2010-03-04: Double-U-Em Dee



Date: March 4, 2010


Cody and Erin devise a plot and also eat chicken for breakfast.


Top Secret Apartment

There was quite a bit of leftover food from Taine's visit, considering the romantic dinner went mostly untouched until later in the evening. In any case, leftovers are pretty awesome, too. Erin's got a drumstick on a plate, with potatoes, beans, and something she never quite figured out… But it's sweet! There's another plate on the dining room table waiting for the apartment's other occupant. It's warm, which means Erin used the microwave. Considering the kitchen is still here and the apartment hasn't blasted off into space, nothing exploded, either! To keep it warm, she's also wrapped it in plastic.

She can be considerate sometimes! It's not a regular occurrence, but she's pretty grateful to Cody. Maybe she even likes the roommate she's been saddled with, though she's still debating on whether to admit that or not. It's actually kind of annoying. Cody's supposed to be the enemy. Or was. Or might still be, or might be in the future, or used to could be not able to, or…

Yeah. Confusing. Like most of Erin's world lately. What's important now is that she has some kind of chicken or turkey on the table in front of her, and it's awesome, and she didn't blow it up. Small accomplishments are always the best. Like always, despite the fact that Erin's not in the living room, the TV's on low, just enough to make a little noise. She can hear it from the dining room, anyway, though she's not listening to the words. Just the droning, which drowns out the silence.


Cody's been out of touch for the past couple of days. Either in her room or off doing whatever it is she does during the day (probably bagging other innocent people). When she isn't at home, her room is locked. She's already put in a deadbolt in addition to the regular door lock, either she doesn't trust Erin or there's something she doesn't want her to see. It might even be a little of both.

This morning though, the door is unlocked, which means the room mate is at home. There's no morning routine of early morning shower singing. In fact, Cody's actually sleeping in for once. It isn't until about nine in the morning that she actually rolls out of bed and pads down the hardwood stairs to join the starlet for the unconventional breakfast.

"Ngh… thanks." Grunts the blonde woman. She's still half asleep, but judging from her flock of messy curls she slept well last night. Well enough that she was able to get bedhead instead of baldhead. Breakfast, by this time, is cold but it doesn't really concern the late riser. She grabs the plate and a fork and heads over to one of the large livingroom chairs and begins to eat.


The secrecy doesn't really surprise Erin. She and Cody live two different lives, except that they have to share the same home for now. Honestly, she wouldn't have even known the door was locked if Cody hadn't gone and installed the extra security on it. It's probably a good idea not to entirely trust her, though. After all, she hasn't meditated all her anger out just yet, and she's known for holding grudges for little tiny minor things, like being headbutted while being chained to a chair in a cell in a top-secret less-than-legal government facility.

As an artist, Erin notices things that other people might miss, like the fact that Cody's waking up later than usual, and that she's not singing horribly in the shower. And also that it looks like she didn't shed while she slept. Huh.

When Cody picks up her plate, Erin pushes her own chair out and follows Cody into the livingroom. Flopping down on the couch - which sends a couple mushy beans rolling from her plate and onto the floor - Erin grabs the remote and flips to something that isn't far-left leaning liberals blaming far-right leaning conservatives for all the world's ills. She eventually settles for the weather channel. "Got a day off today?" she asks conversationally. "Don't think I've ever seen you sleep this late before."


Looking up from her plate, Cody's mouthful of food nearly drops out as she just stares at Erin. The woman is actually getting into a friendly conversation with her on purpose? Blinking, Cody swallows down the half chewed mess in a rather painful gulp. Painful because she winces as it makes its way down and she ends up having to pound on her chest to get it to move the rest of the way.

"Uh.. well to tell you the truth, I saw my own termination order a few days ago. So I'm not going to tempt fate by going in today." What she's not telling her room mate is that she's already faced her assassin once and she's likely to do it again. "I'm trying to figure out a plan, I need to die so they won't start looking for me. Unfortunately the people that might be able to help me are either hiding or inside."

She's got a few options that she's been laying out the plans for but in the end, she's decided on following Pyle. Provided that Jo will play along, it should go smoothly.


Erin turns the drumstick over on her plate, looking for something left on it that might be edible. When she finds nothing, she goes about mixing her beans into the cold mashed potatoes on her plate. Why is it such a surprise that Erin's being nice? After all, Cody did something nice for her, and just like the fact that revenge is always forthcoming for any wrongs or implied slight… One good turn deserves another. And so here they are. "Don't choke. I might end up having to decide whether or not to save you," she says dryly. "And it's too early for a moral dilemma today."

That Cody saw her termination order doesn't draw a strong reaction from Erin. Her fork pauses midway between her plate and her mouth for a couple seconds, before she sets the fork back down and places the plate off to the side.

And then, she stares at it.

Erin's not sure what she feels regarding the previously-mentioned death sentence. Feeling compassion for someone who hurt you - nevermind that Erin hurt Cody first - is something she's not used to feeling. It's not really so much compassionate, though, as it is a sort of sting. There's a rather inappropriate half-smile at that point when she realises that she just doesn't want Cody to die. For real, not just because Cody's the one keeping her safe.

"What do you need me to do?" she asks.


"What I need you to do…" Cody begins slowly, "Is to start cultivating a virus."

The agent puts her plate down on the coffee table and bounds up the stairs to her bedroom. From there she retrieves one of the darts containing solution that she's kept, for her own protection of course. When she returns, she passes it to Erin and then sits down for her meal again.

"In the beginning, I thought that maybe if you could replicate chicken pox or measels, something that makes people itch. We could spread it through the barracks. They might have to take the collars off. Now… I'm thinking that if you could make a virus that eats whatever chemical that's in there. Is that even possible?" Whether it's a testament to her resolve to her job, Cody isn't giving Erin a job that could help save her own life.


Erin can definitely make a virus. She's about to say as much when Cody gets up and takes off. While she's away, the actress concentrates on her plate again - specifically the mashed-potatoes-and-beans mixture. The breakfast of champions, clearly.

When Cody returns, Erin stares warily at the dart, but she takes it anyway. She knows what happens if she goes without her ability for too long, and so she's not really keen to try it again. Needless to say, the dart is handled very carefully.

"Viruses attack living matter," Erin says. She's done quite a bit of reading on them in the past year. "If there's something in here that's alive… cultivated bacteria, plant material - then it's possible I could make it less effective. I don't know. I can't just look at it and tell what it's made of. I need a list of ingredients and what goes into this stuff." Then again, there's always another option.

"Or…" she says, thinking for a moment. "You don't happen to know what kind of cells the solution represses, do you? Like, what makes the powers shut off? 'cuz this has to affect living cells, too. It's not magic. There's science behind it, and I'm guessing this stuff protein-bonds with something in the body so it stops working. So I could… theoretically… make something that would only attack the cells with those bonds. But Cody… it takes time."

In short, Erin's not sure she could do it in the time frame Cody would need it in. She could certainly try. She is, after all, getting much better at stuff like this - but that's another story best told by another person.

"What about you, though? If you're bein' marked, there's gotta be something I can do."


Raising her eyebrows at her room mate, Cody's lips twitch into a half smile just before she pops in another mouthful of food. In answer to the question, she just gives a little grunt and a shrug. After swallowing, she shakes her head. "I need to talk to Pyle. Don't worry about me, I've been dodging bullets for a while." 14 years to be exact.

"I'll try to find out if there's someone that knows what's going into this solution… I know there's another one that counteracts it, but the guy that was in the program is dead now." She gives Erin a pointed look and then sticks the loaded fork into her mouth again. For another few minutes, she remains silent, the mechanical motion of eating taking over as she just stares at the television. Who knew the weather was actually that interesting.

The blonde almost, almost, drops her plate when she looks over at the brunette again. She begins to laugh a little when she leans over to the coffee table to the medical books and flips to one of the pages. "Back when I was in the hospital, they had an outbreak of this stuff. Easy to cure but so contageous, especially in close quarters." The picture she points to is a bacteria labelled Clostridium difficile. "Can you make bacterias too?"


Erin's not worried. So she'll say, anyway - or imply, with the slight dip of her shoulder in a shrug. Cody can take care of herself. Fine. Erin'll just lurk around and watch her back when she can, that's all. Because if Cody dies, Erin's in some trouble, too. Maybe she can get Cody to teach her her super secret spy ways!

…She'll start slow and conquer the mountain that is meditation first.

"Dead," she mutters, which for some reason prompts another bite of those mashed potatoes. Sometimes she looks at all this, and it just doesn't seem real. If she were seeing this as her future years ago, she'd thing it was some sort of joke… But here she is, casually talking about dead people with a double agent - and all this is over a breakfast of chicken. The worst part is, it's all starting to seem perfectly normal.

"No…" Erin says thoughtfully. She can't. Yet. Bacteria are far more complex than viruses. "But I can pretty much create any symptom. Like, I could make a common cold last forever… As an example. It's just a matter of finding the right combination of symptoms. It's all there in a virus's RNA. Can I see that?" She reaches for the book. "Why bring it up? What're you thinking?"


Pointing to the picture of the pretty little yellow puffball, the blonde woman taps the page twice. "It's called C-Diff, it's really contagious and it causes massive diarrhea. Easy to cure with enough yogurt, but who thinks to do that, huh? I'm thinking an outbreak of something like that in the main building. If you make it a liquid, we can put it in all the coffee pots and water coolers. There aren't enough bathrooms in that place, at least three quarters of the work force would be shut down. IF they all get it." Cody can't help but smile at the picture in her mind of all those people waiting at the bathrooms.

Continuing on, she flips a few pages to one of the viruses. "For the barracks, something simple that makes everyone itch. If they're itching, they'll have to take the collars off." At least that's the theory. "Janet is going to start doing more rounds in the barracks, I hope. She's looking in on some of the detainees that I've deemed particularly dangerous in the wrong hands. Not that the United States has the right ones…" That's another debate for another time, though. When this is all over.

Taking a deep breath and letting it loose, Cody seems to release all of the stress she might ahve been feeling the past couple of days. "We have to get moving, quickly. I have to get in touch with a bunch of people and I'm going to need a lot of help on that end. You're going to have a lot of work ahead of you." More work that just watching Cody's back.


"Bet I could figure something out," Erin says. As she looks at the picture, she also has a little mischievous personal smile. She knows it's possible. It's just a matter of figuring out how to do it without anyone catching on. Making that much virus is still going to take time, but it's doable. "I'd recommend faking sick yourself. Can't make this curable with yogurt, but I can make it burn out pretty fast." It's funny the way viruses work. They can only pass their code along so many times before there's nothing left of it. It spreads too thin, and the immune system takes over and eliminates it.

Erin puts the dart on the end table. They might need it later, if this doesn't work out. "How are you going to get it into the barracks? The easiest way might be to just carry it inside a person. They've gotta check what's going in and out of there pretty carefully." Erin's voice turns bitter. "They wouldn't want their weapons ruined."

She jabs her fork into the potatoes again. By now, they're luke-warm and mostly inedible. "Just tell me what you need me to do. The sooner we get this over with, the better, as far as I'm concerned. Watch out for Janet, though, s'long as you can. I just patched that up, and I don't want to lose her over some dumb fucks who think they have the right to use me as a Double-U-Em-Dee."

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