2007-03-08: Double Agent Man



Guest Starring: Rainer

Date It Happened: March 08, 2007

Summary: Company brass drops by Mohinder's lab to check things out, and in turn, the scientist relays some information.

Double Agent Man

Reed Street Laboratories, Manhattan

Saturday morning, the day after Mohinder was nearly accosted in his own home by two women.. Which sounds like it could have been a fun time, but he's not.. nevermind. It wasn't that sort of accosting plot. Currently, he's in his lab on Reed Street, setting up for his appointment with Jane. Cheap glasses rest in a box on his worktable as he looks around, pondering how to set up a maze or such for her to find her way through in the dark.

The door to the laboratory formerly known as Isaac's Loft (and sometimes even presently; it's hard to get past that giant explosion painted on the floor) opens with a jingle of keys and the succinct snap of a lock unlocking. It is not the resident scientist who enters, but one Rainer Madson, who evidently has a set of master keys. He adjusts the worn, brown leather jacket he wears over his nice suit and descends upon the lab. "Suresh," he greets - if that roughly spoken name can be called a greeting. He gives Mohinder a dubious look. "What in the blazes are you doing?" Because he expects the other man to be scurrying about like a busy squirrel 24/7. That's what scientists do.

Mohinder looks up at the jingling of keys, frowning some, then he relaxes. Somewhat. Of course the Company head has a master key to get in. "Mr. Madson, good morning." At least the doctor's greeting is a little more polite. "Setting up for an appointment that I have in a little bit. A series of tests for a Dr. Jane Forrest. She was recently taken by the Company, tagged and memory altered. I'm going to work with her on her abilities." As for scurrying 24/7, the man already wonders when he finds time to sleep.

"Ah. The lawyer." The reason for Rainer's impromptu visit? Questionable. This is not a particularly impromptu man. Tucking one hand into the pocket of his slacks, he strolls through the lab, giving various pieces of equipment the eye. Keys jingle inside the pocket, around his hand, as he walks. "Forrest might know where my damn paintings are. See if you can't sweet-talk it out of her." Small, dark eyes settle on Mohinder. "How is the lab working out for you?" This is a standard question, obviously; he needs to know how it's going. It's not borne of concern.

Mohinder inclines his head in a nod towards Rainer, confirming the statement. "Yes sir.. I'll do what I can to bring up the subject and to get their location from her." Despite hating himself for doing so. Although that mural remaining on the floor, could be a perfect lead-in to the conversation. "The lab is working out quite nicely, thank you. I've got everything I need right here." He hesitates a moment before changing the subject complete, "Since you're here, Mr. Madson, I've got something I feel I should share with you."

"Mmh." Grunt of acknowledgement, right there. "Make it quick, Suresh. I'm on my way…" Rainer trails off, his eyes narrowing slightly as his attention drifts. "…elsewhere."

"Yes sir, although I feel this is worth your time," Mohinder begins as he frantically searches for the best way to phrase this, realizing that it could cost him dearly in many ways. "I know the Company is holding Peter Petrelli, and that he survived the blast. Others.. know this as well." There's a pause as he hesitates, then, "Hiro Nakamura.. he is planning to rescue Peter Petrelli and others being held. While I do think some people shouldn't be held as they are, there are some dangerous individuals being held as well.. and some like Peter, who would be in serious danger from others.. like Sylar.. I hope you saw my report that he's currently in the custody of the New York City Police Department. There was also a close call with him and he nearly escaped."

That's not what Rainer likes to hear. Not at all. His face darkens considerably - which, given how stern is already was, is saying something. His eyes simply narrow in lieu of a response at first; he turns away, strolling parallel with a table of lab equipment. "I'm aware of the situation with Sylar." One thing at a time. Rainer turns to face Mohinder from a distance. "And how exactly did you come across this plan of a great escape?"

This is the part where Mohinder hates himself for attempting to play the Company. It also means betraying the trust of those he considers friends. "Hiro Nakamura contacted me, there was a meeting between himself and new acquaintances that he has befriended here. He was seeking advice on what he was planning to do, whether it was the right thing or not. My concern is not for those who are harmless to society, or are in no immediate danger.. but it's for those like Peter. Should Sylar escape and I have no doubt that he is capable of doing so.. He might go straight for Peter Petrelli, who has abilities we don't want in Sylar's hands. Then.. there are people.. like Kellie.. who escaped." No, he shouldn't know about Kellie, but he was told about her.

"Mmhm." Rainer, understandably UNPLEASED, moves his jaw from side to side - and freezes the moment Mohinder says a certain name. "Kellie is above your knowledge level, Suresh, how the hell do you know about her? Just who have you been talking to? I'm in full agreement with you, of course, that's part of what the Company exists for. Petrelli is a danger." Never mind that there were schemes in place to let him blow up the city… "None of this can be allowed to happen. Not under my watch. Not under Bishop's either."

"I realize that Mr. Madson, but with her escape, there have been witnesses. Such as Dr. Forrest herself." Perhaps Mohinder shouldn't have even mentioned Kellie. "The point is, Hiro is putting together a rescue party. I don't know when it will happen, but it will target the facilities at Kirby Plaza."

"Thank you for your integrity," Rainer says. It ought to be a compliment, full of gratitude, but the man is just too brusque and distracted for it to honestly be heartfelt. Suffice to say, however, that he's glad deep down for Mohinder's snitching. "…the witnesses you spoke to. They had her name. Did they have any /more/ information about Kellie? She was… is… very important to the Company, and she's a major threat to the public." And himself. "Pyrokinetic. Out of control. It's crucial that she's returned, you understand."

"Of course sir, I do understand. Yes, it was mentioned that she's a pyrokinetic. In the wrong hands, that ability is disastrous." Which, is an understatement. Mohinder doesn't seem to be done yet, "There's a prosecuting attorney, an Alexander Marx. His ability is similar to Elle Bishop's. He was at the meeting, it's entirely possible they could attempt to knock out the power at Kirby Plaza as further cover." While the doctor's not too pleased with himself over the 'snitching', it's important that some people just aren't let out until they've learned control or Sylar is dealt with permanently.

"Her hands could have been the right hands, once." The description of Mr. Marx seems to draw on a source of recognition for Rainer; his head tips back, and he considers. "Mmh. We'll take precautions. How many are we looking at? I need names, Suresh. More solid identities. The Plaza'll have to be prepared."

"Unfortunately.. we didn't exactly go around the room and introduce ourselves. Several people did walk out of the meeting, thinking it a suicide mission and not wanting to risk their necks." Thanks heavens for small favors here. Mohinder's glad that he cannot supply a few more names. "I know that you need names Mr. Madson, I'm afraid that I cannot supply them as I don't have them."

"Get them," Rainer replies abruptly. "I don't care how you do it, do it. People are going to go up against something without having the first clue what they're attacking, I want to know who these idiots are. I feel a domino effect coming on. And I don't like to play with dominoes. Games are for children." The Company man adjusts his jacket, squaring his shoulders before he starts to walk to the door. "I'm going underground for a spell. Defer to Bishop. And Suresh," Rainer halts. "Tread carefully."

Mohinder swallows once as he listens to Rainer then gives a brief nod, "Yes sir." There's reluctant resolution though as he adds, "Nathan Petrelli was present as well… Dr. Forrest, we already know of her abilities, Nathan's as well. The attorney, who could be problematic in other ways. I can try to get the names of those who attended, but left, not wanting any part in the plan."

"Do it." Even if they're not involved, they might be evolved humans, if their company is any indication. "…Petrelli…" Rainer's brow furrows, one hand on the door. "If you need to contact me, you have my number on file. Otherwise, go through Boone." The man opens the loft-turned-lab's door and steps out. He locks it behind him with his own keys.

"Yes sir," Mohinder says as Rainer leaves. Once the door is locked and the man gone, the doctor turns to face his work table. There's a moment where he does nothing, just stands there, hands braced against the surface. Then in a gesture of uncharacteristic violence, the box of glasses is swept to the side, shattering to the floor.

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