Dorian Alistair Sonntag
Portrayed By Douglas Smith
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 15, 1984
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases Rian (but only by Kitty)
Place of Birth Midland, TX, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Prostitute/Con Artist
Known Relatives Greta Schmitt-Sonntag (grandmother), Tanya Sonntag (mother)
Significant Other Only significant clients
Known Abilities Pheromone Manipulation
First Appearance Drive-By Storm

Dorian is a known prostitute commonly seen working in the East Village, he maintains a small number of friends and really weird hours.


Dorian was born into a small community just outside of the tiny town of Midland, TX on January 15, 1984. He was raised by his mother and grandmother and never really knew who his biological father was. Other than the countless number of men that his mother paraded in and out of the house, he had a fairly stable home life growing up. But Dorian knew from a young age that he was meant for something bigger and better, although he wasn’t sure what it was.

As a child Dorian was always referred as shy and sensitive, which his teacher believed attributed to his lack of lasting friendships. But the time that most young boys spend playing soldiers with their buddies, Dorian spent his time writing poetry. He always felt like he was different from the rest of the kids in his class, but it wasn’t until he turned thirteen that he knew just how different he was.

When Dorian entered the tremulous world of puberty he started to notice his other classmates in a different light. But his attention was focused on the other boys in his class and it was at the age of thirteen that he realized he was gay. As if that wasn’t enough to shake the very fabric of his world, he started to notice the peculiar way people acted around him when he sweated. During the first week of his freshman year in high school he had his first encounter and confrontation with another boy after gym class. He remembered watching the other boy change for class and felt a surge of attraction hit him.

As Dorian’s sweat dripped off of his sides the other boy in the locker room seemed to have lost his senses and jumped on Dorian, planting a passionate kiss on him. However excited he was, his confusion got the better of him, and boy other boy managed to shake off the effect of the air born stimulant and gave Dorian a black eye. That one event sent him through a loop and forever changed his life, his peers started to call him “Dorian Gay” as a juvenile attempt to insult him while he endured weekly beatings, until he was 16 years old.

Unlike most 16 year olds, Dorian did not ask for a car for his birthday, instead he begged to drop out of school. His mother reluctantly agreed with his request under the condition that he would study and receive his G.E.D., which he agreed to. While he studied for his test at the library he ran across a copy of “Activating Evolution” by Dr. Chandra Suresh in the paranormal section. As he delved into the book he began to wonder if fate had placed it there for him to find. He found out that the publishing company was located in New York City and decided that he needed to go there to find out what exactly his condition was. Of course being a high school drop out didn’t really pay for bus tickets so he had to earn some quick cash.

Once Dorian had decided that he was going to journey to New York he had to make another tough decision, selling his virginity. Deciding to seek out the company of other men isn’t the easiest task when you are a minor living in the middle of Texas, but Dorian had a few talents at his disposal. Within a matter of a couple of months, Dorian had a steady “customer” base, thanks to the secret scent that he could emit from his body. His Johns never really knew why they were attracted to him, most of them were married with children, but Dorian didn’t really care. Once he had enough money to by a bus ticket, plus some extra cash for food and lodging, he began his trip.

He made the mistake of walking away from the bus terminal in St. Louis, MO and went out to search for business. But an unidentified assailant grabbed him and dragged him away to a parking lot. This event triggered a new scent from his body, one that made his attacker flee in fear of his life. Shaken up, he ran back to the bus station and tried to get some sleep. The last thing he remembers before boarding the bus was a tall black man staring at him from across the station. He never really thought enough about it to make a connection between the black man and the parallel marks on his shoulder. As a matter of fact he just assumed that the scars were from some mutated mosquito found in the Midwest.

When Dorian arrived in New York, it was barely a week away from his seventeenth birthday. He had know idea how big a city like New York actually was and feared that it would swallow him up. Although he never actually found Dr. Suresh, he did find that he had more control over his ability than he thought he did. He returned to his life of sex for money and committing short cons on people, whom he had used his gift to cloud their judgment. Johns found themselves seeking him out, having no idea that they were actually just following his invisible trails. Now at the age of 23, Dorian is still a proud escort and grifter along with being an accomplished blackmailer and extortionist.


Dorian has the ability to generate and manipulate his own pheromones. Typically he uses this ability to attract customers by releasing a sexual signal that awakens the primal lust in his target, regardless of their sexual preference. He can also use his scent to ward off attackers by emitting a scent known as alarm pheromones. The alarm pheromones can also be altered to create territorial pheromones that make other feel uncomfortable and nervous in the particular area that he has affected. In the rare occasion that he needs somebody to find him he can release an invisible scent trail that will lead somebody right to him, like a dog sniffing out a bone.




"We all pay for love. I just happen to ask for payment up front.”
“If it ain’t wrapped in rubber, I ain’t touchin’ it.”
"They don't really see working girls and guys as contributing members of society, so we end up at the bottom of their priority list." (to Niki about cops and justice)


  • Dorian is a hypoglycemic and usually carriers a Snickers bar with him.
  • Dorian chain-smokes Salem Lights.
  • Dorian speaks with a thick southern accent and has to consciously remember to add g’s to the end of certain words (ex. everythin’, eatin’, sleepin’, ect.)
  • Kitty is the only person that Dorian is completely honest with when it comes to work.
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