2007-08-24: DF: Don't Tell Elena


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Summary: Trina plans to obey Elena's orders to not go out alone… but somehow she doubts that Elena would be happy if she knew what the Saints' mechanic was up to.

Dark Future Date: August 24, 2009

Don't Tell Elena

Trina and Jack's Suite
Phoenix Rising Towers
August 24, 2009

It's a quiet night in the wake of grief, but someone has quietly taken to moving about again. There's a reason to be productive. A good reason. She'd put the call out for Prime, with the desperate plea that he not tell a gosh darned soul that he was going to see her. She didn't have the patience to explain. Nor the time.

Now Trina sits in her room, the only place that people don't dare interrupt her nowadays. For the first time, the title of 'widow' proves useful. She sits barefoot on the end of her bed in her blue denim skinny jeans and black tank top, feet bouncing anxiously and sending sympathetic tremors through the bed and the rest of her body. Her expression is a nervous one, framed on either side by black hair that just hangs in unimpressive, straight and thick curtains. Her blue eyes, every so often, glance up to the clock, causing her to only bite her lower lip. He's still got time.

Serious. It had to be serious if Trina was calling on Prime. Who, according to himself, is the Worst Saint That Ever Lived. And then some. But at least he's the funny one. Which, for the record, is the only thing keeping him going in these dark and futuristic times.

The arrival to Trina's door is fairly quick and easy. Nobody ever really notices Prime and getting to her room is a piece of cake… when you belong. Therefore, he doesn't really knock. Just kind of raps on the door slightly, while turning the nod. "It's me. Prime." just in case she's going to be shooting at people that try to come in and interrupt her broodish state of being.

"You uh… wanted to see me?" Pause. "On purpose?"

At Prime's arrival, Trina quickly pushes herself onto her feet and moves to grab his wrist and pull him inside and past, only to let it go in order to shut the door behind him. This is Sekrit Stuff, and thus, no one should be overhearing it. "I did," she quietly replies after it's done and she's effectively blocked the door. She takes a deep breath and then turns around to face Prime, her lips pressed into a grim line. Man. How to start this one? OH. HEY. She's got it. She doesn't like it, but she knows how these conversations are supposed to begin. "Prime? I was wrong."

If confusion could be a facial expression of doom, that's the one that Prime is wearing right about now. He knows things. But he knows too much stuff. So his brain is constantly cluttered. Trying to sort through the craziness that is Prime's head is not going to make it easier to catch on to whatever Trina's talking about. So, instead, he just decides to go for the slightly comedic approach. "Oh, that's okay. Everybody doubts that a dunked Oreo is the best way to eat an Oreo at first. And then they try it!" He smiles as if he genuinely believes that this is what all of this is about in the first place.

"That's not what I'm talking about." Trina doesn't even crack a smile. This is serious business. "I…" Closing her eyes, the mechanic heaves a deep sigh and begins. "I told you that we were all the same. That one person was just as expendable as another. I… I was wrong, Prime. You were right." Reopening her eyes and looking to the younger man in front of her, Mah chooses that moment to attempt a small, hopeful smile. "And… And now I need your help." Please don't just walk out. Please? She said nice things!

"Oh." That's the only response that he can think of in regards to the whole Oreo escapade. After all, he thought everyone liked to dunk 'em. But this is serious business, so he puts on his serious face, which looks a lot like his comedic face, with just less smiling. He really is a simple one. Poor replicating man. "Okay! What do you need?" Apparently, he either doesn't even remember that conversation about him being right and her being wrong, but whatever it is, he's just willing to get down and dirty with the helping. "Because that's what I do. Help."

We'll start with the basics. Without batting an eyelash, Trina continues, watching Prime very, very carefully. "First? Promise that this stays between us, and you don't tell the others. Including Elena. This is just you and me." She knows what she's asking.

Prime's face falls. Immediately. Because he cannot understand why this has got to be that secret. Nothing should be kept from Elena. That's his Angel. Oh, but Trina has eyes of Seriousness. Which means that, even though he may not want this to be true, even Elena could've been compromised. This is, after all, war. He sighs, thinking semi-long and hard about this, before just… nodding. "Promise." And, not that she's even the type, but here comes his pinkie extended for the classic Pinkie Swearage.

Trina looks at the finger for a second, an eyebrow quirking in a 'what the hell is that'? sort of look. And then elementary school comes crashing back to her. Oh. Right. Um, her right pinkie is stretched out in order to hook around Prime's. "Okay." Sighing a deep sigh of relief, Trina slides past Prime to reclaim her seat on the edge of the bed. Her gaze is locked on her hands for the moment. "Nathan Petrelli got ahold'a me last night on the radio. And — before you say anything — I know that's not a great way to start this conversation, but he did. And he had my private frequency and Jack's code." She looks up at that, brow crinkled as she rests both hands on her heart. "It was our code, Prime." A pause follows, letting that sink in for a moment. "He said Jack's alive."

"That's awesome! BOOYAH!" Prime is excited. If only because of the news that is great. Except, well, there's not really anything that can be done about celebrating and a super awesome rescue of doom… if he's not allowed to tell anybody. "Um. Ain't this good news? Why are you not up and doing the Dance of Joy?" Prime is confused. Because, since Trina's dorking Jack, he would've thought that she'd be happy. She doesn't look happy. And he sure as hell can't figure out why this doesn't seem like it's going to be a good conversation.

"Because it's Nathan, first of all. It could be a set-up. Jack could very well be dead and he's just using the possibility to lure people out into the open to start picking us off, one by one." She's desperately trying to balance hope and grim practicality. Trina's gone over this all a hundred times or more at this point, and now all she has are possibilities. She brings her legs up, folding them beneath her and slouching over so she can rest her forearms on her knees. "Secondly, if Nathan's telling the truth, then Jack is being held at a top-security facility for the evolved."

"I can find out where." Prime says, for the first time in a long time of being sure of himself. Or at least, he has faith in his Dittos. There are quite a few things, though, that are left in his brain. Questions. But then he figures there's probably a semi-sinister reason that Trina asked him to come here and nobody else. "Hey. You know… you don't even have to ask what I think you want to ask." He takes a step towards the bed. "I can make so many of me that I can get in there and get him, by sheer numbers alone. They can't kill all of me." Yes. He's volunteering to be fodder.

"That's not what I need or want, Prime. I'm goin'. I… I just need to get out of here." There's a look of embarrassment as Trina looks to her hands again. "And I need help getting out. Elena told McAlister to make sure I'm not out of here alone." A hand lifts to idly gesture the male part of this unlikely duo as she lifts her eyes once more. "So I won't be." There's a small smile, and then Trina pats a place beside her on the bed. Sit down. "But if it's a fuckin' trap and somethin' happens, the word needs to get back to the Saints. That leaves one babysitter that fits the bill."

Prime is a little confused. He could do this so easily by himself. Just keep getting killed and killed until he gets Jack out and everything's all good. So long as he gets Jack out. But there's probably not even a chance at arguing this point so he's just going to sit himself down on the bed. A little further over, just in case Trina's on some scary Rebound thing. "If it's a fuckin' trap, then I'll go Million Man March and there won't be anything left of anybody for us to tell the Saints about."

Strangely enough, Prime's words are comforting. Trina's lips hold the curl on her lips this time and her shoulders lose the tiniest bit of the tension that holds them nearly hunched at her neck. "It'll just be a quiet extraction. Everything goes okay, we'll be back in no time flat. I'm just waiting for Nathan to tell us where to make the pickup."

Prime just kind of nods, before he falls backwards to lay down on the bed. "Wrong, Trina." He kicks his feet a bit, as if he's about to just like get all comfortable. In case of rebound action. Ahem. "We're waiting for Punktrelli to…" He pauses, forgetting her words just that fast. He pops back up, thinking and just waves a dismissive hand. "… everything you just said. Yeah." Flump!

Trina's head isn't even there. Instead, she falls backwards, too, at a nice ninety degree angle to Prime and sighs. Man. It could really be happening. She might really be getting Jack back. That way she can kill him herself for doing this to her. …and then they can make up. Mmm. Making up. She looks up at the ceiling with a stupid, goofy look on her face, only for it to eventually fade as the corner of her mouth twitches. Doubt lingers. "Do you think he's telling the truth?"

Prime looks over and realizes that he's laying down next to the Not-So-Dead Boss's woman. On the bed. While he's not here. Which, well, is not a good sign, considering that everything is going down. Or whatever may be going down. "Um." There's a pause in this as he scoots away from her on the bed. Just to make sure. No Rebounding! "Uh. I got a pretty good idea that he is." Which may or may not have something to do with The Agency. Who knows. "Besides. I've seen bunches of these kinds of movies. Even if it /is/ a trap, this is the part where we win. Vengeance and all that.

Clueless as to why Prime's so squirmy over on his corner of things, the mechanic just tents her knees and considers what's being said. Trina's head twists and she looks to Prime for a moment, and then there it is again, a warm and brilliant smile. "I like Plan A better." Biting her lower lip for a moment, she decides an amendment is necessary. "No matter what, 'though. Thank you."

Now all that's left to do is wait…

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