2007-02-28: Don't Let Me Down


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Summary: Mara is sent to investigate a disturbance and discovers Mohinder attempting to move Hiro's body, with Molly in tow.

Date It Happened: February 28th, 2007

Don't Let Me Down

Isaac's Loft

Having tossed the keys to Molly, Mohinder now begins the task of trying to get Hiro's body down to the car… with hopefully little or no notice. How do you sneak a body out? "This is not going to be fun," he murmurs as he looks at Hiro's short, yet rather stout physique. He doesn't spend too much time over this, as time is of the essence. "I'm sorry about this," he apologizes as he walks around to the head of the body and makes a laughable attempt at trying to haul Hiro up.

Still holding onto the atlas that she used to find Claire, Molly isn't expecting keys to be thrown at her. She makes an attempt to catch them, but they bounce off of her hand and clatter to the ground. Scooping them up, she gives one last look at Mohinder and the prone Hiro before dashing for the door.

How do you sneak a body out indeed? Well, it always works a lot better when you don't have a member of the NYPD investigating reports of a disturbance. Apparently whatever was reported was grossly understated, as there's just one lone, plain clothes detective approaching the loft. Detective Damaris raises her hand to knock on the door.

"This.. is not going to work.." Mohinder utters in a somewhat breathless manner. Seriously, what does this guy eat? Waffles and pocky?? Easing Hiro back to the ground, as gently as possible, the scientist looks around, and could hit himself on the head. He rushes across the room for a rolling chair and pushes it over to the fallen Japanese man. Suresh works on bracing the chair so that it won't you know, roll out from underneath as he's trying to prop the body up. "Perfect timing," is muttered along with something perhaps not so polite in Hindi at the knocking on the door. So far, he still has Hiro on the floor, after a failed attempt to haul the man into the chair. There's an overturned table, syringes and regular old lab implements on the floor, and just in general? A mess.

It's possible that Mara saw Molly dashing down the hallway in her approach to the Loft. She's got a death grip on the keys and the atlas, but the little girl pays no attention to the plain clothes cop as she makes for the door. By the time Mara knocks, Molly's already flying down the stairs to unlock the car doors in preparation for Mohinder.

Mara pays very little attention to the small girl with the car keys at first. She does get a curious look, but not much else just yet. "Hello! Is somebody home?" The detective is obviously not expecting trouble, as she hasn't drawn her gun. She's been relegated to the equivalent of rescuing cats from trees since insisting that she was well enough to be released from the hospital.

Mohinder apologizes yet again to the body, it's an endless stream really. There's the sound of a table moving as the geneticist drags it to hopefully block Hiro from view. "Just a moment," he calls out, sounding most harried. Hands are dragged through his dark and mussed curls on his head as he turns and rushes for the door. He opens it just enough to look through, "Hello, yes? Is there something I can assist you with?"

It doesn't very long to unlock car doors. Molly has the whole cab unlocked and ready to go in a matter of moments. Well, only moments after the little while it takes to figure out which key is the cab key. That done, she hesitates. Should she wait in the cab? Or should she head back upstairs to help Mohinder? Head turns from cab to building, building to cab. She can't just wait down here. Turning her back to the vehicle, she goes running back to the lab.

"Son of a bitch," Mara mutters under her breath. That's never a good sign. She reaches into the back pocket of her pants to retrieve her badge. When Molly comes back into sight, she gets more than just a glance. Calmly, the cop walks toward the girl, flashing her badge when she's close enough to make it out. "Hi there. I'm Mara. Is your mom or dad around?" She smiles reassuringly. Nothing to worry about here!

"Damn," is uttered under Mohinder's breath as Mara turns from the door, and goes to speak to Molly. There is not time for this! The man looks harassed and most likely too suspicious. Shut the door, go back to trying to get Hiro out, or.. This is not going to go well. "Molly," he begins as he eases out into the hallway. A look is flashed between the girl and Mara's back, he doesn't see the badge. Addressing Mara, he tries to sound polite, though pressed. "I'm terribly sorry, but could you make an appointment? This is a very bad time and we're in a hurry."

Molly comes to a screeching stop when she sees Mara standing at the doorway to the lab. Who is this woman and what does she want? Then, that question is answered by the badge and the introduction. Molly's dealt with enough police officers and FBI agents - Matt's a policeman, too! - and she trusts them. They put bad guys away. More people to help. Her words come out in a rush. "No, my mom and dad are dead. But I live with Officer Parkman and Mohinder now. You've got to help us. He /killed/ him. The boogieman's back and he's going to kill us!"

Mara can't stop herself from gaping at Molly. "Wait. What? Who killed who?" She turns around to look at Doctor Suresh. She shows him her badge then. "You aren't Matt, so you must be Mohinder." She reaches a hand down to Molly, "You're Matt's girl? Don't worry, I'll take care of you." She may not work /too/ closely with Parkman, but the NYPD takes care of their own. Her eyes dart between both in the hallway now, "Tell me what's going on."

Mohinder's eyes nearly bug out of his head at Molly and where he stands in the doorway, behind Mara.. he frantically waves his arms. It's clearly a 'shut up' gesture along with, 'what are you doing??' He drops the waving when Mara turns to around to him. "It will take far too long to explain right this second," he's going to go out on a limb here and trust Mara as she knows Matt. "Molly, go into my office please, you'll find a black bag, it looks like a doctor's bag. If you could get that for me? Officer, I could use your assistance with something. I'll be more than happy to explain later, but I've got to take care of a few things first, then you'll have my cooperation. I promise."

"The boogieman," Molly replies solemnly. She doesn't quite catch Mohinder's gestures of desperation until it's too late. She's confused at that. They didn't hurt Hiro and Mara's a police officer…she's supposed to help. "The boogieman killed Hiro." Her chin tilts up to Mohinder and then she nods to go scamper off and grab that bag she's asked to go find. "Okay, Mohinder."

After Molly runs off, Mara turns her attention fully on Mohinder, walking back toward the door to the loft, "Give me the short version. If I'm going to help you, I need to have some idea what I'm dealing with. I'm not covering up a crime, even for Parkman's flatmate."

"I'm not asking you to," Mohinder says as he ducks back into the loft turned science lab. It's an invitation for Mara to follow as he doesn't shut the door behind himself. "It's as Molly said, the two of us were held at gunpoint, a man named Hiro arrived to assist us and was shot for his effort. Now if I'm to save him in a timely manner I have to get him across town where I can." As he's speaking, he's going back to Hiro's body. "If you could assist me with his body, I must get him down to my car. Time is growing short."

Molly misses most of the serious conversation between Mara and Mohinder, but she comes back into listening distance around the time of 'time is growing short.' "I've got your bag, Mohinder!" And she does indeed, carrying it with both hands as she waddles over toward the pair.

Mara follows Mohinder without hesitation. Her mind is already trying to reason what she's been told. Not dead, injured. Molly must be exaggerating. "I can call an ambulance." Then she sees the body and gasps, "Mister Nakamura! Oh… Oh no." She hurries to kneel beside Hiro's prone form, visibly upset. "Sh- /Shoot/," she quickly cleans up her language in front of Molly. "We- We can take him in my car. It'll be faster than waiting for a bus." She reaches out to feel for a pulse. This does not look good.

"Thank you Molly, could you take it down to the car and wait?" Not that Mohinder likes the idea of Sylar on the loose and Molly downstairs by herself.. but it's either that or subject her to watching an attempt to carry Hiro downstairs. "That's the short version… You know him?" No time is wasted, change of plans. Police cruiser should grant better right of way on the streets. "Molly wait, lock up the car, then go to the officer's. We're on our way down." To Mara, "Get his legs, I've got his arms." Dammit, he's a doctor, not a weight lifter. "We're going to the Petrelli Mansion."

Molly will definitely take waiting in the car than watching the awkwardness that will be wheeling Hiro out of the building. "Okay." There's a short pause as she looks at Mara, wondering how she knows Hiro, but she doesn't waste more time. Maneuvering with Mohinder's large black bag, she hurries out of the lab and down to lock the cab.

"Senator Petrelli?" Mara takes in a deep breath and exhales slowly. She looks up as she withdraws her fingers from Hiro's neck, having been unsuccessful in finding a lifeline. "He's dead, Mohinder." Nevertheless, she moves down toward his feet. "I know him… We had coffee… in Nevada. On three." She takes in another deep breath. "One. Two… Three!"

"I realize that he's dead," Mohinder says then falls quiet as he works on trying to heft up Hiro by the arms. It's easier with another person helping, not that it's going to be a walk in the park mind. Alive or dead, this is a strenuous task and the geneticist isn't the strongest person around.

"So why are we taking a dead man to the Petrellis?" Mara's words come between teeth clenched with effort as she slowly starts to carry Hiro out of the loft with Suresh.

Mohinder 's face darkens, or rather, he goes red from the exhertion of trying to carry Hiro down the hall. "So that he doesn't stay dead," he breathes out. Wincing with the effort of the haul, he tries to not weave too much. Abuse the corpse as little as possible.

"How'd you end up with Parkman?" Mara grunts as she starts backing down the stairs carefully. "You two don't strike me as the type to run in the same circles."

And that comment, damn near makes Mohinder drop Hiro. In fact, his grip slips but is corrected with some effort. Sputtering, an incredulous expression upon his face, "We're friends, roommates, we're taking care of Molly. It's another long story, but not of /that/ nature."

"I didn't say it was," Mara would seem nonchalant, if she weren't in such a ridiculous position. "People don't usually randomly pair up as roommates /or/ lovers." Her tone suggests she's letting the matter drop, however.

Good, because, there are other things to attend to at the moment. Like getting Hiro down the stairs without further damage to his person. So far so good, or rather, as well as this can go. Mohinder finally suggests on their way down the stairs, "I think we can prop him up in the backseat. I'd prefer it if Molly rode in front with you. I'll sit with him in the back."

"That sounds like the best course of action ta me." Mara finally reaches the landing, catching her breath now that she's not trying not to stumble backward down the steps.

It takes longer than what Mohinder would like to get Hiro down the stairs, yet it's still faster than he would have taken by himself. He gestures with his head towards the car, they can take a breather once they're on their way. "Thank you for your assistance, officer..?"

Having locked the cab, Molly is leaning against it while waiting for the pair to bring down Hiro. She was expecting to find a police cruiser, but there's none there. She's not sure which car is Mara's! So, she waits as patiently as she possibly can when she's so wound up with worry.

"Damaris. Mara Damaris," the detective introduces herself, jerking her head in the direction of her car. Thankfully, she isn't parked far from the door. Once they reach the vehicle, she gently eases Hiro down to sort of awkwardly lean him up against the side while she fishes in her pocket for the keys to unlock everything. "Get in, Molly. You get shotgun."

Mohinder nods curtly in response to the introduction. There's a muffled 'ermph', or 'oof' from the man as he tries to take on helping to maneuver Hiro. A pained smile is made at Molly, pained owing to the physical activity going on here. "It won't be much longer and we'll have him good as new," he assures the girl.

Molly tries to return Mohinder's smile to reassure him just as much as he's reassuring her, but it definitely looks strained. "I know," she replies quietly. Once the door is unlocked, Molly slips into the unmarked police car's front seat and watches out the window.

"I'm helping you with a body," Mara points out, "A full name would be nice." She pulls open the back door and climbs in backward and reaches out. "Just kind of… Try and ease him as best as you can. I'll catch him."

"Mohinder Suresh," is said as the geneticist follows Mara's instructions. He's going to be as easy with this as he can. "Molly, you don't have to watch if you don't want to," is gently said for the girl's benefit. She's a smart girl and knows this already, he's sure, yet he says it anyway.

Molly buckles herself in, all ready to go to the mansion. "I know," she says. But not looking is just as bad as watching as far as she's concerned. She just keeps reminding herself that this is only temporary, Hiro will be as good as new soon.

Mara winces as she carefully pulls Hiro into the car, and attemps to sit him up. This is achieved by resting his head against the side window. "Suresh? …No way." She backs out to the opposite door and slides out of the car, leaving the door open for Mohinder as then climbs into the driver's seat.

Mohinder deeply regrets that Molly was a part of this, however, sadly, it was unavoidable. Once Hiro's situated, he climbs in and shuts the door. He reaches over the seat to gently squeeze Molly's shoulder as he looks towards Mara. "What do you mean by that?" He's only notable in small circles, and turning into almost the joke that his father was.

Molly watches the whole production silently, her eyes wide. Everyone's getting into the car, so she turns to face front. The squeeze on the shoulder is taken gratefully, but without any other movement on her point.

"Activating Evolution," Mara says simply as she starts up the car. "You're related to Chandra Suresh, aren't you?" The car is shifted into drive and off they go. Mohinder did say he wanted this done quickly, so the detective presses a button on the dash that one would normally figure are emergency flashers… They sort of are, except that they turn on the red and blue lights on the front of the vehicle, below the headlights. She doesn't hit the siren, but the lights will get people to pull out of the way more readily.

"He was my father," is Mohinder's sober response. "Do you need directions to the Petrelli's mansion?" He retracts his hand from Molly's shoulder and eases back against his seat, ready to support Hiro. You know, should his body succumb to enertia. He's just sleeping, with a blood stained hole in him.

"I know I'm headed in the right direction," Mara responds. "I'll need specifics, though." After a moment she continues her line of questioning. "Your father was a brilliant man. Are you continuing his work?"

"That he was, and yes I am," Mohinder says, a note of pride seeping into his voice. From the backseat, he gives Mara more precise directions to the mansion. He twists in his seat to get a seatbelt around Hiro, to offer more support for the body.

Mara's silent for almost a full minute. "Your affiliation with Parkman and Mister Nakamura is no mere coincidence, is it?" She doesn't elaborate any further. The ball's been placed in Mohinder's court.

"No, it's no coincidence," is Mohinder's simple response. "I'm continuing my father's work, furthering the research, lecturing on the subject." He falls quiet for a moment before continuing, "Is the subject of genetics something you find fascinating?" Oh for whatever reason.

When the two start talking about Mohinder's father's book, Molly turns to watch the pair. She has nothing to add, but this is a subject she definitely has an interest in.

Content that beating around the bush is no longer necessary, as there's no need to deny anything, Mara cuts to the chase. "You're aware of Mister Nakamura's ability?" It's not… really a question.

"Yes I am, I am aware of a good many people out there with abilities," Mohinder says, sounding pensive as his mind whirls over the current situation. "Officer Damaris, once we get to the Petrelli's, would you be so kind as to take Molly back to the station and to Matt? I'll take the matter on from here and will contact you as soon as possible about Hiro. I promise, and it's not as if you don't know where to find me."

"Mohinder!" Molly does /not/ want to be left out of this. She wants to make sure that Hiro gets out of this alright. Plus, she doesn't want to be left alone with someone she doesn't know while the boogieman is still on the loose. It's true, she's being taken to Matt and she knows he'll protect her, but she's scared still. "I want to stay with you."

"Molly," Mara says gently, "you need to listen to Doctor Suresh. Have you ever heard the expression 'too many cooks spoil the broth'? I want to be there for Mister Nakamura, too, but you and I both need to stay back and let the experts work." At least, she's hoping there's some experts in this situation. Somewhere. "I have an ability, too," she says in a manner that's meant to assuage some fear.

Mohinder straightens in his seat and says firmly, yet kindly, "I know you do Molly, but I would feel much better if you were with Matt." Something then occurs to him and it causes his firm resolve to crumble. The options in his mind are being weighed, and he's not overly fond of any of them. ".. Officer Damaris, the man who was holding us at gunpoint, he might have been watching in secret after he left my lab. He's armed and lethal. His own abilities aren't working right now, which is a small relief, yet he's still dangerous." His brows raise at Mara's revelation, okay, that makes him feel a little better. He continues, "Molly can identify him should he cross your path. Don't stop, don't hesitate to shoot him first. Molly, stay down until Officer Damaris gets you to Matt.." He shifts in his seat to pull out his wallet, from which he produces a business card. It has the loft's address on it, a phone number and email address. He reaches over the seat and sets the card where Mara can take it later. "Here you are. Should you wish to reach me later, in fact, I insist on it, if I don't contact you first."

Molly's face turns into a bit of a pout as she's being rebuffed and talked into being taken to the police station. "Mohinder," she says again, more quietly and with a bit more a wavering voice. She's not going to feel safe again until she's holding onto Mohinder or Matt. She turns around in her seat, though she knows she's not supposed to, and gives her guardian the saucer-dish eyes.

Mara pulls her own card out of a cupholder in the front, passing it back to Mohinder without taking her eyes off the road. A second one is passed to Molly. She doesn't bother lecturing the girl on proper safety. Both have a phone number scrawled on the back in purple ink. "My personal line is on the back. Call me if you need /anything/. And let me know the second you have word on Nakamura's condition, one way or the other." She sounds grim on the last part. She's worried. "I would like the chance to sit down with you and discuss your research sometime, Doctor. Another time, when things are less…" She trails off, making no attempt to try to attribute a word to this situation.

Ordinarily that look weakens Mohinder's resolve, but not at this moment. "Officer Damaris, I'm trusting you with Molly's life." There are no threats uttered, it's simply clear from his tone that the girl's life is important, and he wants to see her kept alive. He leans over the seat again to take Mara's card and pockets it. "I would like to talk with you further Officer, and will be happy to make time for you. And I give you my word, that I'll contact you about Hiro."

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