he acquired, Desmond turns around when the robbers leap in, guns and all. He's not as startled as some — being half-deaf, he didn't hear the shout as well as the other customers — however he is /quite/ indignant. He rolls his eyes, hands stuffed into the pocket of his suit jacket (one of which contains his cell phone). He discreetly opens the phone while still in his pocket, feeling over the numbers with his thumb to identify the correct buttons to press for 911. "Oh I don't know," he remarks to Bekah, "I think the ski mask look will never die for the uneducated simpletons of the world."

"It'll be alright," Morgan murmurs towards Megan a moment as his eyes watch the quartet of…well…lets call them idiots. Thats what they look like to him. He glances left and right, the stunned crowd milling about or starting too. He just…grins viciously for a moment. "…be right back." He murmurs then to Megan, and just steps away and vanishes into the croud that even now the robbers are trying to get control of.

"EVERYONE GET DOWN!" Yells the one with the loudest voice. "ON THE FLOOR! EVERYONE! EVEN YOU LADY! YEAH! YOU IN THE SCRUBS! I HEAR YOU TALKIN!" He waves a pistol in Bekah's general direction, and Desmond's too.

One with a shotgun just shakes his head as he marches over towards the same teller that Desmond just got done with. She's quaking and shaking right now as she looks at the shotgun and the figure holding it. "Fill the bag." The man says gruffly as he tosses the bag towards the teller.

A third one, the vaguely feminine one under the baggy clothes just glares at Bekah and Desmond and then roughly gestures for them to get down. The last one is watching the door. That last one seems the most twitchy.

Bekah looks over to the loud guy and comments dryly. "Well, at least your ears work well." Her reaction to stress is sarcasm, after all. She doesn move to get down though, if not as fast as many of the people around her. Desmond gets a quick nod for his comment as she does so.

"/Wait/. Don' leave me!" It's too late, though. Morgan is already vanished into the crowds and Megan is left standing alone by her deposit island. Oh man. When instructed to get down, she pauses, scared for her life before following instructions. What else can she do in this situation other than just listen to them and hope a gun doesn't go off randomly?

Desmond's ears don't work well, though. His left one is entirely deaf. Still, he heard the instructions; he's just not getting down on the ground. /Hell/ no. This is an /expensive suit/. He keeps the phone's earpiece muffled with his thumb when the call goes through, but he doesn't hang up. "/What/?" he snarls at the robber that approaches the teller, glaring. "I'm not getting down on /any/ floor for /any/ robber— " this sentence is spoken perhaps a bit louder than it /should/ be, but he's got to be loud to be heard through the folds of a pocket, right? "This suit costs more than your miserable /life/."

It takes several moments for…order…ish…things to be restored. There isn't really all that much in the way of order to be honest…

…however, as they are trying to organise things…and Bekah and Desmond are providing an admirable distraction. Morgan comes slipping back. It took a few minutes for him to come back, but he comes back…and Mr Twitchy notices him. "What are you doing man?!" He snarls as he waves his gun in the cops direction. Morgan blinks oh so cluelessly. "…I…didn't know…I was in the bathroom!"


The man replies, sliding to the floor beside Megan. "…told you I'd be back." He says softly towards her with a encouraging smile towards her.

The other three though have a problem with Desmond and Bekah being…well…themselves. The man with the pistol glares at one, then the other. "…your going to get down on the floor…or I'm going to shoot her…" He points the barrel of the gun at Bekah. "Then I'm going to shoot you…" He looks…well…fairly serious about it.

…and then Desi makes that comment about his suit.

The man blinks. "Then take it off, put it in the bag if it’s that valuble!"

Bekah looks up at the gunman looking fairly unamused by that statement. The snarkiness is serving to keep them distracted from all other people (and hopefully get the cops time to get here), so it is serving a purpose. Not that she wouldn't be snarky if she didn't know all that. "Glad to know I'll at least be able to blame him, as well as all of you." She states with the same dry tone she'd been using before.

When Morgan returns, Megan gives a grateful smile at him. Thank God. He's a cop. He should be able to get them through this, right? Without anyone getting shot or killed. The yelling and threatening makes her wince. Even though he's trying to be encouraging, this is not exactly an encouraging situation. From her position on the floor, she looks over at Bekah and Desmond. "Oh God." This is more than slightly terrifying.

He … /what/? Excuse me?! Desmond is wholly flabbergasted by that statement — not the bit about shooting Bekah, whom he does not know and does not /care/ about, but the bit about taking off his suit and putting it in the bag. "I will do no such thing!" he snaps. "Yes, threaten people. They can tack on a few more charges when the police arrive and arrest you." All the while, his phone remains open and connected to a 911 operator.

"Look you ugly little snob, we'll be /gone/ when the police arrive and /you'll/ be dead, BECAUSE I'M GOING TO SHOOT YOU!" The apparent leader says, spittle flying all over Desmond's face and the front of the suit. "SO GET DOWN ON THE GROUND BEFORE I BLOW ONE OF YOUR KNEES OUT!" He seems to be waving the pistol about…which is causing most people to be rather nervous it does.

The guy with the shotgun just glances at the bag and the quaking teller. "…more money. Come on. Hurry it up." He growls and the little blonde, in tears by now, complies. Filling up said bag as quick as she can.

"AND YOU!" Says the leader as he rounds on Bekah. "Why don't you stop with the smart mouth and get on the floor!" He snarls.

Morgan frowns slightly. WHY DON'T THEY JUST DO IT. Now he's going to have to do something he might regret later before his Brilliant Plan compleats itself. "It'll be alright Megan," He murmurs. "Just keep your head down…" And with that he raises his head up a little bit. "Come on man, no one wants to get shot…just take the money and go!"

"YOU SHUT UP!" The leader roars at Morgan. "AND YOU!" He points at Desmond. "STRIP! COME ON!"

"My God. I may need to cover my eyes." Bekah notes, a bit softer, at that last comment. They haven't shot her yet. And by now, she's getting down to the floor, squirming a bit to find a more comfortable position. She may be here awhile after all. "I thought this was a bank. We don't even have any strip club music."

"'M keepin' it down!" Megan hisses at Morgan. Because this is a stressful situation and she's not sure what else she can do other than just lie there and pretend like she's part of the floor. So that's what she'll do.

As egotistical and proud of his excellent physique as Desmond might be, he is not about to strip down here in the middle of the bank for the sake of some bellowing asshole with a gun. His expression becomes one of stony determination, and he remains standing right where he is, hand still in his pocket. "Go on, shoot me. Keep racking up the charges; I would love to see you put away for many, many years. Though if you shoot me, the suit will be completely worthless."

The leader of the group just /stares/ at Desmond. Like he dosn't believe that he's talking back to the guy with the gun. He shrugs then. "Suit yourself…" And raises the pistol, pulling back the hammer and aiming right at Desmond's head. Morgan starts to coil himself next to Megan, drawing power for a suicidal leap that might just get /him/ shot instead of Desmond…

When suddenly, the fire alarm goes off.

This includes both the actual alarm which is ringing like mad all of a sudden, but the sprinklers in the main lobby, where everyone is.

The leader of the group just blinks in shock for a second. "What the hell…WHO THE HELL DID THAT?!" His friend with the shotgun blinks and then shakes his head. "WHO CARES! LETS GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" And he grabs the duffle full of money and starts for the door. The silent one follows him out, though she pauses to glower and viciously kick at Desmond's shin on her way past. The leader just stares in shock before he shakes his head. "YOUR LUCKY!" He fumes at Desmond before he turns his head to leave.
…this leaves the Twitchy one.

Who, as he is leaving, gets hit by the full blast of the cold water PLUS the alarm and he just…looses his mind for a second. "YOU BASTARDS!" And he lets off a ripping burst of fire from the machine pistol in his hand…one that is aimed at pretty much well…no one.

Morgan rolls, its an automatic action, using his own body and back to shield Megan from any incoming fire. The pair of security guards do much the same thing for the people nearby…and then with a curse two of Twitchy's friends leap back and grab the man, dragging him outside, the sound of screaching tires can be heard as a car starts to move off.

Bekah jumps up as they start to run. Maybe she was going to get their license plate number, or maybe it was just an automatic reaction to hearing the fire alarm. Either way, it's /really/ bad timing. For all the talk of shooting her earlier, it's just her luck that one of those shots let off by the twitchy man finds it way to her. She's falling to the floor again as one of the bullets hits her in the shoulder. Too bad she can't use her power on herself. And a stream of cuss words leaves her mouth, because really, that hurts.

The shooting and the fire alarm does it's duty in spooking the robbers, but it also scares Megan. As soon as the automatic machine gun goes off, the girl stays where she is pressed to the ground, but covers her head, letting out a choked yell. Like that would really help with shielding bullets. Morgan's attempt to put himself in harms way to help her isn't exactly registered at the moment. She's too busy fearing for her life.

It's fortunate that Desmond isn't shot, but he's miffed enough as it is about his precious suit getting wet. This becomes the least of his worries when he's kicked in the shin, too distracted by the excitement to even attempt to dodge. /Augh/! Goddamn it. He lets out a yelp and clutches at the site of injury, glowering — then the gun goes off and he half-crouches instinctively. Once the robbers have made a dash, he straightens again and glances down at himself — and it's then that he notices Bekah. More specifically the blood that is /on Bekah/. His face goes pale, but he whips out the phone in his pocket and puts it to his ear as he crouches near the fallen doctor. "Oh Jesus." He rattles off the bank's address and informs the operator still on the line that someone has been shot.

Morgan stands to a crouch. "…you alright?" He asks towards Megan as he pulls out his own raido, murmuring into it quickly. "Oh hell…" He adds as he notes Bekah and he stands and rushes over towards her, ripping a piece of his own shirt off to press against the wound. "Hold it there tight!" He says urgently towards Bek before calling someone else over to help her hold that. Then he pulls his radio. "This is Rhodes, need medical assistance and pick up of suspects at…" And he rattles off the same address. "…suspects should be outside."

Speaking of…

The four men get in the car, there is one getaway driver. Even as Morgan and Desmond call in the reports, they slam on the gas. "Were home free boys!" One calls. The car speeds off…not realising that trailing behind it is a thick length of chain, taken from the bank's back room. This chain is tied to a lamp post. The car builds up speed….until…

The chain runs out of slack.

There is a screach outside, along with the sound of sirens on the way, as the chain breaks the rear axle on the getaway car and it comes to a screaching halt. The men, no seatbelts of course, some get thrown forwards, some get thrown back…the point is they arn't in any position to resist the police when they show up.

Morgan would be laughing if someone hadn't of gotten shot.

Vi…is gonna kill him…possibily.

Bekah nods her head to the hapless volunteer. "Keep pressure on it." She pauses, biting her lip for a moment before she adds. "Slows the bleeding." She's pale and getting paler, but apparently she's still coherent enough to know that. She looks up to that random bystander and Desmond. "Tell them Mount Sinai." It's not quite how she was expecting to get back to work, but well, she wants her own ER. What's happening to the robbers is completely beyond what she's thinking about at the moment.

The shots stop, people are moving and Megan slowly removes her hands from her head. "I…yeah." She is. No bullet wounds, nothing the matter with her. Seeing where Morgan is rushing off to, the woman gets up on shaky legs. She wants to help, but she's not at all sure she would /be/ of any assistance. She doesn't know much first aid and, well, she's not sure she could walk over there that quickly, anyway. She'll just…rest against this island and wait until it's safe to leave.

Fortunately, Desmond is not the one asked to put pressure on the wound. Otherwise, he might faint. For all his bravado (read: ego) in the face of men with guns, blood and he do not get along very well. Really, they don't. He puts away his phone when he realizes Morgan is talking to someone on a radio, and he stands, then turns away from the scene of the blood. He needs to take a few deep breaths.

And so all is well that ends well. Within a minute or two after the screach outside, cops and an amulence crew come running in to see to Bekah. Morgan stands, glancing down at the wound on his arm. He waits a few moments for one of the medics to tend to it before walking over to Megan. "Told you that you would be alright," He says with a smile towards her before he crouches down. "Let the medics look you over if your not feeling well…oh…and give this to your brother will you?" He hands her a card. "I have a business proposition for him if he still trains dogs." He stands up and looks around before he grins slightly. "…and now…if you excuse me I need to go get yelled at." He says with a smirk before he turns and starts to stroll towards the door.

This neighborhood is close enough to her hospital that the paramedics are familar faces to an ER doc. "Bek! What the hell did you do to yourself?" One of them asks as he takes over for the bystander. "Got shot." Bekah mutters as the paramedics work swiftly, getting her ready to be whisked away. They're good at their jobs, so it doesn't take long.

Megan will just stay where she is for now. She gives a weak smile to Morgan. "Thank ye. For wha' ye did." Getting in front of bullets for her and all. Taking the card, she nods, a little numbly and pockets it. "I will." She's not quite sure why he has to go get yelled at, but she'll just take it at face value.

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