2007-04-27: Don't Forget, Sweetcheeks


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Tommy, the short fat abrasive cop


Morgan drops by Enlightenment Books with his partner, Tommy, who ruffles a few feathers with his crass attitude. Elena tells Cass about Claudine's involvement with the Company, and Cass and Lachlan make plans in case she winds up with a memory wipe. Lachlan also mentions his desire to learn how to talk to other animals (like Daphne does), and Cass agrees to help him.

Date It Happened: April 27th 2007

Don't Forget, Sweetcheeks

Enlightenment Books, East Village

Despite telling Niki that she would close up the store after the woman left, Cass has stayed at the store even as the day stretched on into late afternoon. There's not much else left to do after she mopped up the rest of the puddles of water and made sure all the glass was properly disposed of. The window is still blocked up by plywood and the back door is chained shut, but the front door, which was previously propped open is closed and there's a sign on the window informing customers that the store is closed for repairs and thanks them for their patience. If one tries the door, though, they'll find that it's unlocked. Cass is just sitting behind the counter flipping through one of the water logged books she has yet to put in a box yet.

The first one to try that door is Lachlan, who went by an Indian food place before swinging over to EB. He told Cass he'd come in and help with a few things if it was needed, but he actually had a busy day with work (surprise!: it was the legal kind) and wasn't able to get away until now. With a paper bag tucked under one arm and the leash of what appears to be a Doberman/German shepherd cross held in the other. "Hey," he greets upon spotting the bookseller behind the counter. "Brough' ye somethin' ta eat." Hint: it's not the dog.

Much like it did when the store was operational, the door opening catches Cass' attention. She's just about to launch into her welcoming speech, but then realizes that there's no need. Not only is it Lachlan, but there's nothing to sell or to welcome anyone to. "Hey, Lach. Thanks. I'm not really all that hungry, though." She lets her book close on it's own, but remains on her seat behind her counter. It just feels right, behind behind there. Seeing the Doberman/German Shepherd mix, she smiles at it and holds out a hand for it to sniff when it gets closer. "Hey there, doggy."

Aw, really? Lachlan frowns down at the bag he holds. "Ye sure? Brough' ye tha' chickpeas stuff ye like." And she's been working all day; she's /got/ to be at least a /little/ hungry, right? But ah well. He sets the food on the counter and sticks his hands into his pockets. The dog sniffs at Cass' offered hand curiously before giving it a lick or two, tail wagging. "Tha's Max. One o' m'clients 's goin' outta town fer a bit an' asked me ta keep 'im fer the nigh'." He sounds a little disappointed at that. Max is a Doberman mix. Lachlan misses Dobermans. "How's yer head?"


When Elena opens the door, she is staring at the window, and then the empty shelves. "….holy hell, Jane wasn't kidding," the latina murmurs, pushing her hair back from her face. Looking around for the proprietor, she smiles with relief, seeing Cass and Lachlan together. "Cass! Lachlan!" she greets, walking quickly towards the counter. "Are you guys okay? Jane stopped by the apartment earlier, she told me everything…." She pauses when she sees the dog. "Oh hello," she says to Max. But she doesn't pet him yet, as Cass has him at the moment.

"Hey Max. My head's fine. It still kind of throbs, but I've got some aspirin to handle that." Cass finally stands up to go around the corner and give Lachlan a kiss for being thoughtful and bringing her food. But, the more she thinks about what happened, the less hungry she gets. "Thanks. That was really great of you. I'm just…" Elena bursts in interrupting just what she might be, but Cass doesn't seem to mind. "Hey Elena. We're fine. I think. I mean, I'm fine. It's just the store." And boy, does the store look like it's something else. "Is Jane okay?" She hasn't managed to talk to the musician after the whole incident.

Oh well. Lachlan can't /force/ Cass to eat the food he brought, and he got a thank-you kiss out of it, so he's not too upset that she's not hungry. There'll just be some leftovers. Then Elena comes in and the Scotsman glances at her. "'M fine." He just had a bit of a headache after all the excitement as well as some aches in his muscles from electrocution. Other than that, he says nothing.

Max greets Elena with a wag of his tail, but he doesn't move forward to sniff at her or anything. Instead, he sits on his haunches next to Lachlan and watches everything with a curious gaze.

"Thank god," Elena murmurs, reaching the counter. Exhaling softly, she tugs absently on her hair as she looks at them. "I came back early because of the emergency messages I got, one from Peter and one from Drake…..which reminds me of a couple of things I have to pass on at his request." She folds her arms on the counter. "But Jane is…" She pauses. "Cass, she feels really bad about what happened. She thinks its her fault, that she didn't detect the 'signs' early enough that Elle might do this. I tried to tell her that there's no way you'd blame her for what happened, not with the way she told me…but that's what she said."

"Elle." Cass stares at Elena. "Wait. Wait. /Wait/. /That/ was Peter's girlfriend? Did Peter's girlfriend just try to /kill me/?" This is a total revelation to her. "You've got to be kidding me. How did she even know that I had some sort of list? And why did she come /here/? Of course it wasn't Jane's fault. That woman was Grade A Crazy and no one can gauge when those people snap." She just shakes her head in disbelief. "What does Peter /see/ in her?" Then again, Peter did say that her memories got wiped. But. Still. "What are the emergency messages? I know about Elle being wiped. But I don't know who Drake is."

All the friends are here it seems! And while they are, as Elena walks into the store, a pair of figures are strolling easily up towards the place. One is a tall and lanky, the other short and pudgy. The tall one has short cut black hair, clean shaven features, and an engaging lopsided smile. The short one has greesy brown hair, and a tangled mustache to match. The tall one seems to be dressed in black jeans, dark grey shirt and a long coat that is wraped around his frame. The short one looks rather rumpled and has a gravy stain on the front of his plaid shirt.

Morgan Rhodes is going to /kill/ whoever thought it was a good idea to go partner him up with Tommy Schmitt. When the hell is his ACTUALL partner going to get back from vacation?

"…alright Tommy…when we go in all we need to do is—-"

"I know I know, I'll play bad cop and you play good cop!" His short friend replies. "…I hope one of them is hot. I love bullying hot chicks."

Morgan just stares at him, and then facepalms. Oh yeah. This is gonna be good. Really. "…we just need them to answer questions Tommy…" He adds as he knocks on the door of the shop.

There's a low growl from the area of Lachlan and Max, and one can be very certain that it wasn't Max who let it out. If Lachlan had been more conscious at the time, woman or no, he would've done a little more to Elle than just a little nip with a stray dog. One can be certain he won't be so kind next time he sees her, either. "Peter's girl?" Peter lost cool points just now — though he was fighting Elle too, so maybe not so much. At the knock on the door, Max leaps to his feet and starts to bark ferociously, snarling and teeth-snapping all included in the package. It startles Lachlan out of his thoughts and he snaps a reprimand at the dog: "Max! Shut it!" The dog flinches as though struck and settles on his belly with a grumbling whine.

"….wait. You guys didn't KNOW?" Elena says, staring at Cass and Lachlan. "I thought Peter or Jane would've told you guys by now?" And then, she palms her face. Maybe she wasn't supposed to tell them? But no one told her she couldn't! What the hell, what's going on here? And then at what Cass says, she stares at her. "Wait, WHAT list?" This was the second time she's heard about a list in two weeks. This only just reminds her that she really, really needs to talk to Cass and Lachlan about -others- in the Company that she should be warning them about. Oh great. "And it's really not her fault," she says, falling into the defense of the Psycho Electric Barbie. "She hasn't been well and she's become really confused…" Which was an understatement. "It's—" She snaps her mouth shut, when the dog starts barking.

"Yeah, I guess." Cass tells Lachlan. "Of course I didn't know. I know Peter had a girlfriend named Elle, but I had no idea what she looked like. I'd never met the woman before in my life. And now I'd be just as happy not to again since our first meeting was her trying to fry me and threaten my friends. Not to mention being involved in ruining my store." Blinking, she shrugs. "Oh, just a few numbers Alyssa helped me collect about people with powers. It's not really a list as a kind of phone book. It's…well, it's not that big or anything. Just a few people." The dog barking and the knocking interrupts her again. She looks to Elena and Lachlan before looking back at the door. "We're closed for repairs! Sorry! Come back another time, please!"

There is quiet from the other side of said door before a loud and annoying voice calls though the wood. "NYPD MAM! OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!"

This is followed by quiet murmuring, and then a different voice, sounding less annoying and more…almost farm boyish. "…were here just to ask you a few questions. It won't take long."

"Oh…okay," Elena says, when Cass explains the list and how no one told her the blonde who wrecked her store was Elle. She would say more, but the NYPD is at the door. So she falls quiet and waits.

Blink. Lachlan squints at Cass. Only one question can be asked in a situation such as this: "'M I on it?" And then … /and then/. NYPD. NYPD! It's the bloody cops! The Scotsman reflexively tenses at the announcement. It's like everything he ever dreaded in his life, and he takes a step or two to put the counter between himself and the impending policemen. Gulp.

Cass gives Lachlan a look. "Of course not." She made a promise not to tell anyone about him. And other than Peter, who basically already knew, she has yet to. Then, there's a loud interruption of yelling and more explanation. She blinks and just stares at the door. "It's…uh, open, officers," she says. "Come in."

The first though the door is Tommy giving everyone a /glorious/ sight and smell of one of New Yorks finest. He glowers at Lachlan, ponders kicking at the dog and then gives Cass a very obvious once over glance before opening his mouth to…well…make a fool of himself. However before Tommy can go and put his foot in his mouth…

Morgan's hand clamps down on his shoulder and the taller of the two cops smiles easily towards the room. "…didn't mean to intrupt." The tall officier replies with a nod. "…just following up a few things is all…you don't mind do you?" He asks before extending his hand towards Cass. He read enough to know she's at least the owner. "Morgan Rhodes, detective." His faint accent /almost/ undetectable.

It's true that Lachlan is not the most intelligent of men, but he knows when someone is ogling his girl, and instantly Tommy gets on his list of People To Pummel (with or without a potato). The Scotsman sends a look the officer's way that could set ablaze the most fire-retardant of clothing (good thing he's not a pyrokinetic). As a result, Max also seems to be less than thrilled with Tommy as he picks up on Lachlan's distaste almost immediately. The dog's wagging tail stops and goes stiff; he eyes Tommy warily, ears and head up, every muscle stiff.

Not sharing the innate distrust of the NYPD that Lachlan has, Cass is easy going with the police. She's not stupid, though, she can tell that Tommy is obviously looking her over and she gives him a frown. Just because he's police doesn't give him the right to do that. However, it's Morgan that's doing the talking, so she decides to let it go and turns all of her attention to him. Reaching out to shake his hand, she gives him a strained smile. "That's fine. We were just talking and about to have Indian take out. What can I do for you, Detective Rhodes?"

Tommy notes, somewhere in the part of his brain that drinking and pizza havn't violated, that the look he's getting from the big Scottsman isn't all that friendly. So he just /sneers/ back at him. Yeah boy. I HAVE A BADGE! THAT MEANS I CAN OOGLE WHO I WANT AND NOTHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT! TAKE THAT?! WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?! HUH?! HUH?!

…his look seems to say.

Morgan does his best to ignore his partner for the moment. "Morgan is fine if you like," He adds easily enough as he reaches into his coat to pull out a pad and paper. "…well you just seem to have had an intresting little time of things if your shop is any indication. There was a break in reported and were just following that up…as well as the car bombing you were at the scene of…I'm glad to see that you and your friend are both feeling much recovered from that. I was just dropping by to see when was a good time to come by and ask some questions about it, I don't want to bother you too much and I can see your busy."

There's another quiet growl from the area of Lachlan and Max — and this time, it really /is/ Max. The large mutt has taken a very grave dislike to Tommy, just as the Scotsman next to him. Tommy may have a badge, but Lachlan's got a big mean dog, and that big mean dog can do a lot more damage than that silly ol' badge. Granted, Lachlan doesn't want to get his client's dog put down for savaging someone, so maybe it's just an idle threat. Maybe.

As her attention is fixed, mostly on purpose, on Morgan, Cass doesn't notice the taunting looks that Tommy is giving her boyfriend. This is probably not for the best as she can't restrain him preemptively from something bad he may try to do. "Alright, then, Morgan. Interesting is one way of putting it." She frowns and nods. The growling is now noticeable and she looks not at the dog, but at Lachlan with a warning look. No attacking police officers. Dogwise or otherwise. "You mean other than just right now? I guess tomorrow would be fine. I've got to talk to the insurance company then, anyway."

Tommy eyes the growling dog wairly. "…you gonna shut yer mutt's mouth?" He asks chalangingly of Lachlan as he glares towards the towering Scottsman. See. This is /both/ sides of the NYPD here. One side bully with a badge, other side an actual decent cop. Who knows what might win in something like that. However Tommy looks back towards Morgan a moment. "…what were not gonna question em now?"

"…no, there busy…besides, this is just followup stuff. Not all that important," Morgan replies with a sidelong glance towards Tommy before he shakes his head slightly. "…eventful is another way of putting it, and it sounds better than life threatening," Morgan replies with a grin towards Cass before he nods. "…Alright, tomarrow I'll drop by and finish things up then." Leaning forwards slightly and lowering his voice, Morgan's lips swist up in a rueful smirk. "…and I'm trying to get my temporary partner out of here as soon as I can. Before he does something stupid." He murmurs towards the lady of the store. "So I hope you don't mind me cutting this a bit short."

Tommy frowns. "The hell you whispering about over there Rhodes?"

Max stops growling, but he doesn't stop staring at Tommy with a look that would indicate that he'd be more than happy to charge over there and rearrange a few limbs. Lachlan just sneers back at Tommy. "S'no' m'fault he doesna like ye," he grunts. Well, actually, it /is/ — but Tommy doesn't have to know that.

"Hey," Cass frowns at Tommy. "Be civil to Max and to Lachlan. This is /my/ store that got destroyed and I shouldn't have to take being ogled at and my friends threatened while trying to see justice served." She doesn't exactly take that sort of thing without snapping back. Though she speaks to Morgan again, her eyes are still warily watching the short, fat cop who seems intent on pissing Lachlan off. "Yes, I think that would be best, Detective," she responds softly. "I don't mind at all. I'll see you tomorrow and I hope that you don't need a partner to do so, as he's not welcome back here."

"Oh look, sweetcheeks has spunk," Tommy smirks towards Cass. "I like that." Of course the the guy looks back towards Lachlan and snorts. "The hell you learn to speak english? The set of Braveheart?" He guffaws at his own joke then, snorting once in the middle of laughing before he seems rather dissipointed that they are leaving. "Fine then, we'll be goin…" He says, seemingly enjoying nettling…well…everyone in the damn place.

Morgan glances towards the other officier. Ugh. He knows the other guy dosn't like spunk, because spunk /slaps/ him, and kicks him in the jewels before stomping off. He just shakes his head "…I'll be back alone." He assures Cass before he shakes his head and gives her a slightly apologetic look before turning towards the door. "Mam," He nods towards Cass, then again at Lachlan. "…and come on Schmitt." He adds towards the short partner before he turns to stroll easily out of the door.

Tommy gives everyone one finally sneer, and then stomps out.

"Sweetcheeks" causes Lachlan's hand to tighten dangerously around Max's leash. The crack about the set of Braveheart does it. The Scotsman starts to step forward, lips peeling back away from his teeth in much the same manner as — well, as a dog. "See how good ye talk when yer /teeth/'ve been knocked down yer bloody /throat/, ye bastard," he snarls back in response. Max growls again but remains rooted to his spot.

Spluttering that someone would /actually/ talk to her like that, Cass stares at Tommy. "/S-Sweetcheeks/?!"It looks like she would, indeed, slap the policeman if it weren't for the fact that she would probably get arrested for assaulting a police officer. It's a /very/ near thing, though. "Where did they teach you manners, back in a cave?" Instead, she'll settle for a zinger. She glares at him, before turing it on Morgan. It's not exactly his fault, but he's guilty just by proxy. "Yes. That would be best."

"You can't talk to me li—-GYAK!" Tommy had paused at the door to round at the pair of them, and was suddenly rather rudely intrupted by Morgan's hand grabbing him by the back of his coat, and hauling him /nearly/ off his feet before nearly flinging him out the door. "…sorry about that…" He says, not looking at either of the pair of them, but instead glowering at Tommy who is still sputtering in shock by the fact that his partner just manhandled him like a little kid. "…won't happen again." He adds before nodding once more to the pair of them, and then dissipearing out the door.

Once the door is closed behind Morgan and his little partner of bad, Lachlan lets out a sound somewhere between a growl and a huff and turns back to the counter. "The /fuck/ does he think he is?" he rants. "'ll … bloody /arse/. 'D put his Goddamn face through the bloody /door/ he comes back here." Max lets out a few loud barks to emphasize this and is quieted again with: "Max, shut it!"

Elena, while the cops were here, has been busy hiding inside Cass's back room. After everything she has learned the valuable lesson of being out of sight, and out of mind. Even if she doesn't have a record, the fewer people who knew she hung around EB, the better. She opens the door and peeks her head out. "…is it over?" she asks, hearing Lachlan rant freely, stepping out and sliding her hands in her pockets.

Just as angry when the door closes, Cass storms back behind the counter, unsure of how to release said anger. "I. I can't /believe/ some people. Just because he has a badge he thinks he can just…" She tosses her hands in the air. "UGH. It's bad enough that the whole store is…" she pauses, gripping her hands into tight fists, clenching her jaw shut. Then, she just angrily shakes her head. "Yeah. They're gone. The other one's coming back tomorrow for an actual talk."

H-hey. Cass is … Cass is /angry/. And flaily. /And she's not angry and flaily at him/! Lachlan watches this phenomenon with, at first, bewilderment — and then the faintest of smirks. Hey. That's kinda sexy, in a cute way. Aw. It's enough for him to put aside his own inherent anger, and he reaches out to catch her around the waist and draw her close. "Next time he comes 'round, I'll make 'im eat pavement," he murmurs reassuringly.

"Ugh," Elena mutters, propping her chin on one hand. "If it's not the police, it's other people." She drags a piece of paper towards her, and scrawls a few other names on it. She hands the folded piece of paper to Cass, and gives the older woman a hug. "I'm glad you're okay," she says softly, and takes a step down to knuckle Lachlan slightly on the shoulder. "You, I was less worried about. If I had to compare you to anything, Lach, it'd be a tank." She winks at him, and shoulders her backpack. "Cass if you need anything, let me know? I figure I can start on Ms. Russo while you work on Peter."

As she's flailing and angry, Cass is taken surprise by the grabbing around the waist. Hey! She's trying to be righteously angry here! For a moment, she stays rigid and almost pulls away so she can continue to rant, but then slumps slightly against him. "You better," she mutters. The hug from Elena also takes away some of that anger and she smiles at the younger girl. "Thanks. I've been through worse. Don't worry." She take the piece of paper and blinks at it, just keeping it in her hand for a moment. "I will. You do the same, alright?"

When he's knuckled, the Scotsman grins a bit. That's right. He's tough. "Ye take care o' yerself, Elena." And now that he's got an angry Cass, Lachlan is content to just hold her, rest his chin on her shoulder, and stare idly at the paper in her hand. What's this, then?

Elena grins, and heads out, the door closing behind her, and leaving Cass and Lachlan with a piece of paper.

With Elena and the police gone, Cass lets the anger mostly seep out quietly and then looks down curiously at the note that Elena left her. Opening it up, she reads it quickly and her eyes widen. "Shit." This cannot be good, now she is in panic mode. "Oh dammit. I am such an idiot."

Hmm. How did he get a panicked Cass out of an angry Cass? Lachlan squints at the note, frown deepening. "Wha'?" He doesn't see the significance, whatever it might be.

Oh, Cass is a woman of many mood swings. And anger and panic can be very close to each other. "This is a list of people who are Company agents. And that first girl, the one who can make earth move, I've met her. She's been it he store a couple of times, terrified about what she could do and then all sweet like trying to apologize for shaking up my store. I warned her about the Company. /Dammit/ I'm an idiot."

Lachlan's frown can't get much deeper, but it's starting to grow pained. He glances up at the store — what's left of it — and then back down at the paper. "Well, s'no' like they dinna know 'bout ye anyway, righ'? Yer dad werks fer 'em. An' ye dinna tell 'er anythin' else, di'ye?" He doesn't understand the harm.

"Them knowing about /me/ and /me/ knowing about /them/ are two very different things, Lachlan." Cass frowns and shoves the piece of paper angrily into her pocket. "They're an organization that runs on secrecy. I didn't know who my father really worked for my entire life. My /dad/ knows I know, but he's not going to tell them. This girl. She doesn't know me. She'd have no trouble turning me in." She frowns, mind working a mile per minute. "She hasn't yet, though. I think if they were going to do something about it, they'd have done it by now. I hope." There's a distinct frown. And a long pause. "Look. Lachlan. If…if they make me forget things…you're going to have to help me remember. Don't you dare let me forget you."

Whoa, wait, wait. /Forget things/? Lachlan's frown becomes troubled and he takes his head off of Cass' shoulder to stare down at the back of her head in a very disturbed manner. "Wha're ye sayin'?" he grunts. "D'ye think they'd wipe yer head an' ye'd ferget … ever'thin'?" Everything including him? That would most likely kill him. "How'm I s'posed ta help ye no' ferget tha'?"

"I don't know!" The very thought is scaring Cass. She's come so far in research and in her life that losing it all is terrifying. "I mean, they've done it to people before. There's this guy they call the Haitian and he takes peoples memories. He did it to Elena and he did it to Elle. I don't know how it works or if you can reverse it." She turns around moves to wrap her arms around him again. "They haven't tried to do that to me yet. So I don't think they will. But…I just…I don't know. It scares me." She takes a deep, steadying breath. "I can't deal with losing anything else."

It scares Lachlan too. A lot. The idea of Cass forgetting everything — and him — when it all seems to be going so well is horrifying. He goes silent and simply wraps her up tightly in an embrace, staying that way for several long seconds as he tries to work through it all. How's he supposed to fight memory loss? How /does/ one fight memory loss? He'd have to run around following Cass with a video camera and record everyt— and then it dawns on him. He nuzzles into the top of Cass' head and murmurs, "Mebbe ye should write it all down."

"I have been, sort of." Cass rests her head against Lachlan's chest and hugs back just as tightly. It's slightly comforting. "It's not all that personal. It's mostly just what I've learned so far with what everyone can do and what that means scientifically. Genetically. But I can't get too personal because if someone else found it, they'd be able to use it against you. Everyone. God. I /hate/ this. No group of people should be able to do this to someone."

"Then ye can give it ta me," reasons Lachlan calmly. "Tha' way if they come after ye an' … if tha' happens, ye'll no' have tha' infermation in yer 'partment 'r anywhere like tha'. An' then I'll have somethin' ta give ye ta help ye remember if … all tha' happens." He's praying it's a big, big, big 'if'. Then another thought strikes him and he tenses, his heart giving a loud /thud/. "They'd … only wipe yer head, righ'? They wouldna kill ye, would they?"

Thinking that over, Cass frowns. "That could work. Though you'd have to be /really/ careful with it. I'll keep it as coded as I can, but who knows." Lachlan's second concern falls on her like a heavy blanket. "No. No, they wouldn't." It comes quickly and with an adamant sort of denial. "I'm not any sort of threat to them. The most problem I pose to them is that I know about them." And she's helping Peter with his powers and telling him not to trust them, but that's something different. "They can't kill me just for that. Anyway, we've seen how I'm supposed to die if nothing changes. And it didn't look like something the Company would do."

If Lachlan can hide a lot of SOMA pills, he can definitely hide a few notebooks safe and sound where nobody would find them. He smirks a bit. "C'mon, baby, I know how ta hide things." He does have /some/ skills. Honest. The mention of the painting and what it implied causes him to tense a little, but … well, it offers some strange, ironic sort of comfort in light of current conversation, so he doesn't start up with his usual denial of its meaning. He just tightens his hold on Cass and emits a soft grunt. Sure. If she says so. He doesn't like where this subject is leading, so after another few moments of just standing there being quiet, he lifts his head and looks at the bag on the counter. "Hey, ye wanna go home? We'll watch a movie an' I can rub yer feet 'r somethin'." Feetrubs make it all better.

"I'm just being extra special sure," Cass replies, smiling just a bit. "I trust you." And she sounds sincere in that. Any talk about her getting her memory wiped or getting killed is something she is glad to leave behind. Of course, ominous silence isn't much better as that means she's just /thinking/ about what they were just saying. So, the suggestion is latched onto with eagerness. "Good plan. Let's make it a comedy." Since they've been dwelling on drama subjects far too often for her sanity. "And I'm holding you to that promise of a foot rub." Footrubs /do/ make everything better.

"S'long as s'no' one o' those fruity nancy comedies with all the girly stuff," grunts Lachlan as he picks up the bag from the counter and makes for the door, keeping an arm around Cass in the meanwhile. Granted, it doesn't sound like he's protesting too much; he doesn't rightly care what sort of comedy it is as long as he's got someone to cuddle during it. With Max following along on his opposite side, he adds as they reach the door, "Hey, yer m'girl, huh?" It's more a statement of finality than a question, and it's accompanied by a playful poke to her nose with the hand holding the bag and a squeeze to her shoulders from the opposite arm.

Cass barely covers up a snicker at Lachlan's description of Romance Comedy. "I think that's what they should call them now. 'Fruity nancy comedies'. I think it would appeal to a broader audience." And while she's teasing, it's because she likes the way he put it. "Doesn't have to be one of those. I'm up for a slapstick comedy." Suddenly, there's Indian food in her face and Lachlan poking her nose. Ooh, that smelled good and reminds her that she didn't eat that much today. All the excitement has finally brought her hunger back in full force. "Think so. Sorry to say you're stuck with being my boyfriend for as long as you can handle it."

That's right. /Lachlan/ knows what to call movie genres. People should consult him on it more often. The boost to his ego is quickly followed by a bit of snickering and a big fat goofy grin at Cass' last statement. "Yeah, well, think I could handle it fer a while," he mutters with a bit of quiet nervousness. /Emotions/ and things — they make him all jittery. Still, he's happy right where he is, and he doesn't foresee it changing anytime soon. Then he pauses and frowns. "Met someone the other day, yanno? She could talk ta all sorts o' animals, 'stead o' just one kind. D'ye think I could do tha'?"

"Good," Cass replies with a grin. Glad to see they agree on that. "I'm holding you to that, too." As for his powers, she takes a thoughtful pause. "I'm not sure. I can't see why not. We'd just have to find out what it is that you're listening to to hear dog's. Maybe it's a kind of mental frequency thing and we just have to tune you in to different channels." Then, she nods. "We can definitely work on it." That's what she's been wanting to do, after all. Help people with their powers.

Hmm. Truth be told, Lachlan's not sure /how/ to really practice that sort of thing, considering that his powers all sort of happened by accident. But Cass is Way Way Way Smarter Than Him, so she can help him figure it out, he decides. He nods. "A'righ' then." Then he'll be just as good as Daphne and make camels spit on /her/. Yeah. That would be totally awesome. Another pause, then he kisses Cass on the cheek. "Thank ye." She deserves thanks.
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