Douglas Butabi
Portrayed By Chris Kattan
Gender Male
Date of Birth 3/23/68
Age 39
Zodiac Sign Monkey
Aliases Numerous.
Place of Birth Detroit, Michigan
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Human Relations Specialist
Known Relatives Barbara Butabi (mother), Kamehl Butabi (father), Steve Butabi (brother)
Significant Other Mr. Peepers
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance Partners

Douglas Butabi has recently been transferred to Primatech Paper's NYC branch. As head of Human Relations, it's his job to debrief new employees and associates. He takes his work very seriously, but he's also an avid (if unskilled) dancer. When he's not working or at the club, he spends quiet evenings at home sharing apples with his monkey, Mr. Peepers.


Shrouded in mystery.


  • 07/11/07 - Doug introduces himself to his new partner, Benjamin Winters.


  • "Did something happen to your penis? Did a woman burn it with acid? A woman tried to burn my penis with acid once."


  • Doug's best friend is his pet monkey, Mr. Peepers.
  • Apples are both Doug and Mr. Peepers' favorite food.
  • Doug and Peepers also both love to dance.
  • Doug's hair is always meticulously gelled and styled.
  • Doug wears shiny underpants and is not afraid to show them to people.
  • Ever since this picture was taken while they were both drunk at last year's Christmas party, Doug has been telling people that he balled Elle discreetly.
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