2009-12-03: Double Petrelli Stare



Date: December 2, 2009


Angela and Brayden (Nathan) go for a walk and run itno Gene who makes some requests of Ma.

"Double Petrelli Stare"

Kirby Plaza, NY

It's evening in Manhattan. The damp, cold air threatens to fill with mist or drizzle, but so far, it's too cold. It's not a safe night for a fugitive.

Good thing one of them can fly.

The form of Angela Petrelli is wrapped up in her warm winter coat, severe in shape and dark in wool. It's past suppertime, and she carries some manner of wrap from a street vendor in one hand while she holds onto the elbow of the taller form she walks alongside, her eldest son, whom she's insisted come along on this little walk down memory lane. She's mid-lesson. "…was an organization called the Company, in there, once upon a time," she says she nods toward a tall obelisk of a skyscraper looming to their right. As they approach a large plaza, Angela slows. A bright, orange, spiralling statue set upon water has come into view. "And this is Kirby Plaza." She leads the way to the edge of the statue, where she sits down on the stone perimeter of Kirby Plaza's artwork. She pats the spot beside her with one soft, black leather gloved hand. "You saved your brother here when he was about to take out the city in a nuclear explosion, do you remember?" she says, casual under the circumstances, but watching Nathan carefully; hopefully. She quiets and smiles as she adds, "Of course you don't. It was election day. You won, by a landslide."

Brayden follows his mother's lead easily. Still curious about himself and his former life as Nathan, he'd follow her anywhere to try to remember, particularly as so many people seem to think its his fate to be his old self rather than his new incarnation. For his mother's comfort, he's wearing a suit underneath his winter coat. "None of this rings a bell," he says rather apologetically, "but I'm trying to remember. I need to." His lips quirk into a broad dimpled grin, "Do I always win by landslides?" He chuckles a bit before adding, "I imagine that won't be the case next election. Giving up office twice doesn't exactly instil confidence in voters…" Yes, he's talking about his next election.

Angela is listening to Nathan, but her attention seems to be split: half in the present and half in the past. She looks on the plaza with a distant nostalgia. So much has happened since that night, it might as well be an eternity away. For most. Instead of Nathan, it's her sandwich that eventually sharpens her attention: she carefully peels back the brown paper wrapping. It's only when she bites into her dinner that she looks back up at Nathan. "Brayden". Her smile, then, is a proud one, and once she's able she replies: "It might be some time before you can run for Senator again, unless the position is as cursed as rumour would have people believe. I'm glad you have your eye on the future, Nathan. It's brave of you to look ahead when you can't even see the past on your own yet. That's the son I know. Indomitable."

"Helen is at least partially to blame," Brayden admits with a small smile. "Although the next campaign is my idea. Not hers. And it's simple enough: hope." His smile broadens into a wide toothy grin. It's something to be proud of and certainly something his mom would care about right? "And I've been working on a house with Habitat for Humanity." His grin broadens at this. "Have you ever heard of Anais Frazier? She's been working with me on the Habitat project. A good connection, I think to help instil hope in people again." He pauses, as his smile fades, "Have you noticed how people are giving into fear lately? It's unbelievable."

For being a fugitive with a son who can't remember his past and another who's God knows where doing God knows what, not to mention a Company that's been spread apart and split, Angela is in the best mood she can be. She looks exhausted, but she smiles up once more, this time with something akin to admiration. "I know of the Fraziers." Her answer comes sharper than her expression may have suggested, not entirely fond. It's dismissive. "They're something of a family of black sheep…" Briefly considering, she lifts her brows and tips her head jarringly to one side. "Then again, that's a herd we Petrellis fit in with nowadays." If black sheep formed herds. "Some people actually have something to fear. It's good you're being charitable, Nathan, it really is, but any more and I'm going to think you've turned into your brother."

"Is Pete like that?" Brayden asks after giving his mother a long glance before he considers, "Well, the charity isn't all my own idea. I want to be involved in good things, but beyond that, you were the one who told me to pull my act together. This is me doing it." He smiles faintly as he reflects on the Fraziers, "Well I wouldn't call Anais a black sheep. She's something of an enigma on site." And then he adds with a telling smirk, "She's a beautiful woman with a good head on her shoulders. I imagine she'll go far if she wants to."

"Do you think people should be fearful? Or only people … who are different?" He crosses his arms over his chest.


As if those words float on the breeze, a new face makes his way through the busy Plaza, trying to get to… somewhere.

Some days Gene doesn't really feel like a hero, this would be one of them. Having sported a busted lip from fighting his martial artist instructor, the young hero felt the need to walk around. Dressed in a black peacoat that is buttoned up and some blue jeans, Gene's lower face is hidden by a brown scarf that flaps behind him.

The young man stops at the orange artwork, hrmming as he looks at it with a critical gaze. "I never really understood art like this. What is this supposed to be, a noodle?" he says with faint annoyence, more to himself than anyone around him.

On the description of Anais, particularly the beautiful woman addition, the Petrelli matriarch can't seem to help but give her son a knowing look and faint raise of her eyebrows. It does not seem to be a point of contention at the moment, however, and her expression fades into more dire territory. "For now? Yes, we have something very real to fear. And if what we are were to come to light, so does the rest of the public. The backlash would be tremendous." Some of these words may drift toward the young man in the brown scarf. Gene's undirected words garner Angela's transitory attention by way of a glance and nothing more. She goes back to her dinner on-the-go, although her demeanour isn't one-hundred percent casual. Now that they've been here a minute, she's on watch for unfriendly faces and looming shadows.

"So if people know about us, it could bring harm to them?" Brayden asks, not really understanding what his mom is saying. "Are there that many of us that would harm them?" His eyebrows furrow as his jaw tightens. He too glances around warily. He doesn't fully understand what's going on, but knows that if he sees trouble coming he can at least take off at a moment's notice, assuming he can see the danger coming. His gaze lands on Gene for a moment before turning back to Angela, "Have you heard from Peter?" He hasn't.

Feeling the gaze of Mother and Son upon him, Gene turns around… And sees someone that looks like an ex-Senator. As he turns, he hears a familiar word. It's only one word, but it's enough to cause him to put some links together. "Peter?" he asks as he turns toward the Flying Man. "You're… Nathan! I haven't seen you since I told you off about the plan to save your wi-" Gene realizes there is a second person with Nathan and just gives her the look, then looks toward Nathan. He's never seen a picture of Angela, so he has no idea who this woman is. She's… old though. Maybe he prefers more mature women these days?"

Angela only shakes her head quickly, expression grim, irate. No, she hasn't heard from Peter. The knowledgeable eyes of Nathan's mother settle upon his son. "What would you do, if you were backed into a corner?" The older woman's mouth is poised to delve into more cautionary tales, but she twists upon the makeshift bench in front of the statue to eye Gene. Her eyes narrow. He's taken in from head to toe. If this is someone Nathan has met, it's not as if he's going to remember. Thus, Angela gets to her feet in front of the former Senator, whose arm she touches, as if to say: Ma can handle this. "Hello," she greets with pleasantry enough. "You must have known Heidi. Forgive my son if he doesn't want to talk about his wife. They're separated." Airing dirty laundry is, at least for the moment, preferable to immediately crying amnesia.

"The same thing any scared animal does, I suppose," he quips back to his mother as he considers what he would do. And then the interruption. "Uh… yeah. I'm Nathan," Brayden offers to Gene with a two fingered wave and sheepish smile. He runs a hand through his hair with mild discomfort. "Nathan Petrelli." He glances at his mom and then back to Gene, somewhat unsure of how he should act. He can't help but smirk ever so slightly at his mother's reaction, but he doesn't correct her; it's not a lie. "Ma's right. I don't really want to talk about Heidi." Mostly because he doesn't remember anything about her.

The woman is kinda scary, but Gene doesn't retreat. His tone gets a lot meeker though, not expecting the negative response. He is a hero, heroes don't get death stares from Grandma.

"Yeah, but it how we met. You know she was… captured and… Nathan was…" Gene makes motion with his hand to suggest flying, but under Angela's withering gaze, it swiftly dies and his hand goes back to his side. "Right." Stiffling a cough, the young man introduces himself to the woman, figuring that Nate already knows him. "Gene Kensington, nice to meet you, M… Wait, Angela Petrelli?" Cass told him about this woman! His eyes light up like a kid meeting Santa for the first time as he waits for the answer back.

Nothing gets past Angela. Every one of Gene's words and little gestures are taken in with a rapt and critical awareness. An eyebrow is still raised from the withered flying gesture by the time the young man's eyes light up. Unexpected? Perhaps. Angela takes it in stride. Gene is the recipient of an especially skeptical look, but she does not dismiss him offhand. "Yes," she confirms with a ghosting smile and extends a gloved hand, glancing back at Nathan; the look lasts only a second, but says to be on guard nonetheless. One can never be too safe these days. "That would be me."

Brayden furrows his eyebrows at Gene's recognition of his mother. He side glances his mother and then returns his gaze to Gene skeptically. His lips twitch, his jaw tightens, and his head tilts. While he doesn't remember his mother, he can't help but be at least moderately protective of her. He crosses his arms over his chest and growls lowly, "What do you want with Ma?" Narrowing his eyes at Gene, he takes a step towards his mother. If they have people to worry about, then everyone needs to be treated with skepticism.

Angela offers her hand to shake, but Nathan steps forward. This is kinda mixed message central. Speaking mostly to Angela, he states, "Can you parden me, I need to talk to you about stuff involving The Man and Saving the World, but FIRST, victory dance."

With that, Gene moves a few feet away do rapid chopping motions with both his hands. As he does this, he jogs swiftly in place as he turns around a few times in a circle. This may or may not influence the Petrellis' in their willingness to take Gene seriously.

Once her hand is her own again, Angela settles in place beside her son. She is quite delayed from answering Gene's unusual conversation request by his even more unusual… dance. The woman folds her arms stiffly, still in the possession of her sandwich but certainly ignoring it by this point, and simply looks at the man next to her and says lowly, "…This is one of those moments I sincerely wish you had your memory back."

Brayden's mouth gapes open as Gene wanders off a bit to do a victory dance. It closes however as Angela reacts to which he smirks. "You and me both Ma." His eyebrows continue to furrow as he studies Gene, and then he murmurs lowly back to Angela, "Although, he doesn't seem particularly threatening, does he?"

After the dance is done, Gene moves back to the mother and son pair. "Now that that is done, can I suggest that we talk somewhere with a little more privacy? Need to talk about past employment stuff and, um," Gene pauses to whisper low enough so just the two can here. "I'm kinda accidently a federal criminal for being a hero." There is a short pause as Gene looks around from side to side. "You're not going to kill me, right? Cuz heroes don't kill other heroes unless they become villains and I'm a hero."

Threatening … no. Nevertheless, the young Mr. Kensington continues to earn a critical stare from the elder Petrelli. Dangerous things come in unusual packages. "…I won't kill you unless you decide to do another one of those dances," Angela says on Gene's questionable return to normal behaviour. She smirks. A joke. It must be a joke. Glancing about the Plaza and its familiar architecture, she tips her head back the way they came.

"We passed a cafe on the way here. It's usually mostly empty. You have five minutes." It's that or nothing, as she's briskly moving in that direction.
"Why would we kill you?" the tone is complete confusion. "And… if the past employment involves me, I'm afraid I can't help at all." Brayden is at least honest, and he trails closely behind his mother towards the cafe. She needs a protector, right? And he can still take off at a moment's notice if need be.

There is a brief paling in Gene's face until he realizes that it's a joke. "To the cafe!" With that, he follows as he pulls out a small device, typing on his PDA furiously as he wanders behind. After all, if he only has five minutes, he has to make the best use of her time.

Angela drops her dinner in the metal-encased trash bin outside the corner caf before stepping in. Gene's victory dance must have killed her appetite.

As stated, it's mostly empty inside. It's small, brown-toned and dim. Busy during business hours, but most of the businessmen who work in the surrounding office buildings have gone home for the day. Angela lingers near a table in the back right corner, taking off her gloves, smiling at "Brayden" but only looking at Gene expectantly. "The clock has started, what do you want to talk about?"

Following his mother to the table, Brayden sits next to Angela and smiles easily as he leans back in his chair. He stares expectantly at Gene, but doesn't say anything. He just sits there, staring at Gene.

Taking his seat, Gene is utterly silent, the gazes digging deeping into his bones. He thankfully has prepared something to break the ice. He pushes the PDA on the table. There are typos, likely trying to get out more content without any sort of proofreading.


1. The stuff that himpers ability use in order to assist some Evolved that are having trouble with thhei abilities.

2. As mch info from Company on bad people so I don't accidently make out with them or have friends make out with em.

3. Promise that I'll rember this. I need my memory to help people.

4. Some money. Leeching off me friends cuz my bank account is fr0zen sux.

With his message given, Gene waits.

Angela settles in, folding her hands on the table in front of her, pale fingers knotting together. Dark eyes flick down to the small screen and stay there, narrowing until she picks up the device to read it more clearly. Given enough time to read the message over, it's slowly placed down. Her fingertips remain on it while her eyes return to bore into Gene once more. "Is this some kind of joke?" The PDA is slid toward the young man. "We're done here." She lays a hand atop her son's shoulder, urging. "Come on Nathan, let's go, we're leaving."

Furrowing his eyebrows at the list, Brayden shakes his head slightly as he glances about the cafe. He calms slightly as he realizes there really is no one around. He peers at the message over his mother's shoulder and tilts his head after examining Gene for several seconds. He doesn't remember anything about the company or what they do. He stares at his mother for several seconds only to look at Gene again. "I don't know what any of this is," pause "and maybe it is a joke, Ma, but… " he frowns and shoots his mother an apologetic glance. His ideas and thoughts are singular at this point "Gene, right?… …can you help us find Peter? We /need to find Peter."

Angela's response causes Gene to grit his teeth, only Nathan's response keeping him from a loud outburst. While his attention starts on the son, it soon drifts toward the mother as the joyful blue eyes turn cold. A hand presses against the counter as Gene lays down the short speech which may or may not get him a time extension.

"I know where Peter is, I know about Alpha Protocol, I know about the Company. This is no joke. If you don't want to have this talk joyfully, then I'll just have to wearing the Bastard Hat. Sit down and talk to me as an equal or get the hell out of my face. Your help is optional, but strongly encouraged. Last I checked, you had Cass asking around about your boy and she didn't know a thing the last I talked with her. I know just about everything. Now, if you don't want to treat me as a friend or an ally, then we'll have to look at this like a business. I suggest you reconsider that with how much you have to lose and little to offer me. So, are you going to sit down or you both leaving?"

"Nathan!" Angela hisses in a motherly voice, which is to say she scolds. Annoyed, she wearily closes her eyes and forms a taut, insincere smile. When the woman's eyes once again open, her son is treated to a supremely unimpressed sidelong glare even more powerful than the one which Gene earns and has continued to earn. She is unmoving throughout the speech, settled into her chair with no more immediate plans of leaving. The matriarch's features grow hard. "So you're one of them, the people trying to come together. Alright. Whether or not I take anything you say seriously depends on how you answer the question I believe my son here asked you. If you have any valuable information, then, well … I might be able to help you with numbers two and three. The rest, you're on your own."

"Where Peter is now then?" Brayden asks Gene incredulously. He peers at his mom and shakes his head, "Ma, we need to find Peter. I need to get Nathan's — my — memory back. And then we can regroup and maybe, maybe then I can be of some help in all of this. Besides, if Pete isn't himself — " he sighs and shakes his head. Not that he remembers how Peter actually is. And then he admits to Gene, "And unlike my mother, I can't help you with anything on the list. I can't remember anything before a year and a half ago."

"Trying to come together? I'm frickin' organizing a group here. You Company just run and hide… While innocent people suffer. It can't be allowed to continue," Gene announces firmly.

As if deciding that Angela doesn't deserve the information, Gene looks toward Nathan to give it all to him. "He is in the hands of the government. Willingly. He was captured after he had a helicopter thrown on him and likely due to that combined with some brain crap that is going on there, he's chilling with 'em. He's been up in New York as recently as a few weeks ago. He doesn't seem to be capturing people, but at the same time, he doesn't think the government is a threat. I know where the Alpha Protocol is working out of, it's likely Peter is there as well."

The young genius looks toward Angela, his gaze leveling. Anger has given him courage to stand up to her, but admittedly, she has been entertaining him for the sake of his information. "Now this is the part where you help me so I can make help you again in the future. I need a sample the drugs. I know the government's got something to nullify abilities, but if can't get them, getting Peter back might be a problem if he decides his friends are the enemy if I have to confront people in Building 26. It's clear that there is at least one powerful Evolved within the organization with powerful that hasn't revealed their identity yet."

Angela glances to Nathan in such a manner that may suggest she wishes she had a buzzer that would shock him every time he began talking again. Such eyes say a lot while she doesn't speak. Her jaw tightens as she listens to Gene, but there is an unexpected flash of surprise lightening the matriarch's features. She didn't know Peter was, or is, in New York. That is new and valuable. The rest doesn't seem to surprise her.

First things first, however. "Firstly," she sets in, leaning ahead ever-so-slightly. "It was not the Company's plan to run and hide. It was all but destroyed, every agent and employee with an ability targeted, and we are doing what we can which is far more than you know. Secondly, whatever the government has that nullifies abilities is our design — or … it was. A pill. The … weaponized … form was near to completion. it took a long time to get to that point and we no longer have the data, not to mention the resources, to recreate it. Cass should have the Haitian pills by now but I fail to see how they'd be of any use to you on a suicide mission."

"Pete can survive a helicopter being thrown on him?!" Brayden gapes. He knows he can fly and other people can do other things, but that seems impossible. Shutting his mouth, his eyebrows furrow and he nods at Gene, "We need to help where we can. It's not enough to keep our head's down. And I'm sure my mother is doing everything in her ability to help at this point, but — from what I understand — we're targets. And I recognize we're not the only ones." It's as simple as that.

The bit about Peter turning on his friends is somewhat unsettling, considering Brayden's depending on Peter to retrieve his memory. He frowns at his Gene and then his mother, "Do you think Pete will have forgotten us?" His lips curl into an ironic smirk, "Petrellis can't keep their memories can they?"

"Cass was the one that claimed you'd be the one to go to… She doesn't know how to make them." That leaves the government. Great. Deciding not even to reply to Angela directly on the rest of the topics, Gene's attention is mostly on Nathan. "Yeah, he can heal from a lot. I should know, he's been bloodied up in the back of my car before. As for the memories…" A shrug is inserted here before he continues speaking, deciding not to further comment as Nathan speaks what Gene was thinking.

"Anyway, since your mother has decided that I'm a waste of time, I'll go ahead and return the favor. If you want my help though, Nathan, just let me know." A little childish that Gene would say that, considering he must know that Nathan will tell most information to Angela or ask others to help her, but that's Gene for you. "Otherwise, I'll just assume that we're on our own. If no one wants to help," Gene pauses to give a pointed look toward Angela, "Then I'll just do things my way."

Angela's smirk is a close replica of Brayden's. "You boys and your memory loss. Peter's been through worse. So've you." A hint of the smirk lingers, twisting lips that manage to be painted slightly by rosy lipstick even though she is a fugitive; she's a fugitive staying at a hotel with amenities.

"Not so fast," she calls out to Gene, sharp but ever-so-slightly sing-song. "If you know I've been speaking to Cass, then you should know I've been helping you, indirectly. All of you. The goal is to work together. That doesn't mean I'll necessarily approve of every decision that goes on, this isnt the Company, but if one person does something that could put everyone else in jeopardy if it goes wrong, I'm not going to stand by. If you or anyone else goes near Building 26, I'm sending my friend the Haitian to keep you out of trouble. He can negate abilities and he's not so bad with a gun." P.S. welcome to the family, Nathan. This is an average Wednesday with your mother.

"Wow. Go Pete. Thanks Gene, I just know I need to find him. And maybe I'll be able to help you," Brayden nods towards Gene. "How do I get in touch?" A glance is given to his mother and he crosses his arms over his chest while shaking his head. Jaw tightening at Angela, Brayden considers the words for several moments before he responds, "Ma. He's trying to help. I'm sure he's considering collateral damage." He pauses, "Idle threats aren't going to resolve our predicament." The chide is gentle, Brayden-like.

He stands to his feet and offers, "I'll do what I can. Good to meet you, Gene." That said, he extends a hand to his mother to help her to her feet, "We should get back. It's getting late and I'd rather avoid things that go bump in the night…"

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