2007-04-23: Don't Make Me Hurt You


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Rachel, Bodyguard (Token Red Shirt)


Molly finally gets to go outside again and naturally comes face to face with Sylar.

April 23rd, 2007:

Don't Make Me Hurt You

Madison Square Park, Manhattan, New York

It's a wonderful spring day and Molly has taken advantage of both Mohinder and Matt being away doing work to spend some quality time with her new babysitter/bodyguard - Rachel. Obviously, this Company Agent is not very thrilled with the idea of being put on kid duty and she makes it known very early on. While Molly has chosen to head into Manhattan for a day out on the town, to celebrate the very fact that she can, Rachel has rolled her eyes and used sarcasm at every turn. Now, the two are wandering around the small but interesting Madison Square Park, enjoying the weather. Or, well, Molly is enjoying the weather. Rachel is complaining.

"Look, kid, we did the whole 'day trip' thing. Let's get you dropped off with your scientist dad and his husband so I can get back to doing what I need to do." Rachel crosses her arms and keeps walking a few steps behind Molly, who is running ahead.

Unphased by Rachel's attitude, Molly is just joyous to be out. "Look, Rachel! Dogs! And Mohinder and Matt aren't married. They're just friends."

It's not that hard, really, to stalk someone. Especially if you have nothing but time on your hands, and powers at your disposal to make sure you can get the information you need. That's exactly why Sylar is in the same park as Molly, but he's most certainly not making his presence known. Not yet. He allows the girl to run around and enjoy her day, but this isn't because Sylar has a heart of gold. This is mainly because he wants her to develop a false sense of security, because things are about to get a lot worse.

When Molly calls out to Rachel that Mohinder and Matt aren't married, there's no response. In fact, the only real sound that comes from Rachel's direction is the sound of something being dragged along the ground. Should Molly turn around in time, the most she'll see is Rachel being dragged into some nearby bushes, eyes open and pointing towards the girl, although she seems to be staring at something far off in the distance, a trail of blood along the grass coming from the back of Rachel's head.

Having gotten used to the idea of Rachel going into sulky silences in between the sarcasm, Molly doesn't think much of the fact that her babysitter doesn't answer her right away. All of her attention is focused on the dog play area and as soon as she reaches the gates, she turns around to share in the joy only to not find Rachel anywhere in sight. This confuses her. And frightens her. Because she knows that despite the grumbling, Rachel would never leave her alone. "Rachel?" It's squeaked slightly and her hand grips onto the railing of the small fence that keeps dogs from running wild around the park. "Rachel?"

"Rachel's taking a little… break," comes the voice of Sylar, which sounds dangerously close to Molly. He's behind her now, watching her, his hands down at his sides as he smiles. "She won't be coming back anytime soon. In fact, she won't be coming back ever. Sorry." His smile widens, and he takes a step forward, still watching the girl. "I need you to do me a favor."

The sound of Sylar's voice - something that has haunted her nightmares now - freezes Molly. Much like it did when he came back from the dead and showed up in Brooklyn the first time, much like it did on the rooftop, she's rigid with fear. The grip on the railing gets tighter very quickly, turning her knuckles white. He's going to kill her. Oh God, no where is safe. The moment she thinks, that, though, survival instinct kicks in and without even turning around, knowing she'll only be frozen again if she sees him, she takes off. "NO!" she shrieks. It could be an answer to his question or just a word of dismay. Whatever it means, Molly doesn't stay to explain herself, she wants to be away from here as fast as possible.

When Molly begins to run, Sylar lifts his hand slightly, and with his index and middle finger, makes a quick 'come here' motion in Molly's direction. Molly would feel something pulling at her legs, almost as if a rope had been thrown around her, with the very clear intention of tripping her. The moment he does this, Sylar moves forward, and to anyone paying close attention, it would look as if Molly tripped, and her concerned guardian was moving forward to make sure she's okay. "Don't play hard to get, now," Sylar says, speaking just loud enough where Molly can find her. "I don't have time for silly little games."

Without warning, Molly's feet yank out from underneath her and she falls face first onto the ground. Startled and with the wind knocked out of her, the young girl tries to get back up, but she needs to catch her breath and Sylar is too close on her heels. The most she can do is push herself up to her hands and knees, her long blonde hair curtaining in front of her face. That is probably just as well, since all it would show is a more fear. "Leave…leave me alone," she gasps out.

Sylar walks around the fallen Molly, moving in front of her and crouching down, placing his arms on his knees as he speaks to the girl. "If you do what I'll tell you, I'll walk away and leave you alone," he says, his voice low. He reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a scrap of paper, holding it in his hand. "Can you do that for me, Molly? Can you be a good girl? After all, there's people here. I wouldn't want to have to hurt you in front of them."

Slowly getting her aching ribs and lungs the oxygen it needs, Molly tries to regulate her breathing, but it's coming out in ragged gasps. She's scared. Turning her head in Sylar's direction, she gives him the best glare she can through her hair. She's been practicing, too. "You wouldn't hurt me in front of all these people." She can do this! She can be strong and make it out of here. However, her big rebellion against Sylar is done with a high-pitched voice and sounds almost like pleading. "They'll arrest you."

The serial killer is just about to take Molly's hand and slip the piece of paper into it, but when the girl decides to rebel, he changes his mind in an instant. His left hand is raised, and he brings it down across her face, a loud smack accompanying the strike. "Didn't they teach you to respect your elders?" Sylar says, his eyes flashing with anger. "Do as I say, or I'll kill you right now and deliver the note myself. I don't care about these people."

About the same time as Sylar's hand connects with Molly's face, an unsuspecting good samaritan rushes over. "HEY! YOU THERE. What in the hell you think you're doing!? Hitting a little girl like that!" The man who looks rather offended to see a small girl being hit about the face pulls out his cellphone. "You okay there honey?," he asks the girl in a kind manner while glaring at Sylar. "I oughta report your ass to child services!"

Unable to dodge in time, Molly is smacked right across the face. The force of it knocks her back slightly and a hand automatically claps to her face. Soon, a bright angry red mark will appear there. The glare is still there, but she looks mostly just terrified. It's a threat that she knows he's good on. The man who comes over to help is given a terrified look. "No. Run," she whispers to him. "Just run!"

"Now /listen/," Sylar says, reaching out to grab Molly's hand— only to be interrupted again. He slowly turns his head to look at the good samaritan, the anger in his eyes flashing again, dangerously, and his mouth forms a thin line. "You don't know what you're getting yourself into," Sylar says, and with a wave of his hand, the man is flying, slamming into a nearby tree.

"Oh hell no hon, this asshole is obviously up to no good," the Samaritan starts to dial his phone, intent on siccing the NYPD on Sylar. "Yeah, there's this crazy son of a bitch out here in the park.." The man's conversation with the boys in blue is abruptly cut off as he takes a short flight that ends with a sudden crash into a tree. It happens so fast and catches him by such surprise, that he doesn't get out so much as a yelp. Anyone else who had any intention of coming to Molly's aid, they are dissuaded from doing so. There's something about a guy being sent flying through the air that does that.

The fierceness is gone from Molly when she watches the man go flying into the nearest tree. When Sylar grabs her hand, she attempts to pull away, but it's weak. No one else is going to help her and she can't even blame them. "What do you want?" she whispers, trying to keep the rest of her body as far away as possible from the killer close by - though with her arm caught, there's not much distance she can put between them.

With the man disposed of, and the rest of the crowd beginning to ignore the two of them, Sylar turns back to Molly, the grip on her arm tight and painful. He's not letting her go anywhere. "Now," he begins, now that they /finally/ have some peace and quiet, "I want you to give this to Mohinder. He'll know what to do with it." Sylar forces Molly's hand open and places the piece of paper in it, closing the girl's tiny fingers over the paper again, crumpling it slightly. "Can you do that for me?"

Molly winces when she attempts to tug at the grip on her arm. It's painful and she wants to be as far away as she possibly can from here. It doesn't take much force for Sylar to put his piece of paper in her hands and then to close them over it again. Instead of answering verbally, the young girl just gives a quick nod, biting her lip hard, wondering if this is the part where he kills her and takes her power. Who knows. He might just want to leave a dead body for Mohinder to find.

"Be seeing you," are the final words Sylar says to Molly, before he lets go of her arm and stands up. He takes a look around, and where he was, he suddenly no longer is, but if one were to listen close enough, they could hear the soft sound of footsteps on the concrete as Sylar walks away, leaving the scene of the crime and an obviously distressed Molly behind. With her dead nanny.

Molly doesn't say anything for awhile. She just stays collapsed on the ground, hand clenched tightly around the piece of paper that she was given by Sylar. The very idea that Sylar can disappear is just as frightening, and she wonders if he's somehow still around and watching her. Shaking, she finally opens her hand to look at the note that's meant for Mohinder, a tear or two falling down her cheeks.

'I want a new list. I'll be around.'

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