2007-04-11: Don't Go Breakin' My Heart


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Benjamin goes out for a drink after having been dumped by Angie and meets Gwen. Singing occurs.

April 11th, 2007:

Don't Go Breakin' My Heart

Fly By Night Cocktail Bar

Benjamin is out by himself, which is not unusual. What /is/ unusual is that he's in a bar. Drinking. Oh it's not shot after shot of tequila, it's a beer that he's nursing. It's hard to tell just how many he's had, only 1, as he's already buzzing. What a lightweight. He didn't claim a table, instead, he's seated up at the bar. Bottle in hand, he's working on finishing it off. Then. He just might have another!

Whumf! That would be the sound of Gwen flinging herself into a seat next to Benjamin. She's got a mostly finished martini that she quickly sets down on the bar and then does something that no one should do to another stranger, she quickly wraps her arms around Benjamin and cuddles into him should he not pull away. "Pretend like you love me," she hisses in an urgent tone. Why hello there!

Benjamin chokes on a mouthful of beer and manages to get it down the right pipe. Instead of down his front, or spewing it everywhere. He thumps a hand at his chest as he turns to blink at Gwen and HELLO. Invasion of privacy! Normally, he'd just freeze up, but there's enough alcohol inside him so that instead.. he laughs, "Kinda friendly there aren't ya? Woah, watch the hands… did you get dumped too?"

Thank God, he's not a prude. Gwen snuzzles in closer to Benjamin when he doesn't pull away. "Not yet," she purrs. Behind them a well dressed man comes storming by, peering at any single looking women he comes across. "Ginger? /Ginger/?" He's calling out, hoping that that will make her come back. Though he gives Benjamin and Gwen a cursory glance, they look enough like a couple that he keeps going. Surreptitiously, Gwen peers around, waits until he's far enough away. However, once he's gone, she doesn't exactly drop the act. "I /am/ watching them," she beams at him, resting a head on his shoulder. "And yes. I am very friendly. Promise."

"Can I call you Angie if we're pretending?" Benjamin says, with a very straight face. He could be kidding, or not. Hard to tell. The incoming man asking for 'Ginger' gets a brief look before he glances down at the woman who's attached herself to him. "I see that you are! Just make sure my wallet and its contents stay where it is and we're good. Not that I'm accusing you of anything, cause you just seem too pretty to be that petty.. or maybe it's all hand in hand. I don't know! So! What're you hiding for? Do you do this kinda thing often?"

"If that's what floats your boat, sugar." Gwen straightens when the bartender swings by. "Another martini." It's one of her many weaknesses. "Dry. Three olives. Thank you, darling." She holds her hands up for Benjamin to see that she has not done anything illegal involving his credit cards or wallet, innocent look plastered all over her face. "I would never. And accuse away, I'm not easily offended." She leans across the bar to make sure that the man she was hiding from is gone and then gives a big sigh of relief. "Oh, just some loser with the wrong impression about me." Mainly that she would be paying for her own drinks. Her martini arrives and she pulls it eagerly towards herself. "So, what about you? Come to bars asking to call other girls Angie a lot?"

Benjamin laughs when Gwen untangles herself. He finishes off his beer and then orders up another. Something stronger might be wanted, but mixing beer and liqour? Usually not a good idea. Besides, he might be puking on his shoes before he makes it home with something stronger. "Oh good and I see.. uhm, no, this is a first for me. I won't be making a habit out of it though." When his second beer arrives, he reaches for it and drinks.

Gwen pulls out her olives and lets them drip dry, placing them for safe keeping on a napkin on the bar. "Sad. That would have been a great story. Now it's just a little boring. I'm guessing it's girl troubles. Some broad dumped you and now you've got to drink your sadness away. It's so been done before, guy." Taking a long drink from her martini, she thinks for a moment. "Unless Angie is a guy. Then that's a little more original."

Benjamin coughs and thumps his chest again, "No, Angie's all woman. I guess I can't complain, it was fun while it lasted.. so yeah.. but I guess not really.. about drinking sadness away. I actually feel like singing." Which means the alcohol is doing its job! Not that this is really a place equipped to dealing with drunks who want to sing their little hearts out. "I mean, I /am/ sad, cause she's the first woman to show interest in me since my wife and I split. Gonna miss her."

A more caring woman might have more interest in Benjamin's story. However, Gwen is barely listening now. Sipping on her martini, she's nodding and nodding, but it's in one ear and out the other. Until he brings up the singing idea. Now /that/ sounds like fun. "Yeah. Sad, I'm sure. You should totally sing." She looks around at the crowded bar. It's a Friday night, after all. This could be amazing. "Come on. They've got a bar, some music playing. What more do you need?" Subtly, she pushes his bottle of beer closer to him in order to encourage drinking and the loosening of inhibitions.

Benjamin doesn't seem to notice that Gwen's not listening. He tends to prattle when stone sober, so. "Really? You think I should? I don't really know this song playing now." The bottle is picked back up and several more swallows taken as he listens to the music playing over the sound system.. then.. "Ooh I know this one!" Nope. He really doesn't need further provocation. Holding the bottle up like a microphone, he starts singing along with Brad Paisley, "And since the day I left Milwaukee, Lynchburg and Bordeaux France. Been makin the bars lots of big money, and helping white people dance. I got you in trouble in high school, but college now that was a ball. You had some of the best times you'll never remember with me.. Alcohol, Alcohol."

When Benjamin actually starts singing, Gwen is less than impressed with his ability. However, that doesn't really mean anything. It's /funny/. However, she suppresses the giggles that really want to escape and just watches the singing man now with interest. This is not quite good enough, though. It must be grander! Bigger! "Louder!" she eggs him on, happily tipping back her martini glass and waving her olive toothpick like a baton.

Benjamin gets better the more he warms up, and does indeed sing louder as Gwen eggs him on. The rest of the song is sung along with and he really gets into it too! Looks like he just needs a little prodding, and the alcohol to lessen his inhibitions. "HEY. You aren't singing," he then says accusingly, pointing his beer bottle in Gwen's direction.

"I'm just enjoying the show, sugarbee." Gwen grins, finishing the last of her martini and setting the empty glass down. It's quickly replaced by another one. "Plus, I don't know the words. Sing another one!" She claps happily, like a little girl. "Louder! I want the whole bar to hear you!"

"No. No. You have to sing too!" Benjamin seems insistent on this point as he downs the rest of his beer, ordering up another. (The bartender however wonders how drunk the CPA was when he walked in, and should he cut him off soon? Eh. Harmless so far.) He stands up from his stool then tugs at Gwen, "C'mon," then without warning and complete regard for what's playing currently, he starts with, "Don't go breakin' my heart!"

When a stranger eggs you on to start singing on top of a bar, you're supposed to say no. However, Gwen /does/ know this song. And she's had just enough to drink that she doesn't care about the crowd. Actually, she probably would be fine with this completely sober. "Noooo…OKAY!" Using Benjamin's hand to clamber up onto her own stool, she happily joins in. "No don't go breaking my heart!"

"Honey if I get restless," Benjamin chimes in, the lyrics actually coming to mind despite the fog of beery goodness. With Gwen perched on her stool, he starts to make a fool of himself. (Somewhere, Rose should feel like crawling under the floor in embarrassement.) He actually kneels, arms spread as he gestures along with the non-existant music and sings!

"Baby you're not that kind!" Gwen sings quite loudly. She doesn't have a beer bottle to sing into, but she's singing into a non-existant microphone that she's pretending that she's holding. The crowd has fallen silent and are watching, mostly amused at this site. The bartenders and managers are watching, waiting to swoop in should this get too much. After all, they /are/ disrupting the peace of the bar.

Peace, schmeace! Benjamin is for once oblivious to stares, although, in the future, he might steer clear of this bar for the embarrassment factor! When Gwen sings her line, he bounces back with the next! And so on!

The back and forth between the two go on. Gwen gets really into it and even holds out her 'microphone' for others in the crowd to sing along. "Don't go breaking my heart!" Really, she's having a good time and swaying just a bit on her stool. It's not exactly easy, though, as she's wearing killer heels and a tight skirt.

Benjamin doesn't seem to be very mindful of Gwen's attire. Not that he's mindful of much at the moment! Hello good times! The pair go back and forth and soon enough the song's over. Now what? Well he doesn't seem to be too concerned with finding something else to sing.. as over the sound system, 'When The Stars Go Blue' is playing. He knows the words, so launches right into that. Just as loud as he was before.

Topple, wobble, ack! Gwen's attire finally gets the best of her and she goes tumbling off of her stool. Whups! Luckily, it's not that far of a drop and there's an obliging young man to catch her when she goes tumbling. "Why hello there," she grins at him. "My hero." When righted again, she rummages around in her purse for a lighter, holding it up lit to Benjamin's singing.

Benjamin only pauses long enough while singing along to nudge at Gwen, oblivious to her toppling, to say, "I love this song." Before he's delving back into the lyrics. People are watching and getting nervous, what? He does stop again so that he can work on his beer s'more. Man, this is fun and makes you thirsty!

Though it's illegal to smoke in New York bars, it's not illegal to have lighters. The manager eyes Gwen warily when she starts waving hers around in an attempt to egg Benjamin on even more. "You're doing great, pookie! Keep it up!" That gets tiring after a little while, though, and she lets down the flame to take a long drink of her martini. "Now this is what I call entertainment."

Benjamin chokes a little at the pookie comment, as he was drinking some more. This time, he slops a little on his front. What a waste! "You're making fun of me now, this is why I don't get up in front of people!" Sober anyway. He then adapts a faux Texan accent, clearly in impersonation of the President, "Now see here, this is what I'm talkin' 'bout."

"Never," Gwen replies solemnly, but she's got a bit of a grin. "You've stopped singing. That is unacceptable." Down goes the rest of her martini and she sets the empty glass down for another refill. A champion drinker, she's barely even feeling them right now. Giggling, at the impression, she slides into her chair again. "You're funny. I like funny."

Benjamin blushes just a little at the compliment as he finishes off his beer and goes for another. "I can be, I'm just.. not.. most of the time… and I really have to admit, I like this song. It's pretty, but the singer's annoying, and my wife dragged me to this movie," he comments as 'My Heart Will Go On' can be heard playing now. "Heck with it!" he starts singing along!

Celine Dion is really where Gwen draws the line. "Oh no, honey. You don't have the hair for this one. Come on. Let's get ourselves another drink and we'll wait till another good one comes on." Leaning over the bar, she says loudly, "Hey, is there a jukebox here? Who do I talk to about changing the tunes here?"

Benjamin laughs, "Sorry, it's one of those songs that really.. it's kinda impulsive to sing along." He does shut up and go back to drinking though. "It's okay! We can just wait for the next song and see what it is, I can be patient!"

While she's given a fresh drink, Gwen is ignored about changing the music. Oh well, she's okay with just having a drink. "Don't be sorry. Apologies are boring." She knows from experience. "We'll wait it out. I'm Gwen, by the way. Since we're singing veterans and all. Practically members of the same band."

Benjamin chuckles and shrugs, "It's a bad habit. I can't quite seem to shake it yet. Seems I always feel like I need to apologize for something.. It's nice to meet you Gwen, I'm Benjamin… oh new song!" Hoorah for some Paul McCartney, and something everyone should know the lyrics to! 'Band on the Run!' Which Benji does know, so he launches into singing along, swaying there on his stool.

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