2007-05-15: Down on the Corner


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Summary: No. Way.

Date It Happened: May 15, 2007

Down on the Corner

Greenwich Village

The 84 F / 28 C day has Doctor M. Jane Forrest clad in a beige cotton skirt that stops just above her knees, a pair of ankle height boots with two inch heels in the same color, and a dark blue tank top bearing the image of Aimee Mann from 'Til Tuesday on the front. There's a backpack over one shoulder and a guitar case over the other. She's out in front of 14 East 4th Street, laughing at something said by the taller of two women who turn and walk away from her. "See you, Jane!" Amanda and Anastasia call out in unison as they head back to the apartment they rented for summer break from NYU.

As they head off, she stops to think. The mood to play is on her again (or still, since she just left the sixth floor studio in that building) and she prepares to do just that by moving toward the wall and setting down her gear.

A dirty blonde-haired comes strolling down the sidewalk at a leisurely pace with a tight grip on the black lacquer and silver handled cane in her hand, compensating for the weight she can't put on her right leg. She's dressed in black jeans, a purple tank top and a brown leather duster, rounded out by green Converse shoes. Mara never thought she would miss the noise and the smells of the city, but it's true what they say: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Spotting Jane as she sets up to play, she decides it's as good a time as any to lean up against a building and give her leg a rest. The exercise can surely wait for a few minutes.

The guitar, a red and white Fender Strat, comes out and is followed by a portable amp. Jane plugs in and spends a few moments testing to verify it's still in tune, then commences to play. It's apparently something she's making up as she goes. Upbeat and happy, devoid of the angst she's felt so often recently. Her fingers dance across the strings and frets, showing a talent honed by years of practice and study, perhaps the mark of someone for whom music is so many things. An outlet when angry or sad, a celebratory tool when happy. Perhaps twenty seconds in, her voice enters with lyrics she seems to be also testing out, the singing voice chosen at the moment at the lower edge of a soprano's range.

Her eyes move around the street and sweep across Mara with no sign of recognition whatsoever. There's not even the least hint of familiarity, while she herself might be recalled as the one who called for deciding in or out on that rooftop when Hiro and Nathan first called people together.

Mara distributes her weight evenly between the building she leans against and her cane, watching - and most assuredly listening to - Jane perform. If she scrutinises her. She's familiar, but she can't quite place her in the jumble of recent memories. So much has happened in such a short amount of time.

A few minutes pass, and she shifts into a different tune, this one not of her own composition, but one some may not recognize. "Early in the evenin', just about supper time, over by the courthouse they're starting to unwind. Four kids on the corner trying to bring you up. Willy picks a tune out and he blows it on the harp." Most of those are younger. Just the same, people passing by begin to drop bills and coins into the open case, and the woman's features curve into a smile. Does Jane make her living this way, do it for the simple joy of playing, or a mix of both? She certainly doesn't look the poor starving artist type.

Briefcase in one hand, a brown paper grocery sack in the other, Benjamin approaches his apartment building, coming from the direction of the closest bus stop. Struggling to fight back a yawn, he keeps his head down a little as he walks. He's just a little preoccupied, not paying much mind to the people around him.

Mara focuses her gaze on Benjamin as he passes before going back to watching Jane perform. Shoot. Where does she know her from? She'd go up and drop a bill into the case, but that would draw attention to herself and then the musician might notice that she's being watched. That would be no good.

She also doesn't spot her neighbor as he approaches on the way to the building they live in from that bus stop, a path that takes him past 14 East 4th Street, the place where Jane is playing and singing. She's fairly preoccupied, after all. "Down on the corner, out in the street, Willy and the poorboys are playin; Bring a nickel; tap your feet." She's enjoying herself, letting it flow through her. A tattooed white man in a sleeveless button-front shirt with large tattoos on one arm, a thin cloth mostly covering his head, steps from a fancy car and walks toward the building, but he stops at the sound of a guitar and voice. He approaches and stands near her, listening, with appreciation. This person too doesn't seem to be spotted; he glances at Mara and holds one finger to his lips as if to ask her not to give him away. If she likes or knows of the GooGoo Dolls, he may seem very familiar.

Benjamin finds himself humming along with 'Down on the Corner', then stops as he realizes what he's doing. His steps slow to a stop as he nears Jane. Adjusting his grocery sack so that it rests in the crook of his arm, he gives a clumsy little wave at Jane. Even as he feels like a bad neighbor for being a little reclusive lately.

Mara mouths 'no way' as Jane is approached by the tattooed man. Her brows arch and she peers on curiously. What is he up to? Benjamin earns himself another brief glance. A friend? Co-worker? Hm, no. He's approaching the building, so most likely a neighbour, then?

Way, Mara, way. Johnny Rez smiles at her as she mouths those words, and watches with a grin as he waits to see how long the five foot eight brunette (5' 10" in her boots) takes to spot him. Jane plays on for a few moments longer, then her fingers come to a stop and she glances over toward the blonde. From there her eyes go to Ben, she nods in greeting. "Hey. How's going?"

It's then the tattooed man speaks. "You're not too bad with that, decent voice also." "Thanks," Jane replies, turning toward the voice, then she just… freezes. Her jaw drops open and she seems totally at a loss for words. A beat passes, and another, before she manages to stammer out anything. "J… Johnny Rez?" The eyes widen. "Ohmygod, you are him!'

"Hi Jane, it's been busy. Work, and just life in general." Benjamin's spared from saying more as the other man speaks up and now has Jane's attention. He's clueless as to why his neighbor is stammering and starstruck. The tattooed guy is given a look and a nod, before his gaze goes elsewhere as he debates about moving on for home.

Mara shakes her head. This is just too weird. She moves quickly as she can with her cane, approaching Benjamin. "Hi there. I was wondering if you could help me." She's turned on the southern drawl today. "I'm supposed to meet up with a friend of mine and she's not answerin' her phone. It's so gawdawful hot out here with this coat and my leg is startin' to bother me. Do you think you could let me inside to wait for her, darlin'? I'd be so very grateful."

"That's me," Johnny replies with some mild amusement. He pulls a card from a pocket and hands it to Jane, adding "Give me a shout sometime, we'll talk and maybe play some tunes, see how good you really can be." He winks at the woman with the cane, calls out "Thanks!" to her as he turns. And just like that he's walking away, headed into the same building the brunette guitarist emerged from not long ago, headed for the Cutting Room studios on the sixth floor. It takes a few more moments for her to finally collect herself and recover completely from her attack of fangirlness. "Wow. Johnny Rez thinks I'm good."

Well. That solves that little dilemma. As he's approached by Mara, Benjamin jumps into action. (action for him that is.) "Oh man, jeez, sure!" Letting a stranger into his home, what? Either he's too nice to be allowed to live, or a total idiot.. or both. He waves again at Jane with a smile of apology before ushering Mara into the building. "Come on in. Luckily I'm just on the first floor. Help yourself right to the couch!"

"Why thank ya!" Mara shoots Jane a final glance before she follows Benjamin into the building, to his own home, even! A girl's /got/ to have her priorities.

The card is pocketed, and Jane starts to pack up her gear, intending to head home a few minutes after Ben and Mara have moved along. A quiet smile shows on her features, perhaps from her being glad to see Ben having some womanly companionship again after that one she occasionally saw near his door stopped showing up, as she spots them in the near distance.

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